Shark – AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean Navigation – Black

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- 14% Shark – AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean Navigation – Black
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Last updated on February 1, 2023 3:32 pm
Shark – AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean Navigation – Black
Shark – AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean Navigation – Black


Shark – AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean Navigation – Black Prices

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Price history for Shark - AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean Navigation - Black
Latest updates:
  • $599.99 - February 1, 2023
  • $549.99 - December 1, 2022
Since: December 1, 2022
  • Highest Price: $599.99 - February 1, 2023
  • Lowest Price: $549.99 - December 1, 2022


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Price History for Shark - AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean...


Current Price $599.99 February 1, 2023
Highest Price $599.99 February 1, 2023
Lowest Price $549.99 December 1, 2022
Since December 1, 2022

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$599.99 February 1, 2023
$549.99 December 1, 2022

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6 reviews for Shark – AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Matrix Clean Navigation – Black

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  1. Liam

    This is my 3rd Shark Robot Vacuum, so I do have some experience using different Shark robot…

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  2. ReviewedByPhil

    The Shark AI Ultra is my second 2-in-1 robot mop/vacuum from this brand, though it is my first…

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  3. Wraith

    I am a neat freak. If there is a cleaning gadget, I probably own it. I have multiple vacuums,…

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  4. Wraith

    I am a neat freak. If there is a cleaning gadget, I probably own it. I have multiple vacuums, all with different uses, as well as an entire collection of quick disposable dust/mop options. I have always been enamored with the *idea* of robot vacuums but have been continually disappointed. Unfortunately, the Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base and Matrix Clean Navigation (Whew! Say that 5 times fast), while better than any of my previous robot vacuums, it is still not good enough for me to justify the price/work. Wait, did I say that the robot was work? Isn’t the robot supposed to lead you to a life of luxury where your house is spotless and you can eat bonbons all day? Yeah, no. The Shark AI Ultra (I named it Rosie), needs a lot of work to set up properly. It needs supervision it would seem from my testing, and whoo boy does this thing clog/need emptying and/or cleaning regularly (and I’ve only had it for a little over a week!). The whole kit was easy enough to set up. The robot is already put together, you just need to attach a single ‘corner brush’ (this is a problem in and of itself – more on this later). The base station is also all ready to go, just plug her in and place her on the robot/base station mat. Put the two together and let the robot charge up over night. While it is doing that, you can download the Shark app to control your wee cleaning beastie! The next day, I turned Rosie loose on the first floor of my house, about 1500 sq/ft, and let her find her way. I cleared the cat toys up and any stray cables that might throw her for a loop, but upon examination of the map that she recorded, she missed A LOT of places in my house! I didn’t have the robot try again because I now really wanted to see how Rosie did with vacuuming. I set ‘her’ off to do her thing and went to sit and monitor the whole situation from the comfort of my easy chair. I was dismayed that within 10 minutes of setting out, I had to come and extricate her from the dreaded ‘open corner of floor’. Wait, what? Yup, the little robot got caught, had a hiccup, program freeze, whatever just trying to round the corner on tile. I waited for quite a while assuming that the little robot would be able to back up, use its wheel lift ability, or just bully on through but after a minute of it going crazy, I felt sorry for it and gave it a nudge. I decided to NOT just let it do its thing while I sat (which is kind of the point of these things), but to instead follow it and make sure there weren’t any other hang-ups. There weren’t any other ‘hang ups’, but I did notice some things that I wasn’t too happy about. My previous attempts with vacuum robots often had the robot get stuck under my furniture which has some pretty good clearance for many of the pieces but not all. Rosie doesn’t have the problem of getting stuck, she has the problem of not even trying to go under the furniture she can make it under, or if she does go under, she doesn’t clean under there and just makes a beeline to the other side! This was a big issue with the coffee table in the middle of the living room. There is a ton of room for this robot to go underneath, and I WANT it to clean the rug under there because it is a favorite sitting place for my cat and therefore is a repository of fur, litter, nails, and whiskers. I’m going to attach a photo to this review but I don’t know if you will be able to make it out. You can see the treads go right under the table diagonally without stopping. All the other places it vacuumed were in nice tight rows (I’ll post a picture of that as well). I also noticed that Rosie didn’t go into some areas that she could easily maneuver in and cut corners around some furniture and appliances. On top of that, the robot has a ‘corner brush’ but it is only on one side. Therefore you would assume that the robot would pass by walls and corners with the brush side towards the wall. You COULD assume that, but you would be wrong. More than half the time, the brush was towards the open side AWAY from the wall/corner and sweeping nothing extra into the path of the vacuum. Perhaps the robot needs two brushes, or is programed to clean they way I would think it would? As for mopping, I only tried it once and was again less than impressed. I had spilled a bit of sauce from a meal on the tile floor and thought that it would make for a great test. So I filled up the reservoir with cleaning fluid, swapped out the modules and let Rosie go at it in the kitchen (which I had delineated via the app since the house is open concept and there really isn’t a separator). At first I thought Rosie had done a decent job because the spill looked like it was gone and the mop pad had an obvious stain from the sauce, but later that evening my wife was walking barefoot in the kitchen and noticed that the floor was sticky there. Sure enough, upon closer inspection, there was still a sheen of dried sauce. So much for ultra-vibrations cleaning up dirt. One thing that I will say is cool is that I like how the robot will stop and head back to the base station when it is full up, the basestation will suck out all the nasties, and then the robot will resume its job. Doing the first floor of my house took two passes from the robot and it almost seemed like the robot split it pretty evenly. I don’t know if that is programed in or if it just so happened that it filled up at the half way point. Once Rosie was done with the first vacuuming of the floor, I checked out the storage bin in the Base Station and was surprised how much the robot was able to pick up. While I did let things get a *bit* dirtier than normal, it was still pretty clean prior to turning Rosie loose. That little robot has a lot of suction for such a small device and that was having it set to ‘medium’ suction. That being said, you WILL NOT get ’60 days’ of hassle free cleaning from this robot unless you have a 250 sq/ft apartment with no pets and no windows/doors to let in dust. Also, after seeing how much was in the storage bin (which was absolutely filthy), I checked the two filter bays in the Base and the storage/filter for the robot. Just after one complete pass of the first floor, the filters were darn near clogged with the exception of the one just below the storage bin, which looked like it hadn’t had any air pass over it. Maybe this was the problem. Perhaps there is something wrong with the Base Station air flow, but the Robot filter and the little wedge over it were clogged with dust and fibers. The main filter to the side of bin in the Base, which is a really weird short tube of filter in a big bowl of a bay, was brown and there was a ton of dust coating the side of that bay. Shouldn’t more of that stuff end up in the bin and not stay on the device or in auxiliary areas of the system? I can see me having to clean out the base and the robot and that taking almost as much time as I ‘saved’ by having a robot vacuum instead of doing it myself. All in all I don’t feel like the Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 will end up saving me enough time and effort (especially when I still have to clean areas that the robot won’t seem to go AND I have to babysit the thing), to justify its purchase. MAYBE if I had a smaller place with absolutely flat surfaces, and furniture that sat way high above the floor, then maybe it might be worth it, but then it also would be a breeze to clean myself and I wouldn’t have even bothered to get this thing.

