Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Chrome

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Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Chrome
Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Chrome



  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted

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8 reviews for Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Chrome

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  1. 内田智之

    Cafetière pour 4 tasses (0,50 l) mais pour des petites tasses
    En réalité parfaite pour 2 grandes tasses…
    À mon avis convient pour une personne pas plus
    Facile à nettoyer, jolie
    Maintenant il faut trouver le café idéal !

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  2. Gigi29

    Très jolie, fait aussi office de décoration dans la cuisine.
    Facile d’utilisation, rapide mais ce n’est pas évident de doser le café mais une fois trouvé ce qui vous convient, c’est bon.
    Le café est différent, il est le moins concentré en caféine donc bien pour ceux à qui le café provoque des problèmes, “niveau estomac”

    Sachant qu’elle peut servir de diffuseur à thé et c’est excellent, les feuilles ont de la place pour s’ouvrir.
    Environ 4 min d’infusion et touiller avant la fin pour bien diffuser le thé. On se sert et le reste dans une théière pour éviter l’amertume.
    ( je suis revenu à la cafetière italienne et j’ai gardé la cafetière piston pour le thé)

    Simple à nettoyer, vraiment je conseille cette marque connue.

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  3. Stär Lucanÿa


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  4. likeaboogie


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  5. ChristineMM

    I’d heard that a french press makes the best tasting coffee but put off buying one for years. To be honest if I had some peer pressure to influence me I’d probably not have resisted for so long. I only know one person who uses a coffee press and they swear by it.

    The reason I finally bought this was that my last two drip coffeemakers broke in month thirteen, right after the warranty ended. Small plastic parts broke and I took the plunge to try this french press which is mostly glass and metal, figuring the simpler construction might ensure it would last longer (and it’s less expensive too).

    One thing I like about the Chambord is the glass beaker is a separate piece. This is unlike Bodum’s Brazil model which has the plastic fused onto the glass. I know replacement glass pieces are sold separately in case mine breaks.

    I liked the look of the Chambord which is sleek and has a shiny silver metal and black plastic for the holder and cap. I looked at the Bodum Chambord side by side with other coffee presses (like the Bodum Brazil) in a store and could see that this one looks more sophisticated and classy.

    I also like the 32 ounce capacity of the Chambord.

    Easy to Use

    The coffee press is so easy to use. I boil the water then wait two minutes, as the manufacturer says not to use boiling water. I put the coffee grounds in it then fill it with 32 ounces of water. I stir it with a wooden chopstick then place the lid on and wait four minutes. Then it is pressed very gently and slowly. The coffee is ready to serve.

    My one complaint about the glass container is there are no marked lines for various measurements. If you want to make coffee in a certain number of ounces, such as to make an 8 ounce cup, you will have to heat the water and measure it in a heat-safe measuring cup then pour it in.

    I note the manufacturer has legal warnings in two languages which fill over two inches of space on it so it is clear that Bodum wasn’t leaving markings off to have a clean design look.

    Since this uses no electricity and is small I am taking it with me when camping. I am thrilled to be able to have great tasting coffee while camping or staying in cabins without electricity but with access to open fire or portable camping stoves which can be used to boil the water.

    Best Tasting Coffee

    I have two favorite coffees which I’ve been drinking for over two years using a drip coffeemaker. I was shocked at the superior aste of the coffee made with the same pre-ground beans from this coffee press. There was no bitterness! I’d thought the bitterness was supposed to be there and had accepted it. (This idea is now funny to me. I also note when reading reviews of my former coffeemaker – made by Mr. Coffee – some customers said it produced a bitter brew. I now know that to be true. )

    I have never tasted home-brewed coffee that tasted this good.

    32 Ounces

    Bodum says this makes 8 cups of coffee. In America 6 ounces is the standard so that’s a bit confusing to this American coffee drinker. However many people now drink 8, 12, 16 or more ounces in one “cup” of coffee. What you need to know is the Bodum Chambord makes 32 ounces of coffee.


