Corsair M75 AIR Wireless Ultra-Light FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Ultra-Fast Input – Symmetric Shape – iCUE Compatible – PC, Mac – White

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  • Defined in Ambition. Built Through Rigor: Our most diligently crafted mouse that lets nothing come between you and your best competitive play. Meticulously designed. Ridiculously lightweight.
  • Sculpted for Performance: Through an intricate and rigorous process, we have developed the symmetrical mouse shape that provides maximum comfort and control. Buttons are placed at the optimal position for top-tier play.
  • 60g – Ultra Lightweight for Quick, Precise FPS Play: Not just light. Ultra-light. Free of unneeded frills to achieve the lightest weight possible at 60g, M75 AIR provides only what you need to win.
  • Ultra-Precise 26k DPI Optical Sensor: With a native 26,000 DPI, 650 IPS tracking, and up to 50G acceleration, the CORSAIR MARKSMAN optical sensor accurately captures fast-twitch mouse movements, speedy sweeps, and rapid recenters.
  • CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE BUTTONS: CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE delivers zero delay between the left and right click buttons and their switches, so your shots register instantly.
Corsair M75 AIR Wireless Ultra-Light FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Ultra-Fast Input – Symmetric Shape – iCUE Compatible – PC, Mac – White
Corsair M75 AIR Wireless Ultra-Light FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Ultra-Fast Input – Symmetric Shape – iCUE Compatible – PC, Mac – White


Additional information

Specification: Corsair M75 AIR Wireless Ultra-Light FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Ultra-Fast Input – Symmetric Shape – iCUE Compatible – PC, Mac – White

Average Battery Life in hours

‎34 Hours





Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎2.08 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.04 x 2.56 x 0.1 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.04 x 2.56 x 0.1 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎January 25, 2024

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Corsair M75 AIR Wireless Ultra-Light FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Ultra-Fast Input – Symmetric Shape – iCUE Compatible – PC, Mac – White

4.5 out of 5
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  1. J.R. Sedivy

    Update (03.02.24)

    What a difference a day makes.

    After sleeping on it and returning back to my laptop with the Corsair still configured, I noticed a small pin-sized hole that serves as an indicator on top of the mouse. It’s off until activated and then I noticed it transitioned from green-to-white. I noticed it first thing this morning because the room with my laptop was dark. The indicator is bright when illumined, but it doesn’t seem to turn on until transitioning from sleep-to-wake state. I’m assuming this is a charge indicator, if so, it’s a very subtle and smart design. I revisited the packaging that contains the instructions, but I didn’t see a reference to it.

    My plan was that I was going to revert back to my original mouse, but I can’t seem to do it. In a short time I’ve grown accustomed to the lightness and speed of this mouse. Although not ideal, I’ve even grown accustomed to the clicking.

    I find it interesting that I’ve grown accustomed to this mouse in a short time. Even without the need for fast reaction – I’ve been primarily writing and browsing on my laptop, I appreciate the speed and responsiveness and have quickly grown accustomed to it.

    So when switching to a new mouse, you may need to give it some time to acclimate. Overall I’m becoming increasingly impressed by the Corsair M75 Air Wireless Mouse.

    Original Review (03.01.24)

    My first impression of the Corsair M75 Wireless Mouse is that it has a vanilla appearance; it has a plain way about it.

    However, in terms of performance, this mouse is far from ordinary. It’s very easy to get started as it’s truly plug-and-play, just plug in the USB wireless receiver and you’re up and running. The mouse I received had a charge – I’m not sure how much as there isn’t an indicator, at least one I could clearly discern, but even so you can use the mouse while it’s charging as the USB-C charging interface is placed smartly in the front.

    Here are some of the performance highlights:

    -Extremely lightweight
    -Very smooth and fast scrolling
    -Extremely responsive
    -Extremely sensitive

    The responsiveness and sensitivity certainly mark it as a gaming mouse, especially for first person shooters where quick reaction is essential.

    Despite its strong performance there are a few detractions.

    The mouse has an audible noise while clicking and scrolling. While this may be typical of basic mice, it undermines the positioning of this particular mouse and makes for a lower quality perception, which based on performance and price, it is not.

