ASUS ROG Falchion RX Low Profile 65% Wireless Gaming Keyboard with ROG RX Red Low-Profile switches, tri-Mode Connection with ROG SpeedNova, Silicone dampening Foam, Touch Panel,…

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  • Compact and slim design: 65% keyboard in a 60% frame masterfully incorporates arrow and navigation keys with ultra-slim 26.5mm profile
  • ROG RX Low-Profile Optical Switches: Pre-lubed RX Red and Blue switches feature centralized lighting and provide consistent wobble-free keystrokes with near-zero debounce delay
  • Tri-mode connection: Connect using Bluetooth (up to three devices), 2.4 GHz with ROG SpeedNova wireless technology or wired USB
  • ROG Omni Receiver: Connect to multiple supported devices wirelessly with a single receiver to free up USB ports
  • Intuitive control: Easily control media playback, adjust volume and keyboard lighting with the multi-function switch and interactive touch panel
  • MacOS support: Easily toggle between Windows and MacOS modes
ASUS ROG Falchion RX Low Profile 65% Wireless Gaming Keyboard with ROG RX Red Low-Profile switches, tri-Mode Connection with ROG SpeedNova, Silicone dampening Foam, Touch Panel,…
ASUS ROG Falchion RX Low Profile 65% Wireless Gaming Keyboard with ROG RX Red Low-Profile switches, tri-Mode Connection with ROG SpeedNova, Silicone dampening Foam, Touch Panel,…


Additional information

Specification: ASUS ROG Falchion RX Low Profile 65% Wireless Gaming Keyboard with ROG RX Red Low-Profile switches, tri-Mode Connection with ROG SpeedNova, Silicone dampening Foam, Touch Panel,…





Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC

Operating System

‎Mac OS

Item Weight

‎2.33 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎12.05 x 4.33 x 1.04 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎12.05 x 4.33 x 1.04 inches


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎January 19, 2024

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7 reviews for ASUS ROG Falchion RX Low Profile 65% Wireless Gaming Keyboard with ROG RX Red Low-Profile switches, tri-Mode Connection with ROG SpeedNova, Silicone dampening Foam, Touch Panel,…

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  1. Amazonista

    Purchased this for use with my ASUS Aly. Allows me to use the Aly for serious office work and programming. The keys are really very nice (red key mechanism on mine). My only issue with the keys is that a few of them fire before the key breaks during pressing. So if I am resting my fingers on the home row, I can fire a key with just a bit too much pressure and not be aware of it. I may try to replace one or two of them to see if that helps, but it isn’t much of a problem anyway. The Tri connectivity is great (wired, Bluetooth without dongle, or 2.4ghz dongle) is fantastic. The dongle allows you to connect this keyboard and a supported mouse using only the keyboards 2.4Ghz dongle; works great with the Aly’s hub/power adapter.

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  2. Amazonista

    This keyboard is simply amazing. Tactile keystrokes, great wireless performance, great sound profile. For the price and the format, it simply can’t be beaten.

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  3. Kyle Horvath

    Excelentes materiales, gran presentación de unboxing; facilidad de uso y conectividad; excelente brillo de colores rgb. Gran relación calidad precio. No decepciona en lo absoluto.

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  4. Uncle Q

    asus has always and will always be trash. this keyboard is times more expensive than it should be, and the bluetooth stopped pairing within a week and no longer connects to my android. im sticking with logitech for future buys

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  5. Amazon Customer

    TL;DR: I really enjoy using this keyboard and it sure was a pleasant surprise from the beginning. The pros are a higher count than the cons though I comment on both of these topics.

    First let me explain what I’m using this keyboard with: I have a Dell P3424WE 34 inch wide monitor w/built in KVM switch, a Macbook Air for work, a ROG Gladius III mouse, and a Samsung S21+ for Samsung Dex/personal use. Because of the built in KVM switch in the monitor, I plug the keyboard dongle and mouse dongle into the monitor and use a Thunderbolt 3 cable (came with the monitor) that I unplug/plug in to either the Macbook Air or S21+ depending on what device I want to use. Yes, this is not a 100% typical setup which is all the more reason why I’m impressed with the keyboard.

    Additionally: I’m actually not using this keyboard for gaming. Yes obviously this is a gaming keyboard so I should review it based off of that aspect, however I can”t use my work laptop for gaming and I use a bluetooth Xbox controller for gaming with the S21+ while using Samsung Dex. Therefore my review is based off of how it looks and other criteria.


    -The look of the keyboard is freaking awesome. This white and gray keyboard is perfect for my setup, where other than my monitor and phone case I’m going with a predominantly white/some gray theme. The body of the keyboard is gray (including the underside) but the key caps are white: because I look down at the keyboard from an angle, it gives the illusion that actually the keyboard is predominantly white with minimal gray. To add to this, the cover (more on that later) is white with gray “feet” so when I put the cover on the keyboard’s key caps, it blends in sooooo nicely with the rest of my setup.

    -Heavier than I thought it would be so it doesn’t slide. I actually like that heavier weight because I don’t want the keyboard to slide around and actually when I put my hands on the sides and try to wiggle it, the keyboard doesn’t move. That’s also the same when the cover is under the keyboard: the cover+keyboard doesn’t move. I placed the keyboard on my desk and not on a large mouse pad so maybe that makes a difference.

