Sceptre 30-inch IPS Monitor 21:9 DisplayPort x2 up to 210Hz 1ms Ultra Wide/Slim Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2024 (E305B-FU200T)

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Original price was: $249.97.Current price is: $229.97.

  • DP x2 up to 210Hz: Seamlessly link your devices to our two DisplayPort providing up to 210Hz refresh rate and two HDMI ports up to 190Hz, ensuring not only versatile connectivity but also a buttery-smooth visual experience for both work and play.
  • True to Life Colors: Experience vibrant and true-to-life colors with a high quality IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel rated at 100% sRGB color gamut performance, ensuring accurate and stunning visuals for all your creative and multimedia tasks.
  • Easy on the eyes: Protect your eyes and enhance your comfort with Blue-Light Shift technology. This feature reduces harmful blue light emissions from your screen, helping to alleviate eye strain during long hours of use and promoting healthier viewing habits.
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: Elevate your gaming prowess with a lightning-fast 1ms BR (Blur Reduction) and an ultra-smooth 210Hz refresh rate. Enjoy unparalleled responsiveness and seamless visuals redefining your gaming experience.
  • Build-in Speakers: Whether you’re at work or in the midst of an intense gaming session, our built-in speakers provide rich and seamless audio, all while keeping your desk clutter-free.
  • Custom Gaming Modes: Experience enriched gaming with Sceptre’s custom display settings tailored for gamers. Dive into the heart-pounding action of First Person Shooters (FPS) or master the strategic gameplay of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) titles, all optimized for peak performance on our monitor.
  • Smooth GamePlay: Enhance your gaming experience with AMD FreeSync technology providing a tear-free, flicker-free gaming experience and smooth video playback
Sceptre 30-inch IPS Monitor 21:9 DisplayPort x2 up to 210Hz 1ms Ultra Wide/Slim Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2024 (E305B-FU200T)
Sceptre 30-inch IPS Monitor 21:9 DisplayPort x2 up to 210Hz 1ms Ultra Wide/Slim Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2024 (E305B-FU200T)

Original price was: $249.97.Current price is: $229.97.

Additional information

Specification: Sceptre 30-inch IPS Monitor 21:9 DisplayPort x2 up to 210Hz 1ms Ultra Wide/Slim Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2024 (E305B-FU200T)

Standing screen display size

‎30 Inches

Screen Resolution


Max Screen Resolution

‎2560 x 1080 Pixels



Item model number


Item Weight

‎8.16 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎8.22 x 21.87 x 15.85 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎8.22 x 21.87 x 15.85 inches


‎Machine Black



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎February 6, 2024

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6 reviews for Sceptre 30-inch IPS Monitor 21:9 DisplayPort x2 up to 210Hz 1ms Ultra Wide/Slim Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2024 (E305B-FU200T)

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Micah

    Image quality, clarity, and refresh rate are amazing, it has slightly improved my effectiveness in a handful of games.
    I can see smaller targets from farther away, the smoother and higher framerate improved my abilities in some FPS games, the pixel density is so high that I have to move my face on top of the screen to see the individiual pixels….goodbye pixelation and aliasing! No more stairstep jagged edges due to low pixel monitors, letters are now legible….
    The screen is great, but the speakers are functionally hot garbage. No low end or bass, very quiet, but nonetheless, good enough to watch a youtube video in my room. Does not pass the LTT Crabrave speaker test.

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  2. Rudy G

    Screen is amazing! You will want to change the preset Eco to Standard to increase brightness. Bought two of these screens. One for my son for his PS5 and I picked one up to use as a second work screen. He absolutely loves it as do I. I used a HDMI connection to connect to my laptop. Experienced a bit of lag initially but after a few minutes it worked flawlessly. Attribute that to using an older HDMI cord. It’s amazing how much real estate you actually have as a second screen. Jumped on YouTube and connected the Beats ear buds and wow!! Theatre experience. Highly recommend for gaming or as a second screen for work! Highly recommend!

