Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth for Crystal-Clear Calls w/Adaptive Noise Cancellation, 60h Battery Life, Customizable Sound & Lightweight Folding Design,…

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  • Maximum audio resolution with Sennheiser Signature Sound Enjoy premium music quality all-day long thanks to the headphone’s audiophile-inspired 42mm transducer system and aptX Adaptive. Note Recommendation is that the user downloads the Sennheiser Smart Control app, this ensures that the product is up to date with updates
  • Personalized sound via the Sennheiser Smart Control App Adjust the sound to your individual listening preferences via the integrated equalizer, presets and sound modes – for a unique sound experience
  • Stay immersed in your music Thanks to the headphone’s Adaptive Noise Cancellation, you stay distraction-free – and with the Adjustable Transparency Mode you stay in touch with the world around you
  • Exceptional comfort and long battery life Lightweight, foldable design with padded headband and deeply cushioned ear pads for long-lasting comfort – up to 60 hours of playback time with fast charging
  • Crystal-clear calls The four digital beamforming microphones ensure high-quality voice pick-up and automatically suppress wind noise for optimized calls and easier access to the voice assistant
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth for Crystal-Clear Calls w/Adaptive Noise Cancellation, 60h Battery Life, Customizable Sound & Lightweight Folding Design,…
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth for Crystal-Clear Calls w/Adaptive Noise Cancellation, 60h Battery Life, Customizable Sound & Lightweight Folding Design,…


Additional information

Specification: Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth for Crystal-Clear Calls w/Adaptive Noise Cancellation, 60h Battery Life, Customizable Sound & Lightweight Folding Design,…

Product Dimensions

7 x 1.82 x 7.67 inches

Item Weight

10.3 Ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 8, 2024



Charging Time

2 Hours

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8 reviews for Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth for Crystal-Clear Calls w/Adaptive Noise Cancellation, 60h Battery Life, Customizable Sound & Lightweight Folding Design,…

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  1. MA Stewart

    Let me say upfront I am a long-time audiophile. I’ve been immersed in all things high-end audio for more than 40 years, and listened to a lot of stuff, including headphones. Until recently, I’ve avoided all BT/wireless headphones because they presented too much compromise for my tastes. Noise cancellation adversely effected audio quality and/or gave me a headache. Bluetooth simply didn’t cut it for prolonged enjoyment because of the lower, compressed resolution and frequency.

    But, that all changed in late 2022. On a whim, I tried the newish Sony WH-1000XM5 and was surprised at how good they sounded. The noise cancellation was excellent with little of the rushing elevator sound–and boy, the sound was terrific. For the first time I felt like using a wireless headphone wasn’t a big step-down from wired. The M5’s soundstage was truly impressive, rivaling my Focal Clear MG wired ‘phones. Plus, the M5s were much lighter, more portable, and a bit more fun. The new Sony’s were a magnitude better than the older Sonys, as well as anything wireless I’d heard before.

    That got me wondering: If the Sony’s are this good, maybe something by Bowers and Wilkins or Sennheiser would be even better. After all, Sony caters to the mass market, which is generally not that discerning when it comes to audio. Whereas, B&W and Sennheiser typically aim more for the smaller, high-end, audiophile market. So, I started comparing the MX5 to the new B&W Px7 S2 and new Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless.

    Here’s what I found:

    In the past, like the Sonys, the B&Ws and Sennheiser wireless ‘phones were disappointments, falling far short (for me) of their wired, non-NC counterparts. No longer, because the new models are dramatically better. Without going into lots of detail (something audiophiles love to do), both the Px7 S2 and the Momentum 4 are a leap forward in every way than their predecessors. Are they better than the MX5, yes, but not by much. As others have said, the MX5 has better software, better NC, is very portable, and pretty comfortable. For many, the slight compromise in audio quality may not be a big deal. I could easily live with the MX5. However, my priority is sound quality since I seldom use NC, and, even if the software of the B&Ws and Sennheisers is only acceptable.

    Therefore, it came down to the Px7 S2 vs. Momentum 4 for me. The Px7 S2 is much nicer to look at, exuding high quality. The Momentum 4, not so much. In fact, they look like an MX5 knock-off with a few upscale touches. The software of both the Px7 S2 and Momentum 4 is mediocre at best, albeit functional.

