COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set for Desk, Cup Heater, Office & Christmas Gifts, 1°F Precise Temperature Control, Touch Tech & LCD Digital Display (77-194℉), 304 Stainless Steel

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COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set for Desk, Cup Heater, Office & Christmas Gifts, 1°F Precise Temperature Control, Touch Tech & LCD Digital Display (77-194℉), 304 Stainless Steel
COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set for Desk, Cup Heater, Office & Christmas Gifts, 1°F Precise Temperature Control, Touch Tech & LCD Digital Display (77-194℉), 304 Stainless Steel



  • PERFECT MATCH: The stainless steel retains heat more effectively than other mugs; making it the perfect pairing to the coffee warmer
  • CUSTOM TEMPERATURES: All temperature readings are accurate within 1 degree. You can also easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • BUILT TO LAST: Enjoy the stainless steel coffee warmer’s reliable performance with one-touch controls; waterproof design; and a PI film heating element. Compatible with AC 100–240V; 50–60Hz outlets
  • SPILL RESISTANT: Equipped with a high-tech Pi film heating element; The spill-proof design avoids damage and makes cleaning a breeze
  • HIGH-QUALITY MUG: Built from 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel; the 17-ounce mug features a heat-resistant handle and rubber sleeve to protect your hands
  • GIFT READY: Comes with elegant gift boxes which is a perfect gift for tea/coffee lovers. (Such as Mother’s Day; Father’s Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas)

Additional information

Specification: COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set for Desk, Cup Heater, Office & Christmas Gifts, 1°F Precise Temperature Control, Touch Tech & LCD Digital Display (77-194℉), 304 Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

5.4 x 0.7 x 4.3 inches

Item Weight

1.06 pounds



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 26, 2018

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10 reviews for COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set for Desk, Cup Heater, Office & Christmas Gifts, 1°F Precise Temperature Control, Touch Tech & LCD Digital Display (77-194℉), 304 Stainless Steel

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  1. Dave Arkais

    After pouring in ~12oz of water at 190F and setting the heater to high, I let it sit for an hour to equalize the temp:

    The water temp dropped and stabilized around 130F and the heater dropped to 184F. Makes me think the power supply isn’t strong enough to overcome the losses of the coffee conducting heat away as quickly as it does. (If I take the cup off, it immediately heats all the way back up to 194F).

    130F is decently hot and its nice that it maintains this temp long term, but if it had a stronger power supply that would be ideal. Perhaps it’s a little better with the cups that they are meant to come with rather than a ceramic cup that I used (non-flat bottom).

    Overall, it looks classy, you can set the temp you prefer, and I would recommend for the price!

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  2. Dave Arkais

    – Heats up great as long as you use the cup provided.
    – Stainless Steel, easy to clean and sanitary
    – Easy to use, literally just 3 buttons, power, temp up and temp down.
    – Good Size Cup, I make 12oz of coffee every morning and this cup is perfect for it.
    – Cover with a spoon slot to keep your drink covered from things falling in and keeping the heat in.

    – Cup gets hot so be careful
    – Base is kind of big, so make sure you have room
    – Heating Surface gets hot and stays hot unless you turn off the base.

    Best way I found that works for me, is as a heater (kind of like a microwave), not as a leave on all the time to keep warm. Meaning that I turn it off when my coffee is warm enough and turn it back on when I need to heat it. This is the way I found that works best so the cup and coffee doesn’t get too hot and I don’t burn my lips and I personally have my temp set to max hot because of this. So the coffee will heat up faster to the temp I want and turn if off to cool the cup a bit before drinking again.

    I am a person that easily gets distracted at work and pulled in so many directions I end up leaving my coffee alone and it gets cold so I don’t get to finish it right away. I figured out the way that best works for me instead of having to make consent trips to the microwave, which I don’t even have the time to do as well because of meetings and projects I have going on. Being able to heat back up my drink at my desk helps in these situations and instead of having to throw out my coffee because it got cold and I didn’t get to reheat it at the end of the day, I can now reheat it at my desk and actually finish it.

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  3. Irish White Dove

    It is a good product but still new
    Will edit this later when used for a longer period

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Opened in great condition, no issues.
    Read the instructions, twice, as there are some quirky operating aspects with this unit. Its not intuitive.
    I fully tested all the features, and they all work correctly in accordance with the instructions.
    It works perfectly as per the manual. Such as, you have to have enough weight on the heating pad to make the unit work at all or to even just adjust the temperatures up or down. The cup has to be heavy enough to operate the controls. If your cup gets too light in weight as you drink, and the cup with contents weight drops below the minimum weight, the unit will stop heating.
    I use it for keeping my butter soft in winter. My butter dish weighs more than the minimum, so the unit will operate even if empty.
    Its the only unit I could find that was this small, therefore has the lowest electricity usage, therefore the lowest long term operating cost. Its the only one with a low operating temperature that you can set by 1 degree from 25C-90C. It specifically starts to operate at 25C up to almost boiling. Butter is soft at 25-29C, and starts to melt at 30-32C. If you have a small amount of butter (mass), then I can set it at 25C and the butter is soft, but not mushy, or melted. But if you add butter, 1 cup, then I need to increase the indicated temperature to 29C. to compensate for the increase of mass. It takes about 15-30 minutes to get fully soft from a cold start at 18C (morning house temperature) and it has to heat up the butter dish and ceramic top. Works perfectly. I get up in the morning to let the dog out, I turn the unit on by touching the red button on the way by to the door. Look after the dog, start coffee, start breakfast, butter is now soft enough by the time the toast pops. Perfect. Shuts off around 2pm 8 hours later. Need to turn it back on when I start working on supper. Its ready to go when I need it, soft spreadable butter. Shuts off automatically again in 8 hrs if I forget to turn it myself. If I don’t use it during the weekend, its off automatically saving electricity. Perfect. Almost all the complaints I have read about this unit is due to folks not reading the instructions or following the instructions properly that they have read.

