Soundcore by Anker AeroFit Pro Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Secure Fit, Ergonomic Design, Rich Sound with LDAC, Bluetooth 5.3, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 46H Playtime, App…

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  • Open-Ear Air Conduction: AeroFit Pro open-ear headphones utilize a non-intrusive design to eliminate discomfort and allow you to enjoy a breathable listening experience. Air conduction delivers richer audio, superior to that of bone conduction.
  • Soft, Snug, and Stable: Ergonomically designed ear hooks, built with premium quality 0.7mm thick titanium memory wire, conform to the shape of any and all ears. Each ear hook is made from ultra-soft materials with a gentle finish for total comfort.
  • Open Listening, Uncompromising Sound: AeroFit Pro open-ear headphones feature a 16.2mm oversized, titanium-coated diaphragm for robust bass and true spatial audio. With LDAC technology support, it offers high-fidelity music and unexpected sound quality.
  • IPX5 Water Resistant with SweatGuard: AeroFit Pro uses nano-coating and a unique chamber design for complete protection. Its top-notch waterproof and sweatproof performance is ideal for any exercise, from light jogging to intense workouts.
  • Experience Uninterrupted Entertainment: Enjoy 14 hours of play on a single charge, extending to a total of 46 hours with the charging case. Better yet, a quick 10-minute charge delivers an impressive 5.5 hours of nonstop audio.
Soundcore by Anker AeroFit Pro Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Secure Fit, Ergonomic Design, Rich Sound with LDAC, Bluetooth 5.3, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 46H Playtime, App…
Soundcore by Anker AeroFit Pro Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Secure Fit, Ergonomic Design, Rich Sound with LDAC, Bluetooth 5.3, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 46H Playtime, App…


Additional information

Specification: Soundcore by Anker AeroFit Pro Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Secure Fit, Ergonomic Design, Rich Sound with LDAC, Bluetooth 5.3, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 46H Playtime, App…

Product Dimensions

2.13 x 1.58 x 0.76 inches

Item Weight

0.49 Pounds

Item model number



3 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

November 3, 2023





Country of Origin


Charging Time

46 Hours

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8 reviews for Soundcore by Anker AeroFit Pro Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Secure Fit, Ergonomic Design, Rich Sound with LDAC, Bluetooth 5.3, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 46H Playtime, App…

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  1. Nelson Alexandre

    The purple colour is so lovely, I wish more technology came in bright purple. The charging case is secure and compact and of decent quality. They don’t interfere with my glasses. That’s all I can compliment. These are not good.

    I knew to expect less volume and bass when compared to in-ear buds, so I can’t criticise these tiny little directional speakers for that, but to say the sound quality is bad would be generous. I’m coming from a much older pair of wireless Anker in-ear buds that were attached around the back of the neck, and I have lots of other Anker speakers (the Motion Boom Plus is phenomenal) and cables so I know they’re a good brand usually, which makes these very pretty purple earphones even more disappointing.

    I have massive ears and I can’t get these to sit in a comfortable position. I’d read that small ears would struggle! I slid them all the way back per the leaflet in the box, so the battery was parallel with my head but it just edges forwards towards the rim of my ear and clings on for dear life on the edge of my ear. At more of an angle on the ear, which Anker clearly state is not correct usage, the earphones are more comfortable and the sound is better (not good, just not as bad), but they’re not even remotely secure and a slow head turn detaches them from my ear. In the proper position there is constant pressure on the outer rim of the conch from the speaker end, as well as the forward helix from the hook, and the whole rim of the ear is pushed forwards by the battery. It gets very sore very quickly. I have fiddled with the position of the battery in relation to the speaker by gently pulling and twisting the hook but it’s not really adjustable in any meaningful way, and so the choice comes down to moderately tolerable placement of the battery or moderately tolerable placement of the speaker. Neither is great, and the sound is not nearly good enough to make this an acceptable compromise.

    The EQ setting Anker feels is the best these earphones can offer is atrocious. It sounds like trying to listen to music with your head under water. There’s so much volume and bass loss and distortion. I updated the firmware to 1.42 after trying them fresh out of the box and being disappointed. This is the most current at the time of writing, but this just added a “volume boost” option that drops all of the already very limited bass and makes the sound hollow. Spacial audio is also a big disappointment, contributing to the sound quality issues, so I disabled this. The “treble booster” setting was the best of a bad bunch, but I wanted to tweak it and see if I could get it closer to something tolerable. Oddly, when using the custom EQ, even with a preset copied to it, the volume and clarity drops significantly when compared to the presets, with that head under water feeling immediately added.

    I’ve sat for an hour with these on, hoping I adjust to the discomfort and the poor sound, but I remain disappointed and uncomfortable, and I’m starting to get a headache.