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  3. Michael B

    amazing picture and amazing response rate for gaming. it’s big enough to immerse you in the action as well.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    This monitor is great for the price, however, since the monitor is 1080p but also ultrawide the pixel density is not as great, and it shows. The worst part of this, for the most part, is an amazing monitor. The stand is made of cheap metal and you have to meticulously screw the parts together and you have to screw it to the monitor itself. Most monitors have it so you can just click it in but this different approach makes it very frustrating to assemble. They should have put the money they spent on the dumb rgb lights that they put into the back that you can hardly even see and put it into making the product better. I found a 1440p 27″ curved monitor for the same price so I returned this one and opted for the other. I can see this monitor being a very good main monitor especially for officework but also a good vertical monitor.

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  5. Michael B

    **Design and Build Quality (4.5/5):**
    The Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor is a true beauty in terms of design. The curved display adds a level of immersion that’s hard to match, and the slim bezels contribute to a sleek and modern aesthetic. The build quality is solid, with a sturdy stand and premium finish that exudes durability.

    **Visual Experience (5/5):**
    Gaming on this monitor is an absolute joy. The 2560×1080 resolution and the refresh rate deliver stunning visuals and incredibly smooth gameplay. The curved design wraps the screen around your field of vision, enhancing immersion and making you feel like you’re right in the action. Colors are vibrant, and blacks are deep, thanks to the monitor’s excellent contrast ratio.

    **Performance (5/5):**
    This monitor is a powerhouse for gaming. The high refresh rate and quick response time eliminate motion blur and ghosting, ensuring every frame is crisp and sharp. Whether you’re into fast-paced shooters or immersive RPGs, this monitor handles them with ease. FreeSync technology further enhances the gaming experience by reducing tearing and stuttering.

    **Connectivity (4.5/5):**
    The variety of ports on this monitor is impressive. You’ll find HDMI, DisplayPort, and even a USB hub, which is incredibly convenient for connecting peripherals. The inclusion of audio-out ports means you can easily connect external speakers or headphones.

    **Ergonomics (4/5):**
    While the stand is solid, it offers limited adjustability with only tilt functionality. Some users might prefer additional options like height adjustment or swivel, but the curve of the screen partially compensates for this limitation.

    **Value for Money (5/5):**
    Considering the features and performance it offers, the Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor provides exceptional value for its price point. You’re getting a high-quality gaming experience without breaking the bank, making it an excellent investment for both casual and competitive gamers.

    **Overall (4.5/5):**
    The Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor is a fantastic addition to any gaming setup. Its striking design, outstanding visual experience, and top-tier performance make it a standout choice in the gaming monitor market. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, this monitor offers everything you need for an immersive and responsive gaming experience. It’s an excellent value for money and a worthy upgrade for your gaming rig.

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  6. ZP

    I’m not a huge specs person when it comes to all the specifics on what all the monitors do. I mainly go for refresh speed & how good the picture is going to look along with the other basic knowledge.

    However, i don’t mind spending the extra few bucks for something that is going to make me happy and work great, so when I see prices for $200 then I start doubting how good the product is going to be based on price sometimes.

    But with this monitor, man oh man I’m more than happy I got this one. Picture is crisp and on point. You really can’t beat the price for the quality you’re getting. Honestly if this monitor was $400-$500 it would probably still be worth it.
    The colors that light up on the back of the monitor are cool. The built in speakers are convenient. Not the best quality but still nice to have.

    I’m using this on my PS5 and it’s boomin. The only thing I would let you know is, the monitor comes with a HDMI 2.1 cord. Not the 2.0 or a normal hdmi. You can still use an old one because it has a slot for it. You just won’t get maximum quality. If that’s an issue you would need an updated hdmi cord to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible.
    I gotta new one on Amazon and got a 4K/8K/10K (all in one) super fast hdmi cord for like $7 and hooked it up and got an even better picture quality with my PS5.

    I would highly recommend this monitor. Trust me you’ll be happy you did.

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