SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S90D Series HDR+ Smart TV (QN55S90D) + 65-Inch Class Crystal UHD 4K TU690T Series HDR Smart TV (UN65TU690T)

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SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S90D Series HDR+ Smart TV (QN55S90D) + 65-Inch Class Crystal UHD 4K TU690T Series HDR Smart TV (UN65TU690T)
SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S90D Series HDR+ Smart TV (QN55S90D) + 65-Inch Class Crystal UHD 4K TU690T Series HDR Smart TV (UN65TU690T)

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Specification: SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S90D Series HDR+ Smart TV (QN55S90D) + 65-Inch Class Crystal UHD 4K TU690T Series HDR Smart TV (UN65TU690T)

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‎55 Inches

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2 reviews for SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S90D Series HDR+ Smart TV (QN55S90D) + 65-Inch Class Crystal UHD 4K TU690T Series HDR Smart TV (UN65TU690T)

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  1. GQReview

    For this review, I made sure to test out this product for at least two weeks to really see how well this works. I’ll start with the positives and say that this TV is CRISP. I’ve never bought a TV that is as thin as this one on the sides. If you were to just hold the top of the screen, you would realize that it is thinner than a pen or a pencil. On top of that, Samsung’s OLED is definitely top of the line in terms of picture quality. You could run content in full 2160p which is true 4K. It states that there’s some sorts of 3D processing with what you see and I think that is somewhat true. Watching a show or video that has content moving towards you does very slightly look like it pops out of the TV. It won’t be as apparent as watching something with true 3D glasses, but it’s just enough to notice it. Samsung’s UI on this TV is also pretty intuitive and it can connect to a bunch of different apps or even your own devices. I connect my Xbox to the TV and without doing anything else, the TV can turn on my Xbox as I switch to that input. Overall, extremely high quality TV for the price.
    The only reason this TV gets a four-star rating instead of a five star rating would be the performance of the TV itself. Samsung notes about the internal processor on this TV and how it should be fairly quick. From the day I set up the TV to today, I think this TV could be quicker considering the price point. Opening an app on my console or even my other TV tends to be much quicker than opening an app on this TV’s native UI. You will see a loading logo pop up and a small status bar that shows you when the app is loaded. I’m not saying that this TV is slow or laggy, but what I’m saying is it also isn’t the quickest TV in terms of processing. For me, it works a lot better to use my console to open apps and play it in high quality since they open much quicker on there. Even with that said, I still do use the apps on Samsung’s UI and find they will still get the job done. The other downside would be just the overall layout of the UI and trying to find something specifically. Some things aren’t directly laid out such as the inputs, so it may take a little bit of clicking just to get the proper action that you intended. Once you get a hang of the TV, you start to realize where everything is and it becomes a lot less noticeable. For one of the latest TVs on the market that’s OLED and 4K, I think this is a pretty good product. The quality alone and how thin it is sells me on this TV. The only downside I would say is don’t expect lightning fast performance out of the chipset on the TV, but it still will be an incredible TV and has a lot to deliver.

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  2. Biscuit

    Initial impression is WOW! This 55-inch S90D set arrived surrounded in styrofoam in a heavy carton, so my fears of damage during transport were unfounded. My wife and I had no trouble getting it physically unpacked on onto a bedroom dresser. It definitely needs two persons and a gentle touch due to the razor thin screen. Ours will eventually be mounted on the wall (it includes spacers washers to help with that), but the dresser allows us to use it right away and experiment with location and height before committing to a permanent spot. The stand snapped together with no tools, and even locks onto the TV without any screws, yet is sturdy and strong. On this stand there is a slight backwards lean, which is not noticeable when viewing from the front, but can be seen when viewed from the side and in my picture. On a wall mount this could certainly be adjusted to be parallel to the wall, but my OCD found this bothersome when seeing it setting on the dresser. A minor nit, I know. I added a couple thick felt pads under the back leg to achieve a perfectly vertical screen, and also made it easier to slide around on the dresser top for positioning. In short it was quick to physically setup and have ready to use in minutes.

    The software setup was also easy. I chose to perform that via the app on my iPhone (Android support is of course there too), as well as phone-less setup using the remote. They provide a QR code on screen to scan, and then clear easy to follow instructions. Once it was on wifi and logged into my Samsung account it even found and offered a backup profile form another Samsung set we own (a 2023 OLED display). Base on that it installed all the same apps making the setup even quicker. The remote and interface will be familiar if you have had other recent Samsung sets. The picture and sound on this one definitely was a treat, so much improved from older models I’ve had. We have yet to connect any device to it with HDMI, though are planning to marry it with a Apple TV 4K and Tivo 4K Mini in the future. We did use the set’s Peacock, AppleTV+ and PBS apps and found the picture streaming thru the WiFi 5 connection to be sharp and impressive. They also had the Xfinity Stream app for live TV viewing (if that is that provider), as well as Samsung’s “TV Plus” app. I personally found myself wanting the commercial-free experience of a 4K Tivo, but was impressed by the sharp picture provide by some of the TV Plus channels. Lastly I tried mirroring the screen of my iPhone over a wireless 5GHz connection and playing a movie. It was not bad, though I notice some chop during high action scenes, so a HDMI connection is certainly preferred for that, but still acceptable certain content or watching a short clip. The only “Bad” take away from this, is that now our 65″ Samsung LED set is looking long in the tooth and in need of an OLED upgrade. :). Honestly the only criticism I have is the dedicated buttons on the remote, for Netflix AmazonPrim, etc. need to be configurable so they can launch the apps you subscribe to, or allow them to be switch off entirely, for it is very annoying to bump one of those buttons, and have the set interrupt what you are trying to watch to launch an app you don’t even subscribe to.

    Lastly the sound: I’ve never found flat screen sets to provide decent sound, and usually I end up adding a soundbar, but this set may be the exception. I would certainly encourage you to try it before investing in a soundbar for it. Perhaps it is because I’m using it in a fairly small room, at a high positioned with a solid surface behind it, but for whatever reason, I found the sound from this set to be loud, clear, and with no need for a soundbar. I suppose if you crave deep bass you may not agree, but as far as understanding dialog, enjoying music and action scenes, I found this set to be great. I dare say it is much better than our older 65″ living room set’s internal speaker, and even that with the 46″ Dolby Atmos soundbar we use, with the exception of its ability to shake the room with bass. Alexa integration is also great, and had the ability to understand commands from anywhere in the room.

    So I hopefully you find my initial impression helpful in making your decision, and as I hook-up more devices and gain experience I will try to return to upgrade this review with those details.

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