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  2. Armand Bourgeois

    This was to replace an Aeropex that I’ve somehow lost.
    I wish they could work on my ear shape but they don’t! They started to hurt my ears 10 or so minutes after I put them.

    They sound great and much better than my previous Shokz, but in the end I’ve return them after talking with Soundcore suppport and realizing that they coudn’t be shaped to my ears.

    They also have the annoying fact that they don’t allow for many functions on their phisyc buttons (contrary to Shokz that have a multifunction button).

    If these allowed for reshaping around the ears and had a multifunction button they were great, but comfort is prioritary for me and I’m keen to trade a bit of sound quality for not even be aware of Shokz on my ears.

    I’ve now bought a OpenPro mini, which is much better around my head. I just expect it to endure, since my previous Aeropex were swapped 2 times under warranty for malfunction issues.

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  3. Zed

    Son parfait avec chromecast, léger, les embouts ne sont évidemment pas fait pour l’oreille de l’acheteur donc c’est mieux avec un crochet à l’arriere. Technologie récente.

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  4. Aaron

    I love these. I also have the Shokz OpenFit and I found the Soundcore to be more comfortable even though they’re a bit heavier. I often forget I’m even wearing them and will accidentally keep them on all day at work without even listening to anything.

    The sound quality is great. It has plenty of bass. To me they sound about as good as basic regular earbuds. Maybe not audiophile quality but I’m no audiophile. They sound good enough to me. The Shokz are close, but I think I prefer the Soundcore for audio quality.

    These leak sound a bit more than the Shokz but it’s not terrible. Other people would probably have to be pretty close to your head and in a quiet room to be able to tell what you’re listening to.

    It’s great that you can turn them on and off without having to put them in the case. The dual connection feature makes it really easy to switch between different devices. I keep my phone connected and then in the app I can choose which other device I want to use, to switch between my laptop and my TV or whatever.

    I haven’t used the head strap much but it does make them feel more secure. I haven’t had any issues with them falling so I don’t use the strap. I probably will when the weather gets warmer and I start riding my bike again. They do get knocked out if I’m wearing them when I change my shirt, they sometimes get knocked out when I pull the shirt over my head.

    The case is a bit larger than the Shokz but it’s easier to open and close with the nice big button and it’s easier to fit the headphones into the case.

    Battery life seems excellent. They last all day, although I’m not listening to music the entire time.

    There’s a bit of latency but it’s minimal – it’s low enough that it doesn’t bother me when watching TV, and latency does tend to bother me a lot when it’s too high.

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  5. Aaron

    Update: Soundcore support reached out to me and suggested to stretch the earphones out – they sent photos showing how to do it. After stretching them as shown, the pain from wearing them was less. Still uncomfortable, but I wasn’t wincing anymore when I took them off. After another week or so of adjusting them and waiting a couple days between adjustments, I can finally wear them long-term without pain and sometimes I’ll forget they’re on. There was also an update that included more EQs.

    Original: I bought these to replace my current bone conduction headphones which I wore 12+ hours per day without issue.

    What I like
    – The ear pieces are snug, I don’t feel like they’re at risk of falling off.
    – The neckband is optional
    – The sound quality is way better, more clear and gets a lot louder than my bone conduction headphones
    – I can stay more aware of my surroundings
    – I can hear myself speak so I don’t talk too loud
    – The case closes securely and the buds sit firmly in the case. I haven’t had any issue with the buds not charging due to poor connection with the contacts like my other soundcore products
    – The physical buttons are more reliable and responsive than my other soundcore products that use touch features
    – Supports multiple connected devices well, I can switch between my laptop and phone seamlessly which is great for meetings

    What I don’t like.
    – They aren’t soft, they’re kind of a hard rubber
    – They aren’t adjustable at all and so far it doesn’t seem like allowing any sort of adjustment period is working. I wear them as much as I can stand, but they’re still too tight
    – The curved portion with the springy wire inside has a relatively sharp angle along the inside. With the rubber being so hard it digs into my skin.
    – My ears get bruised from these in multiple spots. It seems I get bruised over the top of the ear if I wear the neckband. If I don’t wear the neckband, then I get bruised on the cartilage where the speaker makes contact around the ear canal.
    – No convenient way to store the neckband, can get lost since it can’t go in the case.
    – Spatial audio feature was neat, but made everything sound poor
    – Not any additional preconfigured EQs, just the default and the option to customize it.

    I’m probably going to end up returning these. I want to love them, but they’re just too uncomfortable.

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  6. AmazonCustomer

    Ich möchte besonders den Kundensupport von Anker loben, der mir bei mein Problem behilflich war, daher wurde die Bewertung auf 5 Sterne geändert.

    Leider habe ich nicht die passende Ohrform für diese On Ear Kopfhörer,die rechte Seite passt nicht zu 100%
    Ansonsten kann ich sagen:

    Phantastischer Sound, in meinem Fall getestet mit Rock und basslastiger Electromusik.

