Ninja SFP701 Combi All-in-One Multicooker, Oven, and Air Fryer, 14-in-1 Functions,15-Minute Complete Meals, Includes 3 Accessories, Auto Cook Menu, Timer, Automatic Shut-Off,…

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Ninja SFP701 Combi All-in-One Multicooker, Oven, and Air Fryer, 14-in-1 Functions,15-Minute Complete Meals, Includes 3 Accessories, Auto Cook Menu, Timer, Automatic Shut-Off,…
Ninja SFP701 Combi All-in-One Multicooker, Oven, and Air Fryer, 14-in-1 Functions,15-Minute Complete Meals, Includes 3 Accessories, Auto Cook Menu, Timer, Automatic Shut-Off,…



  • 14-in-1 VERSATILITY: Combi Meals, Combi Crisp, Combi Bake, Rice/Pasta, Sear/Sauté, Steam, Bake, Toast, Pizza, Slow Cook, Proof, Sous Vide, Air Fry, Broil.
  • COMPLETE MEALS IN 15 MINS: Cook your proteins, veggies, and pasta or grains all at the same time and make a meal 50% faster than in a wall oven.
  • ONE STOP SHOP IN YOUR KITCHEN: With its all-in-one functionality and included accessories, the Ninja Combi is the only appliance you will ever need—no more cluttered countertops and endless piles of dishes to clean afterward.
  • EASY CLEANUP: The Combi Cooker Pan doubles as a serving dish and all accessories are dishwasher safe to make cleanup a breeze.
  • NINJA COMBI COOKER TECHNOLOGY: HyperSteam and Air Fry combine to create juicy insides and deliciously crispy outsides all at once; super-heated steam evenly cooks and locks in juices while rapid cyclonic air crisps food to perfection.
  • FROZEN TO TABLE IN UNDER 30 MINUTES: No need to defrost—super-heated steam will quickly thaw frozen ingredients and cook them to a safe temperature in under 30 minutes.
  • FAMILY-SIZED CAPACITY: Perfect for large families or entertaining—feeds up to 8 people and fits 1.5 boxes (24 oz) of pasta, 4 cups of dry rice, a 6-lb roast chicken, 2 lbs of fries, a 10-inch pizza, or a 5-lb top round roast.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: A countertop multicooker, Combi Cooker Pan, bake tray, crisper tray, and recipe book with 20 chef-created recipes and cooking charts.

Additional information

Specification: Ninja SFP701 Combi All-in-One Multicooker, Oven, and Air Fryer, 14-in-1 Functions,15-Minute Complete Meals, Includes 3 Accessories, Auto Cook Menu, Timer, Automatic Shut-Off,…





Product Dimensions

14.92"D x 15.43"W x 13.11"H

Special Feature

Auto Cook Menu, Timer, Automatic Shut-Off

Included Components

Combi pan, Ninja Multicooker, Bake tray, Crisper tray

Model Name

Ninja SFP701

Item Weight

20.2 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

September 17, 2023

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Ninja SFP701 Combi All-in-One Multicooker, Oven, and Air Fryer, 14-in-1 Functions,15-Minute Complete Meals, Includes 3 Accessories, Auto Cook Menu, Timer, Automatic Shut-Off,…

4.4 out of 5
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  1. dubba

    Limited recipes and not nearly versatile enough for the price.

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  2. SE_Gardener

    I needed a new air fryer but this is sooo much more and better. It makes rice! Wtf! Rice and pretty decent quality actually. Saves power from not using the stove so much. Great for singles or small families.

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  3. Mostafa Z.

    My second air fryer, this one I must say is the best. Cooks fast and evenly, and does not dry up food. Worth every penny.

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  4. Mr. Marks

    Overall, I like this cooker, but I don’t use it’s combi feature so can’t speak to that. I’ve baked and air fried in this unit. The baking pan is just a bit too wide to fit in the grooves on either side of the unit which means it scrapes and tends to be difficult to remove from the unit so I had to get used to that and I rated this Ninja 4 stars overall because of that issue. I like that this unit has a window and a light that I can turn on to check the cooking progress. As for cleaning, the pans are anti-stick and very easy to wash in a dishpan filled with sudsy water. I use the dishwashing sponge cloth to gently clean the inside after every use. It only takes a few minutes and I’m done.

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  5. becca km

    This product is amazing, but there are minor issues. Steam occasionally escapes from the door holes, and the device could benefit from a slightly larger size.

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  6. Judy L.

