OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

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OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel
OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel



  • Gold-standard coffee certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Brew by the cup or the carafe.
  • Single-serve capability with optional brew basket accessory optimizes flavor
  • BetterBrew precision controls water temperature and brew cycles; meeting the Specialty Coffee Association’s Golden Cup standard
  • Rainmaker shower head evenly distributes water over grounds
  • Double-wall, vacuum-insulated thermal carafe with brew-through, pour-through carafe lid
  • Removable well cover elevates short mugs or makes room for tall mugs
  • Features convenient cleaning mode
  • Sized to fit under cabinets
  • Includes 10 paper coffee filters and a coffee scoop

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

4.7 out of 5
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  1. anonymouse

    Warning, this is a critical review. I give this a 5 star because overall product merits an excellent rating. However, if I was to rate this based on value, I rate it a 3 star.

    I’m not a coffee snob. I like my cheap coffee. I’ve watched several coffee snob reviews on this product prior to purchase, and this is my take. What the heck is the difference between a $30 drip coffee maker and a $300 drip coffee maker? Well, it’s the same difference between a 900watt microwave and a 1400watt microwave. This $300 coffee maker has a higher wattage heating element. Which means it’ll heat the water of faster and hotter. Does it make that big of a difference? That’s something only a coffee snob can tell you. I’ll say this: I can tell the difference. It’s not earth shattering, but it does make a difference. Does it make a $200+ difference? Most will say ‘no’.

    So now I move onto rating the coffee maker on overall quality. This is where I get a little more critical. Why? Because it’s OXO. I own lots of OXO products and I love them all. I’ll be honest and say, this feels more like an OXO product in the making. It’s not the user experience I’d expect from OXO. Translation, this misses the mark on being sensational. The insulated carafe is nice, but OXO could have done better. It’s a quality carafe, but like some reviewers point out, it leaves about a table spoon or more of liquid when done pouring. It’s a minor inconvenience. But ever day use will add up that frustration. Means when you clean the carafe, you’ll have that fair amount of water left inside as well. I admit, it is annoying. Very surprised OXO couldn’t have designed that better…for $300.

    The other complain perceived by many is the filter basket. This is my biggest complaint. For $300 and being OXO, this is really were they missed the mark. The basket is flimsy. Not the $300 quality I’d expect. The snap into place operation is clunky. It doesn’t just easily slide into place. Little details you’d expect from a brand like OXO are completely missing here. I personally find the selection of 2-4 cup vs 4-8 cup a garbage design. I’ve used both modes. Makes little to no difference. I recommend using the carafe at all times. The 2-4 cup operation is a waste. And because of that waste, it adds to the frustration of the lacking filter basket design. The sliding lever you use to select 2-4 vs 4-8 doesn’t lock into place. That will annoy you. The big difference between 2-4 vs 4-8 is having a choice of which type of filter you want to use. THAT is where OXO could have made a killing on their design. For whatever reason, most expensive coffee makers opt for basket style filters. I personally hate them. They’re a pain to use and tedious to fiddle with in the morning. Conical filters are superior in my opinion. It’s great that OXO created an option to use conical filters. However, as pointed out their filter basket design is garbage. Not worth using conical filters in the 2-4 cup mode. My advise to OXO, fix this aspect of your coffee maker! The filter basket design will make you crave your Mr. Coffee simplicity. This filter basket will make your $300 coffee maker feel cheaper than a $30 coffee maker. The coffee snob channels will detail how wonderful the filter basket design disperses the water and so on. Garbage observations. Even a $30 coffee maker does the same job.

    The last complain is so trivial, and yet surprised OXO could have designed this better. Why the two power buttons? You turn on power, then you actually need to select 2-4 vs 4-8 for brewing? Why? Maybe it needs to sense you’re boiling less water vs more water. It couldn’t have been designed to sense that? The fact that the coffee maker will auto shut off really hammers home the uselessness of having two buttons.

