Fujifilm X100VI Digital Camera – Silver

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  • 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR Sensor
  • Up to 6.0 stops In-Body Image Stabilization
  • 4 stop Internal ND
  • 1.4x and 2x Digital Teleconverter
  • 20 Film Simulation modes, including REALA ACE
Fujifilm X100VI Digital Camera – Silver
Fujifilm X100VI Digital Camera – Silver

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3 reviews for Fujifilm X100VI Digital Camera – Silver

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  1. Andy R.

    I have now had an x100F, X100V, and X100VI. The X100VI is a larger step up in performance than the V was to the F. I find that the auto focus is drastically improved and almost as good as my Sony camera. The most noticeable improvements are in continuous tracking AF and low light auto focus. The low light AF might actually be better than my Sony. The new sensor looks great and IBIS is huge. Photos just appear much sharper than the V between the AF and sensor improvements. I love this upgrade.

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  2. Andy R.

    I’ve owned a few cameras from fujifilm so i’ll be speaking of this review from a hobbyist photographer’s perspective that’s owned those cameras.

    At hand, the camera is still remarkably lighter than an X-Pro3 with a pancake lens such as a XF27mm f/2.8 WR. Build quality for my copy is good. Very solid feel to it, though i’ve seen issues with quality control on the net, I’ve never reached out to fujifilm, personally, so can’t speak to their service.

    The things that stands out in this version of the X100 for me is the IBIS (in body image stabilization) and image sensor capable of getting solid photos up to 12800 ISO (that food photo I’m accompanying in this review had aperture set to f/5). Being able to shoot handheld in low lighting situations is lovely for a camera this small and it’s bonkers how rich the photo looks with that sensitivity.

    The user interface is solid. I love the refinements done when compared from my X-Pro3. Custom functions can be set for film recipes and what not, but only the custom functions where you create them pop up, making it easier to cycle through your choices. It’s a smart refinement.

    It feels like the image transfer and phone app integrations have generally improved for me, too, and I can transfer my photos on the fly from my camera to my phone to share quickly. I still run into situations where I need to force restart my app, but overall functional.

    All the other things I want to glow about with this review can probably be comparable to those that looked at X100V (and other fujifilm camera) reviews so I won’t really go there. Great lens, leaf shutter, fuji’s color science, analog aesthetic, generally good build, etc.

    Only marks I’d go against this is its battery life and lack of weather sealing. I imagine the battery can be lengthened with turning off the IBIS from continuous to shooting only or off (it feels like my battery lasts longer on the X-Pro3). Weather sealing can be fixed by picking up filter ring adapter and sticking a UV filter or protector glass on it (which i did).

    Overall, this is a lovely camera to handle and is great for street, travel, and personal photography. It’s a very unassuming camera that takes beautiful pictures.


    Photo setting info of attached photos (images are JPEG only straight out of camera, no adjustments through adobe lightroom):

    Top Down Ferry Shot with Long Exposure of Water Streaming: f/16, 1/3 sec, ISO L64, built-in ND Filter ON, IBIS on continuous. Film Simulation: Reala Ace

    Food Photo: f/5.0, 1/20 sec, ISO 12800, IBIS on continuous, ND filter off, Film Simulation: Classic Chrome (reggie’s portra film recipe).

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  3. Steve M

    I bought my first Fujifilm X-trans sensor equipped camera 13 years ago in the X10, that camera while a bit outdated today still takes amazing photos! The X100VI is an amazing modern camera that combines attributes and features that really fit into today’s world. Fujifilm has admittedly struggled somewhat with their autofocus but with this model they have truly nailed it, it is fast, accurate and consistent. The wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity works well with my phone allowing nearly instant access to the pictures right on my phone. One of the best features of this and the other Fujifilm cameras are the selection of wonderful film simulations. This has been, for me, one of the most beloved features because it allows me to skip the whole post photo editing all together. I’m only a hobby photographer and dislike spending a bunch of time editing photos which I feel shouldn’t really be necessary. Another thing that makes this model so popular and easy to use is its size, you can literally put it in your pocket! It isn’t heavy and doesn’t appear intimidating to others which tends to allow for more authentic photos. The fixed lens has a very traditional 35mm field of view and will seem very familiar to most who use it. Availability is this camera’s biggest issue it is difficult to find in stock, I was super fortunate to find one just sitting on the shelf and grabbed it immediately.

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