CORSAIR iCUE Link RX120 RGB 120mm PWM Fans with iCUE Link System Hub – Magnetic Dome Bearing – Triple Pack – Black

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  • PWM Controlled Speeds via iCUE LINK: Set precise fan speeds up to 2,100 RPM while providing up to 74.2 CFM airflow to your system.
  • High Static Pressure: With 4.38mm-H2O of static pressure, the RX Series is great for pushing air through obstructions such as high-density radiators.
  • Vivid RGB Lighting: Eight RGB LEDs display vivid lighting effects, with a window built into the frame to enable viewing of your lighting from the side.
  • LINK Your Fans Together: The included iCUE LINK bridge connectors can connect your fans directly to each other, creating a seamless bank of fans all connected to the iCUE LINK System Hub with just a single cable.
  • CORSAIR AirGuide Technology: Anti-vortex vanes direct airflow at your hottest components for concentrated cooling, pushing air in the direction you need when mounted to a radiator or heatsink.
CORSAIR iCUE Link RX120 RGB 120mm PWM Fans with iCUE Link System Hub – Magnetic Dome Bearing – Triple Pack – Black
CORSAIR iCUE Link RX120 RGB 120mm PWM Fans with iCUE Link System Hub – Magnetic Dome Bearing – Triple Pack – Black


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Specification: CORSAIR iCUE Link RX120 RGB 120mm PWM Fans with iCUE Link System Hub – Magnetic Dome Bearing – Triple Pack – Black



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‎1.1 pounds

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‎4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 inches

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‎4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 inches





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Date First Available

‎February 27, 2024

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7 reviews for CORSAIR iCUE Link RX120 RGB 120mm PWM Fans with iCUE Link System Hub – Magnetic Dome Bearing – Triple Pack – Black

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Lord Waffle of the Breakfast Empires

    Very silent. Best fans I’ve ever seen. Plastic is really solid.
    Using 5 of 120mm model for both the CPU and GPU liquid cooler. Better than the original fans provided by those cooling systems. The iCUE software is amazing as well. I don’t need the RGB colors, they ‘re just annoying. Black model is perfect.
    And using 140mm model for the case’ fans.

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  2. Ovaltine Jenkins

    This thing is so good and yet I hate every single bit of these fans and how they work. I would give this a 3.5 star if I can, but that would be doing the engineering behind these fans a disservice.

    To be positive, I’ll first talk about the good points. I’ve never had a good experience with the older fans Corsair includes on their older AIOs and the infamous A500 air cooler. Gone is the whiny, grindy motors on those older fans, these fans have a much more polished sound, even at max speed, although the software-controlled fan curves can be problematic (more on this later). The RGB shines out from the side plastic caps (which can be removed for clearance purposes). The daisy chaining mechanism isn’t the most straightforward out of the box, but works very well, ensures a very tight lock with lots of flexibility, with everything managed by a central fan hub, which is included in the 3-pack. This is very beginner friendly for cable management, which might be what Corsair is going for with these fans.

    Performance is also okay, I tested these fans w/ a 240mm Gamdias Chione AIO on a Ryzen 7 7900X, and at full RPMs w/ ambient ~66F (AIO is always at 100% pump speed) w/ CPU at ~200W power draw was ~87C, with balanced fan curves increasing to ~89C.

    Another feature Corsair added is very coarse threading on the fans. This means less screwing and force required if you’re mounting these as case fans. I think they’re compatible with normal case screws, but as proprietary as these screws are, it is nice touch from a ease-of-building perspective.

    Unfortunately that’s kind of all the good stuff about this. At this price, I demand perfection and I’m going to nitpick every single one of Corsair’s misses with the iCUE link fan + hub system.

    Corsair interestingly has 2 giant pamphlets of regulatory information, but still requires you to scan a QR code for the manual. I can also see a novice builder confusing the dummy fan bridges with the active fan bridges, and end up with a non-functioning fan because maybe they use a dummy fan bridge on both of the fan connectors, or alternatively flipped them around when connecting the fans together.

