SAMSUNG Q990D 11.1.4ch Soundbar w/Wireless Dolby Atmos Audio, Rear Speaker Included, Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Pro, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode Pro with Alexa Built-in,…

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Original price was: $1,997.99.Current price is: $1,747.99.

  • Q-SYMPHONY: Pair a Samsung TV with a Samsung Soundbar to unlock a new level of powerful audio; Experience content like never before; With Q-Symphony, your speakers work together to optimize all the audio channels to operate as one¹
  • 11.1.4 CH. TRUE DOLBY ATMOS SOUND: Feel sound all around with 11 front-facing speakers, 1 subwoofer & 4 up-firing channels; With a rear speaker kit included, your complete home theater experience is right in the box
  • WIRELESS DOLBY ATMOS: Skip the HDMI cables and enjoy truly elevated audio with Wireless Dolby Atmos²; Experience captivating audio without the cable clutter
  • UP / SIDE FIRING REAR SPEAKER KIT INCLUDED: These speakers use your ceiling and walls to create dense layers of all-around sound, so you can hear powerful audio anywhere in the room
  • SMART INTEGRATION: Connect your devices and control everything with our soundbar that integrates your favorite voice assistants and smart services like built-in Alexa³, Chromecast⁴, Airplay 2⁵ and more
  • SPACEFIT SOUND PRO: Get room-filling sound calibrated to your space with a soundbar that analyzes your environment and automatically optimizes the audio accordingly for an accurate and clear sound
  • ADAPTIVE SOUND: Sick of missing lines? Hear voices better, even at low volume, with intelligently optimized audio; Scenes are analyzed in real time to pull out the most important audio based on the type of content
  • GAME MODE PRO: Up-firing speakers, acoustic beam and strong woofers unlock a more intuitive gaming experience with 3D optimized sound; You don’t have to waste time on settings—the soundbar automatically activates Game Mode Pro in sync with your TV⁶
  • AVA: Ensure dialogue and commentary are not drowned out—so you never miss an important moment; Active Voice Analyzer breaks down room noise so that onscreen voices are always optimized, making movies, shows and sports more enjoyable
  • TAP SOUND: Around here, streaming music from your phone to your soundbar is simple as that; Just tap the soundbar with your phone and start listening; It’s mirroring that works like magic⁷
SAMSUNG Q990D 11.1.4ch Soundbar w/Wireless Dolby Atmos Audio, Rear Speaker Included, Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Pro, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode Pro with Alexa Built-in,…
SAMSUNG Q990D 11.1.4ch Soundbar w/Wireless Dolby Atmos Audio, Rear Speaker Included, Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Pro, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode Pro with Alexa Built-in,…

Original price was: $1,997.99.Current price is: $1,747.99.

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Specification: SAMSUNG Q990D 11.1.4ch Soundbar w/Wireless Dolby Atmos Audio, Rear Speaker Included, Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Pro, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode Pro with Alexa Built-in,…

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5.4 x 48.5 x 2.7 inches

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50.3 Pounds



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February 26, 2024

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10 reviews for SAMSUNG Q990D 11.1.4ch Soundbar w/Wireless Dolby Atmos Audio, Rear Speaker Included, Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Pro, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode Pro with Alexa Built-in,…

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Mike Bartell

    Purchased this soundbar to replace my older Yamaha. Loved the Yamaha but an upgrade was needed. We have a large LG OLED TV and Tivo DVR in a good sized room. We have a Sonos system in another room but decided against Sonos this time. After weeks of research i narrowed it down to Bose and Samsung. I decided to get the Bose Smart Ultra with the Base 700. Pricey, but reviews looked pretty good. Unfortunately the performance wasn’t on par with the price (very overpriced IMO), and i could not get the sound controls to work with my Tivo remote (even after calls to both Tivo and Bose). Quite disappointing. I returned the Bose and decided to get the Samsung Q900C. I didn’t really think the two surround speakers were that good or needed so i decided against the Q990C. To say that it is impressive is a huge understatement. Incredible soundbar and sub. Sound is excellent – regular TV, movies, sports, music are all crystal clear and the sound has great depth. I can hear voices in our shows so much better. Setup was very easy and quick (eARC). Remote works great, and the App is pretty good for adjusting everything. Couldn’t be happier with the Samsung Q900C. Be aware that the bar is a little longer and taller than other bars. Needed room for all that goodness. If you are trying to decide between the Bose and Samsung, the choice is easy.

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  2. Bradley

    We have this in the Bedroom – 2020 Samsung Q90 Series 65 inch with Q-Symphony. The HW-Q990C has more than enough power for a decent size room. My main system are Axiom Audio M80 Large Towers with 2 6.5 inch High Output Woofers and 4 inch IIRC mids, and dual 1 inch IIRC Tweeters that can handle a 1000wRMS Monobloc Amp @ 4 Ohms. Along with a VP180 middle speaker that is basically a L/R with differently placed drivers going from big to small from the outer edge to the tweeters in the middle (it also handle the same power.) the rears are QS10 along with SVS Subwoofers. Can it keep up in output level? No? But it also cost less than 1 Speaker. I would highly recommend the Samsung HW-Q990C if you own a newer (2020+) TV in a smaller room, especially if it is a secondary system.

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  3. David Sloves

    We bought this system for a second home and paired it with a very large Samsung TV. The integration between the two was easy and excellent. The built-in Samsung “smart tv” software is fine, but not great. The sound for theatre usage is excellent: loud and clear, with the sub-woofer doing its thing as expected. It’s really for theatre usage. It works great with Spotify and other audio sources, but it’s NOT audiophile gear. For music, it’s overly bright and the soundbar drivers don’t really offer much airiness on vocals, acoustic strings and the like. That being said, it’s a great theatre system, easily installed and an excellent value.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Shoutout to Top Choice Electronics, the vendor, legit!

