Piezano Pizza Oven by Granitestone – Electric Pizza Oven Indoor Portable, 12 Inch Indoor Pizza Oven Countertop, Stone Baked Pizza Maker Heats up to 800˚F for Brick Oven Taste at…

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Original price was: $144.95.Current price is: $125.99.

  • DELICIOUS HOMEMADE PIZZA: Experience the taste of pizzeria-style pies right from home. Bake your personalized version on the stone surface and enjoy a cheesy, crispy crust pizza made in your kitchen, without turning on your oven.
  • HEATS UP TO 800˚F: Get perfectly cooked pizza in under 6 minutes! Ovens typically only go up to 450-500˚F, preventing you from achieving the crispy crust that’s a pizzeria standard. Piezano takes it all the way up to 800˚F so you get great crust results every time.
  • STONE-BAKED PIES: A flat 12” pizza stone made of natural ceramic transfers heat while cooking so your pizza bakes evenly, resulting in a crispy crust. Once done, the stone is removable for easy cleaning.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT CONTROL: Top and bottom heat settings give you full control over the temperature for a more even bake. A built-in thermometer display lets you monitor the cooking process for ideal baking conditions.
  • ELECTRIC POWERED: Plug your Piezano into the nearest outlet. Place it on your countertop for everyday convenience. Base suction cups on the bottom prevent it from sliding all over the place.
Piezano Pizza Oven by Granitestone – Electric Pizza Oven Indoor Portable, 12 Inch Indoor Pizza Oven Countertop, Stone Baked Pizza Maker Heats up to 800˚F for Brick Oven Taste at…
Piezano Pizza Oven by Granitestone – Electric Pizza Oven Indoor Portable, 12 Inch Indoor Pizza Oven Countertop, Stone Baked Pizza Maker Heats up to 800˚F for Brick Oven Taste at…

Original price was: $144.95.Current price is: $125.99.

Additional information

Specification: Piezano Pizza Oven by Granitestone – Electric Pizza Oven Indoor Portable, 12 Inch Indoor Pizza Oven Countertop, Stone Baked Pizza Maker Heats up to 800˚F for Brick Oven Taste at…





Product Dimensions

13.62"D x 13.77"W x 6.49"H

Special Feature

Electric Powered, Natural Stone for Crispy Crust Pizza, Fits on Countertop, Dual Heating Zones, Cooks in Under 6 Minutes

Control Type

Dual Knob

Door Style

Dropdown Door

Included Components

Pizza Oven, 2 Wooden Pizza Paddles, Pizza Scraper

Model Name


Finish Type

Pizza Stone

Power Source


Item Weight

8.3 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

September 5, 2023

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10 reviews for Piezano Pizza Oven by Granitestone – Electric Pizza Oven Indoor Portable, 12 Inch Indoor Pizza Oven Countertop, Stone Baked Pizza Maker Heats up to 800˚F for Brick Oven Taste at…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Alain Malka

    works well with homemade and store bought pizzas – gets the crust bubbly and crisp – and so fast!

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  2. Gail Marie

    Good product, easy to use and pizza came out great!

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  3. John

    Forget making your own dough unless you really know how. My first attempt was horrible. The unit was heating up for the second use and I guess I did not clean the brick enough the smoke and the bursts of fire on the debris left on the brick were very upsetting and scary. It was my error, however. I got a wire brush and used it to get as much of the remains from the last pizza off and it was fine. The brick will stain, no problem it is supposed to, but you have to clean any leftover dough or anything off of it before the next use or the smoke will drive you out of the house. I love the way it cooks the pizza and it tastes delicious, as good as any pizza I have ever had. I got the ready-made raw dough from Trader Joe’s and it is delicious and less than a $1.50 for the dough. That is well worth it. The crust was crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. Trying to make a yeast dough myself was too much trouble. Highly recommend and am so glad I did not return it. Also, my neighbor who is a chef told me to use grits or corn meal on the slider. He was right, if you don’t flour and grit the wooden slider your dough will stick and that is not fun. You won’t be able to get it off the slider and on to the brick. The brick is very hot (800 degrees) and you don’t want to be playing around with removing the doughy pizza. Made sure you shake the slider while preparing the pizza and keep the raw dough from sticking. I use a good amount of flour and grits. The grits or the corn meal act like a ball bearing to keep the dough from sticking, use flour too though.

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  4. Jim

    Very easy to use and professional results. With an easy to use machine like this one, you will never order pizza again. It is fun, and the results are amazing. I have tried one working with wood pellets, and it was never as easy or simple as this one. You just adjust the temperature control on top and bottom and that’s it . Don’t forget to put semolina on the bottom and it won’t stick. The accessories (included) are useful. Great value compared to the other pizza ovens. The only other electric pizza oven that could reach this high temperature is the Breville which is almost 9 times this price.

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  5. Mark Rene

    I am very pleased with my pizza oven. So simple to use and the pizza taste better than ever. Just 6 minutes in the oven and done. Easy to clean as well.