    As previously mentioned, there is no battery indication. This likely isn’t an issue for most as you can use the mouse while charging if needed, but I’ve grown accustomed to the feature on my existing mouse, which is nice to know the battery life if needed.

    I did find that this mouse takes some getting used to, as I am used to a heavier, silent mouse, whereas this one is the opposite – I think mice are more of a matter of preference and need, depending on personality and use case. I’m not sure if I’ll be using this on a regular basis as it may be overkill for my needs, even for gaming as I primarily play RPGs, where responsiveness and sensitivity are less of an issue.

    Overall this is a great gaming mouse, and mouse in general, but it may not be for everyone. If you’re seeking a lightweight, high performance mouse and you don’t mind clearly distinct and audible mouse clicks and scroll sounds, this could be a good fit.

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  2. b.boobie

    I wanted to hate this mouse when I first got it. I just don’t think this mouse should cost 100 USD. but this mouse is expertly crafted to be fit comfortably on your hand. I bought the Corsair Nightsabre as a replacement, but I quickly regretted it. The nightsabre has all the cool rgb lights, buttons, look, but it doesn’t fit well on my hand. Now, I don’t have a very large hand as I can fit medium sized and large gloves just fine. with the k75 my hand is resting, on the nightsabre it feels like I’m holding it from the sides as its shape is narrow and my ring finger hangs on the side. the weight on the k75 is awesome. you can easily swift side to side. another great thing about the k75 is that it always feels cool to the touch when you rest your hand on it. I’m happy with this purchase.

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  3. Connie

    TL;DR: Great mouse but some connectivity issues and issues with Corsair’s software prevent this from being a perfect mouse. For the price, I wouldn’t expect to have quite so many issues. Would only recommend purchasing if you can get this mouse on-sale. See bottom of review for my recommendations on how to best use this mouse to avoid issues.

    The Corsair M75 is a stunning piece of equipment with a few flaws that are forgivable but still worth noting.

    + Really light, yet solid construction
    + Sensor is fantastic, 2000 Hz polling rate does feel smoother
    + Connectivity over 2.4 Ghz is easy and works well

    + Bluetooth connectivity is hit and miss
    + Major problems using this mouse on a USB Hub/KVM switch
    + Corsair’s iCue Software
    + (Updated Review) 2.4 Ghz connectivity can have issues

    In my current PC I have tried to use Corsair for most of my components and peripherals in order to minimize the number of apps running on my machine. So when it came time to replace my old mouse that had developed double-clicking issues, the M75 seemed like a great option. Right away, I noticed the mouse feels amazing. It’s really light – and I know mouse critics say its “not the lightest mouse out there” but seriously it does feel like pushing around a couple of cotton balls – it’s really light. The shape feels great. I have a medium-sized hand and I play games with a claw grip and this mouse feels fantastic. In fact, after three hours of gameplay I had nearly zero wrist or arm fatigue.

    The construction is solid. I’ve watched critic reviews that mention a bit of wobble in the mouse wheel, but on my M75 I haven’t been able to replicate that. Overall for such a light mouse, the frame feels incredibly strong and there are no wobbly parts that I can tell. The only minor downside is that the side buttons are fairly flush with the side of the mouse, which I didn’t think would be much of an issue, but I can see that it doesn’t feel quite as natural as when the side buttons are raised.

    The sensor is excellent. When using 2.4 Ghz, you can run the mouse at a 2000 Hz polling rate which did give a noticeable change in the smoothness of the cursor movement on screen. This smoothness made the cursor feel slightly slower, which I was able to compensate for by increasing the DPI. Desk surface calibration worked well although I didn’t notice any difference before any after. The wireless connection at 2.4 Ghz works well and connects seamlessly, which unfortunately I can’t say about the Bluetooth connectivity (more to come). I like that I can run the mouse at 2000 Hz polling rate over wireless compared to other mice that require the wired connection to go above 1000 Hz.

    There were a few downsides to this mouse that I noticed. First, using the mouse on Bluetooth is painful at best. I have two computers (work and gaming) and aimed to use the Bluetooth connection with my work Macbook Pro. While I was able to pair the Bluetooth after looking up instructions online (no manual is included with the mouse), after switching back to 2.4 Ghz for a gaming session, I have been unable to get the mouse to reconnect to anything via Bluetooth since then. As a result, I fear that I will need to continue having two mice on my desktop – one for work and one for play.