    Now about the sound. The Px7 S2 sound really, really good. Bass, Midrange, Treble are all top notch, if not perfect. They’re fun to listen to, with a wide soundstage and energetic dynamics. That said, they’re tuned to emphasize the lower frequencies a bit too much for my tastes. At first, this makes music and voices more vibrant and robust, but, over time, it gets tiring, and you’re realize what you’re hearing isn’t all that accurate. If I hadn’t listened to the Momentum 4s, I probably would have been quite happy with the Px7 S2.

    But, I did listen to the Momentum 4. It edges out thePx7 S2 and MX5 with its overall excellent balance and accuracy. Nothing is exaggerated: voices, instruments, timbre, tone are all just right to my ears. Maybe not as exciting as the Px7 S2 upon first listen, but the Momentum 4s seduce you the more you use them. There’s no need for lots of equalization, or fiddling to get the sound right; its all been done at the factory. Besides the accurate representation of voices and instruments, the Momentum 4s are monsters when it comes to soundstage. The placement of everything is wide, yet accurate. You can feel the space and air between different instruments, and where the singer is in the studio or stage. Layering and detail are pretty amazing considering these are bluetooth, closed-back ‘phones. Sennheiser (Actually: Sonova, because Sennheiser sold their headphone division to this maker of hearing aids in 2021.) did their homework when it came to the Momentum 4. Plus, that 60 hours of battery life is icing on the cake.

    Let me say this in conclusion. You won’t go wrong with any of these three headphones. They’re all great. I preferred the Momentum 4 because it represents the overall most satisfying package for the money, but you might prefer the Px7 S2, or the MX5, more. One last word, regarding the buggy software of the Momentum 4: I found none. With the latest updates, Sennheiser/Sonova seems have fixed the issues of poor connectivity and consistency. All system functions worked perfectly the entire time I’ve been using the Momentum 4s. Enjoy!

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  2. M. Dashiell

    I got my pair in from Amazon today. First impressions are great. When I pulled them out of the box, there was around a 50 percent charge, so I was able to try them out immediately. I have an iPhone with the latest iOS, so pairing was very easy. Immediately when I paired them, there was a firmware update which took around 5 minutes to download and install over bluetooth. The app is good and works well. You can create soundstages by location and control noise cancellation via a slider. There is a simple EQ as well.

    I am coming from an older pair of B&O H95’s and Bose quiet comforts Q45. While the Bose were very comfortable and the noise cancellation was awesome– I did not realize how bad they sounded until I got my older paid of H95’s. This pair of Sennheisers sounds so much better than the quiet comforts. There is really no competition there. They don’t sound quite as good as the H95’s but the H95’s give me a headache as far as the clamping on the sides of the head. Please note for those of you who wear glasses– these Sennheisers are the best headphones for people who wear glasses– much better than the Bose.

    So for comparisons, I would give the H95’s a 9 on sound quality, a 5 on battery life, a 2 on comfort and a 5 on noise cancellation (out of a scale of 10). B & O app on iOS– 7. Build quality for the H95 would be a 8.5
    Bose Quiet Comforts Q45 a 4 on sound quality, a 7 on battery life, a 8.5 on comfort and a 10 on noise cancellation. The Bose app is not good at all. I could never get it paired correctly except through the Bluetooth iOS control panel. This is on multiple devices. The app for me gets a 0. Build quality is a 7– all plastic.
    For the Sennheisers– a 8 on sound quality, a 10 on battery life, a 10 on comfort and a 7 on noise cancellation. I had zero issues with the app and there are so many options for personalization– that gets a 10 on iOS. Build quality– gets a 9.5

    Now– a question I had are these worth the price– absolutely. I was wondering that myself. I really think they are worth it. It is easy to future proof these with the firmware updates that are easy to install.
    Bass quality– gets a 4 out of 5 stars as the Bass is a little weak (even with Bass boost) compared to the H95’s. Noise cancellation is good but not quite as good as the Bose. But a tradeoff I am willing to make is the sound quality is soo much better with the Sennheisers compared to the Bose.

    The best part is– these do not give me a headache (been wearing them all day) and no clamping on the sides of my head.

