Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool, 2033, One Size Fits All, Blue

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Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool, 2033, One Size Fits All, Blue
Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool, 2033, One Size Fits All, Blue

Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool, 2033, One Size Fits All, Blue Prices

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$33.95 October 26, 2023

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Specification: Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool, 2033, One Size Fits All, Blue

Product Dimensions

8.3 x 9.5 x 44.25 inches

Item Weight

2.6 pounds





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Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Specific instructions for use

dual action, hard floor, carpet

Form Factor



certified frustration-free

Assembly required


Warranty Description

Limited 1 year.

Batteries required


Included Components

Crevice tool


Made in the USA

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10 reviews for Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With Crevice Tool, 2033, One Size Fits All, Blue

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  1. Rick Ll

    I will say out right this little Bissel Stick Vac does and excellent job in cleaning and is much more vacuuming pick up power than I had figured on. The first day I used my Bissel Stick Vac it performed very well out of the box. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, with a small living room and a kitchen with linoleum floor. It is an older-building constructed back in 1965 according property tax records. So the outside structure is failing apart. I live on the top floor of this 2 floor apartment complex with 19 units in total. The apartments are not enclosed so the upper concrete walk way has railings and covered by protective awnings but open air design still exposure to wind, rain, sunlight and other elements.

    Anyways the amount of dust and dirt the Bissel Vac picked up was amazing. The filter was literally caked with dust and dirty like a dirty snowball or Cotton Candy you find at a carnival vendor. Believe me I keep my apartment clean as a matter of principle, so I mop and clean on a daily basis so things do not accumulate. I could dust more but this unit I live in does NOT have central A/C or Heating. This apartment is cooled and heated by mounted wall units. The A/C unit is permanently mount half way from the inner wall to the outside ear my front door. It is an older model and NOT very energy efficient by todays standard. However it is closed end unit, meaning it only circulates air that is drawn from within the apartment itself and NOT in-taking Air directly from the outside of the apartment. The outside portion of the Wall A/C is mainly to house the compressor and cooling mechanism units where the refrigeration gases are stored. As well as provide for heat exhaust and exchange for the mechanism itself when in operation. (Sorry do not mean to get off the subject but I just wanted to give potential buyers for the Bissel Stick Vac an idea of the real world environment this product is performing in).

    The Bissel’s motor and housing assembly also contain the detachable canister where the debris is collected, until the receptacle is cleaned out. The unit is light weight, so it is easy to maneuver in tight areas and is perfect for carpeted or hard floor steps. The Bissel also detaches and as 1 extra attachment a long straight non-flexible nozzle which is great for cleaning the edges of floorboards or hard to reach areas or tight corners that a normal vacuum may not reach. As far as cleaning under couch furniture cushions and around the bed areas where dust and dirt tends to collect around the post or caster feet of the frames or Chest of drawers it does a smash up job in quickly cleaning those hard to reach areas. However the straight non-flexible attachment is NOT very long just maybe 1 foot in length so you will not be able to reach areas that are more than an adults arm length to reach.

    I have lived nearly 2 years in this current apartment, and the edges of my matted carpet and floorboards have never been cleaner than after using the Bissel Stick Vac. The roommate I had before this was lazy and did not vacuum him self a all. So I inherited a rather dirty apartment by my standards , when he moved out earlier last year. I just hope I do not find any other “hidden” damage in the unit that he is responsible for before I moved in.

    To get to the point here my summary of the Bissel Stick Vac model 2033.


    1. Very good value for the money

    2. For a small stick Vac it has incredible cleaning power, it truly picked up much of the dirt, dust that is ground in
    to this carpet. (Obviously this carpet has not been shampooed in quite some time by the previous tenants
    which means not in the last 5-7 years give the tenant history of this unit.)

    3. Very Light weight unit, easy to use and get into tight or difficult areas where you may not be able to move
    heavier furniture by yourself. (So it is perfect gift for perhaps older or senior or people with health issues who
    can not use a heavier vacuum. As well as College Students who are always on the go or committed to their
    studies and have little time to spare. since it makes cleaning easier and will give students an incentive to NOT
    neglect their living areas and take 10- 15 mins just to tidy up on a daily basis.)

    4. This is my personal favorite feature. NO infamous rubber drive belt to worry about. Those Serpentinian drive
    belts, which are on traditionally Upright vacuum rollers. Which if you have ever had to change a drive belt out
    it can be a messy and unpleasant chore; as well as expensive. Since many vacuum drive belts can be expensive
    as well as difficult to find if the unit is older or the model has been discontinued.

    5. Easy storage , as the Bissel Stick Vac has a standard power cord which will roll up on the bracket handles and
    store away easily in a coat closet which may many large heavy coats that make reaching into the back of the
    closet difficult. It takes up very little space when you need to store it while not in use!

