Alienware Stereo PC Gaming Headset AW310H: 50mm Hi-Res Drivers – Sports Fabric Memory Foam Earpads – Works with PS4, Xbox One & Switch via 3.5mm Jack

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Original price was: $49.98.Current price is: $46.89.

  • Best-in-class custom-tuned 50mm 20Hz – 40kHz drivers for a high resolution experience
  • Unparalleled clarity with Signature Alien ware Immersive Audio
  • Hybrid of plush memory foam, sports fabric and leatherette on the ear pads designed to achieve optimal cooling and comfort while enhancing noise isolation
  • Ideal clamp force ensures that there is no slippage during gameplay
  • Detachable USB connection provides cross-platform compatibility via a swappable 3. 5mm cable for use with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobilde devices
  • Discord certification ensures crystal clear communication on one of the most stable VoIP platforms for gamers
Alienware Stereo PC Gaming Headset AW310H: 50mm Hi-Res Drivers – Sports Fabric Memory Foam Earpads – Works with PS4, Xbox One & Switch via 3.5mm Jack
Alienware Stereo PC Gaming Headset AW310H: 50mm Hi-Res Drivers – Sports Fabric Memory Foam Earpads – Works with PS4, Xbox One & Switch via 3.5mm Jack

Original price was: $49.98.Current price is: $46.89.

Additional information

Specification: Alienware Stereo PC Gaming Headset AW310H: 50mm Hi-Res Drivers – Sports Fabric Memory Foam Earpads – Works with PS4, Xbox One & Switch via 3.5mm Jack


‎512 GB



Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎2 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎10 x 2 x 2.7 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎10 x 2 x 2.7 inches

Flash Memory Size

‎16 MB



Date First Available

‎July 9, 2019

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10 reviews for Alienware Stereo PC Gaming Headset AW310H: 50mm Hi-Res Drivers – Sports Fabric Memory Foam Earpads – Works with PS4, Xbox One & Switch via 3.5mm Jack

4.7 out of 5
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  1. emdiff

    Sonido de alta resolución: Los controladores de 50 mm ofrecen un audio de alta fidelidad con una respuesta de frecuencia de 20 Hz a 40 kHz.
    Comodidad: Las almohadillas de espuma viscoelástica con tela deportiva transpirable brindan comodidad durante largas sesiones de juego.
    Micrófono con cancelación de ruido: El micrófono unidireccional captura tu voz con claridad mientras reduce el ruido de fondo.
    Diseño elegante: El diseño con la leyenda de Alienware y los extensores no expuestos le da un aspecto elegante y moderno.
    Compatibilidad: Funciona con PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch y dispositivos móviles a través de un conector de 3,5 mm.

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  2. 1Dub79

    Sound is good

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  3. 1Dub79

    I have always known about Alienware for its reputation of making great gaming PCs, keyboards and mouses. I never thought to purchase a headset from them. However, I saw the new, AW310H. I was impressed by the looks of it. Plus, I loved the features. Not to mention, the price was outstanding. I decided to give them a try.

    AW310H VS. AW510H: Both look the same and have the same features. The only difference is the AW310H is the stereo version, which comes with a cord with a volume dial. The AW510H has the 7.1 Surround Sound USB DAC. Plus, the earpads of the AW510H are hybrid of plush memory foam on the outer portion. However, there is leatherette on the side and inner portion of the earpads.

    DESIGN/FEATURES: The AW310H is a closed-back design. The drivers are 50mm, which is large. The frequency response is 20-40,000 Hz, which is Hi-Res Audio. The impedance is 32 ohms. For PS4 gamers, who plan to game with a controller, 32 ohms is enough for the controller to drive them. To drive them, even more, a DAC/AMP can be used for better performance. The design of the AW310H has a cool, futuristic look. The design is in-between the Playstation Gold and Arctis headsets. The headband is made of plastic, which goes down the side, overlapping the earcups. The bottom half of the headband can turn the earcups 90 degrees and has non-exposed, adjustable extenders. On each side, there will be a shiny Alienware logo, which can be a magnet for prints. Therefore, I keep the plastic on them.

    Underneath, the top portion of the headband is a breathable and cool hybrid of plush memory foam and sports fabric. The earpads are also, made of the same, hybrid of plush memory foam and sports fabric on the outer and side portion of the earpads. However, there is a portion leatherette on the inside, which goes directly over the ear. On the inside of the earpads, there is an L and R on the corresponding sides. The ear cups are also, made of hard plastic. At the bottom-left of the earcup, there is a retractable boom mic. Also, on the left side of the earcup, there is a 3.5mm audio port, where the detachable 1.6M (5.24ft.) cable goes. The cable has a volume control wheel and a microphone mute switch. The mic is on when the switch is up by default. The microphone is on mute when the switch is down and red color can be seen.

    BASS/MID-BASS/SUB-BASS: The bass of the AW310H is good, but not considered for bass heads. The bass frequencies are detailed and precise. No muddiness. At times, the performance of the bass comes out of nowhere. If that makes sense. Not to mention, the bass is somewhat reserved, so it does not overpower the sounds and vocals. Out of curiosity, I tested the performance of the AW310H while playing various shooters on PS4 Pro. The first test was done while playing Modern Warfare Beta. The most impressive thing was hearing how loud and clear the explosions were nearby. Once, I used a Ballistic Missile killstreak, which landed onto an enemy, not far from me. All I could hear was a clean and thunderous boom. Not to mention, hearing blasts from grenades or C4. Hearing multiple explosions is heavenly to the ears. For example, a teammate used a Precision Airstrike killstreak. I was in awe of how the explosions of several artillery rounds hitting the ground, gave a surprisingly, clean, loud, and punchy, sound. Great mid-bass, as well. Overall, I would say, the clarity of the sound and the bass is similar to watching tv while listening to a soundbar with a subwoofer. Very smooth.

