LG 9.1.5 ch. Sound Bar with Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar and Rear Speakers

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  • Premium 3-Dimensional Sound – Elevate your home theater sound to a new level with this premium 9.1.5-channel, 810W soundbar powered by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology.
  • Rear Speakers – Now there’s a surround sound system for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Our new up-firing rear speakers have true wireless connectivity—that means no special receiver needed. Not only do they deliver an immersive audio experience, they can be positioned anywhere and calibrated accordingly. These speakers only need to connect to an outlet—it’s literally plug and play.
  • Triple Up-Firing Speaker – Meet LG’s Dolby Atmos soundbar with triple up-firing channels, including an industry exclusive up-firing center channel that focuses on dialogue clarity. The soundbar delivers a wider and richer soundstage so you can enjoy the most immersive sound experience at home.
  • WOW Orchestra – Create the perfect harmony using the audio from your LG TV and LG Soundbar to produce the ultimate listening experience. Feel every detail of sound. Use the LG TV and LG Soundbar speakers at the same time while using one remote to adjust the settings interchangeably.
  • WOW Interface – Now, convenience is in your hand. Control your soundbar and your LG TV with one remote. Adjust the volume and audio settings, check the connection status and even select a sound mode on the screen, all from the TV remote.
  • WOWCAST Built-in with Wireless Dolby Atmos – Experience the power of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound without any visible wires. A new built-in experience that connects your LG TV and LG Soundbar wirelessly for a sleek look—with no lag or loss in audio quality.
  • Multi-Platform Support – Choose your go-to voice assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa, and control your favorite features like Chromecast, AirPlay 2 and more through your LG Soundbar.
  • Advanced Room Calibration – Get a richer, deeper and clearer surround sound experience, with no sound delay, as well as flexibility in how you set up your rear speakers. Using the built-in microphone, your soundbar precisely measures the dimensions of the room and detects your rear speaker location. AI then analyzes this spatial information and optimizes audio settings accordingly.
  • Immersive 3D Spatial Sound – Push the boundary of the entertainment experience. Step into the scene and feel like you are a part of the action with Immersive 3D Spatial Sound—a virtual dome that delivers a more immersive cinematic experience.
  • VRR/ALLM – Sound that keeps up with an instantaneous response time, allowing you to enjoy a gaming experience that is smooth and lag-free with a passthrough refresh rate up to 120Hz.
LG 9.1.5 ch. Sound Bar with Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar and Rear Speakers
LG 9.1.5 ch. Sound Bar with Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar and Rear Speakers


Additional information

Specification: LG 9.1.5 ch. Sound Bar with Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar and Rear Speakers

Product Dimensions

5.3 x 49.2 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight

34.6 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



2 AA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

March 6, 2024

Speakers Maximum Output Power

220 Watts

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10 reviews for LG 9.1.5 ch. Sound Bar with Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar and Rear Speakers

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Matostu

    Very good system! Probably 2nd behind Samsung 990B 11.1.4 656W system (1399$ CAD deal) that i got for my 65” Samsung Neo QLED in the living room, so i can compare them. Altough the S95QR is for my 65” LG C1 OLED in the basement and i must say its the perfect combo! The pairing is automatic, easy stuff! It’s a really good unit for any LG OLED (CX-C1-C2-C3). I really like tech, but i never pay full price! I got the LG S95QR soundbar well below MSRP at 909$ CAD during Amazon prime day (last july 12th 2023). I gotta say its probably the best tech deal ever! This unit is a bomb and delivers a really good sound for this era content! The S95QR is wrapped with a good quality cloth. I was a little bit skeptical about it, because my Samsung 990B doesn’t have one and i prefer the look that way, also for cleaning, but in the end it’s not an issue! The rear speakers are enormous tho! Make sure you got the right stand for these bad boys! Best sound bar for the price!!

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  2. Matostu

    If you have an LG OLED TV, this is a perfect companion, the WOW Orchestra feature uses the speakers on both the LG Sound Bar and the LG TV at the same time to create an expanded soundstage with a new level of depth and power. Experience a more immersive sound that you can feel all around you. The LG S95QR delivers a powerhouse Dolby Atmos/DTS:X experience; AirPlay 2 and Chromecast means you’ll be able to cast audio from your choice of streaming music services. And don’t forget the USB port, which supports hi-res audio playback. I purchased it during Black Friday for 50% off; not sure I would pay full price for this system though.