    Why am I complaining so much right? It’s because it’s OXO! You expect something different with OXO. You expect great quality and super simple operation. And I admit you don’t feel that with this coffee maker. It should have been a one button design from the start. You expect OXO to be innovative. There’s nothing innovating in this design. Nothing at all. It’s just a quality coffee maker with seemly more complexity in it’s cheap filter basket design than what’s needed. OXO had a great idea in allowing both conical filters and basket style filters. It’s a shame they couldn’t have executed on that design better. I personally would prefer conical filters. Especially for an OXO product. Why? Because conical filters are always easer to work with. People buy OXO because they like simple quality and easy. Saying that, they may want to cater their next design to those that prefer conical style filters.

    I definitely have some criticism for this product. Keep in mind the harsh criticism is do to the $300 price tag and it having the OXO brand. You expect something different from both. Do I recommend buying the product? Oddly yes. I admit in the world of automatic drip coffee makers, no one really rises to the challenge of nailing the perfect design when it comes to quality and simplicity. That surprises me to this day. It’s just a coffee maker! I commend OXO for it’s styling. To be honest, that’s why I bought it. I would have bought the Brawn if it had the better heating element. Overall it’s a 5 star compared to competition. A solid 3 star in falling short of OXO expectations.

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  2. Walter A

    In an effort to find the perfect cup of coffee, I decided to retire my Cuisinart Grind & Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker and buy the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker. I really liked my Cuisinart; it’s been a workhorse for many years. I stopped using the built in grinder, it’s terrible, moisture gets into the grinder, clogs it up and it’s a disaster. This time around I bought a separate grinder, an OXO and I’ll review that later.

    I did the research, read reviews and watched videos; the OXO seemed like a great product, its SCA certified and priced well. Of course, $200.00 is at the high end but my old Cuisinart was at the high end too.

    Out of the box the OXO is perfect; it’s a great looking machine, well made and easy to use. I read all the set-up instructions and was ready to brew. I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison, so I set up my Cuisinart and the OXO to brew a 4-cup pot using the same coffee to water ratios. Here’s what I found:

    Set-up both were the same, very easy but notice the OXO pot dribbled a lot when pouring water into the reservoir. I’d recommend buying a small pitcher just to full the reservoir.

    Brew times were drastically different. The OXO was 4.30 minutes and the Cuisinart 6.17. Not a huge deal considering if you really need a cup of coffee in a hurry both pots can be removed while brewing but both emit a few drops of coffee when the carafe is removed.

    The big difference was the temperature and taste. The Cuisinart brewed a warm cup of coffee, but the OXO brewed a hot cup of coffee. The brew temperature is very important so when I tasted both cups of coffee there was a huge difference. The Cuisinart was good but very bitter; I can’t believe I’ve been drinking bitter for all this time compared to the smooth rich flavor of the OXO brew. I’m guessing the taste had a lot to do with the OXO integrated bloom cycle which allows for optimal flavor extraction, the higher water temperature and the Rainmaker shower head that distributes the water more evenly.

    Another big difference was the second cup. The OXO remained hot in the pot and tasted as good as the first. Both makers had a significant drop in temperature after the third cup, so I’m not impressed with either thermal carafes.

    I’d recommend the OXO over the Cuisinart. Neither is perfect but the OXO does make a great tasting cup of coffee.

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  3. Krash

    ANOTHER UPDATE!! I know this is crazy but, I called Oxo yesterday and talked to Customer Service about the cleaning light not going out. She was very helpful and also agreed the instructions for this in the booklet are horrible. She sent me an email with instructions for cleaning/descaling and she said to try this. And said if this doesn’t work, to contact the supplier in Canada (as this was the U.S. website) for replacement or refund.
    So, I followed the instructions she sent, and OMG, THE LIGHT WENT OUT!!!!!! So, I now have those instructions tucked away and I will do it this way the next time the clean light comes on!!! Thank you Oxo Customer Service!! I’m keeping the coffee maker!