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  5. ReviewedByPhil

    The Shark AI Ultra is my second 2-in-1 robot mop/vacuum from this brand, though it is my first experience with a bagless self-emptying docking station. It has the typical robot vac disc shape, front bumper, cliff sensors, side brush, and central roller brush. This unit is not the largest robot I’ve used with its 13” diameter but is one of the tallest at 4-1/4” (including the LIDAR module centered on top). The height of the unit’s main body is 3-1/2” which just clears the bottom of the cabinets and appliances in my kitchen without getting stuck. There are two physical buttons on the machine: dock/power and start/spot clean. To access the different functions, simply short press or long press the buttons accordingly. The LCD screen on the robot has three indicator icons for error, charging, and WiFi as well as red, white, blue and green status lights. Setting up the charging station is pretty quick and straightforward. After assembling the two piece landing mat (it clips together), you sit the charging station on top and plug it in, ensuring that there’s 3 feet of clearance to the left and right of the station and 5 ft of clearance in front. The station has built-in cord storage/guide slots on the back, so you can keep your wires neat and tidy and set it right up against a wall without cord interference. Its placement should be fairly permanent, as moving the station around may cause the robot to have trouble finding it. When charging, the robot sits facing away from the base if using the self-emptying dust bin. This is because the exhaust port is located at the rear, so it needs to back in to the station in order for it to suction out the debris. If using the combo mop/dust bin, the unit charges facing toward the station, but you will need to empty out the dust bin manually as it is not compatible with the self-empty feature. This is to ensure that you remove the mop bin and clean/dry the mop pad and water tank after each use, as otherwise it could develop mold and mildew from being constantly wet. The robot takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge. The battery LED flashes when charging and disappears when fully charged. In order to utilize the “smart” features, download and install the Shark Clean app to a mobile device and create an account. This lets you use features like floor plan mapping, schedule automatic cleaning, and change settings on the robot like suction power and water flow amount when vacuuming and mopping respectively. Note that your mobile device needs to have an internet connection in order to use the app. You can also connect the app to Alexa using the Shark skill and start and stop vacuuming using voice commands, which worked well. After adding the robot to the app, it “explores” your home and creates a map of all the areas that the vacuum can reach. The robot uses LIDAR to scan the room for its size and shape as it traverses your floors. I have an open floor plan with no carpet or rugs and the vacuum was able to go everywhere but the laundry room, since there is a step down. The robot crossed all thresholds between rooms with no trouble and avoided the step with the cliff sensors. The map generated in the app is very accurate, and the robot did not need to bump something in order to detect obstacles like large furniture and walls, preventing dents and marks. It would go right up to things and turn without touching it using its CleanEdge sensor and the sweeper brush collected any debris along the wall. The exception was furniture with narrow legs, as it would tap them gently before changing direction. The robot could not, however, gather dust from the very corners of a room, due to its shape and limited reach of the brush. I did see the robot push some objects around though, if they were lightweight, for example, it knocked over my studio light on an aluminum tripod and moved a couple of empty boxes as these didn’t have enough weight to activate the front bumper. You can edit the map in the app to label rooms, define “no-go” and “carpet” zones so the robot will avoid them during vacuuming or mopping, and set “high traffic” areas to be cleaned more thoroughly. The only odd thing is that these rooms/zones have a minimum size of 5.3 square feet, which is pretty substantial. So instead of marking off a small area for the fireplace, I had to block a fairly large space to not be cleaned. The other thing is that rooms and zones can only be defined as parallel/perpendicular rectangles and can’t be rotated (though the entire map can be rotated 90 degrees); so if you have areas that at not square or rooms that