Keurig K-Duo Single Serve K-Cup Pod & Carafe Coffee Maker, Black

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Original price was: $189.99.Current price is: $139.99.

  • BREW A CUP AND A CARAFE: Use both ground coffee and K-Cup pods.Compatible with keurig gold tone mesh filter accessory: A reusable coffee filter you can use to brew your perfect carafe (sold separately).ENERGY EFFICIENT: Auto off feature for both your brewer and your heating plate, Turns your brewer off 5 minutes after the last single cup brew, Turns your heating plate off 2 hours after the last carafe brew..Display Screen : No. Digital Clock : No.
  • STRONG BREW: Brew a stronger, more intense single cup.
  • MULTIPLE BREW SIZES: Brew a 6, 8, 10, or 12-cup carafe and a 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz. cup.
  • LARGE 60 oz. WATER RESERVOIR: The 60 oz. water reservoir is shared between the single serve and carafe brewing, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. Removable reservoir makes refilling easy.
  • 12-CUP GLASS CARAFE: Included with your brewer along with a heating plate to keep coffee hot.
  • PROGRAMMABLE CARAFE AUTO-BREW: Program your coffee maker to automatically brew a carafe up to 24 hours in advance.
  • PAUSE & POUR: Automatically pauses your coffee maker mid-brew for 20 seconds, allowing the carafe to be poured.
  • SMART START: Your coffee maker heats, then brews in one simple process. No need to wait for it to heat before selecting your cup size.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Auto off feature for both your brewer and your heating plate: Turns your brewer off 5 minutes after the last single cup brew and turns your heating plate off 2 hours after the last carafe brew.
Keurig K-Duo Single Serve K-Cup Pod & Carafe Coffee Maker, Black
Keurig K-Duo Single Serve K-Cup Pod & Carafe Coffee Maker, Black

Original price was: $189.99.Current price is: $139.99.

Additional information

Specification: Keurig K-Duo Single Serve K-Cup Pod & Carafe Coffee Maker, Black





Product Dimensions

12.76"D x 10.94"W x 12.92"H

Special Feature


Coffee Maker Type

Drip Coffee Machine

Filter Type



Coffee Maker

Included Components

Coffee Maker

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic


110 Volts

Model Name

K-Duo Coffee Maker

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Item Weight

13.2 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number

K-Duo Special Edition

Date First Available

August 15, 2019

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10 reviews for Keurig K-Duo Single Serve K-Cup Pod & Carafe Coffee Maker, Black

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Me

    My wife and I had been looking for a multi-purpose machine, one which makes both a carafe and a pod of coffee. I had seen this and after some investigation, we bought it.

    This is a basic machine which does not have a lot of features.
    I’ve read a number of reviews complaining the carafe spout design allows a few drops of beverage to spot the countertop. All one has to do is slow down when pouring. The wide spout is conducive to pouring quickly. Me, myself, I pour my coffee over the sink so any drips or drops go in it. Alternatively, a dish towel could be placed on the counter and poured over it.
    Keurig uses a 5 ounce cup measure for the carafe side. The carafe is 12 cups. 12×5=60, which is the exact reservoir size.
    READ the directions! This machine is easy to use and does exactly what it says it will do. To expect it to do X when it isn’t designed to do, it is unreasonable to expect that performance. If you need a different set of features, find the brewer which has them. Don’t buy it and then gripe it doesn’t do something it was never designed or equipped to do.

    The machine does exactly what it says it will do, day in and day out.
    It has a 2 hour auto shut-off for the carafe side and a 2-3 minute shut off on the pod size.
    Easy and intuitive to use.
    It is simple to maintain. I descale it as needed with the Keurig solution. I descale about every 3 months. Depending on your water, you may have to descale more often, or less depending on your use.
    You can brew a carafe and use the pod side while the warming plate of the carafe is on. Haven’t tried to brew both sides at once.
    It can be programmed to auto-brew at any given time, however, you must set the auto-brew function each brew cycle. This prevents the machine from automatically brewing a pre-programmed setting when the reservoir is nearly empty or empty. This is simply a safety measure.

    The directions which came with my machine says none of the parts are dishwasher safe. I would think for the money, a simple change of plastics composition would be in order without raising the price.
    The carafe glass stains easily, though it is easy to clean. The glass feels flimsy but I haven’t dropped it.
    It doesn’t come with the gold mesh filter, though it can be ordered or purchased at the grocery store.

