NEW Bose Ultra Open Earbuds with OpenAudio Technology, Open Ear Wireless Earbuds, Up to 48 Hours of Battery Life, Black

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  • OPEN YOUR EARS TO THE WORLD: Hear all of what’s around you while enjoying rich, private sound; the wireless earbuds’ open ear design says, “I can still hear you” while OpenAudio technology provides you with high-quality, private sound
  • BE IN THE MUSIC, ANYWHERE EVERYWHERE: With Bose Immersive Audio spatialized sound, these Bluetooth earbuds feel, look good, and bring you closer to your music, so you’re not only listening, you’re in it
  • FEELS GOOD, STAYS PUT: The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds feature a flexible joint and a light-as-air-grip, simply hook it gently around the back of your ear and you’ll stay open to the world around you with these comfortable earbuds
  • WATER RESISTANCE WITH IPX4: Get splashed on, dripped on, sprayed on. No worries here. The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds can handle it. Acoustic mesh keeps out moisture and debris, so you can keep on listening
  • NEVER MISS A BEAT: With up to 7.5 hours of play time (up to 4.5 hours with Immersive Audio)*, up to 48 hours of standby***, and up to an additional 19.5 hours with the included charging case**, you’re equipped with long-lasting battery life
  • PRESS, PLAY, ENJOY: Simple button controls on these earbuds with microphone make it easy to switch between stereo and immersive modes, giving you instant command; with just a press, effortlessly control your music and answer calls
  • PLAYS NICELY WITH OTHER BOSE PRODUCTS: Thanks to Bose SimpleSync technology, you can pair your wireless earbuds with Bose smart soundbars and speakers for a personal TV listening experience with independent volume control
NEW Bose Ultra Open Earbuds with OpenAudio Technology, Open Ear Wireless Earbuds, Up to 48 Hours of Battery Life, Black
NEW Bose Ultra Open Earbuds with OpenAudio Technology, Open Ear Wireless Earbuds, Up to 48 Hours of Battery Life, Black


Additional information

Specification: NEW Bose Ultra Open Earbuds with OpenAudio Technology, Open Ear Wireless Earbuds, Up to 48 Hours of Battery Life, Black

Product Dimensions

1.04 x 2.56 x 1.65 inches

Item Weight

0.12 Pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 15, 2024



Charging Time

1 Hours

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8 reviews for NEW Bose Ultra Open Earbuds with OpenAudio Technology, Open Ear Wireless Earbuds, Up to 48 Hours of Battery Life, Black

4.9 out of 5
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  1. oxana

    I have been off a huge support to Bose on innovations for these open style music listening as it so important to maintain a good hearing health. We all abuse ears with music and outside environmental hazards, its important to sometimes keep it quiet but at same time listen to something in private . This the newest to the line up has not only helps to keep aware of your surrounding ( Indian conditions its challenging) but you can make it habit if you practise . The sound quality is excellent and very comfortable. I have been writing to Bose to keep the innovations open as I was upset they discontinued the Bose frames line up (another GEM).

    The main disadvantage I find here is the price but again I See this is cheapest in India compared to other parts of the world .

    To summarise its a niche product and will gain potential soon as we need to reduce using in-ears to escape from the environment. Yes Inner ears are unavoidable but at-least in quieter environment this would be an excellent choice.

    Thanks BOSE.

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  2. Dee

    Usually I say they are good for what it’s worth. In this case, for what I paid for them, they are not worth it.

    Pro’s: the ear clip/cuff design is different and good, the fit is pretty secure and won’t fall off, comfortable, immersive sound is a plus, turning off the immersive sound and they last longer between charges. When running I hardly noticed I had them on my ears. The sound was good when I was running. I noticed as I was running that the music got louder. I think it was because they settled onto my ear lobes and also I turned the automatic volume control.