    Starting from the hub, Corsair, I understand a micro-USB cable is slightly narrower, and you’re not going to need all of the USB bandwidth, but at this price point, why not USB-C for the cable to the motherboard? Also, why a PCIE 6-pin for power for the hub instead of SATA? A lot of “normal” fan+ARGB hubs use a single SATA for power to many ARGB fans, and with this hub, I need to sacrifice a PCIE 6-pin cable and a connector on the power supply just to power these fans, and sure, if you can afford these fans you can probably afford a chungus PSU with plenty of PCIE cables, but you’re probably also going higher end where you need 3 PCIE 8-pin cables for your GPU, and you might not have enough cables for your GPU because you’re running one of those to a fan hub. The manual doesn’t even say that the “power connector” is a PCIE 6-pin. At least the hub isn’t powered by molex…

    As for the fans themselves, the LED lighting doesn’t really scream “premium” for the price you’re paying. However, the lack of motherboard PWM (and ARGB) header support hurts these things. You’re limited to fan curves through the iCUE software, and there’s a very large fan noise discrepancy between 40% and 50% fan speed, and there’s a pretty large jump from 40% to 45%. Software control also has another issue of having awful hysteresis, even though the iCUE software has a lot of data points for fan tuning based on CPU temps, the fan RPM changes feel very jerky, almost if there’s no curve smoothing between RPM changes. The fan won’t overshoot RPMs or something, but it will feel like the fan responds quickly but with lag instead of motherboard PWM control.

    Dependency on iCUE software is also a problem, as outline above, say if you’re running Linux, you’re kind of stuck if you have these fans. At least the RGB can be “firmware controlled”, where you can set a lighting effect, and it will remain effective w/out iCUE running in the background

    At the end of the day, this isn’t something I would buy, not when Thermalright sells a 3-pack of their TL-C12C-S for $13 that has PWM and ARGB daisy-chaining and doesn’t require a software to run in the background that slows my computer down. At the time of this review, this 3-pack 120mm costs $100, an astronomical number for fans. However I can’t fault Corsair’s ease-of-use perspective. These fans are well-built, performs okay, and are easy to cable manage. I guess I’m not the target audience for these fans, this is more for a beginner builder with a lot of money who wants to have an easier time with cable management, RGB setup, and fan tuning. As expensive as these things are, there’s a lot of cool stuff Corsair is doing here with the software and hardware as part of the iCUE ecosystem, and I can’t discount that.

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  3. Jim

    First, let’s talk about the product itself: This, and any of the similar fans finally coming out that link to eachother directly, are very convenient. These are pretty good fans on top of it. Other fans have featured short cables and included extensions to help with cable management, but it’s nice to have direct, no-cables-at-all physical connections.

    That said, this particular proprietary scheme adds tremendously to the sale price of the fans. These fans are not worth $33 on average (based on the current list price of $99 for a set of 3). The proprietary controller is not an extra as these fans cannot function without it. Also, individual fans are also about the same per-fan price.

    For that cost, you can get much better fans. Or twice as many fans.

    They’re convenient, but that convenience comes at a terrible increase in price, and a very nice profit for Corsair, who doesn’t face any additional manufacturing cost by doing this.

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  4. Rick

    These corsair fans are fairly simple and easy to install, the one cable for power and led control make cable management easier. There were no instructions included, so I had to figure it out on my own but it was pretty easy. You will need a spare 6 pin pcie (graphics card) power cable. This cable is what powers the fans, you also need a usb port on your motherboard to plug in for icue to detect the hub and manage the fans. The fans have magnets built in and will pull each other together when you have them aligned the correct way, the kit comes with small plastic inserts to bridge power to each fan in the chain.

    Installation was as follows, Power the ice Link Hub with pcie 6 pin power cable, usb cable from motherboard to icue link hub. Icue link cable from 1 fan chain to icue link hub. One short and one long cable is included, you can continue the chain from the last fan in the chain by plugging in another icue link cable to it.

    Overall, a nice easy streamlined way to run and manage rgb fans or other icue link accessories, over time I will be replacing all my fans and other components with Icue Link.

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  5. Ovaltine Jenkins

    These are 25mm thick!

