XFX Radeon RX 7900GRE Gaming Graphics Card with 16GB GDDR6, AMD RDNA 3 RX-79GMERCB9

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  • Chipset: AMD RX 7900GRE
  • Memory: 16GB GDDR6
  • XFX Triple Fan Cooling Solution
  • Boost Clock: Up to 2395 MHz
XFX Radeon RX 7900GRE Gaming Graphics Card with 16GB GDDR6, AMD RDNA 3 RX-79GMERCB9
XFX Radeon RX 7900GRE Gaming Graphics Card with 16GB GDDR6, AMD RDNA 3 RX-79GMERCB9


Additional information

Specification: XFX Radeon RX 7900GRE Gaming Graphics Card with 16GB GDDR6, AMD RDNA 3 RX-79GMERCB9

Memory Speed

‎18 GHz

Graphics Coprocessor

‎Radeon RX 7900GRE

Chipset Brand


Graphics Card Ram Size

‎16 GB



Item model number


Item Weight

‎3.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎13.39 x 5.51 x 0.04 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎13.39 x 5.51 x 0.04 inches



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎February 27, 2024

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for XFX Radeon RX 7900GRE Gaming Graphics Card with 16GB GDDR6, AMD RDNA 3 RX-79GMERCB9

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  1. B. Miller

    I’ve had this for a month now and here’s a little review. For my new PC Intel i5 13 gen build (only built it because of an ASUS motherboard and rtx2060s failure at the same time!), it came down to this or the Nvidia 4080. I went with the AMD 7900xtx. Why?

    1. It’s currently cheaper (it ain’t cheap, but cheaper if you know what I mean).
    2. The UI and drivers are better (with my rtx2060s, the Nvidia control panel kept disappearing in Windows 10, there’s seems to be a conflict there between Microsoft and Nvidia.)
    3. I don’t care about ray tracing.
    4. The way I run my system, with “Radeon Chill” enabled and limited to 60fps the power consumption is much lower than 350w and I can’t tell any difference when my Samsung 75″ Q85A TV is set to the smoothing “soap opera” effect compared to running it at actual 120fps (it will do about 130-150fps at ultra, FSR on quality and no Chill setting). The end result is a gaming system that runs RDR2 at 4k at about 60% usage and is cool and quiet. Power usage is about 200w with that game. The same goes with a 4k modded GTA5. I play these games A LOT so this matters to me. In the future, this system should scale up nicely to newer games with just more power usage over time as game engines get more complex.

    So I hope this helps someone. I have watched so many reviews on these video cards and only one Youtuber mentioned this setup. Sorry I can’t remember your name as it wasn’t the top 3 guys. It’s hard to find practical information as most of those guys are always compared FPS charts.

    Update 08/24/23
    I started playing Elden Ring and added some graphic enhancements to really push this card in 4k. The biggest impact was increasing the LOD to maximum and an HDR reshade. It looks incredible! But, after a month I started getting high hot spot temps around 105c and a delta of 30. The fan was getting real loud. This is a big change from when I first got the card. Is this because of thermal paste pump out? I disassembled the card and found this to be true. I saw 1/4 of the GPU was bare with a lot of paste around the edges. This needed to be fixed.

    PTM7950 to the rescue! I ordered some on Amazon and installed it. Problem solved. With the card being pushed to the max, I haven’t seen a hot spot over 90c with a max delta of 15. Most of the time it runs much cooler. Now the card is back to like it was when it was new and I was able to avoid an RMA. I read in the XFX warranty that doing this repaste does not void the warranty. Pretty disappointed that I needed to do this at all, but with the new repaste with PTM7950, I expect to stay fixed. Why isn’t this stuff used in the factory? Too hard to install? Too expensive? Whatever.

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  2. Kody

    First of all, XFX is a great company. Second… AMD are an insane risk for Drivers right now. The 7600 seems exempt from the majority of these issues, so I can still recommend it at 5 stars. Build quality is GREAT, as all XFX products are built solidly.