    Cons: too expensive, can’t adjust to being closer to ear canal, left me wanting and expecting more from the ear cuff buds. They seem limited when turning them up to 7 or 8 on the flat setting. Should be priced around the sound core and shokz open fit buds price, maybe even pricing them lower like $125-$150 on the high end. For $300 they should have wireless charging, multi point connectivity. Most of all a larger and louder volume level. I’m returning them. My aftershockz aeropex bone conduction headphones do a better job and lasts my whole 10 hour workday without needing to be charged.

    Maybe another software update with automatic multipoint switching, adjust the eq curve to have more low end and not cap the bass when playing at a higher volume, and drop the price and they would an awesome product.

    Update 3/12/2024

    So I returned my first pair of ultra earbuds, and got a set of Shokz open fit earbuds. I tried those on for some time and really like how they performed overall. But somehow I started to miss the bose earbuds, and wanted to compare how they went up against the Shokz offering. The price is still steep, but I had an amazon gift card balance of $157 so I went ahead and bought the Bose to do the comparison.

    The fit was excellent as before, the sound is excellent, I registered them to get the two year nose warranty as I can see these being replaced sometime in September the future. The Shokz are really good and probably rank them as one of the best hook buds in the market. For me and my ears, the Bose and the Shokz are an excellent buy. They both are light and fitment is excellent, the sound is superb, the call quality I give to Shokz, the update happened to both and somehow the call quality on the bose really improved. I still prefer the physical button over the touch sensitive approach that Shokz went with. I still like the Bose ear cuff design vs the earhook. So which do I prefer. Running and exercising-Bose without a doubt, mountain biking and any sport with a lot of wind noise-Shokz hands down.


    I started noticing the Bose ultra open buds starting to lose connection when putting them on. The right ear would get the connected prompts, but the left would not connect and when it does connect, it loses drops connection a couple of time more than connects and syncs up with the right ear. I’m going to request for a replacement pair. Overall, these are excellent buys if you have a gift card balance to buy down these buds. The Shokz were on sale so I returned my black pair and got the white pair. I had some Amazon credits and used those credits to buy the Shokz at much lower price.


    Bose pushed an update to the open ultras (version 1.10.4). The audio sounded clearer, the connection issue seems to have been resolved, I noticed while doing yard work that my Bose lasted approximately 5 hours on the immersion setting. No multipoint connectivity like the Shokz open fits have. Also, I saw that Bose released a wireless charging case on their website for $50. I decided to not get the wireless charging case because I was already used to the usb-c plug approach.

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  3. Manuel

    When I saw these open earphones, I was intrigued by the idea because my worst gripe about my AirPods is that I have to pause the music or remove the earphone to be able to hear people talking to me.

    Yes, these are expensive – so I tried a cheap brand, just to see if the concept worked. It did, but the sound quality wasn’t good. So I decided to give these a try, and I’m glad I did. Their performance is light years ahead of others.

    They’re very easy to put on, the flexible earpiece clips around your earlobe gently and they are comfortable for many hours of use – I’ve worn them all day and night without issues, only removing them to charge them via the case, which is nice & quick. They don’t interfere with my glasses at all, I can put them on and remove them without touching the earphones. And, best of all, they don’t fall off or out of your ear, even if you’re headbanging! I’m mobility impaired so don’t go running but I reckon they’ll be great for runners.

    Because they’re Bose, you have an expectation of great audio quality… and they don’t disappoint, especially in immersion mode, where the sound is amazing and really does seem to be positioned very slightly in front of you. There are 2 immersion mode settings, one where the positioning changes with your head movements, and one static where it doesn’t. Although the earphones don’t go in your ear like traditional earphones, the OpenAudio technology sounds just as good as if they were, without making the music audible to other people.