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  6. Anne

    This appliance is very efficient for baking a single 12 in diameter pizza and has independently controlled upper and lower heating elements for ensuring good results depending on crust thickness and toppings. I like the viewing window on the top to determine the best cooking time and when to turn the appliance off. Although the appliance comes with 2 bamboo laminated leaves for transferring the pizza to and from the cooking surface I prefer to use a separate light metal tray to ensure efficiency and safety. The cooking surface in the appliance is not suitable for cutting the cooked pizza with a metal wheel and the pizza must be transferred to a separate ceramic wheel to cut and serve. Overall, I find the cooking oven very good for making a pizza for two and have had really good results so far (10 pizzas). I have found that the cooking time for a thin crust pizza, made from scratch, is about 4.5 minutes and I do not open the oven during baking. I also have a really good pair of oven mits which I think you need when opening the appliance to transfer the pizza to and from the oven.

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  7. Gail Marie

    Portable oven that is very light and can be moved around easily, it is a pizza stone with elements on either side that focus the heat to give you desired results. It contains the heat well and its legs keep it up off the counter so no need for something underneath it. Also has suction cups on feet.

    Heats quickly. You can set it up last minute and only have to wait about ten minutes to start cooking. Gives you professional pizza crust and there are two dials (for the top and bottom heat).

    Only complaint I have is the clearance is very tight from the stone to the heating elements, which means the bubbles need to be monitored and popped. I open it up after one minute with my dough (it cooks most dough inside 4 minutes at full heat) and pop the bubbles. Then spin the pizza a quarter turn at about two minutes.

    Also there was an issue out of the box where the back lip clearance of the lid is very tight and grinds a bit as you open it. Not a big deal rather just an annoyance.

    Who this is ideal for: anyone who enjoys thin pizza crust pies of exceptional quality. If you want to make thicker crust pizzas as well I suggest spending a little more on a bigger oven. But this thing is amazing for the price and what it can do.

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  8. John

    I love this little oven; it is a fun family activity, and the pizzas come out perfect. This is the best purchase I have made on Amazon; it is affordable and well-constructed. The Piezanno achieves nearly 800 degrees in nothing flat with no chemical smell or odor. It is straightforward to use, producing fresh homemade pizza in 6 minutes. It was effortless to clean and store and is not heavy.

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  9. Lowieanne

    The first thing that really impressed me was the window. I can’t imagine cooking a pizza this way without one. No need to constantly open the cover (and lose heat) to see the progress.

    Then, the two separate heating dials, one for the top, and one for the bottom. Again, not all pizza ovens have this, but this is a winner.

    Next, the very fast preheat time and that it can reach 800oF. It took only 10 minutes to get to full heat. When it’s reached the red lights go out and we’re ready to go.
    Baking for me was only 5 minutes and the pizza turned out perfectly. The bottom crust was crisp and nicely browned, the top was perfect.

    This morning I made a tuna melt on some homemade bread. I set it to 600oF and put it on parchment paper. That wasn’t a useful idea as the paper that extended past the bread burned, but no big deal.

    I have always made my homemade pizzas in my wall oven at 550 on a pizza stone. That required preheating the stone for almost 50 minutes and then baking was around 8-10 minutes. This little oven does it all in 1/4 of the time and does it perfectly.

    I understand why this pizza oven is a best seller. The features are terrific and the cook has full control. Highly recommended.

    Oh, and they also offer a free one-year warranty with registration. Bravo to Piezano!

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  10. Ray

    I bought the Breville Crispy Crust pizza oven and was mostly satisfied with it, but over time wished it achieved higher cooking temperatures and wasn’t limited to very thin crust pizzas. The Piezano is a similar style, although the build quality is lower (it’s about 6 pounds lighter due to the lower quality materials). But the Piezano is feature rich, with duel controls for the top and bottom heating elements, a large viewing window, and a built in temperature gauge. I was most interested in the claim that it reaches temperatures of 800 F. After 10 minutes the oven reaches about 700 F, but then the heating elements shut off. If you let it heat up for 15-20+ minutes the elements cycle on and off and the temperatures will fluctuate between 700-750 F. I’ve confirmed the temperatures with an infrared thermometer and the temperature gauge on the Piezano seems to be reasonably accurate. The fact that it doesn’t consistently reach and maintain the highest temperatures is a little disappointing, but it produces some pretty amazing pies in 4-7 min. Another plus is that the Piezano has greater clearance between the top heating element and the stone (about 1.75 in) compared to the Breville oven, and has a much larger viewing window. It isn’t suitable for deep dish pizza, but is more than adequate for thin to medium crusts. The ceramic stone isn’t one of the better features, as it’s fixed in a metal housing, so residue accumulates in the seam. I also don’t see anywhere on the Granitestone website where you can purchase a replacement stone, so what do you do if it cracks over time? The most surprising thing for me was the dual wooden peels used to transfer pies onto the stone. The most nerve wracking thing I’ve always struggled with is sliding pizzas off of a peel without having the dough stick or transferring too much flour or corn meal used to keep the pizza from sticking. With the dual peels the pizza can be set down with precise placement, and all but eliminates residual flour or corn meal from being transferred to the stone. After years of making pizza I don’t know why I haven’t picked up on this technique until now. So, aside from the inferior build quality, I much prefer this oven over the Breville Crispy Crust for the dual temperature controls, included temperature gauge, higher cooking temperatures, larger window, and increased clearance between the top heating element and ceramic stone. Overall, given the rich features, impressive performance, and low price point, I highly recommend this oven.

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