    **Here’s an update on my review on this coffee maker. I’m extremely disappointed in this 8 cup Oxo Thermal coffee maker. It makes decent coffee, but the clean mode hasn’t worked correctly since day one. I cannot get the flashing clean mode light to shut off!! This is the second time I’ve cleaned, as the light came on yesterday, after I made my coffee. The first time I cleaned it and the light would not go out, I read reviews here to see if others had this problem which there were many! I followed one review where they had to keep putting thru water and after about 4 cycles of that, the light finally shut off! I had to do 5 rinse cycles to get it to shut off for the first cleaning. This time, when the light didn’t go out, again, I must of run 12 water rinse cycles thru it to see if that would turn off the clean light. NOPE….it is still flashing!!! Everything I did this time was the same as the first time, descaler with cold water and then putting thru just plain cold water. Filled it up to the 8 cup capacity every time too. THE DAMN LIGHT IS STILL FLASHING!!!!
    I’m done with this coffee maker. I’ve had it less than a year too. I know if I get in touch with the company that deals with Oxo products, will just want to send a new one out and I really don’t it at this point.

    I had to get a new coffee maker as my older one packed it in! The old one had such a small opening for the carafe, it was impossible to clean it properly and I really wanted one that I could clean easily. Plus, I didn’t want to spend 300 or 400 bucks either! I had read the reviews of the Oxo brand and my sister has the model above this one and loves it. I didn’t need the clock etc so I looked at this model and read the reviews. For the most part, the reviews were good, except for the repeated mention of the coffee not being really hot and not staying hot.
    I bought it, thinking I’ll give it try. And it makes great tasting coffee, but the comments about the coffee not being hot, are correct. It is hot, but not to the point where you have to let it cool before sipping. And it does cool quickly. Not sure why that is, considering the carafe is a thermal carafe. So, it has to be the heating of the water to make the coffee. Its not a deal breaker for me, but I can see that it would be for most people. Plus the price was at my limit for spending it on a coffee maker, so I will keep this.

    ****Update I’m not loving this coffee maker. When the “clean” light came on, it took multiple full fills to rinse it. Like 4 or 5!! Which is ridiculous and apparently happens frequently as all the reviews I read about this, buyers were all saying how they do multiple rinses etc and the clean light just stayed on!!! I was just about ready to pack it up and send it to Oxo, telling them this one is faulty. But after the 5th rinse, the clean light finally went out!!!
    Also, the quality of the coffee, using the amount of coffee that they suggest, to make a couple of cups, is weak and doesn’t stay hot in a stainless steel carafe!!! What’s up with that??? Its a thermal carafe and the coffee should stay hot longer than a half hour after its made! Really? 30 mins isn’t long!! My old Zojirushi kept the coffee hot for hours!!

    Very disappointed in this Oxo coffeemaker. I will be looking for something else and now I’m going to end up paying twice for it. Very disappointing….my recommendation is now, don’t buy this. Between the weirdo cleaning mode and barely warm coffee in the carafe after its made, I wouldn’t buy it today.

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  4. Karrenola

    So after my beloved National brand coffee maker (which I bought off a guy leaving Japan three decades ago) finally died at age 30, I went through the hell of trying to find a simple coffee maker to do the same great job. Yup, it took another five years to find one after failing with several costly others. This one by OXO was rated by several people on the web so of course it’s easy to be skeptical, but one review convinced me to try it. Lo and behold…delicious coffee SO simple to make is BACK! Keeps the coffee HOT without burning it like my beloved National used to do, so it one upped it lol. Yeah it’s great, Alice. Worth every penny. Get one.

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  5. Bukbuk

    Been using this coffee maker for about 3 weeks. It works great, very easy to setup and use, carafe cleans easy. The defuse dripper comes off for each cleaning if you get any splash back.