    I find this easy to clean and have no complaints. With anything you use there is usualy some cleaning, even a drip coffeemaker has parts to clean.

    Making Coffee in Volume

    My Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker took nearly 15 minutes to make a 12 cup pot so I have no complaints on the time it takes to make coffee in a coffee press. To me flavor is more important anyway; I’d rather have a coffeemaker for daily use that produces superior coffee every day and have a bit of inconvenience when company is here. If I have to, when company is visiting, I will use an insulated coffee pot if I need more than 32 ounces of one kind of coffee. It will actually work out fine as some of my family usually wants decaf while others want caffinated coffee, so I’ve always had to brew two pots and use an insulated carafe when I brewed with a drip coffeemaker anyway.

    The Cost

    This cost me less than half what a drip coffeemaker costs and much less than those one-cup coffee makers. I’m happy with the low cost. As I said earlier if the glass beaker breaks I can buy a replacement for a low price.

    In Conclusion

    This makes fantastic tasting coffee. It may be a different process than you have done before but it is easy. This is an inexpensive item with a simple process with little room for mechanical failure. Don’t hesitate like I did!

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  6. MWG2

    Easy to assemble, easy to take apart for cleaning, makes great coffee.

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  7. Tim

    Having discovered French Press coffee a year ago I bought the Bodum Columbia Insulated French Press, which I love. However spare parts are not readily available for that line yet. So I started shopping for a press that I could get spare parts for. I have also read that a glass press can produce a slightly more complex flavored cup of coffee because the coffee will cool slightly while brewing. So I picked this press out based on my past happiness with Bodum products. I am the only coffee drinker in my house so I decided that I did not require a large 12-cup press. I also knew that I would not drink all that coffee before it became too cool. This is my first 8-cup press. I will spare you a review filled of reasons why you should use a French press to make coffee and instead tell you why you should buy this French press to do it! So here I go.

    Durability- This press is composed of a glass beaker that lifts out of the metal-banded handle assembly. It has a metal lid that is polished to a beautiful mirror finish. Also has a metal plunger rod, metal filter and metal filter ring and cross filter base. However it has a plastic shoulder nut (my one complaint, although I was able to get a metal replacement from Bodum at no cost). The way the plunger assembly goes together is simple and can be assembled easily by hand. First the plunger rod is fitted through the hole in the lid. Then the shoulder nut is screwed onto the rod. Then the large metal ring with round holes and a spring around the edge goes on. Beneath that the fine metal filter then beneath that the cross filter base. The rod screws into the cross base and secures everything up against the shoulder nut. This description may seem somewhat complex however it is very simple in practice and fool proof. The plunger lid assembly is quite sturdy and durable. The metal-banded handle assembly, which holds the beaker, is also sturdy and polished. The handle is a very hard plastic and comfortable to grip and hold. Fully assembled you have a durable (for glass) press that can easily stand up to daily use. I use mine daily with no problems at all.

    Ease of cleaning- This press easily disassembles by hand and can be completely cleaned with little effort. I soak mine in hot soapy water after every use then rinse clean and towel dry. Proper cleaning is critical to maintaining consistent coffee flavor. A dirty coffee maker will taint coffee with bad tastes. This press cleans very easily, much easier than my old drip machine did!

    Ease of use- This press is used as any French press. Drop your grounds in, add water off of boil, let grounds steep for 4-5 minutes then slowly press the plunger down. Pour and enjoy. If you make more than you will drink right away then pour it into a separate insulated thermos. I leave my coffee in this until I have it drank. With the lid turned to close the spout this coffee stays warm enough for me for a half hour. Face it; the first cup will be too hot to drink right away. The second will be hot but drinkable. The third will be warm. This makes 2-3 coffee mugs. Great for a single drinker who likes 2 or 3 mugs at a time, like me. Or great for 2 light coffee drinkers (a mug and a half a piece). Coffee will always be best the sooner is it consumed after brewing is completed. In this press or any press/coffee maker.

