Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Single Serve 72-Ounce Reservoir Coffee Machine, Programmable Brewing & Hot Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel, SS-10P1,Silver

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  • Please refer to user guide or user manual (provided below in PDF) before first use
Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Single Serve 72-Ounce Reservoir Coffee Machine, Programmable Brewing & Hot Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel, SS-10P1,Silver
Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Single Serve 72-Ounce Reservoir Coffee Machine, Programmable Brewing & Hot Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel, SS-10P1,Silver


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8 reviews for Cuisinart Coffee Maker, Single Serve 72-Ounce Reservoir Coffee Machine, Programmable Brewing & Hot Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel, SS-10P1,Silver

4.8 out of 5
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  1. NewCatMom2023

    When I unpackaged the coffeemaker, I thought the clear plastic piece and white tablet-like thing inside the water reservoir were just packing materials. These parts were not identified in the manual or anywhere, and because I wasn’t sure if they should be in my water for brewing, I took them out of the reservoir and was prepared to throw them in the trash. Then my coffeemaker wouldn’t work (it kept saying Not Ready Add Water). After reading an article online, I realized those unidentified parts are actually crucial for the machine to work! The white tablet is the water sensor that tells the machine whether there is enough water in the reservoir. If this were labelled or explained somewhere in the manual or quick reference instructions, that would save people like me from throwing away the sensor, thinking it’s just some piece of useless plastic for packaging. Once I put the sensor back in, everything works as expected and it seems like a good single-serve coffeemaker!

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  2. Daniela Y.

    La cafetera al cien, no he tenido fallas, pero anteriormente mi tía adquirió el mismo artículo y si venía incluido el vaso con rejilla, en esta no, estuvo más cara y lo tuve que adquirir por aparte. No me gustó eso, hubiera preferido otras que ya había visto, sin embargo funciona bien

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  3. Rick In STL

    I’m writing this after having had brewed a good 100 cups of coffee with it. My history is I had used the old larger version of this. I went through a brewer around 2013, was in the 2yr warranty and got it replaced no charged by cuisinart as the pump wasn’t doing well. Then I bought another before they went to the new model currently offered and unfortunately it started to just not handle the new cups, I was getting half cups of what I wanted. So I decided to retire the old coffee maker and saw alot of reviews from people like myself who at first glance probably were not happy with the changes. I loved my old version but as a lot of times happens, the old equipment eventually goes bad and you can’t repair them.

    Out of my own curiosity to what changed with this new version, I took it a step further on my old version to see what was inside the bigger version. The old version had a water tank, it was amber almost like some synthetic plastic/glass with heating elements like an electric water heater. it had to heat up, pressurize and pump. Over time this heat in a tank and plastic parts and let’s be honest just ok air pump and water pump it starts to fail over time. I think I got lucky with a good 5 years and probably 2000 cups dispenses. I drink a lot of coffee daily!

    The new version is a smaller footprint. The tray is much smaller. What is different with this design is the new version has no water storage tank inside, now it runs the water to the k-cup, while that water is getting to the k-cup, it goes through a heating coil. This is much different and hence why it pumps slow and is smaller. I think the cup brew is hotter and better flavor that the old unit. The top cap to press down on the k-cup is improved in my opinion to ensure a tight seal and pump. Engineering seems better for ensuring a good outcome with the cups. I’m ok with that. If that means that there is less scaling and water tank issues and pumps failing this works.

    Same problems as the other unit with filling larger travel mugs. You have to brew into smaller cup then pour into your travel mug. Not a huge deal to me.

    The water tank no longer has a blue led light to blink when it’s getting low. The tank is different designed, the charcoal spot is different how it seats but I have no idea if it’s better or similar. The tank is a little smaller but I probably get 5 large coffee brews before I refill it or I just refill a water cup while it’s brewing.

    So far so good. The warranty experience in past model I had was excellent. I don’t know if I’ll need it but last time cuisinart took care of a brewer that had failed me. I would expect the same experience should I need it.

    I’ll come back if something changes but so far it’s been a good replacement. I don’t know if anything will ever be perfect but cuisinart makes a good k-cup brewer. If you are trying to figure out the best k-cup brewer, I can attest to 10+ years of this brand and alot of cups brewed. It’s a good machine!

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  4. Just Jim

    My last Keurig, purchased a few weeks ago, lasted for 1 day. It is inexplicably dead. I called Keurig and they said they wouId have it picked up and then check it over and then only would they send a replacement. However, they never followed through as I never received the mailing label as they promised. I was tempted to buy the Keurig commercial K-155 but that is quite a beast and I really could not see that in my humble kitchen. So, I searched for something that might be better and I came across this SS-10P1. I can’t say that I am crazy about its design. There is a shiny chrome handle on top that gets immediately smeared with fingerprints and looks terrible. Also, the mechanism that operates the pod chamber just operates roughly and seems poorly designed. Having said all that, this brewer makes a very good cup of coffee for a pod machine. It seems to extract more flavor than Keurig and I think that is because it brews about 30 seconds longer than Keurig. I don’t seem to have the problem with splattering some have reported. I’m sure that’s because I tend to use relatively tall cups. I’m not a fan of the LCD panel with its garish blue light but to each his/her own. I don’t bother with the clock and on and off times as the machine seems to use scant power while it is on. I believe the water heats on demand as there is no rumbling of boiling water from inside at any time. Also, I always use the 8oz cup size so I seldom have to puzzle over the tiny little cup icons to choose something else. I just let the machine stay on all day and I turn it off before retiring. The power switch is conveniently on the side. The hot water and rinse features are useful. Rinse always gives 4oz of hot water while the hot water option is variable by the cup size you select. The functions are similar, but different. I like the big tank. The machine is not unusually noisy but you will hear it. It sounds just like an aquarium pump if you are familiar with such things. It is just a humming sound that is subdued and certainly not louder than any Keurig machine I have heard. My final comment is that this machine is accompanied by a comprehensive instruction booklet. This is a nice touch and, to me, it shows the manufacturer has some interest in customer satisfaction. So I recommend this brewer. If you want the convenience of a pod brewer and wish to avoid the Keurig dice roll of longevity I would say get this Cuisanart.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    This is a high quality coffee and hot water maker for tea. We absolutely love it and use it constantly!! Leaps and bounds better quality than Kerrig!! Compliments the kitchen and does not take up much space! Highly recommend👍👍

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  6. John J Syragakis

    I’ve purchased this coffee maker on Ser/01/2019,and paid extra insurance for this item.
    Why do I have to contact Cuisinart for part replacement?
    Amazon should send me a new water reservoir…..

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  7. Zabi

    This coffee maker has a large water resvoir, so you aren’t always needing to add water. it is very easy to use

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  8. NewCatMom2023

    Great delivery for an excellent product.

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