All-new Blink Mini 2 — Plug-in smart security camera, HD night view in color, built-in spotlight, two-way audio, motion detection, Works with Alexa (White)

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  • Mini 2 is our second generation plug-in smart security camera that helps you stay connected to what’s happening in your home, right from your smartphone.
  • See and speak from the Blink app — Experience 1080p HD live view, night view in color with a built-in spotlight, a wider field of view, and crisp two-way audio. Stream live video continuously for up to 90 minutes with a Blink Subscription Plan (sold separately).
  • Outdoor use — Plug in Mini 2 outside your home with the Blink Weather Resistant Power Adapter (sold separately or as part of a bundle) and mount with the included kit.
  • Motion detection — Get real-time motion alerts on your smartphone so you can react and engage from anywhere.
  • Smart notifications — Get intelligent alerts including person detection with embedded computer vision (CV) as part of an optional Blink Subscription Plan (sold separately).
  • Easy set up — Install your camera in just minutes to help provide full home coverage.
  • Doorbell chime — Use Mini 2 as a plug-in chime for Blink Video Doorbell (sold separately). Hear a real-time alert from Mini 2 when someone presses your Blink Video Doorbell.
  • Save and share clips — Choose to store events in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with a Sync Module (each sold separately).
  • Works with Alexa — Connect to an Alexa-enabled device to engage live view, arm and disarm your system, and more using your voice.
  • Includes one Blink Mini 2 camera, mounting kit including stand, USB cable, and power adapter.
All-new Blink Mini 2 — Plug-in smart security camera, HD night view in color, built-in spotlight, two-way audio, motion detection, Works with Alexa (White)
All-new Blink Mini 2 — Plug-in smart security camera, HD night view in color, built-in spotlight, two-way audio, motion detection, Works with Alexa (White)

Additional information

Specification: All-new Blink Mini 2 — Plug-in smart security camera, HD night view in color, built-in spotlight, two-way audio, motion detection, Works with Alexa (White)

Field of view

143° diagonal

Camera resolution

Up to 1080p

Photo resolution

640 x 360

Camera frame rate

Up to 30fps




65g (camera only)

Electrical Rating

Plug-in. 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Wifi connectivity

Wifi network: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n.

Available colors

Black, White

Minimum smartphone requirements

iOS 15.0, Android 9.0, or Fire 9.0

Included in the box

1 Blink Mini 2 Camera 1 Stand 2 Mounting Screws 1 Indoor Power Adapter 1 Indoor USB-C Cable


2-way audio

Warranty and service

1-year limited warranty and service included. Use of Blink cameras is subject to the terms found here.


View more information on the Blink Mini 2 support page.


2nd generation

Operating temperature

5°F to 113°F (-20° to 45°C)

Software security updates

This device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites.

Cloud video storage

To keep videos beyond your trial, subscribe to a Blink Subscription Plan, which allows videos to be stored in the cloud for up to 60 days. See Blink Subscription Plans for more information about your plan’s retention period. To keep important videos beyond this period, download them to your mobile device.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for All-new Blink Mini 2 — Plug-in smart security camera, HD night view in color, built-in spotlight, two-way audio, motion detection, Works with Alexa (White)

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Best Home Security Product that I’ve purchased

    We needed an everyday camera to keep an eye on the pups while at work, and the blink mini 2 has been beyond perfect. It’s a sleek design and easy install/set up for anywhere we want it. The resolution is crystal clear which makes it an awesome deal given the cheap price. Will most likely order a few more for throughout the house. A highly recommended buy!

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  2. Dr. Bob Thomas

    These are getting easier to setup and use. This is my fifth Blink camera and they are absolutely outstanding. Inside, outside, doorbell they are great. They work together extremely well and blend with Alexa as if they were designed to from the very beginning. The cameras all record to a local drive with SD backup. The files are easy to work with and easy to organize. If you need to pull and individual recording to give to … Say the police, or a lawyer, or … Simple. Half a terabyte of storage if you need it is available through an external SD card/drive/what have you.

    Five cameras work together seamlessly. I plan on adding more and dumping the others. No subscription is required so there is no hidden “extra” costs with these.

    I have had difficulty with the wireless cameras. Batteries just do not last as long as I need them to. So I attached Solar Panels to the wireless camera, even the ones with flood lights…problem solved.

    I can easily see the difference between the early generations and the latest one. Camera clarity, IR and Night Vision are all much, much clearer. Especially when you need to zoom in.

    They may be small, but they punch way above their weight class. A great value for the price.

    I would add pictures, but … Security …. Right?