    6. Easy clean up and maintenance! The dirt container easily detaches from the mounting clips so you may access the small HEPA filter and dump all the Dirt ad Debris into the garbage. The unit is also good for picking smaller objects like paper clips or push pins or even small coins in the event you accidently knock over some from your office desk and do not want to throw the items away and they may have spilled all over the place. Since the Debris the vacuum picks up does not pass through the motor itself and NO moving parts like rollers near the vacuums nozzel so the will not jam and cause the motor to overheat or cause a short circuit because the motor has seized which is a definite fire hazard! The Dirty canister is placed in before the motor assembly and has a solid filter so no small debris like nuts, bolts, small screws or paperclips can enter into the vacuum’s motor housing itself.

    1). The dirt collection container ahs a small capacity so if you use it as the “main” vacuum cleaning tool, then you will need clean it out thoroughly depending on how dirty the floor is or what you are vacuuming up. As a general of thumb this vacuum is best suited for smaller apartments that have no more than 2-3 rooms with a matted or shallow carpet. I would NOT recommend this vacuum for high pyled, shag or very high-end expensive carpets. NOR would I recommend this vacuum as the main tool for houses with more than 3 rooms. Though it does a excellent job for small chores or detail work around difficult tight corners or heavier furniture;. You will want a more traditional vacuum with a 30 AMP motor or better if you live in a large home or have a carpet or floor that is notoriously harder to vacuum.

    2) The floor nozzle assembly does NOT have any special in-take or moving bristles to collect suborn dirty, dust
    or debris, which ironically lends itself to the light weight of the Bissel Stick Vac which allows the user to
    maneuver the floor nozzle so the in-take can vacuum the dirt and debris up. You can also detach the unit from
    the handle and use it like a hand held dust buster like vacuum and use the nozzle attachment to get to the
    floorboard edges and tight corners So if you are vacuuming in a flat straight line you will need to on an open
    carpet or floor you will need to use a technique that will cover the smaller width of the active cleaning area of
    the floor nozzle when you do use the unit as it will NOT vacuum wide swaths of carpet or floor when the
    vacuum is in use. Which makes it a bit safer to use around plugged in power cords ad power strip-surge
    protectors in a home or small office settings. The power cords will not be entangled in power rollers which
    could cause severe damage to the vacuum the office equipment and a strong possibility of electrocution to the

    +++++++++++++++++++++ Summary of the Bissel Stick Vac Model 2033 ******************************

    I would recommend buying this product for small chores or if you live in building with a simple floor plan with no more than 3 bedrooms or does NOT have a plush, or expensive carpets like a real Perishing rug! That would be insane! That would be like using an SOS steel wool pad on a Rembrandt or Vincent Van Gogh painting! Which would be INSANE! It is a great cleaning tool for the money and an excellent value for the price I paid!

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  2. Leena Kapoor

    The Bissell Featherweight is light and easy to operate. I had to buy a step down transformer to be able to use it. I got the transformer locally and the machine worked well on it. The dust in crevices was sucked up efficiently leaving surfaces clean. I could clean under the bed too, without too much trouble. It has fulfilled all the promises in the other foreign reviews.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Solid product but didnt blow me away quite as much as other reviewers. Its just “okay” but great for the price I would say. I cant recommend another product but I may have saved up and got something that is more of an official rigid product, I will probably eventually get another Roomba style vacuum but this will get me by for at least a year or 2 id say.

    I have been using for cleaning hardwood floors instead of sweeping. Gets most of the junk up but is pretty slim, so it takes a while to cover the full floor. Almost better to sweep the main areas then use this to pick up the dust pile.

    Works decent on the really thin rugs we have, but also probably easier and cleans better if we just take the rug outside and shake it out.

    Does not work well for carpet stairs.

    Overall, handy to have and a good price. I

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  4. SK

    I bought the blue version specifically because it comes with the crevice tool–which is completely sold out/discontinued in Canada (but not on the U.S.???).

    The unit feels very cheap and plasticky. Not a fan of that because I want mine to last at least a year or so and I don’t feel confident in this plastic build, which will get nicks and become fragmented with weekly use. But this is the only CORDED, actually lightweight vacuum I can find easily in Canada. The other model I considered is the Eureka 3-in-1 but I wanted to go with Bissell because its main floor head handles crevices better per Vacuum Wars’ video review.

    The device can be difficult to take apart which defeats its low weight. This is something I would give a senior to use, but if they have to struggle to take it apart, especially for cleanings, then what’s the point? Even worse, you could accidentally break the vacuum while taking it apart because of how cheap and delicate the plastic pieces are. The plastic heads can be so difficult to get on and off. This vacuum needs a better system for those, as well as the plastic clip that holds the base in. That grey clip feels so cheap and crappy, I just KNOW it’s gonna fail one day and then I’ll have to come up with some MacGyver-esque solution to keep it functional.

