Sennheiser – HD 820 Closed-Back Stereo Over-Ear Headphones – Black

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Sennheiser HD 820 Over-the-Ear Audiophile Reference Headphones – Ring Radiator Drivers with Glass Reflector Technology, Sound Isolating Closed Earcups, Includes Balanced Cable, 2-Year Warranty (Black)

Last updated on March 7, 2023 7:56 pm
Sennheiser – HD 820 Closed-Back Stereo Over-Ear Headphones – Black
Sennheiser – HD 820 Closed-Back Stereo Over-Ear Headphones – Black


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Current Price $1,799.95 March 7, 2023
Highest Price $1,799.95 October 5, 2022
Lowest Price $1,799.95 October 5, 2022
Since October 5, 2022

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$1,799.95 October 5, 2022

Additional information

Specification: Sennheiser – HD 820 Closed-Back Stereo Over-Ear Headphones – Black

Connection Type


Driver Size

56 millimeters

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

2 years

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

2 years

Cord Length

9.8 feet

Product Weight

0.79 pounds

Product Depth

4.75 inches

Product Width

8 inches

Product Height

7.5 inches

Foldable Design


High Resolution Audio

The HD 820 delivers an unparalleled, reference-grade audiophile listening experience in a closed headphone. The HD 820 fuses Sennheiser's leading-edge acoustic capabilities with exceptional reduction of ambient noise. Until now, the audiophile headphone experience could only begin with an open back design or loudspeakers. The HD 820 sacrifices neither detail nor sound field by using breakthrough acoustical systems in a closed, dynamic headphone.

Detachable Cord


Connector Size

1/4 in. (6.35mm)


103 decibels adjusted

Headphone Fit



300 ohms

Maximum Frequency Response

48 kilohertz

Minimum Frequency Response

6 hertz

Sound Isolating


Color Category




Model Number

HD 820

Additional Accessories Included

Connection cable with balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn plug, Microfiber Cloth, Storage Box



Product Name

HD 820 Closed-Back Stereo Over-Ear Headphones

Adjustable Headband




Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Sennheiser – HD 820 Closed-Back Stereo Over-Ear Headphones – Black

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  1. Juan Gutierrez

    Okay, I own both HD820 & HD800S. I pair them with chord hugo 2. These are very very different sounding headphones to my ears. My initial plan was to get the HD820 and sell my HD800s but I could not get rid of the 800s after listening to HD820 why? because they give you totally different experience. HD800s is a more technical headphone and more open- HD820 is more musical more intimate closer than the HD800s for sure … thats not to say the sound stage is small, no the sound stage is very very big for close back headphones Even for open sound headphones I compared them to HD650s and the sound stage on HD820 sounds huge but not as big as HD800s but in exchange you get thicker sound and punchy bass that works really well some music like hip hop and House music with very similar clarity and detail to the hd800. They are both very very detail HD800s is a bit more detail but thinner and brighter sounding.At the end I ended up keeping both.

