Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 Smart Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.4, Crystal-Clear Sound, Comfortable Design, 30-Hour Battery Life, Adaptive ANC, LE Audio and Auracast – Black…

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  • Immerse yourself in exceptional sound: Sennheiser’s TrueResponse transducer system and lossless audio technology deliver best-in-class audio quality for an exceptionally detailed listening experience
  • Embrace the future: Stay ahead with LE Audio & Auracast* that are revolutionizing audio streaming, as well as with smart features like customizable touch control and multipoint connectivity *Only available with firmware update
  • Reclaim control of the sound around you: Isolate outside noise with optimized adaptive ANC and Anti-Wind Mode, and easily switch to low-noise Transparency Mode for comfortable awareness
  • Designed for all-day comfort: With a secure fit and extra soft silicone ear tips, you can enjoy long listening sessions
  • Never slow down: Enjoy up to 30 hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure and quick charge for an hour’s play time in as little as 8 minutes
Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 Smart Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.4, Crystal-Clear Sound, Comfortable Design, 30-Hour Battery Life, Adaptive ANC, LE Audio and Auracast – Black…
Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 Smart Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.4, Crystal-Clear Sound, Comfortable Design, 30-Hour Battery Life, Adaptive ANC, LE Audio and Auracast – Black…


Additional information

Specification: Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 Smart Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.4, Crystal-Clear Sound, Comfortable Design, 30-Hour Battery Life, Adaptive ANC, LE Audio and Auracast – Black…

Package Dimensions

4.37 x 3.86 x 1.73 inches

Item Weight

5.8 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 15, 2024



Speakers Maximum Output Power

10 Watts

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4 reviews for Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 Smart Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.4, Crystal-Clear Sound, Comfortable Design, 30-Hour Battery Life, Adaptive ANC, LE Audio and Auracast – Black…

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  1. Jason H.

    Only pairs with an Iphone/Ipad (and possibly Android phone); will NOT pair with a Windows or Mac laptop. I could not find any information that indicated this was ONLY for an iPhone/ipad. The “Made For” label doesn’t tell me that it “only works with”; only that it was designed for those products in mind. Sennheiser’s instructions, website, and marketing materials also fail to mention that it only works with a phone/tablet. Getting these to pair with my iPhone was trickier than it needed to be and glitchy. You MUST use their app and the app still needs work. There are parts of the app that simply don’t work and you’ll get some weird software errors when you go to those areas.

    Fit: 3/5 – better than most, heavier than AirPods, lighter than JabraElites; very limited selection of tips for a $300 pair of ear buds.

    Sound Quality: 5/5 – If you’re only planning to listen to music on iOS/Android, then the sound quality is fantastic; as good or perhaps better than AirPodsPro. These have a better sound stage and more accurate reproduction than the AirPods. Didn’t try them with Lossless/Hires audio as the lack of pairing with a PC made this impossible for me.

    Noise Cancellation: 4/5 – Great noise cancellation; better than most other earbuds on the market; on par with AirPodsPro.

    Battery Life: On par with most wireless earbuds; the charging case seemed to drain quickly though.

    Overall: could have been stellar with a bit more development and Windows/Mac compatibility. The lack of PC and Mac support makes these a less capable AirPods alternative (whereas Airpods can pair with nearly any Bluetooth device).

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  2. Keeven Christiansen

    I absolutely love these earbuds they have great all around sound. I’ve owned the m3s and upgraded to the m4s had them for about a month. The noise cancelling is excellent. I work in a machine shop so the high pich sounds from air hoses can get load or machines cutting metal and I can still head without having to take them out. Only downside I have found is the glue on the m3s when they charge they get warm and can get all over the noise cancelling device easy clean can fix that. Haven’t had this issue with the m4s yet and will update if this problem happens. So far they are great.

