Logitech MK320 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo — Entertainment Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4GHz Encrypted Wireless Connection, Long Battery Life (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Logitech MK320 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo — Entertainment Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4GHz Encrypted Wireless Connection, Long Battery Life (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Logitech MK320 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo — Entertainment Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4GHz Encrypted Wireless Connection, Long Battery Life (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Logitech MK320 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo — Entertainment Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4GHz Encrypted Wireless Connection, Long Battery Life (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Prices

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Highest Price $39.00 October 26, 2023
Lowest Price $39.00 October 26, 2023
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$39.00 October 26, 2023

Additional information

Specification: Logitech MK320 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo — Entertainment Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4GHz Encrypted Wireless Connection, Long Battery Life (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Product Dimensions

7.09 x 2.95 x 1.08 inches

Item Weight

1.76 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 9, 2010





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10 reviews for Logitech MK320 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo — Entertainment Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4GHz Encrypted Wireless Connection, Long Battery Life (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Murray deobald

    I’m reviewing after having used this product for two years. I must say it was a pretty solid purchase.

    The keyboard travel is very nice. It feels great for a rubber dome keyboard. I really like the built in volume buttons although I didn’t find myself using the other media/control buttons that much. The keyboard uses two AAA batteries and it takes ice ages before I have to replace them. I think the keyboard itself gets a 4.5 out of 5 considering how cheap it was.

    The mouse was OK, maybe 3.5 out of 5. In the first while or so it was a decent mouse. It did feel small initially (my hands are medium sized), but I quick got used to it and it was not a problem. The range is excellent. I can be across the room on my bed and it’ll still receive the signal. I can also use it on practically any surface and it won’t be choppy at the least. Over time, the battery life deteriorated. It basically needs changing batteries once or twice a month, which is annoying because I might not have them on hand.

    Recently, middle click broke altogether. The wheel still scrolls fine, but middle-clicking just stopped working. The battery slot also became finnicky. Once in a while, it would pop up ever so slightly from its socket while you’re using the mouse and there would be no signal because the mouse has no power. You’d have to open the cover and push the battery in again, or as I like to do it because I’m lazy – give it a big shake and let the momentum push the battery back down. Then I’ll see the red light at the bottom light up again.

    One last issue is that the mouse can get really greasy over the years, especially if you use it with sweaty hands. It’s not to hard to clean. This doesn’t happen to much for my other mice. The keyboard however remained very clean.

    All that said, it did take 2 years before some of this stuff started to happen to the mouse (but the keyboard is still fine!). I would recommend this product for daily usage, especially considering how cheap it was and how long it lasted.

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  2. Raibeart

    Logitech keyboard / mouse combo MK320. The descriptions and images of this item on Amazon are confusing and contradicting at best. It makes it difficult to know exactly what you are buying.

    I bought my combo in August 2015. What is currently being sold does differ somewhat from what was shown and described on the Amazon web site, at least at the time I purchased mine. My box was labeled “wireless combo MK320″ The keyboard inside Is K330 and the mouse M215.

    The photos of the mouse on Amazon show a giant USB receiver stored on the bottom of the mouse. This is not the present configuration of the mouse. There is one of the small Logitech Unifying USB receivers included with this combo. Since the keyboard and mouse can be paired together one Unifying receiver services both the mouse and keyboard, so they need to be used together. If you want to use the keyboard one place and the mouse another, you will need to buy another USB receiver.

    The mouse is very basic. Nothing flashy to look at. It feels like the inexpensive plastic it’s made of but it does have Logitech’s Unifying technology. That is it’s best feature. It uses one AA battery and the small Logitech Unifying USB receiver that comes with this combo (Unlike the large one shown) can be stored inside the battery compartment. The mouse is just under 4 inches long and is marked on the bottom with the Unifying star symbol. (Unlike the one shown).

    The keyboard and mouse in this combo are both unifying devices and both can be connected to the one unifying USB receiver included.

    Pairing the mouse and keyboard to the one receiver was easy using the Logitech Set point Unifying Software. If you don’t have the software you can download it from the Logitech website.