    See You! Literally…

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  3. The Photography Hobbyist

    Already have a preexisting Blink system in use for a few years. Only out door camera Ive been using is the Blink Flood Light Cam since their wasnt any other outdoor rated offerings that were 120v, I dont want to have to replace batteries.
    Compared to the Blink Mini 1, these are a solid upgrade. Despite being outdoor rated, the viewing angle is wider, sharper image, and has the built in light. Granted the built in LED is more of a glorified cell camera light, it does a surprisingly good job illuminating small spaces. The IR light does a better job at night time despite not showing color.
    Plenty of control on the app for the camera. Unlike some, I had no issues connecting two Mini 2s to my network. Sure their are other similarly priced cameras but for $40 each or $70 for a two pack, I have no room to complain about these. Another great product from Blink.

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  4. Best Home Security Product that I’ve purchased

    I don’t know what’s different about the Mini 2, BUT I have two Outdoor 4 cameras as well as one Video Doorbell and those other camera models take several seconds to load (10 seconds or more) when you want to do an on-demand live view, but the Mini 2 loads very quickly (usually within 2 seconds and it’s showing the live view, which is great). The issue is, if you don’t have a subscription that will save live view videos, if the camera is taking 15 seconds to load before you see anything, that makes it not so useful because a person hanging around your door may already be out of view, so you don’t get a good idea of what’s going on (why your camera was triggered). If you have a subscription, it WILL record the live view as well as motion triggered videos, so that’s not an issue…but it’s an issue if you don’t have a subscription. Anyway, my point is that unless something changes with a future firmware update to improve the live view loading time for the Outdoor 4 & Doorbell cameras, as of today, the Mini 2 beats the pants off those other models (it’s faster).

    The exposure (lighting) of the video with the Mini 2 is surprisingly good in low light even with the tiny LED light. I’m referring to the LED light, not the infrared light which gives you a black and white video, so I’ve decided to use the LED light so I can get color recordings instead of black and white. I have one of my Mini 2 cameras inside the house to watch a certain room (room is 15’x15′) and with all the interior lights off in the house and only the LED from the Mini 2 activated for video, I can see the whole room clearly in color, the image quality is good and the exposure looks good. I.E., if (God forbid) I ever did have an intruder in the house, I would have a very good description to give the police. The only downside to using the LED light is this will obviously get an intruder’s attention and they may try to quickly grab the camera and unplug it before the video gets to the servers (but hopefully the live stream is saved in real time so you’d at least get any video saved that was streamed – I’ll ask Blink about that to see how it works, if you have a subscription).

    The Mini 2 is weather resistant, so because I’m so pleased with the overall performance of the Mini 2 vs the other cameras I mentioned above, I ordered a second Mini 2 to use outside in my most high traffic area. I will be replacing the video doorbell with the Mini 2 and move the video doorbell to the door with the LEAST traffic. That’ll be a benefit in two ways. First, it will mean my video doorbell’s battery life will last longer since it’ll be in a low traffic area. Second, I’ll get better video quality and faster reaction times in my high traffic area. I ordered the weather sealed USB cable for the second Mini 2 I ordered and I have an easy way to power it outdoors, so the fact that it’s not powered by batteries is not an issue for me. I power my two Outdoor 4 cameras via a weatherproof USB power cord as well, so no batteries are needed. I’ll have 5 cameras total now (two Outdoor 4, two Mini 2 and one doorbell) and only one of them will need batteries (the video doorbell, in the low traffic area). That’s a big money saver since I don’t need batteries for the other 4 cameras. Regarding the doorbell, my biggest issue with the Video Doorbell is that even though you can use your existing doorbell power wire to trigger your old doorbell, you CANNOT use it to power the video doorbell camera 🙁 Blink really needs to update that camera (make a new model) so it can be powered solely by the old doorbell wiring (like my old Skybell camera can, but I’m retiring my Skybell camera).

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  5. Josh McCarthy

    I love the spotlight especially when live streaming. It’s a lot stronger than I had anticipated. I love the rounded edges of the camera and setup/mounting was super easy! Getting it on my account and wall took 20 minutes. The resolution is much better than the old mini and I can’t get over the wider angle lens! I’m going to buy more

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  6. Josh McCarthy

    I Called blink
    Long story short
    Found out The Firmware is not ready to go to market.
    They jumped the gun and released it for sale to soon.
    They shouldn’t be selling this until they fix all the bugs.
    2 out of 2 were 100% duds
    All of my gen 3 cameras work good!!
    Al my gen 4 cameras have some problems like “WiFi” and still waiting for the sync module “PRO” to come out to fix the problems with the gen 4 cameras. Unknown release date for that yet.
    But they call it more of an outdoor WiFi booster for the gen4 cameras. “No it to fix the WiFi problems”
    Do not buy The newest version of anything once it first comes out.
    Wait until they work all the bugs out the system first.

    Trust me after many calls & troubleshooting and online reading I know what I’m talking about.
    You can get one and chance it.
    But just know I told you so.
    Best of luck

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