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  3. Angelo Wish

    En general son unos muy buenos audifonos y para quienes conocemos la marca Sennheiser no falla en calidad sonora. Puedes estar seguro de que todo en estos audifonos es de calidad sin embargo:
    – La app es bastante básica y no ofrece opciones avanzadas de ecualización o confiiguaración
    – Los materiales son cómodos pero no tanto como para llevarlos por mucho tiempo, los hules aislantes son algo duros y pueden llegar a cansar
    – La cancelación de ruido es buena pero por alguna razón hace que me duelan oídos, crean una sensación de vacío algo incomoda en el interior del oido

    Fura de eso son un excelente producto, lo conseguí en descuento así que mejor aún.

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  4. anonamazon

    These headphones are among the best I’ve ever heard; their sound quality is unmatched in the area. Sennheiser is well known for this, and definitely live up to expectations here. You can tune them to your liking with an optional bass boost toggle in the app that makes music very punchy, which in my opinion adds a lot to these headphones.

    While the experience on mobile has been seamless with no issues, the same cannot be said for desktop. Periodically on desktop there is connection dropout with bursts of static upon reconnection.

    Notwithstanding the connection, this pair of headphones are my first with ANC. I think it works well enough, although from what I’ve seen it’s hardly comparable to Sony’s XM5s.

    The touch controls are sensitive, as many others have said. However, I don’t find it to be much of an issue on a day-to-day basis. While having buttons would be nice, I find the touch controls to be rather intuitive and have come to like them.

    Overall, with the great sound and controls, I can easily say it’s worth the price and more than makes up for the slight issues that you may come across when using them. I am more leaning towards 4 stars for this review, but in my personal opinion it gets a 5.

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  5. eduardo fortes silva

    Desligue o cancelamento de ruído adaptável e o barulho, de repente, invade sues ouvidos. Ligue de novo e um quase completo silêncio vai te envolver.
    A qualidade do som é excelente!
    Outro recurso legal é guardar o fone no caixa e o aparelho desliga sozinho na mesma hora!

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  6. Marvin Ingenwerth

    Habe die Kopfhörer nun fast ein Jahr in täglicher Nutzung. Ich nutze sie hauptsächlich beim Pendeln zur Arbeit. Klangqualität ist absolut top, ebenso der Komfort. Es gibt jedoch zwei Aspekte, die mich an den Kopfhörern stören.

    Verwendete Materialien:
    Die verwendeten Materialien für das Ohrpolster halten SEHR warm. Das ist super im Winter, aber in der sommerlichen Hitze eine absolute Tortur.

    Es funktioniert und man kann es nach eigenen Bedürfnissen einstellen. Die meisten Geräusche von außerhalb werden wunderbar herausgefiltert, bis auf Stimmen und Wind. Ich habe keine Einstellungsmöglichkeit gefunden, die die Stimmen von außerhalb vernünftig filtern kann. Windgeräusche lassen sich ebenfalls nur schwer filtern. Selbst mit aktiver Windunterdrückung hört/merkt man den Wind.

    Dennoch sehe ich diese Kopfhörer bei 5/5 Sternen. Sie sind absolut top im Bereich der Verarbeitung und Qualität und mit Abstand das Beste, was ich an Klangqualität jemals erlebt habe.

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  7. sean

    I purchased the Momentum 4s in a head-to-head comparison against the Bose QC 45 and the Technics EAH800. The Momentum had by far the best sound profile and superior eq adjustment via the app. Can connect to multiple sources at once, noise cancelling during music and on calls only slightly behind the Technics, best in-call acoustics, and weight and build made them suitable to wear during activities. I wanted headphones that would allow me to have important work calls even with my children making noise in the background and they succeed. I really enjoy the sound profile and find myself using them far more than I anticipated. Being able to toggle the noise cancelling on and off with a tap is fantastic.
    My single complaint is the headphones occasionally disconnect during calls requiring me to re-select them as the audio source on my phone. Hopefully this is addressed with a firmware update.

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  8. Rubén Cruz

    Increíble audio, panel tactil con respuesta perfecta y sobretodo excelente app para configurar el audio y funciones. 100% recomendables

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