    I have this GPU in a backup PC/Server, so I wanted something low power but capable in the event I need to use it. For 1080 this does more than well enough, driving Cyberpunk 2077 at 75 FPS solid. At 1440p you can manage to tweak settings to get about 60fps. Don’t bother 2160p though haha.

    The fans remain off when just browsing websites, most video players etc. Capable of passive cooling due to how little power it draws. Hardware-wise this is an amazingly low-power card. To be fair a 4060 is more capable in raytracing and such, but this thing is what you want for power savings and it TENDS to be cheaper.

    Want to set up a server machine for games, but be able to run them to set it up etc? This is nifty and handy!

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  3. Vance

    Una tarjeta de buena respuesta a pesar de estar con un Ryzen 5600g y aún corriendo a 3.0 en PCI da fps de 200 a 120 dependiendo del juego en ultra o alta RE4 lo corre 245 FPS en Máxima y a 1080.

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  4. G. Ritter von Olfers-Batocki

    UPDATE 01.10.2023. If you have an UPS between the wall plug and you PC make sure that can deliver enough Watt. My UPS beeps if the power draws more than 350 Watt. So I had to undervolt and tweak heavily the RX 6750 XT in order the UPS does not beep becauso of overload constantly while gaming. Since this GPU is super power efficient on idle, it draws only 5 Watt on idle, that is on normal tasks obviously not an problem. I play only Enlisted as game. So on Enlisted I had to adjust Adrenalin to follows so the entire system stays around 330 Watt as of the power drawing from the wall (UPS). Power % is on -6%, Max Frequency of the GPU is limited to 2425 Mhz and Voltage is reduced to 1170 mV. Undervolting the GPU on Adrenaline automatically gives me an value of 1175 mV so my manual undervolting is close to that. At 1160 mV undervolted the drivers tend to crash sometimes while gaming so 1170 mV is a stable value for this RX 6750 XT card. With these setting the Watt stays around 330 Watt as drawn from the UPS and on Medium settings on Enlisted I get around 330 fps, on High settings I get around 270 fps and on Ultra I get around 190 fps. At High settings and 270 fps the Hotspot temp of the RX 6750 XT shows 83 degrees Celsius and the GPU temp shows 73 degrees Celsius while the card is loaded to 97%. Mostly I sync the fps to my monitors Herz and that is 60 Hz in Enlisted and then the Hotspot temp is around 63 degrees Celsius (card load is around 20%).
    So make sure your UPS is capable enough for this card if not you can adjust on Adrenaline by limiting the GPU.
    MAIN Review
    I will update this review if in the future happens an issue.
    This works like advertised. The box came pretty much banged up but the inner box did not show any damages or tampering.
    The card had all plastic covers still on so this is an new product despite the banged up outer box.
    I recommend this RX 6750 XT.
    It showed at first installing and booting up the picture without any drivers installed. It gave me at booting up an picture. Then I installed Adrenalin and all is fine and adjusted.
    I installed this card in an XPG Invader case and it fits. It is an medium (midi) ATX tower case. It works together with the Ryzen 5900X, 64 GB DDR4 3200 MT/s Teamwork T-Expert RAM, 4 x 120 mm Arctic case fans, 600 Watt PSU, 120 GB Adata SSD, 256 GB Teamwork SSD and the MSi B450-A Max Pro motherboard. My first own build and allmost all components come from Amazon. This my own built was an “proof of concept” build.
    Be aware that your UPS must be big enough to deliver enough Watt for this GPU since my APC 500 beeps if the whole system draws over 350 Watt. Same UPS did not do that when in another similar sistem with the Ryzen 5700G and RX 6600 installed. Even undervolted this RX 6750 XT makes the whole sistem draw over 350 Watts from the socket and the UPS starts to beep so I have to limit the fps on the Enlisted game I play with this to 60 fps since my monitor is 60 Hz. I can go as high as 120 fps on the RX 6750 XT in that game without any problems but soon as I set the fps to 144 then the UPS beeps continuously. At 60 fps on high or ultra settings this RX 6750 XT draws around 70 Watts and on 120 fps it draws around 113 Watts.