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  3. Allen K Halik

    I bought this on sale at 1000 through Amazon a month ago; one year prior it was at 1500 (retail 1800). Black Friday today in 2023 it’s on sale again on Amazon at 900. Oh well.

    I have a 75″ LG UHD TV in the basement entertainment area. Not OLED, but it has an eArc port, which is key to connectivity with this device. Setup was very easy, though I did heed warnings regarding WiFi disturbances and decided to move my Eero 6 Pro about 20 feet away from the sound-bar/Sub area (there have been reports of interference because the sound-bar needs to connect to Wi-Fi to connect to the Sub). I had no issues with connecting, and my network is not disturbed. Installing and using the APP for iPhone was simple, and the APP is not bad. Not perfect, but does what I need.

    I had an old Panasonic 7.1 2007 system for years that was outdated and on its last leg, so this was the upgrade for the basement, and I have noted several advantages: #1. Less cabling and connections; #2. Aesthetics. It just looks better; #3. Connectivity is a breeze now, especially using eArc, which the antiquated system did not support; #4. ONE remote. The LG TV magic remote controls the sound-bar effortlessly; #5 (and most important) The sound improvements. Everything is LOUDER, and Dolby Atmos does not disappoint. I am impressed with the soundstage, and music using BT connection is very clear and LOUD. I am hearing things in songs and movies I never would have heard using the old system. I’m sure that other systems like SONOS or Samsung have comparable impressions, but for me the choice was clear. I did a lot of research on this system before pulling the trigger.

    One thing I did notice for the first few days was that the system just didn’t seem loud enough to impress, until I read and took others’ suggestions to leave all inputs in CINEMA mode. WOW what a difference!. I can still adjust types of group speaker volumes (up-firing, side, rear, etc. but NOT individual speakers) using the APP on iPhone.

    Overall I would say this is a GREAT sound-bar, at least for my basement environment. If others are interested in this and own an LG TV, in my opinion this is an excellent investment; you won’t be disappointed. Just use CINEMA mode, but be sure to play around a bit. Also, I recommend exploring RTings for honest reviews on all electronic purchases (not a plug, I ALWAYS research their findings before making electronics purchases).

    EDIT 11/29/23: So, my point #4 was not accurate. I do NOT have the flawless control of this sound-bar with ONE remote (magic). With my TV, and I suspect all LG TVs, the interface to use the magic (or any other universal) remote to control this sound-bar input is limited, and by this I mean Power and Volume ONLY (because of eArc). From all of my research, I have found that to control the sound-bar input using only the magic remote (like changing to Bluetooth) requires using the WOWcast device, unless you want to break out the sound-bar remote, or your phone. This is another remote (WHAT?). Using this device will allow you to control the sound-bar inputs, controls, etc. via your TV screen, and by extension, your magic remote. Well, I looked into this device, and it only broadcasts audio signals wirelessly. WHAT? No HDMI cabling pass-through possible. Nope. NO HDMI PASS-THROUGH! Costs 20 some bucks. But to have the interface on your screen to manipulate this very expensive sound-bar, you MUST have your audio connection wireless, for some reason. I choose to use direct HDMI cabling thank you very much.

    For this reason, I am knocking down a star. Really bad, and cheap, marketing gimmick for a very expensive, and great sounding system.

    Do better S. Korea. Still sounds great though.

    EDIT 2/29/24: Sound-bar is still living up to expectations. So far I’m very impressed. Increasing to 5 stars. This item is worth buying based on my observations.

    Still wish they would get this one remote thing figured out…

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  4. jeff l

    Overall I am satisfied with the system but it did require some fine tuning of the different speaker levels. I adjusted the subwoofer to the max and it is still a bit lacking, but overall this is a good sounding bar that can be found for a good price.

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  5. John

    Get ready to elevate your home theater experience to new heights with the LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR. With its impressive 9.1.5-channel configuration and a whopping 810 watts output, this sound bar delivers a best-in-class audio performance that will immerse you in a multidimensional soundstage. Featuring Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced technologies, along with advanced features like Meridian Horizon up mixing and AI Room Calibration Pro, this sound bar is a true powerhouse when it comes to audio reproduction. Let’s delve into the details and explore why the LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR is the ultimate audio companion for your home theater setup.