    When the Speedi came out I was intrigued with a “one cooker” meal prep but never bought the Speedi because I didn’t want protein juices dripping into the lower food cooking. And being an owner of Ninja smart pressure cooker, indoor grill, dual heat air fryer and dual bin XL airfryer including vertical waffle maker – I new Ninja would continue to improve and eventually re-engineer the Speedi – that’s how they roll. I also own Neverstick Premium cookware because using all the appliances, I am completely sold on their non-stick surfaces. So when the Combi Cooker came on the market I paid attention to what others were saying about it. And just about everything I liked about the Combi seemed to pan out with others’ experiences. Waiting for end of season/Black Friday deals always come around and Ninja usually dumps inventory for the big Christmas rush of new products. So I usually pick up the appliance I’ve been interested in at a fraction of original price. The Combi Cooker was no exception. It arrived today, and seeing it was shipped in the retail box that took quite a beating I did not have high hopes. After unpacking and taking a good close look, the Combi Cooker proved to be greater than the whse/shipping process. I took the lazy way out and steamed 3 cups of water for 15 minutes to clean the machine and left it on a mobile cart not knowing if it was a keeper. It worked like a champ – it quickly heated,
    produced abundant steam and my new Combi Cooker was squeaky clean. I purposefully planned one of the families favorite one pot meals – pkg Chicken Fried Rice to which I add 1/3c of Orzo, 2/3c long grain white rice, seasonings packet plus addl seasoning from my kitchen including a tspn Better than Boullion Chicken and a 1/3c soy sauce. The dry ingredients were 2c to which I added 2-1/2c water. Stirred everything up in the Combi Cook pan (no crisper) and lightly spritzed Avocado oil over the water, slipping into the lower slot. Then added 5 rolled chicken thighs boneless – purposefully different sizes – to the upper bake pan and lightly spritzed avocado oil and seasonings. Closed the door, chose Combi Meal and set to 16 minutes. I purposefully just dumped everything in, didn’t spend extra effort on anything. At 8min remaining I dumped in a 12oz pkg frozen peas and carrots. Closed the door and waited for that familiar Ninja “Ready” signal. I was shocked! The rice/orzo was perfect, fluffy, not sticky and cooked to perfection. The peas and carrots were cooked and hot. The chicken thighs temped at 163*F ready to rest for 5 minutes or so. I cut up the chicken spread over the top of the pan and simply placed the pan on the table. All four of us were able to fill our rice bowls to our usual levels. Without saying anything about the new Combi, I just waited to hear what the bunch thought of dinner. EVERY bowl was clean. They loved it and said it tasted especially good. The bake tray was a little crusty when I removed the chicken thighs so I placed it in the sink with hot water and a little dish detergent to sit while we ate. Cleanup was a breeze both pans wiped out easily. Two pans, one slotted silicone server, one prep knife and one cutting board took all of 5 minutes to wash/rinse. I couldn’t believe it. A nutritious and tasty meal in 15min, viturally NO work in prep, simple serving and quick clean up. The Ninja Combi Cooker is a winner for me and it now sits on the Ninja tower with my other workhorses. I encourage you to buy this.

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  7. J Rose

    The perfect air fryer!! So easy to clean and use, honestly the best investment ever.

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  8. Sharon Crownover

    Calidad, es un ninja ! Respecto el envío llegó en caja muy maltratada y el ninja estrellado de una esquina

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  9. Judy L.

    I am a Ninja fan and have, or have had the majority of their products. I also tend to research their products before I buy them in an effort to avoid duplication of functionality. I did buy the Ninja Speedi thinking it would be nice to cook a couple of foods at one time. I did use the Speedi a couple of times. Once to steam and crisp a whole chicken and once to air fry French fries. Both came out very well. The problem I had with the Speedi was that cooking two foods required one to be below the other and there was no way to monitor each food being cooked, and there was too much trial and error.

    This Combi oven is basically an upgraded Speedi cooker that is much more versatile and, in my opinion, easier to use. It has the same functions and settings as the Speedi, but the ability to open a door on the front presents a whole new world of possibilities. I have used this cooker a few times since I got it and have not yet explored all the possibilities.

    So, what do I love about this cooker/oven.
    1) It opens from the front and has a window to view food as it cooks.
    2) The steam and crisp function should be called a steam and brown function. I have used this function to reheat meats, such as leftover roast, chicken, etc. that had been frozen and thawed. The steam keeps the meat moist, and an external thermometer keep it from being over cooked.
    3) It works great as an air fryer as did the Speedi.
    4) The steam and crisp works as well as my more expensive Anova oven to cook leftover meats and fish filets. For this, I use a Meater thermometer to monitor internal temperature.
    5) This oven is large enough to cook a 5 lb. chicken using the steam and crisp. For this purpose, an external thermometer should be used as the suggested times in the manual tend to overcook the chicken.
    6) Other than taking 7 minutes to build steam for the steam and crisp function, this oven does not require preheating.
    7) What I have cooked in this oven so far is done surprisingly faster than in my other ovens.
    8) The ability to reheat proteins, full meals, and casseroles without drying them out or changing the texture of the food is worth it’s weight in gold.

    As with most new cooking appliances, there is a learning curve. Getting recipe ideas from the provided recipe book is a good way to get familiar with the capabilities of the Combi Oven. It should also be noted that recipes for the Speedi will work as well in this oven. Once you become familiar with this oven, it becomes easier to plan your own dual level meals.

    Overall, I very much like this cooker over the Speedi and would recommend it if it supplies the functions you need. I will update this review if my opinion changes, and hope this review was helpful for you.

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