    I also plan to use it for keeping my bread dough bowl warm during the rise. Set for 30C. Heat my ceramic bowl with hot water, dry, grease/butter the inside, then place it on the COSORI heat element at 30C. Drop my dough into the bowl to rise. The bowl bottom matches the same size as the COSORI heat element face. Perfect.

    I also liked that the cord was not a full 110V cord, but a 12V cord coming from a transformer unit that I plug into the top of my stove. The wire easily tucks behind the unit , down the wall behind the stove, almost invisible while the unit is on the kitchen counter beside the toaster. If I want to unplug it, the 12v plug comes out of the back like a laptop. Wash it, clean it, wipe it easily with no cord, then plug it back in at the toaster where it sits. Perfect.

    I can’t believe they don’t market it just for this purpose. In Canada this is almost always an issue, hard butter in winter. I now don’t have to wait until summer or travel south of Mobile, Alabama to have soft butter for breakfast.

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  5. C.H.

    I was a bit surprised as the mug included with the warming plate looks small however it holds the large cup size on our Keurig system. The plate keeps the coffee hot and works great. Note that the lid is not for travel—it is really just a cap.

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  6. C.H.

    First off, I bought this and it sat for a month or so before I used it. I bought a Kript version and after using it for a while and returned it because it didn’t work some of the time. So since I already had had it I opened my Cosori. Glad I did.

    Secondly, this is not a paid endorsement or review. It comes with a thank you Card that says if you write a review and use the hashtag #ICookCosori you will be rewarded for your efforts. I have no idea what that might be, but whatever, I would have written the review exactly as it is as I always do. I have never received anything in the past for any of my reviews, I do this because if I like or dislike a product, I like to let others know my experience, that’s it, ’nuff said.

    I bought this originally for work, that’s why I didn’t open it when I got it. Since I am not working, like so may others right now, I bought this to reward myself when I do go back to work. After buying a Kript version to use in my home office, using and returning it to Amazon because it didn’t work some of the time I opened it to see if it was any better. It was.

    What I liked:
    1) Coffee mug was larger 17 oz. vs. 10 oz.
    2) Better temp control 77 degrees to 230 degrees with one degree increments.
    3) Easy up/down arrows to adjust temperature.
    4) The handle is much larger and easier to use.
    5) The aesthetics are great: sleek brushed finished stainless steel, cup is S.S. and Silicone.
    6) Large LED temp indicator so you can see what the temperature the unit is.
    7) It is easy to see if it id off or on. White if it is on, red if it off.
    8) The power cord is detachable. To me that is a benefit.
    9) If you register your set online, you get a second year of warranty free.

    What I don’t care for:
    1) It has, like the Kript I replaced this with, a lid that you can use to “keep the dust out” You can’t drink with the lid on, it has a small opening for a “Stir spoon” This did not come with one. If you can’t drink with it on it really has little value to most of the customers that will use one of these.

    2) It is a little pricey. $40 for the warmer and a coffee mug. Before this I used a $4 “candle warmer” from WalMart.
    It did the job, its functional, and for some, maybe that’s all you need.

    I really like this set, so much so that I bought a second one for when I do get back to work. A couple of days after this I bought the 2 mug set. It comes with another matching black mug, and one that is Blue. My wife loves blue, so I know where this is going. 🙂

    I couldn’t imagine a better, more functional (# of functions) and attractive set of warmer and mug out there. I am a career quality professional (25+ years) and I have come to associate Cosori with Quality.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a really nice mug and warmer set for yourself or for a gift for any hot beverage lover. As Zig Ziglar has said many times, “We don’t buy what we need, we buy what we want.”


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  7. David B.

    Bought this as a gift for my wife. She usually leaves her coffee for a long time and have to microwave it due to being cold. This helps keep the coffee warm and ready to drink whenever she wants. No issues (so far). The product do what it says it does.

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  8. Rockin’ Ricky

    Keeps my coffee nice and hot just make sure to let it heat up before putting the cup on it.
    So far so good.

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  9. unknown from Canada

    I’ve had this unit for less than 8 months and now, the pressure switch/feature does not work. This means that it can be turned on without a cup on it AND it will not turn off after one minute after a cup is taken off… Will write Cosori to find out about warranry, but not holding my breath…

    UPDATE: Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the response I received from COSORI Support (, after I found their address on their website. Laura gave me simple intructions to reset my cup warmer and it’s working fine now!!!! Here are the instructions:
    “…please follow the steps below to turn the switch back on:

    – Tap the power button to turn the coffee warmer off.
    – Press and hold the power button + the increase temperature button + the decrease temperature button simultaneously for 5 seconds until you hear 3 beeps. (I did not hear mine but still worked!!!)
    – Tap the power button to turn the coffee warmer back on.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I use this on the days when I want to take my enjoy my coffee with a book. So if I get into a good part of the book my coffee won’t go cold on me. If the house is cold I can turn the heat up a touch on the cup warmer. I’ve had one of these before but without a temperature control. It didn’t keep the coffee hot enough for me.

    The safety features that I’ve seen work fine. When I pick up my cup it pauses the warmer and continues when I put it back.

    When I first set it up I had it on a folded napkin and it wouldn’t work. It needs to be on something firm so the little switch on the bottom will be triggered. If it doesn’t work when you get it, try setting it on a firm surface and be sure to put the coffee cup on it.

    The directions aren’t long but there are a few instructions for setting the temperature to Fahrenheit, how to raise and lower the temperature and how to turn on and off. Some are a combination of buttons so I wrote them down just in case I need them again.

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