    Immersive 9.1.5-Channel Sound:
    The LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR sets the stage for a truly immersive audio experience. With six-channel wireless rear speakers, including up-firing height channels, and a dedicated subwoofer, this sound bar fills your room with multidimensional sound that envelops you from every direction. The center up-firing speaker enhances voice clarity and surround effects, ensuring that dialogue is crisp and effects are precisely positioned. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or enjoying your favorite music, this sound bar delivers powerful and moving audio that flows all around you, even overhead.

    Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced:
    Experience audio like never before with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support. These cutting-edge technologies create a three-dimensional soundscape that adds a new dimension of depth and realism to your content. With up-firing height channels, the sound bar reproduces sound effects that seem to originate from above, immersing you in a breathtaking audio environment. Additionally, IMAX Enhanced compatibility allows you to enjoy content specifically mastered to deliver the IMAX experience at home, bringing the magic of the big screen to your living room.

    Enhanced Sound Quality:
    The LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR is engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality. Thanks to the newly designed speaker driver, chamber, and subwoofer, this system achieves impressive sound pressure and bass quality. Every sound is reproduced with clarity and precision, from thunderous explosions to delicate musical nuances. The Meridian Horizon up mixing technology enhances two-channel sound, providing a more immersive listening experience that expands the soundstage and breathes new life into your favorite music.

    Seamless Integration and Control:
    Designed to seamlessly enhance LG TV performance, the LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR offers effortless integration with your LG TV. You can control the sound bar using your LG TV remote, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and streamlining your entertainment experience. Furthermore, this sound bar supports voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa, allowing you to adjust settings, play music, and more, simply by using your voice. Additionally, compatibility with AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and other streaming platforms provides you with endless options for wireless audio playback.

    AI Room Calibration Pro:
    Achieving optimal sound in any room can be challenging, but the LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR makes it easy with AI Room Calibration Pro. This advanced technology utilizes spatial awareness to analyze your room’s acoustics and automatically adjusts audio settings for the best possible sound quality. By working in tandem with your LG TV processor, the sound bar optimizes audio performance to match your room’s characteristics, ensuring that you always enjoy an immersive and balanced sound experience.

    The LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR is a true powerhouse in the realm of home theater audio. With its 9.1.5-channel configuration, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced support, and Meridian Horizon upmixing technology, this sound bar delivers a level of immersion that will transport you into the heart of the action. The newly designed speaker driver, chamber, and subwoofer provide exceptional sound quality, while seamless integration with LG TVs and voice control options make it a breeze to use. With AI Room Calibration Pro optimizing the audio settings for your specific room, you can be confident that you’ll always experience the best possible sound. Elevate your home entertainment experience to new heights with the LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers S95QR and unleash the power of immersive audio in your living room.

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  6. Andy

    Sounds terrific

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  7. Robbie H

    I ordered this item new. What I received was used. It was just before Easter and I wanted it up and running so I did not Return.
    They do sell open box on website but it’s not what I ordered.
    Was it fine? Yes it was. It works good and looks good.
    Just I have no idea if it was a demo or someone just returned it or whatever
    So I’ll rely on the warranty.

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  8. Ryan

    I updated my older Vizio sound system to this LG setup to link with my new LG TV. I am impressed with how well these speakers fill my room with great vivid sound. Definitely enhances the movie and gaming experience by having great sound. Very easy setup as well. Back speakers are a little bigger than I would like but the sound qualitymakes them worth it.

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  9. brian ritchie

    The hardware is OK but there is a total lack of adjustments for the software, disappointed.

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  10. Tobie

    Do yourself a favor and buy this soundbar. There’s one caveat though: do not buy it unless you have a TV that supports eARC. I used this soundbar with my LG TV that was from 2018 via ARC and it sounded like the sound was hollow – it seemed to me that a few of the middle channels were suppressed or missing entirely. Once I received the LG C2 and made sure eARC was enabled, it resolved the issue of that hollow sound. This setup definitely has trouble holding itself back, like the bass is in your face consistently. I would not recommend this soundbar if you live in a multifamily home because you likely will get complaints. Well worth the $.

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