Marshall Middleton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Cream

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Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $249.99.

  • OPTIMIZED FOR LOUD: . Middleton utilizes True Stereophonic, a unique form of multi-directional stereo sound from Marshall to deliver the ultimate immersive experience wherever you roam
  • ULTIMATE PORTABILITY, RAIN OR SHINE: Equally at home in the festival mud or on your polished sideboard thanks to its iconic yet durable design. With a rugged IP67 dust- and water-resistant build, a bit of rain and dirt won’t get under its skin
  • 20+ HOURS OF PORTABLE PLAYTIME: 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. When you do need to charge, plug in your speaker and you’ll be back to full battery in only 4.5 hours – the next encore is never far away.
  • STACK MODE: Connect Middleton to other Middleton speakers and amplify the sound with a multi-speaker Stack session. Stack them up or spread them out for a colossal sound that fits whatever space you’re in.
  • SUPERIOR, HASSLE-FREE LISTENING: Drop straight into your music with no fuss – just pair and play. Nothing stands between you and the music you want to hear. If you want a more customised sound, adjust the bass and treble on the top of the speaker, or download the app to control the sound wirelessly
Marshall Middleton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Cream
Marshall Middleton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Cream

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $249.99.

Additional information

Specification: Marshall Middleton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Cream

Product Dimensions

9.06 x 4.29 x 3.74 inches

Item Weight

1 Kilograms



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 28, 2023

Speakers Maximum Output Power

60 Watts

Charging Time

4.5 Hours

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10 reviews for Marshall Middleton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Cream

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Bk

    Only had it 24 hours but I am very pleased. The reviews I read and viewed were absolutely spot on! The Middleton is a well built, attractive, and great sounding speaker! Elegant in every sense of that word! The controls feel solid and the indicator light is bright and easy to see. It paired in a matter of seconds with my MacBook and my iPhone. I highly recommend the Marshall Middleton!

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  2. D. Inman

    It looks good, it feels good, and yes: it sounds good. While it is a single portable speaker (tempting me to buy it a friend for “stack mode” with everything but it’s price), it fills our living room with music. My wife and I both feel that the sound has a “live” quality to it, a bit like you are at a concert – even when you’re not looking at the logo.

    It gets plenty loud, even for use out on our screened porch, but most of the volume seems to come in the last few notches of my phone’s volume setting – maybe that’s more a quirk of my phone than the speaker – but as a system it has a lot of adjustability up to about half volume, then the upper half of the volume range only has about 5 notches to choose from.

    The app settings are very basic, just treble and bass enhance from 1 to 10. I would have expected +/- levels, or at least a 0; and no it’s not a SpinalTap custom unit, so you can’t crank anything to 11. The app also helps to setup “stack” mode with 2 or more Middletons if you happen to have them, firmware update if that’s ever necessary, and that’s it.

    When the phone and Middleton were both plugged in charging, they had a little interference from the nearby microwave as it was cooking, silent dropouts in the music – that’s probably just about any bluetooth product, especially when you have an unshielded 6′ cable plugged into it. It did similar intermittent drop outs in playback when the phone was taken too far away.

    The soft rubber case seems very durable, and it prevents unwanted rattles and hums with the table when the U2 gets loud. The sound does project nicely in all directions, 360 degrees.

    As compared with my ~$50 each pair of Earfun Ubooms, the single Middleton is clearly a better portable sound solution: louder, easier to carry than 2 Ubooms, and better sound overall when playing at equal volumes.

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  3. Young

    I saw this on a youtube video review as an accessory for S24 Ultra phone. Great reviews. I saw I could buy it on Amazon and it had free returns and free freight. Figuring there’s nothing at risk, I ordered it, unpacked it and played it. The thinking was it was worth trying because I could return no questions asked.
    I was so impressed I kept it and shared this item on FB.
    Powerful and great sound.
    I’ve experienced quite few bluetooth portable speakers for paddling, cycling, etc. This unit is significantly more money but in my opinion it’ll be wonderful at car shows, picnics, poolside, patio dinners, etc.
    Free returns makes buying sight unseen compelling.

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  4. Brian Frank

    op minimum Bass nog altijd te veel storende bom bom geluid, dat overlapt andere tonen, ze noemen dit de graag gehorende storende bassen .niets voor mij ! !