    But when it comes to cleaning this thing is a beast!! I used this in my room and my bathroom and the absolute amount of hair & black dust bunnies stuck to the filter was amazing to behold. I had to clean all of it off with ANOTHER vacuum cleaner. You could immerse the filter in water and let it dry for 24 hours but I do not recommend this method. Just vacuum it off and your filter will last longer. Minus points for needing another vacuum just to clean the filter on this one–we need a better system for this.

    If anyone at Bissell reads reviews, consider making a better/more expensive version of this unit with the same type of internal motor/suction power but with better quality parts. When I was trying to decide whether to buy this vacuum or not, I went to Bissell’s website and found out there are a BAZILLION other models comparable to this 2030 one. There’s the 2030C, D, E, F… I don’t get it, but just make a better version of this Featherweight with good materials so it lasts longer. That would make me a loyal Bissell customer.

    Ideally I’d like to see the Featherweight with a fluffy brush head, a whole set of brush accessories, an upgraded body made out of stronger and more resistant plastic, a power brush head, etc. C’mon, give Dyson a run for their money!! I know Bissell has cordless vacuums but those tend to have bad ratings as most cordless vacs do. All I want is a good quality, long lasting vacuum that’s 3 lb! The Bissell comes close but there’s still so much room for improvement.

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  5. Kristen correia herrera

    I got it because it was lightweight and not battery powered. I feel like it’s good for what it is. Maybe I wasn’t being realistic with my expectations of it. It has good suction, and will be great for small messes, and spot vacuuming but that is really all it’s meant for…once there is dirt on the filter the suction starts to slow down a little. We have a couple small area rugs I was hoping to use it for, but the suction doesn’t get deep enough in the rug to pull up a whole lot of debris. Also something’s it won’t pick up, like if a piece of lint is on the carpet it may not pick it up because it doesn’t have a brush. Overall it’s good for what it is, I’m still deciding if I am going to keep it or not, but if you’re looking for a corded small mess (better for hard floor not carpet) vacuum this is it.

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  6. judy

    I was on instagram late at night feeling not good enough and decided to click on the link that one of the instagrammers that I follow recommended for a vacuum cleaner for my toddler to use. She is an aussie influencer and even though the cost of this vacuum was double that of what was available in Australia, I bought it anyway.

    Well, it is a beautiful vacuum, very good suction that scared my toddler so noise cancelling headphones might be necessary but I think my biggest gripe was that it had a US plug instead of an aussie one.

    I returned it but mainly because i needed to use it with a universal plug connector. Also I didn’t expect it to be so loud. Also I think it made me feel a bit silly blindly following a link to something that an instagrammer said she bought from when it is highly likely she did not buy this one from overseas

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  7. Hortibuff

    I’ve got a modern rechargeable Dyson with 3 attachments and it’s been getting very heavy for me to handle. The battery pack is heavy and lately it needed to be charged at all times and is suction power is not working as it used to. Also I always have to press the power button AT ALL TIMES to keep the suction power going WHILE holding the heavy vacuum and it strained my wrists. I’m glad to have found this stand up stick very light vacuum that I can just plug in. The cord is very long and I can even use an extension cord. Suction power is not that good for the stand up with wheels.
    It cannot suck up lint or the cat’s very fine fur from the carpet. But when I remove the stick and only use the hand held, the suction power is way better than the Dyson.

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  8. Alison Barry

    I have a quilting studio with a cement floor and I needed a vacuum to clean up all the loose thread and small fabric scraps. I didn’t want a cordless vacuum because then I’d have to mount the charger to a wall and I have limited outlet space.

    This vacuum is so powerful and the price is perfect! The suction it has leaves no trace of thread or fabric on the floor and it’s so lightweight I’m not fighting with it.

    As an added bonus it’s the perfect height for my toddler who happens to love to vacuum.

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  9. L. R. Jacobs

    Lightweight, easy to use electric broom. It is amazingly effective on both rugs and bare floor given its size and power. And, it is easy to empty the dirt collection area and brush off the filter. The cord is only 15′ long but I did not find that a great disadvantage. It is a very handy device to have ready for a quick clean up or for a more extensive surface sweep. It is very reasonably priced and well worth the cost.

    This Bissell is a replacement for a previous long lasting one that I used for 20 years. I find a major and helpful improvement is simplifying the removal of collected debris.

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  10. Stephanie Stewart

    I was surprised at the suction power frankly. I works very well on osb floor and section rugs. I don’t have stairs but see no reason why it wouldn’t do well on them. I sucks up all dust, hair and other very fine particle stuff that hides in cracks and rugs. The only thing is that you have to empty the dirt reservoir and brush clean the filter several times while cleaning to keep the suction power up. I bought this to replace the dirt devil I had when it stopped working. This little vacuum does the job of the larger and more noisy devil. Highly recommend.

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