    I tried to undervolt the GPU on Adrenalin already to 95% and -6% power but the UPS still starts to beep att 144 fps. At undervolting to 92% drivers crash. So one can undervol this RX 6750 XT only safe to about 95% while maintaining -6% power. Since it did not do a noticeable difference I just hit the undervolt automatically button instead of custom and it undervolts to 1175 mV. This GPU is indeed a bit to big of an power draw for my UPS but by careeful managing it will work.
    At idle this RX 6750 XT is very power saving drawing only 5 Watts (5 to 8 Watts). My RX 6600 draws on idle 4 Watts so this one is allmost as efficient.
    The fans of this XFX Qick stop below 60 degrees Celsius and turn only while gaming (Enlisted) on when the temps go over 60 degrees Celsius. At gaming the card is at hotspot mosttly at 64 degrees Celsius and the fans turn at 660 rpm. So this card stays cool due to it’s massive cooler. Since my UPS does not allow for testing the maximum on fps I get with this card, I can not tell you in the Enlisted game how hot this XFX RX 6750 XT would get on full performance and without any fps restrictions.
    The end point of the GPU is somewhat flexible so you better use an GPU bracket holder to stabilize GPU drag.
    The quicker VRAM speed of this versus the RX 6600 makes that it uses less VRAM on the Enlisted game.
    Other than that this card has the potential to be one of the coolest cards due to it’s superb cooling system.
    The backplate is metal (Aluminum) and acts as an heat sink which has heat transfer pads on both sides.
    Normally I go for the Asus or MSi brand and this XFX brand is new to me but it outperforms coolingwise already now my other Asus RX 6600. I chose the XFX brand since it is an american brand.
    I just read in the manual of the XFX that drivers and Adrenalin is not supposed to be installed before the GPU is istalled since the GPU will give the monitor automatically an signal or picture as it seems. After that you can install the Adrenalin software. Exactly as that it worked as well in my case. No problems whatsoever to get a signal, that is a picture on the screen.
    Only 359$ is a bit a steep of a price for this as this should be the price of the RX 6800 and the RX 6750 XTt should price around 300$ only. The price is a bit high at 360$, basically 60$ to expensive about.
    Specially no one knows the quality of the components used by XFX while one can be sure Asus will use most likely quality components which have an long durability. I have no clue what components and quality is XFX using in their GPU’s. XFX cooling system is however superb and better than others as it seems.
    The cooling system of the XFX cards is held simple: massive grid cooler with slaped on fans and use of heat transfer pads. On the backside the aluminum backplate acts as an heat sink since it is connected with heat transfer pads for processor, VRAM and the like. Then 4 bigger heat pipes. An simple but effective cooling system.
    This XFX Qick RX 6750 XT has “zero frost”. “zero dB” fans which are off below 60 degrees Celsius and the card is super quiet. No noise at all. No coil wind noise at all on mine.
    If the components hold up and are durable, then I recomment this brand. This card AMD RX 6750 XT is a good mid level card even in 2023.

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  5. Kody

    I replace my 3050 with this and holy is it something else i just had to save up a little and bam 300 dollar card to replace a 500 dollar one and it has double the power

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  6. Dennis Armando Dorantes G

    He instalado está gráfica en varias ocasiones, la recomiendo mucho dado que es menos caliente que las otras marcas en RX 7XXX, el rendimiento excelente, más que pedir a una 4060, y más barata.

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  7. Aldo

    The media could not be loaded.

     Perfecta para juego hasta 2k en máximos 60 fps estables ocupa minimo 550whts

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