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  5. AmazonBob

    Por su tamaño, porencia y calidad de sonido es una gran bocina

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  6. Dave Jones

    Coming from a 7 year old Onyx 2…(which still sounds great) I was shocked to see how little the sound changed between the that and the 4…almost the same speaker. They both sound great and very clear…but they both suffer from the battery issue many have complained about here. The Onyx 2 no longer works without being plugged in (and I fear this will be the case with the 4 in a couple years)- but I needed something for my pool. My search began:

    Remember – portable for the pool – so I looked at everything and not being a JBL fanboy I decided on the Marshall Middleton the Onyx 4 and the UE Hyperboom.

    Marshall – really sounds great – very crisp sound and they get a lot out of this little speaker. If I was traveling a lot and bringing it to my room this would be my speaker. The most portable of the three – but the smallest sounding (which again, is still pretty damn good). Good bass – but not like the other two considering its $300.

    UE Hyperboom – This is the best sounding – but really not by enough to justify the price tag. I was willing and I was actually rooting for this one. But when you are at a pool and the water feature is going on…are you really gonna see much difference in clarity? If you want to crank it – this is a better option. If you have neighbors and live on a golf course…it won’t matter and the clarity of the the HK and the Middleton are both great…again $400..I did not see a significant jump in sound that “blew me away.”

    HK Onyx 4 – I have a 19 speaker HK system in my vehicle and my friends say it is the best sounding system in any car they have ever heard…and I tend to agree. My tastes run from Klipsch home systems to now the upgraded Sonos Arc with 4 surrounds and the large subwoofer….so I like good sound. The HK will not blow you away with power – it will sound great at a pool and your friends will say…WOW that sounds really good! If you want power go with JBL…but to me they all sound the same and again – to get something that will give you that kind of power….your back to over $400. The batteries on the HK 2 I had sucked and I fear this will be the case with the 4. I am very disappointed that the sound is not much – if at all – different…but the 2 was pretty perfect. I also got the HK 6 a couple months ago and played it for maybe 30 seconds – boxed it up and returned. Horrible in my opinion. I also dabbled with the Sony SRS-XG300. A beautiful speaker which sounds like it is playing underwater…again I did play with all these on the equalizer settings (which the HK does not have) to give them all a fair fight.

    So if your gonna crank it up…$400 is no issue…go with the Hyperboom. Sound will not be that much different (especially if there is background noise like water features at pools etc.) But, it will crank louder than the HK and still give you some great sound quality.

    Portability with travel…you are not gonna get much better than the Marshall Middleton if you are willing to eat that $299 price tag.

    The HK gives you a lot but again that battery issue should have been resolved…they know about it and have done nothing in the way of battery (or sound really in my opinion – which again is not a bad thing) for the last 7 years. The price is a little high – but the sound quality is still 5 stars and that is what I am rating it on. Good luck in your own search – and when in doubt between 2…get them both and compare – Amazon makes it easy for returns.

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  7. AmazonBob

    What’s not to like…great bass, 360 sound, clarity, battery indicator..looks are exceptional. After trying Soundcore X600( looks good but tinny sound and too much adjusting EQ ), and the Klipsch XL (not up to Klipsch standards ), I went to Best Buy to listen to the Middleton and was impressed. Ordered this and couldn’t be happier. The app needs work though, adjust bass and treble manually because app does not function in Android 14.

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  8. Constancio Munoz

    Ich würde fast so weit gehen zu sagen das das Teil sein Geld wert ist !? Ist schon ein gesalzener Preis welcher hier aufgerufen wird (nicht einmal ein Ladegerät ist beigelegt !!). Allerdings wirkt der Lautsprecher hochwertig und was den Klang betrifft wurde ich positiv überrascht trotz der guten Rezensionen die ich gelesen hatte. Jedenfalls trifft alles zu. Der Middleton ist ein Bluetooth Lautsprecher der Extraklasse ! Mich überzeugt er.

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  9. Wolfgang Müller

    sonido muy bueno, el altavoz pesa un poco, y se maneja muy bien, buena compra

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  10. D. Inman

    The sound quality surpasses expectations, and I’m unsure if it’s the most portable due to its weight, but it’s feasible to carry it in a bag and listen on the go. While I wouldn’t strongly endorse it for activities like camping, using it around the house or at a campsite could offer great sound considering its size. It delivers a mainstream sound, though I find the bass a bit overpowering and tend to reduce it, but that might not align with current trends.

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