Proctor Silex FrontFill Drip Coffee Maker, Digital & Programmable, 12 Cup Glass Carafe, Black and Silver (43685PS)

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Proctor Silex FrontFill Drip Coffee Maker, Digital & Programmable, 12 Cup Glass Carafe, Black and Silver (43685PS)
Proctor Silex FrontFill Drip Coffee Maker, Digital & Programmable, 12 Cup Glass Carafe, Black and Silver (43685PS)



  • EASY TO FILL DRIP COFFEE MAKER: The FrontFill water reservoir and swing-open brew basket are designed to be easy to fill under cabinets, so it’s simple to add water and coffee grounds to the drip coffee maker without moving it.
  • CONSERVES KITCHEN SPACE: Designed to save space in the kitchen, this programmable coffee maker easily fits under cabinets. As an added space-saving benefit, the carafe handle stores neatly inside the base. Perfect for small kitchens and apartments.
  • WAKE-UP READY COFFEE WITH EASY-TOUCH PROGRAMMING: It’s easy to program the coffee maker and clock. Use Easy-Touch programming to set the 12 cup coffee maker up to 24 hours ahead so hot coffee is ready in the morning when you wake up.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: The coffee maker automatically turns off after 2 hours so you never have to worry about remembering to turn it off.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The coffee maker has a durable, borosilicate glass carafe and Lift & Clean brew basket that are both dishwasher safe.

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10 reviews for Proctor Silex FrontFill Drip Coffee Maker, Digital & Programmable, 12 Cup Glass Carafe, Black and Silver (43685PS)

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  1. Jamie Purtteman

    My Mom doesn’t have a lot of counter space but needed a better coffeemaker. For a cheaper coffeemaker this one hits the mark. It fits on the counter nicely and the coffee is good (no burnt finish) People talk about the water fill and it can be messy if you rush (all coffeemakers do that) but if you’re slower with it you won’t have a problem. The other problem was the sliding on the counter, it does slide but that can be taken care of with a placemat or grip dots on the bottom. I’m a huge fan of the handle pocket in the base. Would definitely buy again

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  2. Bookworm

    It started to disintegrate

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  3. Margene A Wise

    This makes great coffee & it is super easy to use. It has an automatic turn-off switch , which is convenient.

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  4. christene worley

    Why I like the coffee maker: easy to use; do not have worry about bells and whistles; coffee is ready quickly.

    Two drawbacks: while it is easy to clean, you cannot remove the coffee container to clean it; the coffee filter I am using gets caught when placing the coffee container over the glass pot. It folds over allowing for coffee grounds to get into the pot. Since I just purchased the coffee maker, I will try to find a better fitting filter.

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  5. Mrphilipjoel

    They must have recently changed the design on this listing, because this is the most annoying brewer in the world. How its achieved its high review status is beyond me.

    Here are the redeeming qualities:
    1. I was able to get it next day, free shipping, thanks to Prime. Yeah. That was pretty cool.
    2. It makes coffee.

    The annoying things:

    1. The reservoir is sealed off. You have to slowly pour the water into this half inch, by 4 inch opening. Which means, you could NEVER clean the reservoir if you expected it needed it.

    2. The heating element shuts off after like an hour or something. This is not ‘unique’ to this product. I’ve tried another programmable bot, that did the same thing. WHY?!?!? Nothing more annoying, then waking up at 7, brewing some coffee, then when you go for your third cup at 9, its cold!

    3. Its near impossible to pour without spilling. This has to do with how the spout is designed I guess. If you barely tip it over, and let the water or coffee just trickle out the end, yeah, i think you can get by with just a couple drops slipping out and hitting the counter/floor/foot. But, if you do a ‘regular’ pour, you end up with at least an ounce of liquid spilled on the counter or floor or foot. So annoying. Makes me what to throw the whole thing out my window at 7 am.

    4. The handle feels “weird”. I don’t know how to describe it. I’m a bit of a ‘coffee slut’ so I’ve handled my ‘fair share’ of coffee pot handles. And this just feels very strange. Like someone without hands designed it. Pretty weird.

    I hope my review was helpful. Don’t buy this pot.

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  6. Angel

    This coffeemaker is definitely a space saver and I like the front water loader. I wish I had read the description a little more carefully as it does not automatically shut-off, which is pretty basic for any coffeemaker nowadays.

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  7. Art Welling

    It makes coffee. Since we got it it’s cranked out one or two pots per day.

    That said, it’s cheap. It’s VERY lightweight plastic, and one must rest a hand on it to remove the pot. Otherwise, the whole thing comes with the pot. Also, pour slowly. The pot is designed poorly enough that it will drip on the counter as you pour unless you pour very slowly.

    I tried a permanent gold filter in the basket, but the maker basket is too small to allow the fit. Paper filters or nothing.

    We will see how long it lasts. I already have a hankering for something better.

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  8. Angel

    Coffee maker is very good and fits well on my shelf. The coffee maker makes good coffee and the timer helps in the morning. Set it and forget it.

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  9. Arragon

    Works well enough but, unlike the older models, this front fill is a small opening and water must be poured in much more slowly.
    Also, I don’t get the point if it’s too tall to be filled under the cabinet. That being said, it’s a good value for the price.

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  10. Alice White

    I brought this when the Mr. Coffee I had for only 10 months gave up the ghost. I wanted something that would be shorter, since there is not a lot of height under our top cupboards beside the sink, where I keep the coffee pot for easier filling and preparing of coffee grinds.
    This is brilliant! The coffee grind holder flips out to the side and the water fills from the front so that it doesn’t matter about the height of your cupboards. But it is also shorter than most other 12 cup coffee makers you can buy, so gives you lots of room. Keeps a good temperature and I love the clear and easy to see fill gauge on the side.
    If you follow instructions – like pouring slowly, (which I found applies to filling and serving… no bad thing) – you won’t have any issues.

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