    I’m coming from a 2.1 Samsung bar with woofer that I thought sounded ok – miles ahead of TV speakers. And I had no idea I could get this kind of sound out of a soundbar setup…. it’s theater quality

    To get the full experience, you do need to make sure everything is connected properly. My TV doesn’t have eARC for example, so I can’t connect to the TV if I want Atmos. I have a PC connected with a RTX3060. HDMI from GPU to the bar, then bar to the HDMI ARC port (though at this point I don’t think that bit matters). Downloaded the Dolby app for Windows, it detected my setup. Ran a few tests from the app and it’s working as it should out of the box. The speakers all auto connected, so I didn’t have to fiddle around with that which was nice. Downloaded Samsung SmartThings app and everything was controlled from my phone virtually instantly.

    I’ve played some 7.1 Atmos files and it’s working incredibly well. Netflix and Amazon Prime app are working in surround sound off the PC. So do other apps. YouTube and Spotify however are not, though YouTube should (?)… Still working on that one. But overall a huge win for Samsung!

    Last note and I knew this coming into it, my ceiling is vaulted and sloped, so I’m not getting the best Atmos experience at this time. But still worth every penny! A flat ceiling is recommended for the Atmos firing speakers to bounce the sound off the ceiling and in your direction.

    People saying the bass isn’t thumpy enough, I’m honestly not sure what they’re trying to get out of a movie. The overall crispness of the sound is complemented perfectly by the bass in my opinion.

    At 30% volume, it’s loud! I turned it up to 80% and I was yelling at someone 4ft away from me – and the sound at 80% was just as crisp as 10%.

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  5. thecharcuterer

    Bought this for our old Samsung TV (pre hdmi eARC). I hate to buy old technology – even to go with old technology. Read the specs and purchased additional fiber optic cable. Directions were good, set up easy, and the sound bar was operational in about 15 minutes. Lots of settings to play with – I especially like the option to make the TV dialogue clearer. My husband commented on the sub-woofer first night. Blue tooth connected easily with my phone to use the Prime Music and Bandcamp apps. We have separate equipment for vinyl and I love not having to change settings/connections between the TV and music!

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  6. XS

    I like everything about Samsung soundbar. Dolby Atmos is the best.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Firstly, I’m an audiophile. We built an accent wall for our new Samsung NEOS 86” TV and initially I was planning on doing built in surround speakers, probably klipsch, however during the framing, we decided to see what the latest greatest was in soundbars. We bought the Samsung Q6 bar a few years ago for our bedroom and were happy with it. We came across this one. It’s the highest output, most expensive soundbar system Samsung makes. Given that it had a powerful satellite sub as well as 2 satellite bookshelf wireless speakers, we decided to get it. Wow, this set up puts out some SERIOUSLY impressive sound. We have it sitting on the mantle right under the TV with the two satellite speakers on either side on shelves and the sub behind the couch. This system has it all. Crisp, clear, loud, rich bass. It’s a total cinema experience for movies, and when you want to hook up Bluetooth and play music, it’s a beast. It lacks nothing as far as I’m concerned for any application. I got it on an amazon sale, but I would absolutely buy it again even at MSRP. Be aware. It’s a huge sound bar, very heavy. If you’re mounting to the wall, get some very heavy duty anchors. 10/10 for sure. Well done Samsung and thanks Amazon for the smoking deal!

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  8. Jason C. Fain

    I have used this sound bar for a week now and it seems like a winner to me. I ordered it used/renewed/refurbished (Which, I don’t remember) and it looks great out of the box. No issues setting up all important stuff was included as far as I’m aware.
    I have had issues out of the app but its not too important to me at this point. I dont have a samsung TV so I cant try out Q-Symphony or what ever its called. I really dislike proprietary things because of things like this. But what ever, atmos still works. Only issue with that is I have not found much streaming content out there except for Netflix that puts the bar into Atmos mode. There is allot of content on Netflix that says Atmos but not allot that I want to watch at this point. So ill have to get back to you when I get a good amount of that content watched.

    I subtracted 1 star from sound quality because I watch allot of music video content on youtube and my old 2.1 channel bose system was a little better for this. I could put the sound bar into standard mode but then it sounds a bit lifeless even with EQ. So that is my only minor issue with the sound so far.

    I do wish the LCD screen was a little bigger. Its hard to read as only 3 characters fit on the screen at a time and the text scrolls slow so you have to store the characters in memory and wait for the next 3 to show up and append it then put them together in your head to figure out what it says. So things are abbreviated and confusing to remember. The app is a better choice if it works as mentioned above.

    Over all Im happy with my purchase especially at nearly half the price of a new unit!

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  9. XS

    I bought this to pair with my Samsung TV for the Q Symphony technology. This thing is heavy. It feels like a solid piece of equipment. My TV speakers were great, I didn’t need this but I said what the heck, why not. Glad I did. There is something about bass that is just a game changer. It works great with my PS5 and Xbox. Putting this together is simple. You literally plug it all in and the second I turned on my tv, I didn’t even have touch a thing it just all connected and started pumping out the sound. Very happy with the purchase

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  10. jerry moskaluk

    Le fait d’avoir des speaker mobiles donne un effet « surround sound » vraiment interessant.

    La barre de son est puissante. Assez pour déranger les voisins 😅

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