    I decided to try out this unit because I was burning out the heating elements on my previous 4 coffee makers that use a glass pot and keep a heating element on for hours while I slowly go through my pot of coffee. I found no coffee maker of that heating element style could last more than 2-5 years of daily use before the heating element failed. This OXO unit only keeps the heating element on for 15 min, the insulated carafe will keep the coffee steaming hot for 3-4 hours, and luke warm even 8 hours later. My hope is that the heating element in this unit will last many times longer running a fraction of the time my old ones did.

    Two things to note:

    The carafe, does not completely drain all of its liquid with a straight pour. The lip will hang onto a couple table spoons of coffee or water unless you give it a little shake it slightly.

    For the people that find it overflows when making coffee spilling coffee and grains around the lip of the carafe or down the sides, I made the mistake of not removing the 2-4cup filter insert from the unit and tried to brew a full pot. The 2-4 cup insert can’t handle the volume of water the maker releases towards the end of it’s full pot cycle. I suspect the other reviewers that complain about overflow issues have likely made the same mistake I did. The unit should not overflow as long as you don’t brew a full pot with the 2-4 cup insert installed. 😀

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  6. Karen H

    Happy with the coffee this coffee maker brews. We grind our coffee daily. More convenient than our Chemex and better tasting than our Keurig. Only problem is the cleaning light. It’s a trick to get it to shut off: fill reservoir to 8 cups and then when it gets down to about 6, top it back up to 8 (while it’s running through the clean cycle). Empty the carafe as soon as you do this as it’ll only fit 8 cups. This did the trick for me. Seems the clean cycle needs 10 cups to completely finish. Knocking off a star for that.

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  7. Can Con (Canadian Consumer)

    OXO 8 Cup Coffee Maker Review update

    We have now had the unit for about two weeks and as a result I can give a more complete review.

    The unit is a smaller coffee maker, unlike many other more conventional home brewers. It is able to brew anywhere from two to eight coffee industry standard 5 ounce cups, or 40 fluid ounces in total. I point this out as the Amazon description still lists it as making 64 fluid ounces. I sent in a note to Amazon about correcting that mistake but nothing has changed yet.

    – The interface is uncluttered and intuitive, with none of the stuff I don’t want.
    – It has only 4 buttons: Power, 2-4 cups, 5-8 cups, Clean.
    – No unnecessary clock or timer functions.
    – Two brew baskets: the standard “main” basket and an insert for making lesser amounts
    – The base has a recessed pedestal which can be flipped over to lift a mug up when brewing directly into the mug

    – I have now used all options for making a brew:
    – 2-4 cups setting into both a pot and a mug, 5-8 cups into a pot.
    – Water comes in hot and FAST. Initial bloom phase (flow then pause) lasts about 30 seconds to a minute.
    – Coffee is ready in 7 minutes or less, depending on amount being made.
    – No spills or leaks seen at any time.
    – A few small drips and spatters when making the brew into a mug. Use a tall mug. Note: the included pedestal is your friend here. Make use of it.
    – Coffee is hot. The pot keeps it between low 170s and mid 180s (°F) for at least an hour.

    Quality of brew:
    – Flavourful, especially at the larger volumes (5-8 cups).
    – Flavour intensifies as it cools. This was expected.

    A note on the coffee grind & amount:
    – Grind:
    – Medium, i.e. use as directed by the manual to start.
    – Too coarse or not enough coffee and the flavour will be thin.
    – Too fine or too much coffee and the resulting brew might be over extracted. It might even clog. See note on water flow above. I never saw this happen but I suppose it is possible.

    – Amount:
    – Use as directed (~ 8 gm / 5 oz cup) for larger amounts to start.
    – Use slightly more for lesser amounts (2-4 cups), especially when brewing into a mug (~ 2 cups).

    Once you’ve played with it for a while, I have no doubt the sweet spot will be found for your favourite coffee beans and the amount of coffee you like to make.

    The one feature I have yet to use is the “Clean” function. That won’t be for another two months or so, given our use of the brewer.

    All in all, a great coffee maker, well worth the price of admission.

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