IMUSA USA GAU-18202 4 Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker,Black

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  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
IMUSA USA GAU-18202 4 Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker,Black
IMUSA USA GAU-18202 4 Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker,Black


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10 reviews for IMUSA USA GAU-18202 4 Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker,Black

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  1. Danny Hite

    Great product for the price, good quality and easy to use.

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     easy to use …espresso coffee taste good and hot …easy to clean

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  3. Christina Hawkes

    I love my expresso maker. It is small and compact and easy to use. It is very easy to clean. The carafe is very delicate so you have to be careful. I have busted a few! The expresso has a deep flavor and is very strong. You have to make sure you do not put too much water as it causes over flow of water and a big mess!

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  4. Tamara Kiska Rosario Soriano

    I got this for my office at work and it works well 😊 very handy

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  5. Kathy Olson

    It is all I need cause I never use the milk frother.

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  6. Catherine

    more for college students I would say as a starter espresso machine as it gets very hot and make loud noises and if you don’t screw the water container lid in properly you could get burnt . It’s a bit of a pain to keep refilling if you want a second cup so I think pods are the way to go but it’s functional

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  7. RC

    Might not brew the best or hottest coffee, but it’s my go-to for my first cup in the morning. Looks cute and can be taken anywhere easily.

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  8. Hubert M. Nery

    A lot of people saying that the pump is only good enough for ________. There is no pump. It works by pressure created by steam. The reservoir only has enough room for a small amount of water. Maybe two cups worth. Enough for about two shots of espresso and just enough to steam your milk for a latte. I’ve only just bought this and haven’t used the frother at all yet. It does work though. What’s important to me is the espresso. That works great. Can’t expect much for under $300. Way under $300. If you want higher quality, expect to spend a whole lot more.

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  9. Terry G.

    Review is for IMUSA USA GAU-18202 4 Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker
    I am on the fence on this one. If you are looking for an espresso maker at this price, this isn’t it. Realize what it is. Its sort of like a small coffee maker. This uses high pressure steam that goes through the grounds and out comes coffee. That isn’t a bad thing. But you will get very little crema, if at all. I have another more expensive espresso maker that works well, but wanted to try this little machine to see if it was good or not. After cleaning it out, washing everything and running several runs with just water and no coffee to get rid of that “just made in China plastic smell” it was ready for coffee. Used the included small coffee pot – lol, and added 4 “shots” of water. Since I already have a more expensive espresso machine, I filled the “portafilter” up to the 4 cup line, and tamped it down just a bit. (Reading other reviews helped with this…note that I just tamped it a bit), and I used Cafe Bustelo espresso grind coffee. Turned on the machine and the coffee barely started coming out. Used a technique from another reviewer and turned the knob to make steam come out of the frother….when you do this once the coffee starts coming out, the water inside the unit gets super heated. Once the steam was going pretty good, I switched back to the coffee setting, and waited. And waited. Coffee came out barely to the 2 shot mark. Stem was coming out, but not coffee. Oh great I thought. Must be either I tamped it too much, or it can’t handle the actual espresso grind of coffee. I ended up dumping that coffee out. Cleaned out the machine, added more water and tried again with another coffee I grind myself, not quite as fine as the Cafe Bustelo espresso coffee. Again I added 4 shots of coffee, and just leveled the coffee off with the included, scoop. Turned on, used the same method as before to try and keep the experiment even, and this time the coffee came out much faster. Nice. Some crema, but not as much as a “normal” espresso machine costing several times what this does.
    TASTE: I find the taste is slightly “burned” in taste. This means that the shot is taking too long to come out of the machine. I can take the same coffee grounds and put it in my other machine and it comes out fine…but then again keep in mind that I like lattes, so I add vanilla creamer and whole milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Is this a deal breaker? I don’t think so…it is what it is. I don’t have any regular coffee grounds to try, but I bet you could use normal brew coffee grounds in this and it would come out fine. Without getting into the whole “coffee snobbery” type of talk, this maker should work just fine for you. I will continue to experiment and post back results. I have also made some coffee without turning the knob to froth and the same slightly burned taste is the result. The frothing wand should work great….loads of steam comes out, but I have a separate milk frother that I use that works great. The coffee that comes out is very dark, almost like concentrated coffee….I don’t mean thick, just dark, with strong coffee flavor. Not bad for the price paid. Clean up is easy, coffee is made quickly….just follow the directions to let out the pressure before trying to unscrew the top, and of course make sure it is tightly on before you turn on the machine. The porta filter connects very easily, but also make sure it is on tight. You will need to hold the maker when you install the porta filter so you can turn it. Just be aware of tamping your grounds….do it just slightly, or not at all and you will be fine. Small unit, that won’t break the bank, or take up lots of counter space. Don’t expect the best coffee out of this thing, so know what you are buying before doing so. Just for a second opinion, I asked my daughter how the coffee is….I make her 2 espresso shots from the more expensive machine in the morning, and she makes iced coffee with it…she said that the coffee out of this machine is stronger in taste, doesn’t taste burned to her, just stronger. She likes it, so go figure. She also adds flavoring to her cup as well. Keep that in mind. One more thing…the coffee coming out of this is super hot, which is a good thing.
    I am finding that this “Espresso/Cappucino maker” works best with using drip grind coffee. NOT espresso grind coffee. The espresso grind is too fine and the coffee will come out, but not nearly as fast or completely as the drip grind coffee. Not worth the hassle. This is not a bad thing in my opinion. I don’t even tamp the grounds anymore, but have added this:
    You want the 51mm one, since the porta filter is 51mm in size for this machine. The 100μm is fine, and also use this type filter on my more expensive machine. Do you need one? Not really, but maybe it helps even out the steam/water. I just add coffee to the 4 shot mark, tap the side of the porta filter to even out the grounds, then drop this on top. Good coffee every time. I am finding this type machine is great at making a single cup of good coffee, pretty quickly. No pod waste, no filter waste. Simple.