exit off at odd angles, it will be difficult to define them properly in the app. I found this model from Shark also does not respond to magnetic barrier strips that I have placed around the house for previous models to not cross, as this feature has been replaced by the no-go zones. You can only save 1 map at a time, so if you move the base station or make any layout changes, the map will need to be deleted and re-drawn by running the “explore” process again. Just be warned, deleting a saved map takes a pretty long time to complete in the app. The app also does not show you live tracking of the robot as it cleans, so you won’t see its location marked on the map as it moves around the house. However, if you need to track it down, you can use the “find robot” feature which makes the vacuum play a short audible tune. Despite the app telling you that the audio will “persist for about 30 seconds” it only plays the 3 second tune once, so you’d have to trigger it again if you need another auditory clue. When vacuuming hard floors, the robot picked up plenty of dust, hair, and debris. However, on carpeted flooring its maneuverability and cleaning ability was not comparable. While the wheels were able to travel in fits and starts on medium-pile carpeting, it had trouble moving if the carpet was wavy or wrinkled. It also didn’t penetrate deeply into the carpet fiber to remove hair and debris; even on max suction it left behind bits of fuzz and tangled hair in its wake, so I don’t recommend it for carpet. After cleaning, the self-emptying station pulls nearly all of the debris out of the robot’s bin, though there is usually some left clinging to the filter screen. The removable HEPA filters in the robot and in the charging station are all washable and should be cleaned regularly or when clogged. The station’s bin holds up to 60 days worth of debris and is easy to eject for emptying; hold it over a garbage can/bag and press a button to release the lower lid and drop its contents into the trash. When using the mop tank, which also has a dry vacuum chamber, it adequately vacuumed and mopped simultaneously. The water tank is fitted with a mop pad secured via micro-Velcro and a spare is included in the box. Shark recommends using plain water or half and half water with the supplied cleaning solution. After mopping our ~400 sq ft space, there was about half a tank leftover on max flow level. The mopping function was decent, picking up more dirt and debris than vacuuming alone, though it couldn’t remove really stuck-on, dried, sticky bits in the kitchen; those spots required a little more scrubbing and detergent than the robot could deliver. The only part of the mopping process that I found troublesome was emptying leftover water in the tank, as the drain plug’s location doesn’t allow all it to drain out completely without tons of shaking. The mop pad was easy enough to hand wash and hang dry with a bit of laundry detergent. In the ‘History’ section of the app, you can view a summary of all the cleaning sessions for a particular day, areas cleaned, and total run time. If your home is large and the robot needs to cover more than 900 square feet of space, you can set it to recharge and resume if it doesn’t finish the entire area in one go. You can also set it to return to the station and empty its dust bin after 30 minutes of cleaning before resuming where it left off, for homes with pets or lots of debris that could clog the bin. For automatic daily cleaning (whole map only), pick a time and the days of the week for the schedule to run. You can only choose one time which will apply to all selected days of the week. The robot can also remember the previously used suction power/flow levels to apply them to future cleaning runs. When cleaning a single room selected on the map, you’ll have the option to use “Ultraclean” mode which always uses max suction power, regardless of your saved cleaning preference. Overall, despite a couple of shortcomings in the app, the actual vacuuming and mopping performance of the robot is pretty good, though it can be loud when running at max power and self-emptying. For our small home, there is enough battery life to cover all areas without needing to recharge during its run and mops the floors with water to spare. It performs well on hard flooring but not carpet. With daily scheduled cleaning overnight, we’re able to keep a baseline level of cleanliness to our floors and only have to empty the station’s dust bin every other month or less frequently. Mopping can’t really be automated since we’d have to fill the water tank and empty/clean it out afterward, it’s nice to have this option for when we need it.