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  3. Sal

    Just 4 stars for now as is typical, things are a bit buggy. I have to manually connect to my Pixel 7 every time, the touch volume control is sort of borked, and I have to toggle HD in “developer options” off and back on to get the volume to not be too quiet. I have to do this on the MTW3 as well but I also have to do it to get 48Khz, MTW4 at least automatically connects as 48Khz but this is probably due to having to manually connect to the phone.
    Sound is very similar to MTW3, those sound excellent and so do these. The MTW4 sound a bit deeper so I think the mids are more present. ANC appears almost the same as well, but I’ve been only been using for a day. I will have to spend some time with the MTW4 and go back to the MTW3 to really gauge the differences besides the obvious newer tech ones.
    I will say that they are keepers even though I own and like the MTW3’s and the copper on black does look quite nice.

    Okay can now talk about MTW4 vs. MTW3. They are almost identical and so if being future proof isn’t as important as $, go with the MTW3. ANC is the same, but the MTW4 Anti Wind is better but if ANC is a top priority the MTW isn’t a good choice for you. If sound is what matters then MTW should be high on your list and while they sound similar the MTW4 are more open and so just a bit better than the MTW3.

    I was finally able to auto-connect to my phone, just had to re-pair a few times. Touch controls are still a bit bugged, only one firmware upgrade so far, and I notice it most with volume.

    Have had for a while now and will say overall the MTW4 are excellent. Only negative compared to the MTW3 is that they are quieter, by two touch control volume levels. But they are just a bit better everywhere else so will add the missing star, can’t wait for LE Sound support to arrive.

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    I own roughly 78 pairs of earbuds – I use them to test VR/AR systems connectivity for work. It’s nice to be able to incorporate work and leisure the way I do and it allows me to have this sizable collection.

    From Beats to Sony to Noble to Final to Status…Bang & Olufsen to Master & Dynamic, Technics, Audio Technica…my much loved Denon Perl Pro and Campfire Orbit and even the surprising JLab Epic Lab … I have used nearly every major brand and own something from most of them. The Momentum 4, have something that they bring in terms of both fit and quality. The overall esthetic is lovely, the fit is sublime (I have inner ear cartilage piercings, so this is harder for me than others) and the quality out of the box is impressive.

    Depth of soundstage is leveled across the spectrum with an expansive feel. They provide almost aura-like audio sensation that is close to that of the Status Between ANC but not as detailed as the Final ZE8000MK2. Mids to highs are detailed without being bled and lows, while detailed feel a minor lack of impact that drives some songs to making you want to move and dance. Roll off from mid bass is nominal with a minor hint of detail loss but nothing unpleasant, it just exists. Overall, right out of the box, the sound is better tan a EQ’d set of Sony Xm4 or 5 while the fit and feel are so much better.

    So, they’re good. Yes. They don’t compete with the expansive and jaw dropping performance of my Beoplay Ex, Orbits, Falcom Max xMems and can’t touch my Audio Technica ATH-TWX9… they would worship the Denon Perl Pro if they had knees and could kneel in awe…BUT, there is something pleasant about them in the way they look, feel, settle gently in the ear and give that sense of warm audio goodness I exist from Sennheiser. They ARE good. If you only have more consumer level items like Beats, JBL, Nothing or the like, these will blow you away. If you’re a seasoned, picky audiophile you’ll find a genre in your expansive mental collection that these will appeal to and you’ll enjoy them as well.

    They’ll be my second daily driver, next to my Denons for a week and after that they’ll be part of the daily rotation I’m sure. They deserve it, because they do perform well.

    And for those complaining about ANC, it works as it should. Sounds waves are energy and if you think and read enough you’ll realize, you lose some semblance of nuance in using it…. just try a pair of Campfire Orbits that have no ANC and you’ll realize, with a good seal and quality kit, you don’t need it and the music is still loud, clean… moving.

    I’ll get another pair soon, I’m sure, the silver are calling to me…. maybe Sennheiser will have a sale sooner than later and save me a few bucks.

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