    HIGHS: The AW310H has a bright sound. Everything is crystal clear and clean, overall. The treble highs are nice, as well. No grain or distortion. For example, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is a prime example, which has lots of sharp S and T sounds. Gunshots are loud but clear. Each time bullets hit, there a loud, thumping sound, which follows with a loud, “squish”, when a kill is achieved. I found having the volume high while hearing this sound is not harsh on the ears. In fact, I had the dial of my Soundblaster X G6 turned three-quarters high and the highs were not bad. The high end of female voices sounds great. Hearing the female voices from characters in Modern Warfare Beta sounded great. Hearing them on Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 sounds great, as well. Of course, voices of the Specialists can be heard all over the map. Hearing my female character, Battery’s voice lines sound great. “Cluster grenade, enjoy!” “Splash!” “Dropped!” “All right, boom time.” “All talk!” “Doggone!” Those are some of my favorite voice lines of hers. Once, Battery ran inside of an open-ended bay of the Summit map. Battery said a voice line, while outside of the bay. Then, her voice became magnified, as she entered the bay. Plus, there was an echo of Battery’s voice. The authenticity of the echo was unbelievable and nearly, scary. This was a good example of a transition between mid to high sounds.

    IMAGING/SOUNDSTAGE: The AW310H has good imaging. They handle directional sounds, exceptionally, well. Again, I played Modern Warfare. I could hear what was going on and direction, where the action was taking place on the map, whether it was dialogue, gunshots or explosions. Of course, footsteps could be heard, as well. It seems the sound magnifies toward closer sounds coming from a different direction. For example, each time my character looks in one direction, the sound increasingly amplifies in the direction and less in the opposite direction, where lesser actions were taking place. Considering, these are closed-back headphones, they have a decent soundstage. Sounds can be heard from afar in a good-enough fashion. Of course, the result is not comparable to open-back headphones, which has a greater, more open soundstage by default.

    LOWS/MIDS: The lows and mids are great, as they pick up subtle sounds with no effort, thanks to the headphones lows. I am hearing sounds, which I could barely hear with other headphones, such as the breaking of glass from afar, breakage of pottery, or bullet casings hitting the floor. Then, there are detailed sounds, such as the unbelievable sound of crunching, as my character was trampling through the deep snow, cracking of the ice or sounds of moving water, while swimming on the Icebreaker map. Hearing explosions from afar sounds good, too.

    NOISE CANCELLATION: Since these are closed-back headphones, there is great isolation from outside noise. While using the headphones, I had my fan blowing, which is blows loudly. However, I could not hear the fan. That is enough said.

    VERDICT: Overall, the Alienware AW310H is a great headset. Good sound. Decent bass. Great soundstage for a closed-back design. A nice and sleek design. Plus, it is manufactured by a company that is pretty good. Considering all of that, these are worth trying out.

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  4. Kaleb parmelee

    The design is very nice and the quality of sound is quite decent.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable, got mant compliments that my mic was very clear. Sound quality is amazing

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  6. Ashe

    Noise canceling works well, but greatly lowers the comfort because of the clamping. Quality is pretty good. The plastic feels high quality, however the cord just feels cheap.

    Comfort wise these sucked for me. I much preferred my arctis 1s. The clamping force was way to hard, and the earmuffs just didn’t fit very well. Not to mention the adjustability is a joke. The ear cups are basically the same on the arctis 1s, and are a good material with good cushion, the clamping force just made them uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

    Sound is really not much better from my arctis 1s which I actually prefer over these. It is decent but certainly not special, much better headsets with better audio. Don’t listen to the hyped reviews, the majority are of people who were paid to give a good review.

    Lastly, the mic never even worked for me because you need to order an additional adapter to plug into your controller through a 2-way splitter—one for audio, the other your mic. If you don’t have the splitter you can only have audio.

    Really not impressed with these at all for the price.

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  7. Chef J.Durbin

    Son excelente, buen sonido, lo único que incomoda un poco, es que aprietan hacia los oídos. Si corrigen ese pequeño detalle, nada lo va a superar.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Bought these for my boyfriend who loves them. Noise canceling is spot on. Only complaint is that the top band increases head sweat while he’s getting overly emotional playing war zone. These are used for Xbox with no issues. I will note that a few weeks after owning the mic stopped working and he was up in arms a bit, and i was disappointed. After some inspection apparently there is a sliding switch that is absolutely obscure on the volume control portion, like you cant really tell its there. Now he utilizes the mic cut off frequently. Glad we figured out our own ignorance before leaving a scathing review.

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  9. Cool Girl

    Is absolutely amazing!!!

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  10. Whoarang

    I give this Alienware headset 4 out of 5 stars because the quality is all there for the headset other than the volume. When I used to do PC Gaming I would be use to using a 7.1 Surround Sound Headset with Bluetooth built into the headset and have Background cancellation all built into my other headsets. I bought this mainly for a spare headset but used it a couple times but for the most part I used my Logitech G-PRO Headset with built in Blue-Yeti Voice, 7.1 Surround sound and bluetooth with background cancellation all built in with it for $129.99. This is a great headset overall perfect for starters or new gamers trying to get into the gaming feel.
    Background Cancellation on this headset is great, you wont be able to hear anything but the game. It’s just the volume wasn’t loud for me when I was playing competitive multiplayer games at the time. Sound quality overall I give a 4.5-5 star and volume control a solid 4.6

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