Flight Ukulele – Soprano Travel Series Ukulele – Space

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Flight Soprano Ukulele Travel Series – TUS-40 Space

Last updated on September 3, 2023 8:24 pm
Flight Ukulele – Soprano Travel Series Ukulele – Space
Flight Ukulele – Soprano Travel Series Ukulele – Space

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Specification: Flight Ukulele – Soprano Travel Series Ukulele – Space

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Soprano Travel Series Ukulele – Space


Flight Ukulele

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3 reviews for Flight Ukulele – Soprano Travel Series Ukulele – Space

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  1. Alan Brinton

    I’ve been playing concert size, which works best for me, but I wanted to try a soprano and ordered this because of the price and because of favorable comments by members at Ukulele Underground, many of whom recommend it as a durable but respectable sounding “beater” uke for travel, camping, the car, the beach, etc. I chose the yellow color simply because it had the lowest price at the moment. I like the color better (it’s duller) than shown in the listing and Flight ads.I am amazed at how good the intonation of the little TUS-35 is and how easy it is to play. It comes with Aquila Nylgut strings. I’m not a big fan of Aquila Nylguts, but they work very well on this uke. Surprisingly, the sound and the intonation are good all the way down to the 12th fret, where the fretboard meets the top of the body.Flight travel ukuleles are known for their durability. This would great starter uke for a kid, but really for anybody who wants to get the ukulele game with a real instrument at a ridiculously low price. I have a feeling that I’ll be playing it a lot more than I had anticipated.

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  2. El Hermano Guero

    So, I own a dozen ukuleles, ranging in price from $30 to $400. This is my first ukulele by Flight, and I was incredibly disappointed. Sadly, my $30 Mahalo and Mitchell ukuleles play easier and sound better than this. First, the action was pretty high, and without being adjustable that made the ukulele difficult to play. Second, the fretboard width is very narrow, so that if you attempt the bend the G and A strings they will slide off the edge of the fretboard! Third, the neck is fairly weak and flimsy compared to a hardwood neck, and it will actually flex if higher tension strings are intalled. Fourth, the tuners were not tightened properly, and do not keep tune well at all. Fifth, the included gig bag is about as protective as a plastic grocery bag. The one positive about this ukulele, though, is that the intonation is very accurate. For half the price, this might be acceptable as a beater uke, but for $59 there are MUCH better options here on Amazon.UPDATE:After just one month of use, the plastic saddle has deep grooves worn in it from the strings. Also, the A-string tuner locked up already. I seriously doubt if this instrument will last an entire year!

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  3. KO

    The short: Built like a tank, great features, VERY disappointing flat sound, this is NOT an alternative to the Flea ukulele. Nor even a Dolphin to be honest.The long: For the last year or so I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube videos where people drool all over this Flight Travel ukulele, and how for the money you get a phenomenal instrument capable of challenging instruments that are way more expensive. I actually had no need for it as I am happy with my current uke collection, but since I got a couple of Amazon gift cards, I thought it might be a fun little thing to have around.It came fast and looks pretty cool. The packaging is definitely guided to beginner players filled with documentation referencing various ukulele web influencers. None of which I would considered authorities on the field, but then again that is not the price range of this instrument.It is incredibly well built and I was impressed at the materials. Yes, the ABS plastic back looks and feels like it was made by the Magic Fluke Company, the neck– although plastic, it is seriously sturdy…and heavy. Perhaps too heavy, but it is not something I would count against it. The tuners although cheap, work just great. But to me the star of the whole package has got to be the fret board. It looks and feels too close to the one in my Flea ukulele. The zero fret, the action, the ease of play, even the fret paint seems to be holding great even though I’ve never seen paint hold on plastic frets for long. The markers are a bit childish, but again, these are intended for a more playful audience. I really, really was looking forward to play and keep this ukulele.Then, I played it. Flat, dead, really, disappointing in every ways. Now, maybe I got a dud, but I still can’t come to grips how such a well put instrument can sound so…meh. To give you an idea, I went comparing the sound to each of the ukes I own. Not even close to any solid wood (which is OK for the price). Not close to my Flea (which I think is over price, but great nevertheless), not close to the solid top laminate sides/back Ohana I have, I had to go in the box of old ukes in the attic and found that the Makala Dolphins even sounded better than this–BY A LOT! The best I can describe it’s sound is like a less boomy Waterman and that’s not something to be impressed by.I tried several string: A new set of Aquilas, Worth browns, and D’Addario Nyltechs. The best sound I’ve gotten from it has been with Martins M600s. Yet, a Dolphin I have strung with Ernie Ball black Nylon (which I think are awful) still edges out this Flight ukulele when it come to sound. And that Dolphin is there just for decoration purposes.Again, I might have gotten a defective dud, or it is just that other people are being influenced more by it’s construction than it’s sound. If this was my first ukulele ever I can see why would someone be impressed by it. After all it is a well put instrument with a lot going for it, but not one I would recommend at the $40-something price range I got it for. I wish I could have tried this in person first to figure out if this is the exception or if they are all just this flat sounding.Hope this review helps some of you when making a decision.

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