    Overall quality- For around $30 this is a fantastic value. Like I said above I was leery of the plastic shoulder nut which could wear after multiple assemblies and disassemblies, but I was able to get a metal replacement at no cost making this a much better value. All in all a great investment in better coffee drinking and piece of mind. I also like the ability to get spare parts if I should ever need them.

    In closing I really love this press it holds up to daily use and maintains it great classic looks. Makes great coffee and is perfect for a single coffee drinker who likes 2 or 3 mugs of coffee as I do. It’s smaller size than my 12-cup press makes for easier cleaning and handling. I am very happy with this purchase and for $30 you cannot go wrong. I recommend this to you highly! Whether you are new to French press coffee making or like me wanted a smaller easier to clean daily coffee press. I still love my 12-cup for parties, but this press is my personal daily coffee maker of choice. I love it!

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  8. Stär Lucanÿa

    A la fois simple et ingénieux, le concept des cafetières piston. Je ne pensais pas que c’était si simple, on met l’eau et le café dans la cafetière, on infuse, on presse, et c’est bon. C’est ma première cafetière piston.
    Je cherchais une option pour pouvoir me faire au moins deux cafés d’un coup, sans avoir à refaire du café à chaque tasse, comme ds une cafetière électrique.
    Comme je bois tout en écrivant, je n’ai pas envie de devoir me stopper à chaque fois pour en faire.
    J’ai failli prendre une cafetière électrique avec une grande carafe, mais je ne voulais pas prendre le risque que cela refroidisse si je ne buvais pas tout dans un délai imparti, ni m’encombrer trop.

    Donc j’ai optée pour l’option piston, qui est la meilleure pour moi. Le café est plus authentique niveau gout.
    Je peux me faire presque 3 mugs (d’environ 325 ml) avec, et cela est toujours chaud même si je prends un peu de temps à boire la première tasse.
    Et comme le dit un autre commentaire, le bec est bien conçu de manière à ne pas en faire couler à coté. De plus si on tourne le couvercle, il y a un plastique noir sous le couvercle, qui permet de réguler le débit de liquide (je ne sais pas si c’est fait exprès par contre, mais j’ai vu que si je le tourne une certaine façon le débit sera plus faible ou plus fort que d’une autre façon)
    Donc c’est parfait pour moi, j’arrive à avoir assez de café pour tenir pendant une bonne partie de l’après midi. Un peu de jazz, et une cafetière piston aussi belle que celle-ci, et on se dirait dans un beau café^^

    Si j’avais su, je n’aurais jamais acheté de cafetière électrique par le passé, mais j’aurais pris directement à piston.
    Très pratique, si, comme moi, on aime les choses plus authentiques et ne pas trop dépendre de l’électricité. Transportable facilement, donc on peut même la prendre dans le jardin ou la terrasse du jardin (pour ceux qui en ont une).
    J’aime cette polyvalence.

    Perso cela ne me dérange pas qu’il y ait un écart de deux centimètres entre le fond et le tamis, puisque le café ne passe pas et est bien contenu dans le fond.
    J’avais fait un premier essai avec du café moulu fin et cela allait, à part quelques grains qui remontaient un peu. Mais je prends plaisir à avoir du café en grain et à le mouliner avec un moulin électrique et cest de toute façon un café moulu grossièrement qu’il faut.

    Le point négatif, cest juste que je pensais que le couvercle et cerclage autour de la cafetière était du vrai métal, mais c’est un peu léger, et le revêtement cuivré n’est qu’un plaquage un peu plastique (cela ne “tinte” pas quand on tapote dessus, et on sent bien que ce n’est pas en metal) Donc ne pas le mettre au lave vaisselle, je pense que cela ne tiendrait pas à la longue.

    Un peu cher, mais très jolie.

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