    Zur Gestensteuerung:
    An jedem Ohrhörer ist eine (zum Glück) physische Taste die leicht zu erreichen sind um die Musikwiedergabe, Lautstärke ,usw zu steuern.

    Das Magnetische Kopfband sitzt Bombenfest an den Kopfhörern und passt sehr gut am Kopf
    Sie sind wirklich leicht, weich am Ohr und der Sound ist für das Open Ear Design sehr gut,ich hatte zu keinem Zeitpunkt das Gefühl dass sie stören.

    Der Bass ist spürbar vorhanden, aber Bauartbedingt nicht so Kräftig wie In Ear/ Over Ear Kopfhörer.

    Umgebungsgeräuche sind wahrnehmbar, was ja auch gewollt ist.
    Die Akkulaufzeit ist phänomenal und sie lassen sich auch schnell aufladen.

    Die dazugehörige Soundcore App bietet verschiedene Equalizer, die sich auch selber Anpassen lassen.

    Positiv möchte ich noch den IPX5 Schutz erwähnen.

    Kurz gesagt wären das die perfekten On Ear Kopfhörer, wäre da nicht das Manko dass meine Ohrform nicht passt, daher kann ich auch nicht beurteilen wie sie beim Sport am Ohr halten.
    Der Rechte Ohrhörer biegt sich ständig nach außen oder fällt ab. Hier hilft nur selber Probieren, ob es für die eigene Ohrform passt.

    Gewünscht hätte ich mir noch Wireless Charging, aber das ist mein eigenes Empfinden.

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  7. Kevin

    Short version: good but pricey and (for me) not 100% comfortable

    I’ve had all 3 of Oladance open ear, and recently bought these and the the TOZO open ear. So here is the comparison…

    1) Oladance 1 were actually my favorite of the Oladance and were solid buds. The problem was low volume. But until recently Oladance had the best product, until every one started putting out competition.

    2) Anker – very good sound, control is a button (not touch) and works very well. For me they are comfortable but not as comfortable as Oladance. A little bit of a pinching feel, but not terrible. They feel premium and sound great. Why the button only has single and double tap (no triple)? I don’t know.

    3) Tozo – wow! Better sound than Oladance, more comfortable than Anker. Sound wise they are a little different than Anker but I don’t think either is better. The angling of earbuds is nice for comfort but I don’t think it does much for adjusting sound. But the price? 1/3 the price of the Anker – insane for what you get. The only negative? Touch controls are kinda flaky (don’t always respond well).

    I wanted to go with Anker (have been a fan of their products, and still am, for a while now) over TOZO but between the comfort and crazy price difference. I can’t see myself going with Anker.

    For those that haven’t used open ear – think of these as like being in a room with music playing. You can talk to people while using them without an issue but they are not going to block out surrounding noise at the gym (for example).

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  8. Jerome M.

    Je porte en permanence un casque pour travailler et je n’en pouvais plus d’avoir quelque chose en permanence sur les oreilles ou dans des oreilles. Je me suis même demandé si ça n’a pas contribué au développement d’acouphènes. J’ai découvert cette nouvelle technologie qui franchement est beaucoup mieux que celle de conduction osseuse qui se révèle désagréable au bout d’un moment à cause des vibrations.
    Je n’ai jamais essayé d’autres modèles, donc je ne pourrai pas comparer.
    Ceci dit avec l’offre en cours sur ce modèle le rend plus abordable. Je ne l’utilise pas dans des conditions de sport, donc je ne pourrai pas commenter réellement sur ce point là. Dans un cadre d’utilisation avec un environnement calme, le son est vraiment excellent pour des écouteurs qui ne rentrent pas dans les oreilles. Il existe plusieurs profils dans l’application, celui par défaut n’est pas pour moi le meilleur, mais une fois configuré à notre goût, le son est vraiment surprenant car il y a des basses (bien que pas autant que dans des écouteurs fermés).
    Pour tout ce qui est écoute de podcast et discussion dans le cas du travail, c’est juste parfait. Aucun inconfort même avec des lunettes.
    Ce modèle est unique dans le sens où c’est le seul à posséder une technologie avec un connecteur qui reli les deux écouteurs, et qu’on peut enlever. C’est ce que je n’aimais pas chez les écouteurs à conduction osseuse, l’arceau derrière gênait souvent (comme lorsqu’on pose la tête sur le siège). Ce modèle-ci est souple, ajustable et détachable ce qui rend vraiment beaucoup plus pertinent.
    Je n’espérais pas grand-chose de la qualité sonore. Je recherchais avant tout le confort et je suis très content de m’être retrouvé avec un modèle qui propose les deux dans quelque chose de bien équilibré.

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