Samsung 49-Inch Business Curved Ultrawide Dual QHD Computer Monitor, USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI, 120Hz, VESA DisplayHDR 400, Built-in Speakers, Height Adjustable Stand, Eye Care,…

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  • PANORAMIC PRODUCTIVITY: Immerse yourself in enhanced productivity for all your projects; A 49″ 1000R curved display wraps around you with a 32:9 aspect ratio, closely matching your field of view. See and do more with a wider screen in Dual QHD
  • A CLEAN WAY TO CONNECT: A monitor and docking station in one; Tap into DisplayPort, 2 HDMI inputs, USB, and USB Type-C inputs that support 90W charging; Keep your desk less cluttered by using the monitor as your hub to connect across devices
  • SMOOTHER SCROLLING, SEAMLESS VISUALS: Take a break from work projects and enjoy gaming on a smoother screen; 120Hz refresh rate keeps screen running smoothly for a more immersive experience during gameplay and reduces lag when scrolling
  • REALIZE RICHER, MORE REFINED SHADES: See more in every shade while working on video or design projects; VESA DisplayHDR 400 support delivers a high dynamic range of luminous blacks and whites to the screen
  • MAXIMUM SOUND IN MINIMUM SPACE: Work, learn and play without needing additional peripherals; With built-in speakers, you can free up desk space by minimizing the connections needed for a more efficient working environment and listen with ease
  • SWAP DEVICES WITH EASE: An integrated switcher lets you connect and control 2 sources to your monitor at once, with just one keyboard and mouse; You choose: split screen, Picture-in-Picture or Picture-by-Picture*
  • COMFORT & FLEXIBILITY DRIVE PRODUCTIVITY: With a virtually borderless design, stay focused on your work with less distractions; Position the monitor to fit your ergonomics with a height adjustable stand, along with swivel and tilt functions
  • FOCUS ALL DAY AND NIGHT: The monitor’s brightness and color temperature automatically optimize for your environment; TÜV-Certified for intelligent eye care, the monitor also reduces screen flickering and blue light in Eye Saver Mode**
  • SOFTWARE FOR SMARTER MULTITASKING: An updated and intuitive interface gives Samsung’s Easy Setting Box*** the power to maximize efficiency; Easily partition the screen or display multiple screens of various sizes in a variety of configurations
Samsung 49-Inch Business Curved Ultrawide Dual QHD Computer Monitor, USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI, 120Hz, VESA DisplayHDR 400, Built-in Speakers, Height Adjustable Stand, Eye Care,…
Samsung 49-Inch Business Curved Ultrawide Dual QHD Computer Monitor, USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI, 120Hz, VESA DisplayHDR 400, Built-in Speakers, Height Adjustable Stand, Eye Care,…


Additional information

Specification: Samsung 49-Inch Business Curved Ultrawide Dual QHD Computer Monitor, USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI, 120Hz, VESA DisplayHDR 400, Built-in Speakers, Height Adjustable Stand, Eye Care,…

Standing screen display size

‎49 Inches

Screen Resolution


Max Screen Resolution

‎5120 x 1440 Pixels

Number of USB 3.0 Ports






Item model number


Item Weight

‎32.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎22.38 x 45.18 x 16.56 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎22.38 x 45.18 x 16.56 inches


‎240 Volts


‎Samsung Electronics

Date First Available

‎January 15, 2024

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Samsung 49-Inch Business Curved Ultrawide Dual QHD Computer Monitor, USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI, 120Hz, VESA DisplayHDR 400, Built-in Speakers, Height Adjustable Stand, Eye Care,…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. M. Massenzio

    My wife needed a wide-screen monitor to replace the dual LG monitors setup for her MacBook Pro (Intel) and this is a great monitor to have a number of windows open side-by-side, including one for graphic editing.

    I won’t repeat what others have already reported in great detail, but the headline is: do not use the “native resolution” but set it to the highest setting (5120×1440) and in our case, we also needed to tweak a bit the color settings to set the brightness/contrast to a good balance point: in MacOS, in Preferences, select the Dynamic Range and choose that in the OSD settings too.

    This is overall a good monitor, and works great for office work, graphic editing and (probably) for development too, as you can have several windows open side-by-side without strain; it is also competent as a monitor to watch streaming (Netflix etc.) although it won’t match an OLED 4k TV in terms of picture quality.

    A special word of thanks should go to the sellers: they have been super-responsive and attentive; the monitor has shipped without delay and has been delivered when they said it would (unlike another vendor, who kept delaying the shipping) – great communication and overall highly recommended.

    Regarding the shipping, the packaging was really well thought out, the monitor was well protected and easy to assemble (even though, to be fair, the instructions could have been a tad more explicit and printed larger to be easier to follow – but just a minor nit)

    This is a perfect replacement for a dual-monitor setup and paired with a docking station for the Mac, works flawlessly.

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  2. Cesar

    There are few little things that bug me. 1- instructions are terrible, 2-the DP port not working. 3- when it goes asleep I lose internet.
    Otherwise it is a stunning screen and I am in love with the consept. I love the seamless transition between screens with no gap. Worth the $$

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  3. Cesar

    Buen monitor, cuenta con PIB/PIP, 100hz hasta en usbc, buen brillo al ser panel Va, no utiliza eliminador, no tiene bocinas, pero tiene un excelente Nitidez en texto, eso si, nula calibración de colores. Para el precio más que excelente. ACTUALIZO: YA TIENE UN PIXEL MUERTO…

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  4. Ken C.

    This monitor is amazing for work and play. I’ve tested with a Mac and with a Windows PC.

