Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Coffee and Tea, Portable Cup Warmer for Travel, Office Desks, and Home, Black | Gifts for Teachers

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Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Coffee and Tea, Portable Cup Warmer for Travel, Office Desks, and Home, Black | Gifts for Teachers
Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Coffee and Tea, Portable Cup Warmer for Travel, Office Desks, and Home, Black | Gifts for Teachers



  • 17 watt mug warmer for use with coffee, tea, hot cocoa & more
  • Easy to tote and take anywhere
  • Surface easily wipes clean
  • On/off switch with indicator light
  • Longer power cord for increased mobility. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for the User Manual

Additional information

Specification: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Coffee and Tea, Portable Cup Warmer for Travel, Office Desks, and Home, Black | Gifts for Teachers

Product Dimensions

5.12 x 1.1 x 7.48 inches

Item Weight

7.4 ounces




Mr. Coffee

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 12, 2006

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Coffee and Tea, Portable Cup Warmer for Travel, Office Desks, and Home, Black | Gifts for Teachers

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Meagan

    Muy práctico. Eso sí, es de poner la bebida caliente desde el inicio pues, mantiente la temperatura pero no vuelve ha calentar la bebida.

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  2. Edwin Medina

    I bought this seeing it had such great reviews, and while I saw that people were mentioning that it doesn’t keep your tea/coffee truly HOT I thought that would be okay. But I’ve tried using mugs of different sizes, thicknesses, and even glass versus ceramic, and still my tea always feels kind of lukewarm. My bedroom/office is in the basement, so it would be nice to be able to bring a big, steaming mug of tea downstairs and be able to sip it over an hour without having to go upstairs twice to warm it up, but this product really does not do that. So far, the only time I’ve been satisfied with its performance is using a small mug that honestly doesn’t NEED to be kept warm because it holds such a small quantity of liquid it’s gone before it gets too cool. I don’t think I like my tea SCALDING or anything, but definitely warmer than I’ve been able to manage with this. I’m looking into returning it, but I think one of the mugs I tried scratched the warming surface, so I’m not sure it will work. I gave it three stars though, because it DOES kind of do what it says–just not well ENOUGH–and it was a good price, easy to use, and generally a great product besides just not being hot enough. This would easily have been a five-star review if my tea was just ten degrees (C) warmer!

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  3. Darnell Carter

    Works really well, it has a long cord. I like that it’s simple and just has a regular analogue on/off switch, and plugs into a wall outlet (instead of having to plug it into a USB port).

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  4. CK

    Been using this device for a year now. The heat provided by the mug warmer is really good — keeps all drinks at a nice temp, hot but not scalding. I’ve kept a mug of coffee on it for up to 6 hours without issue (both 12 and 15 oz mugs).
    I’ve never had an electrical issues either. The cord is a good length and from the middle of my desk, it can reach behind and plug into the outlet (about 4 feet away) without pulling the cord taut.

    There are only two things to note:
    1. The coating of the heating plate comes off very easily. A lot of people complain that the black coating scratches and flakes off easily—and it does, but luckily it is only aesthetic. It doesn’t impact the functionality of the device.
    2. Because the on/off switch and indicator light are at the back of the device, it can be difficult to see if it is on or not when you have a mug on it. Even if there is no mug to block your view, the red indicator light is very faint and it might as well not be there. Therefore I would not recommend keeping this in a location frequented/used by young children, or, if that is not possible, I would suggest just unplugging it and putting it away when not in use.

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  5. Mickey

    Si buscas un calentador para taza, por mucho esta es la mejor opción, sobre todo si amas tomar café, té o cualquier bebida caliente en general. Tengo casi año y medio, y puedo confirmar que sigue funcionando a la perfección, mantiene caliente mi bebida usando cualquier taza (de cerámica obvio) con un tamaño promedio. Incluso ya se me ha caído 2 o 3 veces del escritorio (claramente no lo recomiendo jajaja) y ni así dejó de funcionar bien. El cable considero es lo suficientemente largo, mide más de metro y medio. El único detalle es que el recubrimiento en la base se pierde con relativa facilidad conforme a su uso pero no afecta en nada, por el precio es aceptable. EXCELENTE CALENTADOR 😀

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  6. WayneChicago

    Was looking for a standard coffee warmer. I chose Mr. Coffee. Brand that been established for years. At first when I plugged it up and let it warm, I touched the warmer. I was like hmmm this isn’t so hot.. so I put my coffee mug on it. Sipped my coffee every so often. It kept it at the perfect temperature. One draw back is the black coating chips away easily. Not a deal breaker for me. The cord length is fair. So all in all I would give this product a 8.5 out of 10. Basic, functionable, does the job. Price point is reasonable.

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  7. LEW

    Mr. Coffee mug warmer: As I use it, I will update this review. Cord is long (3.5 feet), the actual heating surface is 3 and 3/8 inches diameter, and it’s well made and inexpensive. It turns on with a red light on the unit (unlike another brand that has the on/off switch on the AC electric cable). A superb substitute for schlepping my soups in with a thermos every day (hard to clean, extra work at home, etc.)

    My goal: warm soup at my desk. I don’t want an open flame (e.g. alcohol cook stove), or a very hot 750+ watt cooking element/hot plate. A small Crock pot is hard to eat from and wash–so, I thought this Mr. coffee might be what I want. I don’t drink coffee, but could see using it for hot cocoa.