    The sound is fantastic for all kinds of audio and music, I have very eclectic tastes and the only type of music they don’t excel for is bass music where very low frequencies are the norm, but I’ve never come across earphones that are great at this, it’s their size. I have larger over ear headphones and a stereo with a big subwoofer for that type of music! They’re as good for listening to ambient music and soundscapes eg Sigur Ros, electronic music like Ladytron and classical music as they are for listening to the latest rock, pop and dance music. They sound great with Spatial Audio/3D audio too. I also find them great for laying in bed listening to audiobooks, they don’t hurt like other earphones can when you turn on your side and they’re pressed against the pillow.

    How do they get on in a noisy environment? Great. They have an auto volume function that can increase/decrease the volume based on the sounds around you, and maximum volume is loud – you wouldn’t have them turned up to the top for normal usage, I have them set at less than half volume pretty much all the time.

    You can control volume, playback, sound mode and even your voice assistant using the buttons on each earpiece, a click, double/triple click or long hold allows several controls to be used with just one button. I found the button to actually be better to use than the touch sensitive stalk controls on other earphones mainly because you don’t accidentally activate it so easily if you adjust the position of the earpiece.

    If you’re intrigued by these earphones but the price concerns you, give them a try… I realised what a good investment they are once I tried them, and use them far more than I have any other earphones ever, because they’re comfortable, don’t fall out of my ear, the sound quality is amazing and they let me hear as much of my environment as I want/need to. They’ve replaced my over ear headphones as my day to day listening buddies.

    They’re pricey, but they’re worth it.

    A definite two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻

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  4. Kai

    Great product. Sound quality is amazing and it’s easy to control between few devices from phone to tv, etc. Very lightweight comfy to wear sometimes even forget that you have them. Just one of my favourite earphones.

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  5. Jimmy D

    I’ve been wearing these for hours since I received them. I can confidently say these are very high quality, well made, attractive and comfortable ear buds. Dare I say the most comfortable I’ve worn? I think so! I’ll talk about what I love about them and what may need some work or might not be a good use for them.

    To start with they were beautifully packaged. I know it doesn’t necessarily speak to the functionality but like good food, presentation is important. Once I opened the package I was struck with how small and uniquely attractive the case is. I love that the top swings open to reveal the buds that are magnetically attached.

    I charged them and went through the set-up process, which was straightforward and took very little time. It immediately alerted me of a software update, which was quickly downloaded and installed in minutes.

    Fit, ok at first it’s not immediately intuitive as to how you wear these. They are just SO different from anything I’ve worn but with the diagrams I figured it out quickly and wow these are light and very comfortable! Good start!

    The EQ adjustments are easy to use and you can tailor the sound to pretty much any liking. Bassheads might be a little disappointed but the sound is very balanced and full, with plenty of bass (for me). I actually love the sound on these, more than I thought I would!

    I tried using them on a call and unfortunately I cannot recommend them for phone calls (and therefore online meetings) because the person on the other side said the sound clipped at the beginning of everything I said. For my part the other person sounded great but it’s a non-started for me if they cannot easily hear and understand me.

    One last point I’ll make is, because of the open air design these might not be the best in noisy environments and it’s worth nothing the volume is somewhat limited (probably for the same reason). There’s plenty of volume for a “normal” environment in my opinion.

    Final thoughts, if you like open, balanced natural sound and/or are looking for something more comfortable for long term wear, these earbuds are top notch. I highly recommend them! I am very happy I bought them and expect to enjoy them for years to come.

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  6. Sharad

    Bose hat mit diesen Kopfhörern die mit Abstand besten offenen Kopfhörer auf den Markt gebracht.
    Ich hatte anfangs schwierigkeiten mich überzeugen zu lassen, da es gar nicht so einfach ist zu verstehen wie man diese ins Ohr setzen soll. Für mich ist es am besten, wenn ich die Kopförer so tief wie möglich trage. Das heißt sie sitzen bei mir knapp über dem Ohrläppchen. So sind diese bei mir aber auch am lautesten, da dann bei mir die Kopfhörer Öffnung so nah wie möglich am Ohr sitzt.
    Erst als ich das herausgefunden habe saßen die Kopfhörer auch über lange Zeit bequem. Vorher hatte ich das Gefühl, dass diese leicht drücken, was beim Tragen über den ganzen Tag zu Druckstellen führt.