    The keyboard is a standard size keyboard.

    The spacing of the keys is like any other full size keyboard. If this is what you are used to typing on there should be no difference from what you are used to. The keys have concave tops which is the feel I’m used to and prefer. The keys are pretty quiet. You can hear them, but this keyboard is much quieter than my old Microsoft keyboard. The tactile feel and functionality of a keyboard or mouse is quite subjective so your impressions could be different than mine. With that said, I think my comments on the keyboard and mouse would, on average, be considered a fair representation of them.

    There is an on / off switch on the keyboard, but it’s located on the bottom. If you turn your keyboard on and off often you will have to turn the keyboard over to do so. I personally never turn it off which does not appear to have any negative effect on battery life.

    The gray one touch hot keys across the top of the keyboard work right out of the box, no programming needed.

    There is no indicator light for either the caps lock or num lock key, probably to save battery power. Each time you hit either key a brief message halo pops up on screen indicating if the function is on or off. This method does the job and I don’t miss the indicator lights on the keyboard.

    I have used this keyboard since August 2015 and the batteries still show as fully charged so battery life is excellent. I use rechargeable Eneloop batteries so in the end battery life and replacement cost is not an important consideration for me.

    The price for this combo fluctuates. Mine was $23.99 and sold by Amazon. I see today it’s $28.45 and fulfilled by Amazon. If you just need a basic keyboard and mouse at twenty four dollars I don’t see how you can go too far wrong with this combo.

    After using them, I’d buy them again.

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  3. John

    its just a keyboad

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  4. RTS

    it was nice, just what i need a regular keyboard

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  5. Edgar

    Overall I am very pleased with this keyboard mouse combo. Here are some of the Pros and Cons that I experienced in my 1 month of ownership. This is an excellent combo for people like me that do productivity work, browsing the web, and light gaming. For more heavy usage like gaming I would recommend that you look else where for a wired solution that has a better response time. If I were to guess, I say that the keyboard might last 3-5 years. The mouse may last 3-6 years. Life span will of course depended on the level of care, usage and environment they are used in. These are my own views, I am not being paid or sponsored for this review. I have bought this set with my own hard earned money.

    1. The price point is attractive for this combo.
    2. The range of both the keyboard and mouse is good. I have tested at least 10 meters and it work well.
    3. Both the keyboard and mouse have a black backs that hides dirt and grime. Compared with many keyboards with white under bodies.
    4. The hot keys are easy to program and work great. They make productivity so easy.
    5. I love the built in calculator key.
    6. Both items take standard AAA batteries. They both come with batteries out of the box. Battery life has been good so far.
    7. They both use the same usb receiver, which saves your usb ports.
    8. There are slits at the bottom of the keyboard, I think they are to drain liquids if they are spilled on the keyboard
    9. Easy to type. Great typing feel.
    10. The mouse works well. The mouse is responsive. The mouse feels good in my large hands.
    11. Both item are light weight.
    12. The keyboard can be used on your lap. The mouse can be used on uneven surfaces like a bed. The mouse is best used with a mouse pad.
    13. The kick stands on the back of keyboard aid in typing, and are a good angle.

    1. The keyboard has some response issues. Letters and button presses might not respond. This was reduce dramatically once I installed the drivers and unifying Logitech software, and set them up. Now it only happens maybe once a day. Some times that keyboard can be slow to respond, especially when first waking up.
    2. Both items feel a little bit flimsy, more so the keyboard then the mouse. Nothing that is too noticeable a month in.
    3. The mouse has a line on the front of it where the battery compartment is. I am worried that liquid/sweat could run down there and ruin the battery.
    4. The power off switches are on the bottom of both devices and are hard to switch. Especially if you have hand mobility issues.

    To expend the life span of the combo I would recommend:
    1. Keeping both items in a room temperature, dry, level area.
    2. Keeping the keyboard clean and away from liquids.
    3. Cleaning the gap on the palm rest of the mouse, so that sweat does not run in there and ruin the batteries.
    4. Having spare AAA batteries to reduce your down time if the batteries died. So far this has not been a problem.
    5. Avoid hard button presses when using the items on uneven surfaces or your lap. Just touch type. On a table hard button presses are fine.