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  2. C. A. Bayko

    I am semi-retired, but back on the road full-time air travel weekly. For years I have been buying high-end headphones, in the $500-$2800. range. I spend hours reading reviews, analyzing cables and Daps. I use most items a short time, sell them at a loss, and pursue the next great sound. It is important to me travelling 80% of the time, to be able to have my home listening experience on the road, because when I’m travelling, that is my life. So knowing that I have had Sennheiser, Oppo, Focal, Sony, Audeze, Grado & Mr. Speakers to name a few. This is important for you to understand as to why my review is such. There are many variables influencing sound, the quality of the file, the cable, the DAC /AMP, and the actual Headphones. Knowing that, when we look at HP reviews we have to carefully look at those variables, as well as the listeners preferences, to determine how the review applies to you. In my case the music I like is Jazz, Classical, singer /songwriter and Broadway and Movie Soundtracks. Across all of the years, the most fascinating pair of headphones I ever owned was the Sennheiser H800. The soundstage, detail, timber, the note extension, the air were aspects I never experienced with any other headphones. I always went back to the HD800s as a reference sound, to check the tonality of a voice, the depth of strings, the quality of an oboe or flute, the strike of a piano key. The treble could get a little sibilant, and the bass a little lean, but they sparkled. I sold them because they were open, I was seldom home and I seldom listened to them. Recently back on the road, and after purchasing the most high-end DAP /AMP I had ever owned the Cayin N8, I searched again for a good closed back sound. The Sony WMZ 1000v3, Focal Elegia, Mr Speakers C, AKG N90, Sony 1ZR, I was considering the new Focal Stellia. I became aware of the Sennheiser HD820, never knowing they had been released. From the moment I put them on, the reference level sound I remember came back to me. The depth, the sparkle, the range, the timber, taking a semi-sibilant alto vocal, and giving it breadth, neutral and sibilance gone. I know I didn’t want the Senns because of the 300 Ohms, and dependence upon an amp, but I have to say, they sing like no other. I’ve had them about 2 weeks, have about 50 hours on them. I bought a Moon Audio Black Dragon Premium balanced cable, to replace the long stock cable, with a shorter length for travel, more durable connectors and best sound. I bought the Accessory House Global 2XL case for travel. Have worn them on 8 flights. They are noise isolating, and frankly good enough where I can enjoy the music. I’m not really a fan of “electronic” headphones. I have felt, when I retire officially these Sennheiser HD820 and my Sony Z1R are my end game headphones. I’ve been through everything but electrostats, and these give me awesome reference sound and snuggle warmth with the Sony’s. After purchasing I still follow reviews and keep reading the that the Sennheiser are at a High end Treble peaky, and the Sony’s are more warm, and maybe something like the Focal Stella and Meize Empyrean are the in the middle, not sibilant, not bassy, but best all arounders. So this morning I’m thinking how can what I hear be so different. How can I think the HD820sare the best all arounders for me. Every HP is a compromise somewhere, but I think the HD 820s are the most enjoyable and perfect. So I did a comparison between the HD820s powered by the Cayin N8 balanced, and my Sony NW zx300. In the quiet of my home I Listened to a high resolution file of DreamBoat Annie, one of my all time favorites, for dynamics, sparkle, bass, mids and treble and soundstage. On the Sony ZX300 the top end sounded thin, in fact a tad sibilant, the whole sound lacked the end game sound I had been hearing. I went to the Cayin N8, Ahh…Sennheiser HD820 I am fully satisfied with, the comfort, the build quality and the sound, what more could I want. So I know there are others out there buy .High-end Headphones, and search for great sound. Sound is subjective, but I have learned a lot from other reviewers, in order to gain a perspective. Get confused by some reviews that raise a product on a pedestal, and others that say the same product is middling. I know this is a long review, without measurements and spectrum comparisons. But I hope it will help others. No single Headphone does it all. but in your private listening room, I am convinced that the Sennheiser deliver everything anyone would ever want, and if stuck on an island or stopping all future purchases with the HD820, you will enjoy them, you will hear detail you never knew was there, transported to another realm, and enjoy the music, taking into consideration all the variables. Using the N8 and quality files, there is no fatiguing highs, and there is plenty of bass, and everything in the middle. This may be my last HP review, thank you amazon for the opportunity to share and help others in the community, enjoy the music, Chip out!* (*reference to guru Tyl Herstens, who I followed for years, and is now downsized and enjoying the world! God Bless on your Journey!)

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  3. west

    i have these and the 800s.800s have better midrange, probably because they are open.I hate discribing how headphones sound because the words one typically uses are so subjective but I would say the 820s have a fuller low/mid-low end and less soundstage overall. also less fidelity on the high end.I EQ the h*ll out of the source when I use headphones with perimetric eq (fredenstein f610 and midias 512/522) on line level signal and use a heritage audio system 500 amp for the headphones.both 800s and 820 take eq like a champ, impossible to overdo it, eq amps will clip before the headphone drivers overextend. very impressive.the 800s can be eq to do almost anything the 820s can on the low end but the 820s are capable of more low end at the end of the day. probably because they are closed.overall 800s have more fidelity and 820 have more low end. both are worth the money if your in this price range.i use both about 50/50 and I use them a lot. very good headphones. I have had k701, bunch of audiotech brand and bunch of sennheiser brand. they all rot on the shelf now.

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  4. ianh8969

    The sound quality is superb.

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  5. grrei15

    The high and low frequency response is excellent. I like that they can be adjusted to head size. Well controlled, minimal vibrations from low frequency reproduction.

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  6. biffsbiz

    These are quite an upgrade from the HD600s that I have been using for many years. I am using the HD820s with a FiiO M15. This is as good a pairing as I’ve ever experienced. High definition audio recordings are such a grand pleasure to listen to on this combination. I chose the HD820s over the HD800s because I wanted a more personal and isolated high definition listening experience. Mission accomplished.

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