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  6. Liam

    This is my 3rd Shark Robot Vacuum, so I do have some experience using different Shark robot vacuum models. This Shark robot vacuum is the best one I have used yet as it has the most features and does a great job at vacuuming. This vacuum really has all of the features you could ask for, especially with the ability to mop and vacuum at the same time or use it as just a vacuum with auto-emptying capability. I am very happy with this device. It has great suction and is a powerful vacuum, does a good job at vacuuming all throughout rooms, comes with a self-empty bin, and includes an attachment that allows for mopping and vacuuming at the same time. This is my first time using a Shark Robot Vacuum with mopping capability, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect with that feature. This robot did a good job at mopping our kitchen floor. It didn’t use too much water or get the floor too wet and it did a good job at mopping the whole floor. It is also really nice that it vacuums and mops at the same time, so it picks up debris before going over that spot with the mop. I will say that while the mopping feature is a nice feature, it does require more manual work than just emptying a dust bin and cleaning filters on occasion like is the case with the vacuuming. You do have to fill up the mopping attachment with water and cleaning solution and once the mopping is done, you will have to clean the mop pad and empty debris from the vacuuming. When the mopping attachment is in place, the robot cannot empty into the self empty bin. Also, while I think this did do a good job at mopping, if you have anything really stuck onto your floor or hard to get up, you likely would need to apply some pressure to that with a mop to get it up. I did not have anything to test that on, but I would assume that would be the case since this does not apply pressure to the floor like you can with a regular mop. But overall, the mopping function is a great added feature! The most important part to me with this robot vacuum is the vacuuming functionality. This device has great suction for picking up all kinds of debris and it does a great job at covering every part of a room, including under furniture. You can have it vacuum the whole house or it can be sent to specific rooms or even specific spots which is great. The self-emptying bin is also a great feature that I love having. The self-emptying bin has a lot of capacity, so you don’t have to empty it often. It is also easier to get to than having to remove a small dust bin from the robot itself which I had to do with my first Shark robot vacuum. I’m a big fan of the self-emptying feature as it makes this robot very low maintenance and hassle free. The reason why I took off 1 star for this device is because of the Shark app. Throughout my use of Shark robot vacuum’s, I have encountered various bugs and glitches with the app and occasionally with the vacuum’s themselves. Recently, the Shark app would forget my login a few days after last use, so I would have to keep logging in each time I wanted to use it. I think that was fixed in a recent software update though. I have also had the app completely glitch out and lose my home map which required re-mapping my home to fix. Ultimately, I think Shark needs to work on quality control for their app as I have encountered various issues over time that can be frustrating. They do seem to be proactive in fixing issues that I have reported to them, but that still doesn’t take away the frustrations that these issues have caused in multiple instances. I am also not a fan of the way this unit maps in the Shark app. My first Shark robot vacuum would map the house and show rooms as even rectangles. For rooms that had items in the floor or in the way of getting all the way to the wall, the map would show those items but would still show the room as an even rectangle. The map created by this unit is not even. If there is a big piece of furniture on the wall in a room, the robot maps it as if that area where the furniture is isn’t even a part of the room, which is just weird (I have included a screenshot of our home map with white spots circled in red where part of the room is missing due to furniture being there). I wish this would map like my original unit did, it made much more sense and showed rooms as even rectangles which is how it should look. Overall, this is a great robot vacuum and I would recommend it to others. While I have had some issues and glitches experienced with the app recently and in the past, most of the time the main functions for this device work well. It does a great job at vacuuming and the mopping functionality with this device is a great added feature.

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