    ***Update April 10.2019 – 310 days since purchased. ***
    I am still happy with my purchase.
    All of the keys are working, and look good.
    I love the short cut keys.
    I have not changed the keyboard battery since I bought it. I have changed the mouse battery 3 times with cheap dollar store batteries. I always turn off my mouse and keyboard when I am not using it.

    Some small issues that I have found:
    1. One of the rubber feet at the front of the keyboard has come off. (Cheap glue)
    2. The mouse scroll wheel is slow now sometimes.
    3. Some lag issues when playing games like CS:GO, but they are not very often.

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  6. David

    Excelente precio y la calidad superó mis expectativas. Quedé muy satisfecho con la compra!

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  7. Mike Sadowski

    Only issue I have with it is poor battery life. In all fairness that may be due to the fact I use rechargeable batteries in it.

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  8. John

    Works perfect

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  9. J. Rosenberg

    I love Logitech products. This is my personal favorite wireless keyboard and mouse set since it includes Media keys on the keyboard (something I’ve always liked). Co-workers of mine would order cheaper wireless keyboards and mice and they wouldn’t last long. I ordered a bunch of these and they have worked out really well. One of the first ones I bought was in 2016 from HHGregg. The original mouse has since died from that purchase in 2016, but the keyboard is still working. Although it’s missing one of its original angled plastic feet, it just goes to show you how well it holds up. That one is used nearly every day in a conference room. I hope this model stays around for awhile and doesn’t get discontinued.

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  10. J. Rosenberg

    Just got this today, will amend review if anything changes.

    I’m a writer, and a very fast typist. The keyboards is pleasantly clicky, bouncy and responsive, and I can type very fast. It’s a “tactile” keyboard, and I don’t make as many errors as on some of the “softer” and “quieter” keyboards I’ve tried.

    The mouse is surprisingly comfortable for a wireless mouse, decently responsive. I normally HATE wireless mice and use wired mice and wireless keyboards, but I thought I’d give this a try. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

    The reception is fine, but I’m not trying to push the range very far. It’s not fussy at all, and my last logitech wireless totally was.

    Setup was SO painless. Plugged in the dongle, pulled out the tabs for the ALREADY INSTALLED batteries, and boom, it worked.

    A neat feature… keyboard and mouse BOTH have off switches. This makes sense and should dramatically extend battery life.

    So far so good!

    ETA: I’ve had to for a month or so now, I think, and while the battery life isn’t as advertised, that’s probably because I don’t generally remember to turn the mouse and keyboard off when I’m done using them. Even so, these last about 100 times longer than my previous keyboard and mouse.

    The mouse is quite responsive. I’ve disliked wireless mice in the past for being laggy, this one isn’t. My scores in Bejeweled Blitz aren’t quite as high as they were, but they’re still very, very high, and I’m not sure it’s the mouse’s fault… 😉

    Typing on the keyboard is great. Every once in a while, it lags, but it seems to buffer what I’m typing, so waiting a moment will get the text to show up. That only happens once every few days, it’s not often enough to qualify even as aggravating.

    ETA: Great keyboard! I didn’t realize how great until I accidentally knocked a full glass of liquid into it. There was lemonade running straight through it, across the full width…. I took the batteries out immediately, took out the nine million tiny screws, and opened it up with a plastic knife…. and the electronics were DRY. The top was damp, but no electronics in the upper surface and the panel below is well protected. I dried everything, used a little rubbing alcohol on the keys to get the sticky off (should have just stuck it under running water, the top panel, that is!) let it sit until completely dry, then put it back together… works fine!

    Six months later: Keyboard is fine. Mouse… OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS MOUSE. Here’s the thing… I have kids. And I do my computing from a couch. I drop my mouse All. The. Time. This mouse… it pops apart every time I do… but never, ever breaks, and goes back together just fine. I have another mouse I’ve owned for less than 2 months that has not held up to the same abuse, and is getting dodgier and dodgier. The battery life on this mouse is outstanding as well.

