Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Air Fryer, 25-QT Capacity, Dual Temperture Zone cooks 2 different ways, Stainless Steel

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Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Air Fryer, 25-QT Capacity, Dual Temperture Zone cooks 2 different ways, Stainless Steel
Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Air Fryer, 25-QT Capacity, Dual Temperture Zone cooks 2 different ways, Stainless Steel



  • Elevate Your Everyday Meals Emeril’s biggest XL 25-Qt. air fryer oven combines 10 kitchen appliances into one endlessly versatile countertop cooker with dual cooking zones and a full menu of custom presets.
  • Cook 2 Foods 2 Different Ways Two Temperature Zones for cooking. Custom settings in each zone let you cook your main dish and sides exactly how you want them.
  • Eliminate Back-to-Back Cooking QuickSync Technology matches cooking times and settings in each zone so your entire meal finishes at the same time.
  • Family-Size Meals Up To 60% Faster** Delicious, family-sized meals are made fast in the XL 25-Qt. capacity oven. Just remove the divider for extra-large, full zone cooking.
  • 10 Minutes Frozen to Finish Cook straight out of the freezer! Go from frozen shrimp to sizzling scampi without having to defrost first.

Additional information

Specification: Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Air Fryer, 25-QT Capacity, Dual Temperture Zone cooks 2 different ways, Stainless Steel

Special Feature

Temperature Control

Product Dimensions

15"D x 20"W x 20"H


Dual Zone


25 Quarts


Stainless Steel

Item Weight

31.9 pounds


Emeril Lagasse


1750 watts

Control Method


Inner Material

Stainless Steel

Min Temperature Setting

75 Degrees Fahrenheit

Outer Material

Stainless Steel


Emeril Lagasse

Date First Available

February 28, 2023

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Emeril Lagasse Everyday French Door 360 Air Fryer, 25-QT Capacity, Dual Temperture Zone cooks 2 different ways, Stainless Steel

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  1. Darcey smith

    My husband and I love,love,love the Emeril Lagasse oven!! I can not express how well the Emeril Lagasse oven works. I m a pretty good home chef but with this oven, my husband says amazing and yummy food BOOM!! Finger licking good!! SLURP!! They do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. No joke! The air fryer turns up the heat on bbq chicken, Kansas city ribs, honey mustard chicken thighs that falls right off the bone. Porkloin that is so moist and juicy that your taste buds do a happy dance. With the included rotisserie you don’t need to give your cornish game hen and a whole chicken a salt and lemon bath for 24 hour. ( you can if you want to just no need for it) The food will cook perfectly moist on the inside and crispy skin on the outside. Extremely delicious food! The oven cooks corn bread, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie like a champ. Next treat I want to try will be homemade bread like my mom makes!! The toaster makes perfect toast, English muffins, tuna or crab melt, spinach artichoke dip simply endless possibilities with this oven. Puts a whole new spin on the classic “easy bake oven”. Don’t be afraid the try any new or old recipe. You will not be disappointed! Each setting is timed perfectly for anything your heart and stomach desires. The Emeril Lagasse oven is the perfect size and a great addition to our 5th wheel and home use when not traveling. I have used all the accessories that came with the oven and love them all. I was a little disappointed it did not came with the grill it showed in the pictures. I will just purchase that on the side. Note: break down the box for recycling and you will find the operating instructions and additional cooking pans under the Styrofoam packing at the bottom of the box. Each of our 7 adult children will get the Emeril Lagasse oven for Christmas this year! This oven deserves a higher then 5 star rating because it is the rock star of our kitchen!!! Like Emeril says…BOOM!!!

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  2. Richie

    I love the Emeril Lagasse. Works great . But one item was not in the box. It was the XL crisper tray. Is there anyway I can just get this without having to order it.

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  3. catgil

    I have used the single sides for baking and air fry, and the whole oven for baking. It is much more convenient and easier than using the big oven. I did a lot of research before buying this, but I also bought a warranty. Not had to clean it yet. The measurements given are misleading and must be what they are in the box!! It fits well under the cabinets on the counter.

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  4. Sterling45

    I have not used all the features as of yet ( not the rotisserie). But what I have found is that it is probably best for around two people. If you use the divided portions for different cooking preferences, the trays are so small that they will only fit food for two adults. I don’t see this as being a “family cooker” unless each family member, like teens, are cooking their thing separately. There is only one shelf for use in the large compartment so only one pizza at a time unless you order another large shelf. There is no large basket for the large compartment, only two smaller ones for air frying. I ordered a large one from the Emeril site and it is backordered 2-3 weeks. It is now almost 3 weeks and still no basket shipped. I do like that it has light which was important to me. And I do like that the temp controls are easy to use and seem to be accurate enough. Overall I think it is ok for what I paid for it. I am not over the top however since so much is missing. I did not order the grill since it was small and only big enough for 2 steaks. Also most of his recipes and videos are for using the dual oven which, as I said, is not really big enough for a family of 4 meal. It would work best for a single person or a couple in my opinion.

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  5. A. Allen

    I am an air fryer oficionado. I love the overall look. And I buy all my appliances in stainless steel and blue display. But it was the dual zone cooking that got me and the accessories simply worth every penny. So easy to use, unlike many of my other Rotisserie gadgets. The only thing I have a problem with I wish the inside was just one inch larger each way. I sure wouldn’t mind when I put a regular large pizza and there. Kind of have to fold it up in the front or the back a little bit just a little bit. But everything else is so wonderful. I made yams in it for the holidays. I pushed the button turned around and they were done. My former air fryer stand up. Type the front door folded down like a drop ridge. And within 3 months it would fall because it wouldn’t catch anymore. That’s why I love the design of these doors. I will never have to worry about that. I’m gonna keep buying this same product as they update it and make it better. I don’t think I’m gonna use another air forever again.

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  6. The Dude

    I had purchased one of these and was excited to use it. I really like the look, features, and it actually cooked really well. Unfortunately when I got up in the middle of the night I noticed the fan was running. I went and touched the unit and it turned off. I sent it back and received a replacement. Same thing happened. It was very random, but the fan was running for a few minutes.
    I contacted the company to see if this is a normal characteristic and they told me to stop using it. Very disappointed to know these are defective. The date code on the box says 2023.
    It makes me wonder how many own these and have no idea it randomly runs.
    It looks like the 360 model had a class action suit on those, but looks as if there’s a definite design flaw to these.
    I would stay away from these just on safety alone.

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  7. scale modler

    My wife is a chef. I chided her that if Emeril uses this, it MUST be good. Well, it is good. But, there is nothing like the flavor of foods when they are classically prepared. We found that foods prepared in this oven lack moisture and taste totally different than when these foods are made on a gas burner top.
    We have a number of friends who swear by Emeril’s air fryer as a go cooker for their kids and their busy schedules. Not for us.
    Now, that being said, the air fryer is made with amazing quality. This product is not for everyone, as it was not for us, but that is only because we prefer to scratch cook and are blessed to have the time to do so.
    Lastly, the interior dimensions of the appliance is approximately 13 1/2″ wide, 11 1/2″ deep and 4 3/4″ high.

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