    -The typing feeling on the red keys is awesome. I used to have a Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S with brown switches and those keys were super comfortable to type on but quite loud (I have my setup near our bedroom entrance so the typing can be heard from the bedroom). The red switches on the Falchion RX Low Profile keyboard are quiet (just the space key is “loud” but not by much) and the key caps are low profile of course; to me they look like about or more than half of the size of the Masterkeys Pro S keyboard’s key caps.

    -Wireless functionality. I use the USB-A Omni receiver plugged in to my monitor and because my monitor has KVM built in, the wireless feature works flawlessly and I don’t have to manually switch anything on the keyboard. Yes, that means I can actually use the Macbook Air with the keyboard’s PC setting (this is the setting that the Samsung Dex uses) and it works without any issues; I don’t have to switch between PC and Mac settings on the keyboard. Sadly I can’t use the Gladius III mouse with the keyboard’s Omni receiver so I didn’t try pairing 2 peripherals with 1 receiver (this is not a bad mark for the keyboard).

    -The cover gets daily usage. As I mentioned earlier, the cover blends in sooooo nicely. That’s because I actually don’t travel with the keyboard but use it as a dust cover when I’m not using the keyboard. There’s a few cons to this cover that I’ll mention later on but because it’s a predominantly white/minimal gray cover and I have a predominantly white/minimal gray setup, the cover on the keyboard actually looks incredible when viewing my whole setup. Furthermore, because this keyboard came with the cover that means I don’t have to buy a separate dust cover and have something that fits exactly (somewhat weird shape because of the light bar/controls at the top), so that saves me some money and time to find a suitable cover.


    -The cover doesn’t lock on to the top of the keyboard; it just sits on the key caps. I really wish this cover locked on to the keyboard because that makes the key caps more safe especially when traveling. It’s a bummer because when the cover is placed under the keyboard, it actually does lock on using that middle lip to grab on to the top side of the keyboard.

    -Along with the above about the cover, there’s also that the right and left sides of the cover don’t fully enclose the key caps. The middle part is covering the middle of the keyboard of course, but on the left and right sides with the cover on I can see that a few of the key caps are exposed. This is by design because when the cover is under the keyboard, it gives room for accessing the button/controls on the left and the USB-A dongle, USB-C port, etc..

    -Frequent miss-typings for select keys. For example while typing this review, if I hold shift/press i to make capital I then press the space bar immediately after, I guess the keyboard is registering that I pressed shift/space bar and changes the keyboard language (I use multiple keyboards due to being multi-lingual). I also noticed that I miss-type the r key and f and at least one other key, though not as often as shift and i though so as of right now I can’t remember what that other key is.

    Observations (neither pro or con)

    -Download the Armoury Crate Gear software (this is what I downloaded and this software is specific to just the keyboard’s functionality and it’s available for Mac and Windows). DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE REGULAR ARMOURY CRATE SOFTWARE! The real pain is getting to the page to download this software but it’s necessary for updating the keyboard’s firmware and is a helpful tool for controlling the keyboard. How I located the Armoury Crate Gear software for Windows (I downloaded the software on to a Windows laptop that I don’t intend on using with this keyboard) is: I went to rog dot asus dot com, hovered my mouse over Products, selected Keyboards in the drop down menu, selected the Compact graphic (with the black Falchion Ace and the white Falchion Ace keyboards), found and selected the Falchion RX Low Profile keyboard, clicked Support, clicked Driver & Utility, clicked Show All, and downloaded “Armoury Crate Gear – ROG Falchion RX Low Profile”. I can’t find any instructions anywhere regarding how to download this software but the person introducing the keyboard in the official release video on Asus’s YouTube page mentioned this software so I had to figure this out on my own.

    -This is the smallest type of keyboard that I’ve owned, so using macros for some functions like even typing esc-fn for ` takes some getting used to. However the helpful thing is that the front of the keys shows the available options when the fn key is pressed so I don’t have to remember this.

    Overall I’m very happy with this keyboard. It fits my lifestyle from a comfort perspective and aesthetic perspective and long form typing or short form typing (assuming you don’t frequently miss-type like me) will hopefully be a nice experience for you, too.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Asus makes the best hardware in the industry. I got the blue switches and each press feels really nice.

    I wanted to utilize the Omni receiver and have an ROG keyboard and mouse under one USB. I got this keyboard because it comes with an Omni receiver, but I had to get the ROG Keris II Ace from another retailer.

    The keyboard hardware is magnificent in both build quality and performance. The keys press solidly with no wobble and the lighting looks beautiful.

    I like the low profile format because you can react quicker in games without having to press a regular key down all the way before doing another maneuver.

    The software was a bit wonky at first but after playing with it for a minute I figured it out. This uses Armoury Crate and all the customization and updates are done through there.

    This also has a switch to work with Apple Mac computers as well as the Mac Command and Option icons on the keyboard. I’m not sure if they make an Armoury Crate for Mac, however.

    The battery seems to last pretty long especially if you dial back the lighting brightness a bit off 100%.

    It comes with a nice cover that you can rest they keyboard in and which provides extra grip on the bottom.

    The price is more than I think it should be, but falls in line with every other keyboard in its class.

    Overall I think this is a great keyboard and would recommend this as long as the price is comfortable for you.

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  7. Christopher Whitener

    Very nice keyboard and key switch. Giving lots of option to control your media, volume and many more. Easy to setup and key switch is very nice to press on it. Smooth keycaps. Definitely a good purchase for this Asus ROG Falchion RX Low Profile.

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