    Just a very impressive product all around, and any future keyboard/mice combos I buy will likely be this one, because it just WORKS. I never use the off switches, but still get great battery life, better even than on another “smart” mouse I have that turns itself off when the computer is off. We use rechargeables, and I just don’t have to swap them very often.

    18 months of use, and still working great despite a ridiculous amount of abuse from my kids, being dropped off the couch, behind the couch, under the couch, grabbed, drooled on, bitten (I had a baby). We’ve had a couple keys pop off the keyboard during drops… they snap right back on. Battery compartment pops open when you drop it…but goes back together, no breaking.

    Final comments: Baby is 16 months old and I’m still using it, but it has seen better days. After being subjected to the abuse of a special needs 8 year old who likes to pick keys off, a toddler who loves to “type” but will alternate typing with whacking nearby objects with the keyboard and both keyboard and mouse repeatedly hitting the floor at speed when catapulted from the top of my recliner as I leaped to my feet to deal with my wayward children after putting mouse and keyboard “out of their reach”, they have suffered the following damages:

    The control key is nowhere to be found. Just up and disappeared. I’m kind of afraid one of the kids ate it. I can use the control button by sticking my pinky down in the hole but it’s definitely time to get a new keyboard. The spring is gone from under the shift key, so it has lost a little zip… but still works.

    The battery cover finally gave up the ghost, and I ended up using it without the cover most of the time for the past few months.

    I think someone chewed on the mouse wheel, there is no other explanation for the damage. I ameliorated it with sugru, but one can only do so much.

    My 16 month old has figured out how to replace the battery, which pops out every time it hits the floor. This happens often enough that if I drop my muose and the battery pops out, he will pick up the mouse, bring it to me, go look for the battery, bring THAT to me, and then put the battery in, and he never gets the orientation wrong. Crazy kid.

    And with all that?

    They are still 97% functional as keyboard and mouse. Battery life is still awesome with hybrid rechargeable batteries. The Ctrl button (left side) is annoying as heck because it’s the one I use for Ctrl-v etc. But at least it still works! I’ve had wired and wireless keyboards alike die ignominious deaths (wonder why?) many times before, and holy crap this one is still working. I bought my mother one, I liked it so well.

    For my netbook I have a similar mouse, but with a pretty red flower on it and a smaller receiver, also Logitech. Love that one too. Baby uses that one all the time and it never even pops the battery. (by use I mean whenever my back is turned he grabs the netbook and mouse and starts typing vigorously, then uses the mouse, then resumes typing vigorously. One of these days, it will come out Shakespeare.)

    ETA: I just bought a new one (June 2014) because the “new and improved” model I replaced this one with didn’t last nearly as long. The edges were more brittle, it started breaking quickly and eventually just flat out refused to turn on. And I’m remembering why I liked the feel of this one so very much. Hopefully we can avoid some of the abuse the last two went through….

    A note: The keyboard is the K330 and the mouse is a M215, if you’re looking for the parts individually.

    January 2016:

    The keyboard died a while ago (second keyboard) but the second mouse is still going strong. In fact, I was diagnosed in the past couple years with Ehlers Danlos, so comfortable keyboard and mouse is a must. This mouse, I actually added a frame made out of instamorph thermoplastic to support my hand and it works brilliantly, still going strong despite many drops (though the frame helps keep things from popping apart.

    Despite spending many hours per day on the computer, I have currently minimal wrist or finger symptoms (they sometimes get bad with repetitive stress, so the fact that I can type and mouse comfortably many hours per day is impressive.)

    I’m currently using a K360 keyboard with the mouse that came with this, and that keyboard is also nicely responsive and shaped.

    The attached picture is of the mouse with the frame on it (covering the missing battery cover, lol). I was having some stress around my fingers “collapsing” around the side of the mouse due to the small size (not a problem for a long time, but became one due to the progression of my illness) and this I crafted to keep my fingers in a neutral position and allow me to mouse without “gripping”. Super comfortable still.

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