    I’ve regularly descaled the machine with vinegar. Today however, I could not get the descale cycle completed, that is, without some frustration. I’d run out of vinegar and had (fortunately) 2 bottles of the Keurig descaler solution. I used the first bottle and was shocked at the amount of scale it removed. After completing the Duo instructions for descaling, I encountered 2 problems. First, the descale warning light would not go away. The second and most frustrating, is that in the carafe rinse, I would not get the full amount of required water to dispense. Instead of 12 cups, it gave me 8. I thought it was my mistake and I refilled the reservoir and tried it again, making sure I selected the 12 cup carafe amount. This time I got 2 and in the last attempt I got perhaps a few ounces. The pump made a whining, thudding noise.
    Spending a few minutes on Google told me the issue with no water was either the pump was out or debris in the line. I ran the second bottle of Keurig descale solution and let it sit for about 30 minutes. I then repeated the rinse instructions and this time I got the full amount of dispensed water.
    The descale lights did not turn off as expected. I learned there is a manual reset sequence which solves it. With the power “ON” press and hold the 8 cup and 10 cup selection buttons for about 5 seconds. Mine turned off immediately.

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  2. Grandmama

    I got this to replace another brand duo coffee maker that stopped keeping the coffee warm on the warming plate. This makes good coffee and works as it should on the single cup and on the full pot sides. The first thing that I noticed when unpacking it was the extremely cheap feeling plastic that it is made of. Other Keurigs and all other brands that I have used are made from thick, substantial feeling plastic. This seems very thin and very brittle. Why would Keurig not make it from the same material? The biggest problem is, like others have said, you cannot pour from a full pot without it leaking and wasting coffee.

    UPDATE 01/20/2024
    My husband called Keurig and complained about the pot leaking coffee while pouring. They sent us a new pot, looks the same, but it does not leak. It was free and arrived in a couple of days.

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  3. Gloria J. Trammell

    this is the second identical coffee maker Ihaave had in the last year. Everything about it was great easy to clean, load and operate. However when the pot of coffee was brewed it was warm not hot. I disposed of the first and ordered a new and I have the same issue, the coffee is not hot. HOT coffee is very much desired in our household. Everything else about it is great. I am now adding hot water to the reserve container, which takes away the ability to just start the pot without delay. I am hoping I will not damage anything by adding hot water

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  4. Cachemire

    This is actually very nice, thank you!

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  5. Taylor S.

    Livraison rapide.
    Très satisfaite de ma nouvelle cafétière, facile d’utilisation. Je recommande

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  6. Susan Johnson

    Color, concept, and performance were very good. My only issue is that the pot leaks coffee all over the countertop unless you rest the pot on the cup’s edge.

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  7. Taylor S.

    First I’ll start with what I like about the Duo.
    It makes excellent tasting coffee from drip side and the timer for it works well and is easy to setup and turn on. While the timer is on the machine can be functionally off (no power the the heating element and such) in stand by mode. You can make single cups while the timer is set for the pot. I like the size options for brewing a carafe (6, 8, 10, and 12 cups) since the 6 cups fits perfectly in my Rtic 30 oz cup. I guess a coffee Cup is 5oz in Keurig’s mind. To add to this confusion, the smallest single cup serving you can make is 6oz (6, 8, 10 and 12 oz).

    The only reason I subtracted a star is because the carafe leaks where the plastic top meets the top of the glass. The only remedy is buying a replacement with all glass spout. Luckily my last coffee maker’s carafe worked fine.

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  8. Boogie Woogie Man

    This item provides the opportunity to prepare a Carafe of Coffee or a single serve cup. Great features, has a Strong option along with four sizes (6-12 ounces) and all for a competitive price. We have been very happy with this Keurig Duo and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a single cup of coffee as well as a Carafe.

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  9. nicholas suriani

    I love this coffee maker
    The coffee stays hot
    It’s easy to use
    I’m very happy with this purchase

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  10. D. J. Edwards

    Very pleased with this duo coffee maker.It is a great design, well made, solid and so far everything works! I read several questionable remarks on the caraf that were negative.I found nothing wrong with it.It seems very solid and the pour spout works and looks fine.It is easy to use and brews the coffee just fine.If you want it stronger hit the strong button and/or add more loose coffee to the caraf.

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