    The test: I can put a room-temperature full 8 ounce Campbell’s Soup–chicken noodle, to be exact–contents in an enamel-coated aluminum 12 ounce cup with lid, and in 30 minutes it’s fairly heated and I could eat it, but in one hour, it’s nice and toasty and ready to eat. It’s hot enough that I cannot touch the bottom of the cup. I was concerned about the honest reviews that said this does not get hot enuogh–but after using daily for a week, it’s mighty hot. I certainly cannot touch the warmer surface–it’s far too hot. My office is not near a microwave, and this is a lifesaver for me. I may try canned stews next. I adore eating at my desk. A fellow office mate actually warms water–not to boiling, but very hot–over and hour and then dumps it from the cups into camping meal bags (cook in bag types, like Mountain house) and eats well every day. Sure, if someone had a microwave it’s faster, but why challenge the entire office for microwave time in the grody kitchen room when you can set this out an 11AM and be eating well by noon.
    Here’s the exact cup I use, which fits the Mr Coffee well.

    Coleman 12 Ounce Enamelware Coffee Mug (Blue)

    Tips: The cup makes a big difference. I use an enamel Coleman aluminum cup, which holds one soup can well (not too close to the top), and conducts heat exquisitely. I have no clue is a hard and thick ceramic coffee mug would work. Also, I put a lid on the cup to hold heat, and so I don’t get paperclips and junk in there while it “cooks”. Lids reduce heating time by 18% (according to camping websites). I use a simple ceramic drink coaster that I had at home for my lid–any nonflammable lid would work. The lid helps. Also, the Coleman mug that I use is flat bottomed, thus using the entire heating element successfully. A curved bottom mug may not heat as well.

    P.S> Okay, I just did Campbell’s Vegetable Beef soup in it today, thick and I added no water, and it took about 1.5 hours to get fully hot. Still worked great, but clearly the thicker the soup, the longer the heating time. Also, the heating is most intense at the bottom of the mug or cup, so (1) stirring helps, and (2) a tall style ceramic mug or cup would not be as good as a squat one.

    I bought a second one for home since I liked the first one so very much, and to test if the first one was a fluke and just extra hot or something. Guess what, no fluke. The first and second are equally as hot.

    Postcript: just for kicks, I put tap water at room temperature in the blue Coleman cup for 60 minutes on the Mr Coffee warmer, and I couldn’t even stick my finger in it at all. It was hot! Not boiling, for sure, but clearly hot. I wouldn’t want it that hot to drink or to eat. And, so, I added an ice tea bag and took it off the Mr Coffee and drank tea. PLenty hot! Lovely! Bon appetite!

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  8. LEW

    I work from home and keeping a warm cup of bliss is a must. I ordered this back in 2014 and three years later it is still a worthy purchase and one that has made life a little bit sweeter.

    So it’s not the prettiest thing ever. Black, kinda shiny plastic with a cord that is about 65 inches. On/Off switch is pretty basic and while the indicator light isn’t that bright and I can’t always tell if it’s on or off (what’s the point then), it is easy to see as it is located on the top.

    I measure the “seat” for mugs to be about 3 3/8″.

    Yes, it fits Starbucks “You Are Here” Collectors mugs. Yes, you can use mugs that DO NOT have a flat bottom and in my experience it heats up great. I have never felt the need for a flat bottom mug or even a cover for my mug to keep the heat in as the warmer does a great job at that.

    No, it does not easily fit Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles, although they can still sit on top of the lip and heat up. I’ve done this before and despite the space between the candle and the seat of the warmer, the wax will liquify. The only issue with these types of warmers and large candles is that they will heat from the bottom-up, so you will not smell your candle until it is almost completely liquid. By then it’s been hours and me-time is over and done. Not to mention that doing so will mean your wicks will have fallen into the hot liquid wax so don’t plan on ever using those later! If you’re looking for a more practical candle warmer, try one that heats from the top down so you can get your much needed aromatherapy on quickly. I’ve purchased the 

    Candle Warmers Etc. Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp, Bronze

     which worked really well and fit the 4″ bottom of the 3-Wick Candles, although at the time of writing this it is currently unavailable.

    I have had great experience with the heat from my Mr. Coffee warmer. It literally brings back a cold cup of joe to really warm temperatures. I once left it on all day (lol my bad) with hot cocoa and when I came back it looked as if the liquid had all been baked off and I was left with gross dry cocoa crust. Yum?

    I also went ahead to do you all a solid and got out my handy dandy EtekCity infrared thermometer gun and did some temperature measuring. After a while of having an empty mug on the heater, the bottom of the mug 145ºF and the warmer’s base was 250ºF. I have no idea how that helps but there it is! All I can say is that it does the job of keeping my drinks nice and hot. 🙂

    The only warmer I have to compare this to is 

    HEYANG Electric Coffee Mug Warmer and Beverage Warmer Waterproof Glass Panel Electric Heater Plate with 63 Inches Long Cord Great for Office Home

    . Great listing name. I got this as a Christmas gift this last year because I wanted a mug warmer that looked pretty enough to be out in the open like in the living room where people will see it. On/Off indicator light is on the side, which is okay I guess. (God forbid if I have to lean over a little to see if it’s On.) Loved that it was completely flat and had no lip, but reviews said it was best used with flat bottom mugs. WHO HAS FLAT BOTTOM MUGS? I thought maybe they were just being picky. After all, people say that about Mr. Coffee but I totally disagree as it heats all my mugs just fine. But unfortunately I have to agree with the reviews for “HEYANG Electric Coffee Mug Warmer and Beverage Warmer Waterproof Glass Panel Electric Heater Plate with 63 Inches Long Cord Great for Office Home” and say that it’s heating capability for my standard non-flat-bottom mugs isn’t that great and I’m a little disappointed.

    If you find a pretty one that works like Mr. Coffee does, please tell me in a comment!

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