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  10. RxTech

    Edit to add: One small complaint after using it for a couple weeks. The little tab that holds the filter in when you cash out the used beans is too long.
    It sits over the grounds so they don’t come out in a solid clump. Just another small step to wipe it off when I wipe the top of the filter off before attaching back on the machine. Still didn’t stop me from buying a second one for backup when I destroy this one from overuse. I make 4 to 5 cups a day now.

    Also, some reviews complain about the lack of crema. True with my first few brews until I adjusted my bean grind. It’s not the machine… It’s their beans. Try a finer setting on the grinder and you’ll get the crema.

    Original review: Can’t comment on the frother. Don’t use it, don’t need it. My drink is an Americano. First I brew plain water while getting My shots and cup ready. Not only do I have my hot water ready to add to the shots, I’m sure the machine is clean before brewing the coffee. As soon as the water is brewed, I take the lid off and add the water for My shots. While that’s heating up, I add some hot water to My cup to melt the sugar then add the beans to the machine and let the shots brew. I always add more water than needed. When my shots are done, I add them to My cup, cash out the used beans, then run the remaining water thru the machine to rinse it. The machine gets turned off and unplugged. The carafe gets a rinse and it’s all ready for the next use. I add a bit more hot water to My cup, give it a stir, add My creamer, dump the remaining hot water and I’m all set. Perfect for me cup of coffee!

    My last machine lasted a good 4 years of making 2-4 Americano espressos a day. It finally gave out when I had to move 5 times in one year and had to keep it stored in a plastic tub instead of in the counter. It took some abuse being packed away after each use before it died. I couldn’t find this unit to replace it at that time. I had to buy a more expensive machine. That other brand was CRAP! Even after a year, I could smell the plastic heating up, was way louder, constantly burned myself, and it took multiple washes when new to stop tasting like plastic. It was like the steam came out of the lid instead of down to brew.

    When I saw this unit available again and cheaper than years ago, I ordered one right away. The day it arrived I washed all the parts, wiped down the machine, set it up, and ran water thru it only 3 times before brewing some coffee. Right away the machine did not fill my place with toxic fumes. That other brand caused me all sorts of reactions from the toxins for the first month. Not this little beast. The first cup of coffee tasted just like my 4 year old Imusa before it died. I had no ‘new plastic’ taste. No offgassing of the machine.

    Coffee is my happy place and the other brand I dealt with the last year took the joy away. I’m so thrilled to have this Imusa back again. I just hope it lasts as long, if not longer, than my first Imusa. I’m very tempted to buy a second one to keep on hand as a back up so I don’t have to deal with a more expensive crap machine again. Why not? $30 machine lasted a good 4 years vs a $60 machine that gave me trouble daily for less than a year before I gave up on it.

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