    I saw these in the Vine Program for review and got them and really wanted to use them in my SFFPC build but I didn’t realize in the listing page that they’re 25MM thick fans and I was going to have a clearance problem on the bottom side of my case.

    Ended up not using these and going for the non-rgb Corsair AF120 slim fans which come in at 15mm instead. Probably don’t perform as well, but at least they fit. Being a SFFPC, it isn’t the highest end machine anyway.

    I love Corsair products and have been using them for 15+ years of builds, and as much as I wanted to use these, it wasn’t going to fit my build. I’ll probably save these for another project though!

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  6. Gustavo Meza

    These fans are fantastic! My Corsair SP120s started to die so I decided to upgrade to these and the cooling performance is so much better. Not to mention I no longer need my commander pro and RGB hub so I can finally have a less cluttered rear chamber. I am slightly disappointed that the Corsair led strips I have are not compatible with the link ecosystem. Aside from that I am so glad I upgraded to these. I had accidentally put my top fans on the wrong direction and instead of losing my mind and needing to spend a good 15 minutes rerouting cables to adjust for the new position I simply unplugged the cables, flipped them over, reattached the cables and boom! Done! It took maybe a minute tops. When I eventually purchase the link compatible aio cooler it’ll be a breeze to add due to the daisy chaining capability.

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  7. Mark Anderson

    The media could not be loaded.

     So hübsch und leise die Lüfter auch sind, die Software hat mir den letzten Nerv geraubt.

    Disclaimer: ich habe die Kraken Elite eingebaut und in manchen Threads gelesen dass die beiden Controller Probleme bereiten können. Ob es wirklich daran liegt kann ich nicht genau sagen.

    1.) Controller wurde nicht erkannt. Alles wieder aufgemacht, Kabel überprüft, alles korrekt angeschlossen. Stundenland unerfolgreich Threads gelesen, keine Lösung. Letztendlich alles hinten aufgemacht und Kabel gelöst, Controller ausgewechselt und dieser wurde beim Neustart dann erkannt. Er hat ein Update gebraucht, was beim ersten wohl nicht geklappt hat automatisch zu laden
    2.) Nvidia Plug-In installiert. Würde ich nicht empfehlen, da bei manchen Spielen dann die RGB Beleuchtung ausgeht. Einmal sind sogar alle Lüfter stehen geblieben. Also wieder gegoogelt, Plug-In deinstalliert, Beleuchtung bleibt an
    3.) tolle Idee mit den Murals, schade dass man einzelne Produkte nicht einzeln ansteuern kann (außer ich habe es in der Unübersichtlichkeit der App einfach nicht gefunden). Ich habe Corsair Arbeitsspeicher den ich individuell beleuchten möchte. Das kann man auch super einstellen, die Einstellung wird aber nicht gespeichert. Bei Neustart oder beenden der software wird es wieder zurück gesetzt. Beim wilden durchklicken auf einer anderen Seite irgendwo den Hinweis gefunden dass wenn mural aktiv ist, ander Beleuchtungsmodi nur angehen, wenn anscheinend die Software aus ist? Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: wenn Mural an ist, dann auf alle RGB‘s: Lüfter + Ram. Wenn man einzelne Lichter haben will muss Mural ausgestellt werden (auch erstmal dumm gesucht wo man das machen kann) und die Beleuchtung individuell eingestellt werden.

    Die Software bietet in den Einzeleinstellungen wirklich tolle Optionen und wenn man einmal drin ist, kann kann man sich das auch nach allen Träumen der Welt konfigurieren. Für mich und meine ersten Corsair Produkte wars ein Abtraum. Da ist die Software von Nzxt zwar simpler in den Möglichkeiten, aber viel einfacher zu verstehen und ohne stundenlanges trouble shooting verfügbar.

    Ich bin trotzdem sehr zufrieden mit den Lüftern an sich. Super einfach anzuschließen, die Verbindungsstücke funktionieren ohne Probleme, alle Lüfter werden korrekt angesteuert und LED‘s funktionieren. Super leise und einfach hübsch. Wenn man bereit ist eventuelle Kopfschmerzen mit der Software einzugehen als Corsair Newbie 😀

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