    Initial order of this had a defect on the screen, which was just a visual dark mark across part of the screen that didn’t affect performance, but did not seem to diminish over time. I did have to return it , but the replacement came 48 hours later and had no defect and I could continue on.

    I have been unable to get this to get this past 50hz on my Mac, however on my Windows PC I’m able to get it 100hz HDR with no problem, and have run it through its paces.

    As a daily monitor it’s great, browsing, videos, coding all with no issue, and I’m sold on the idea of 34″+ curved monitors for work spaces in the future as opposed to dual monitor.

    Gaming is a little overwhelming on a monitor of this size, but it’s been able to handle the paces of my RTX 4070 w/ no issue and quite fun.

    Now I have nothing to compare this to other than an older Acer Predator XB270HU, but the SAMSUNG Viewfinity S65UA is brighter than that, though obviously with eye-protection does dim/dull it a little.

    I highly suggest this especially at the price-point its set at ~599 US

    – Visually stunning monitor
    – Works with both Mac and Windows
    – Impressively Light

    – Initial defect with first, replacement had no defect. So is this really a con?

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  5. Ryan S

    For my use, this is a 5/5 monitor. I use this for work, not gaming. Checked all my boxes.

    Picture Quality:
    First of all, picture quality will exceed your expectations for work purposes (unless you’re in graphic design, please go find an OLED), especially with HDR mode turned on. That said, it is no OLED or NEO QLED and the blacks and contrast ratio will just not be up to that standard. If that is your priority then skip right over this and go to the NEO QLED 1000R version of this monitor (that however does not have USBC hub features in it’s current iteration). Which brings me to my next two points…

    This being a 1800R radius monitor, you cannot sit that close to it, the curvature is not high enough. If you have a very deep desk or will be mounting this back towards a wall or something, great this may be for you. You need at least an arms length between you and this screen or else you will need to be looking left and right a lot, and the viewing angle any closer will not be great and color saturation/quality will be poor because again, this is not an OLED screen and extreme viewing angles are not great. If you sit close to your screen, skip this and go to the 1000R version of this display, but just know that you will still need to look left and right (it is huge). I don’t mind that cause I had to do that anyways with a multi-monitor set up but for fast paced gaming this may introduce fatigue.

    USB-C HUB:
    This was a huge factor in my purchase for this version of this monitor because I don’t want a thousand plugs in my laptop – I just want to plug into my desk set up and go – and it works great as expected. You do not need dedicated graphics cards to support this – my work computer just has the Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics and it is able to support the full 5120×1440 at 60hz without any bogging down of my computer or lag and all peripherals plugged in work just fine with minimal lag.
    HOWEVER a couple cons to note for USB-C HUB users:
    -Yes it has built in speakers but they are pretty poor in the low frequency department, and actually pretty poor in general. Most macbook pros have better bass than these. However, the monitor does have the audio output plug (another plus for my set up needs) so you can plug in something nicer it will integrate over the USB-C as well. So this is not really a factor in my rating since I have external speakers plugged in but wanted you all to know that these speakers kind of suck and I bet your laptop can outperform them.
    -USB outlets: there are only 3 A types and another C (which I haven’t tested daisy chaining yet). Depending on your needs this may not be enough which is a bummer because buying another hub would sorta defeat the whole purpose of this being a dual monitor/HUB/power all over one cable solution. That said, the space inside the back port cover is fairly large so you COULD fit one of those small UBC stick hubs in the back and expand your ports, though I can’t say how much latency that will add.
    -The 2xHDMI and display port are inputs… such a bummer that you cannot daisy chain additional monitors to this one because that would be awesome. I don’t know where you would put them because this one is so huge, but still, if I ever wanted additional monitors they would have to be plugged into my laptop or some other hub. Hopefully Samsung iterates on that.

    Not bad, looks good and doesn’t take up too much space. The “legs” that spread out towards you are a bit long (it is a large heavy monitor) but they are also narrow in width, so they really don’t take up much space. The arm in back also has a cable channel which makes everything have a nice clean organized feel. I will likely replace with a mounting arm at some point but the built in one does look nice and has a decent amount of adjust-ability.
    HOWEVER it does not raise that high (6inch clearance between the desk and bottom of the monitor at it’s maximum height). Depending on your sitting position, it could be too low sitting directly on your desk. I am 6’1″ tall and so it’s a bit low, not too bad, but that is the reason I will be mounting it to an arm to increase the height.

    This is ok value. I got mine on sale so I would say good for me, but full price it really depends on your needs. Two similar quality 27inch monitors from Samsung to replicate the same resolution and real-estate would probably run you $300 each ($600 total) then to add in a quality (not a cheap stick type) USB-C docking hub with similar ports could be anywhere between $150-$300, so you would be running around $750-$900 for a similar solution with 2 monitors and a dock. But this is one monitor (no bezels or space between like a multiscreen setup) and the integrated hub solution through a single cable to your computer really adds a lot of value and it just looks way better than two monitors – you walk into your office and see the thing and it’s beautiful to look at. Plus what used to be 3 or 4 different power cables into a power strip is now just 1. It really does clean up your desk a lot and looks professional.

    Great productivity monitor for those who need more screen real-estate and want a USB-C hub solution and worth it when on sale. I think if I needed something with better image quality or was using for gaming I would definitely think about upgrading to the Odyssey Neo G9, but that is a pricey monitor and is really overkill if you don’t have the graphics card or purpose to back up those specs.

    I’m already day-dreaming of buying a second one to put on top of my current one (why? I don’t know but who cares because it would look awesome)

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