    – unglaublich bequem (Wenn diese gut passen und richtig getragen werden gibt es keine bequemeren Kopfhörer)
    – sehr guter Klang im Vergleich zu anderen offenen Kopfhörern
    – fester Halt auch beim Laufen (Airpods fallen bei mir häufig raus, die bose sitzen bombenfest. erwartet man so nicht)
    – Gute Verarbeitung der Kopfhörer (mal sehen wie lange so bleibt)
    – lange Akkulaufzeit – 7,5h ohne erneutes Aufladen in der Hülle

    – Leichtes rauschen während der Wiedergabe (ist bei offenen Kopfhörern wohl normal und ich empfinde es nicht als störend)
    – hin und wieder kurze Verbindungsaussetzer (mal sehen, ob die Software das ausbessert)
    – kein Wireless Charging
    – Der Klappmechanismus der Hülle könnte etwas stabiler sein.
    – hoher Preis

    Ich bin absolut begeistert von den Kopfhörern, aber ich habe auch einen sehr speziellen “usecase”. Ich besitze bereits Airpods die mich begleiten, wenn ich unterwegs bin, vor allem wenn ich mich mit den Öffis bewege. Die Bose sind dafür leider nicht so praktisch da diese kein Active Noise Canceling besitzen. Müsste ich mich zwischen den beiden entscheiden würde ich wahrscheinlich die Airpods Pro 2 wählen.

    ABER: Die Bose Ultra Open sind absolut spitze wenn es darum geht diese über einen langen Zeitraum zu tragen. Wer aus dem Home Office arbeitet, zu hause viel Podcast hört oder gerne laufen geht und seine Umgebung hört, kann von diesen Kopfhörern sehr profitieren. Ich trage sie aktuell so viel, dass ich manchmal vergesse dass ich sie anhabe. Außerdem hat man keinen permanenten Stöpsel im Ohr, sodass man sich keine Sorgen darum machen muss, dass sich das tragen negativ auf die Gesundheit der Ohren auswirkt (Thema Ohrenschmalz). Wenn man das nötige Kleingeld über hat oder auf der Suche ist nach Kopfhörern die über einen langen Zeitraum getragen werden können, gibt es keine bessere Wahl.

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  7. Kai

    Me gusta la calidad de sonido y no me gusta que no tenga localizador por si te los dejas en algún sitio y que no se desconecté cuando te los quitas.

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  8. Jimmy D

    If you’re looking for an amazing music experience while being aware of your surroundings; then the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds is a no brainer! Here is why this my new favorite earbud:
    Comfort Level – Excellent (can keep in ear all day and forget it’s there when not on a call or listening to music)
    Battery Life – Great and recharges in the case
    Audio – Stereo sounds great and Immersive sounds Incredible!! Especially when moving your head in many directions.
    Tested running and working out with no stability issues. Stayed connected over 30 feet from my phone with clarity.
    The app was very user friendly as well as the connection to my phone. Great feeling to be able to hear what’s going around while listening to your music up close. Did a great job annoucing my call information when I wasn’t by the phone. It’s real easy to use the button to control all functionality of the earbud for calls and music. Really impressed with the durability and flexibility of the earbud.

    This great experience does come with some opportunities:
    I noticed when I took the earbuds off to place in the case my music was still playing and didn’t autostop.
    Also with no noise cancelling – the call was able to hear back ground sounds and also experienced a slight echo sound on calls.

    This is a really great product that is now my new favorite by Bose. The Ultra Bose Earbuds is definitely a conversation piece when noticed by others that I’ve been able to share my wonderful musical experience! Where has this product been all of our lives!

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