    The next problem that I noticed, was that when I connected my 2.4 Ghz receiver to a KVM switch/USB hub, it caused my gaming PC’s processor to go nuts during gameplay pinning the CPU at 100% utilization and dropping framerates below 30 FPS in League of Legends (I usually sit around 244 FPS on that game). I was able to solve this issue by plugging the wireless receiver directly into the back of my PC – but if you plan to use a KVM switch, you might want to look elsewhere.

    (Update) Having now used this mouse for several months (exclusively for gaming), I can say that this mouse’ biggest issue is overall connectivity. The most common issue I’ve seen is that the mouse input will stutter, slowing down for perhaps half a second which can be deadly in fast-paced games. This will happen probably 2-3 times in a three hour gaming session. A less frequent issue that also occurs perhaps once every two days are instances where mouse clicks don’t register properly. This rarely happens, but it is noticeable and at this price point I would expect zero missed clicks. The third and final 2.4 GHz connectivity issue that I’ve experienced only twice is when the mouse will completely stop sending input to the PC, requiring me to remove and re-insert the 2.4Ghz dongle.

    Lastly, Corsair’s iCue software which is fantastic in principle, definitely has some issues still. I was unable to update the mouse firmware on my Windows 11 PC (using a cable connection) and had more success updating it on my Macbook Pro – although I did receive an error that the update failed, my mouse now shows that it is using the most recent firmware. What I’ve also noticed is that as more components are added to Corsair iCue, the software gets more and more buggy. The mouse and the receiver are listed as two separate components in iCue, and along with my other half-dozen peripherals and parts, iCue seems to be struggling to run properly – often crashing on Windows startup, or displaying errors. Keep this in mind, if you use iCue with some peripherals or parts already in there, you’ll likely see a reduction in app stability as you add two additional components (the mouse and the wireless receiver).

    While there’s not much that can be done about Corsair’s software or the spotty multi-device connection, I did find that my issues with the 2.4GHz connectivity were resolved by moving the 2.4 GHz receiver onto my desk rather than leaving it plugged in to the back or front/top of my PC. It seems that shortening the distance between the mouse and the receiver to less than 1.5 ft. stops the dropped mouse clicks and stuttering mouse movements. A good USB extension cable or a mouse pad with a built-in USB port is a great way to achieve this.

    If you have trouble updating the firmware, try updating it on another device. For some reason, I couldn’t get my mouse firmware to update on my main gaming PC but it did work on my Macbook Air.

    All in all, I would definitely recommend this mouse for a gamer who plans to use this mouse exclusively on their gaming PC without a KVM switch or USB hub. It feels great and is super snappy. If you’re looking for a double-purpose mouse to run across multiple machines, I’d recommend looking elsewhere. Happy gaming!

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  4. J.R. Sedivy

    I’m a Corsair fanboy through and through. RAM, case, keyboard, even RGB mousepad. However, I needed a mouse that would rival the Superlight 2 from Logitech which I had my eyes on. I love the G502 X, but it’s quite cumbersome.

    Enter the M75 Air.

    -Extremely light compared to G502X and my aging Corsair Dark Core
    -Very responsive and crazy fast
    -No RGB lights (I think it’s a plus)
    -The feet do a really good job of gliding

    -A weird iCue bug when my cable is plugged in and the mouse turns unresponsive.
    -Shoulder buttons are a tad on the mushy side.

    Corsair might have a real Logitech Superlight contender on their hands. I’m excited to see what digital battlefields I can conquer now.

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  5. Krenzzler

    – Light weight
    – Standard wireless tech/behavior
    – Really nice shape for a symmetrical (personal opinion)
    – Good quality PTFE feet
    – Nice little storage compartment for the dongle
    – Optical switches

    – No USB-C dongle attachment
    – Less than perfect build quality
    – Wake up delay

    I picked this up at about $80 here on amazon. This should be it’s normal price. Any higher, and I would recommend looking at something else. That said, the mouse is pretty good. I really like the shape for a symmetrical. It feels like a combination of Logitech’s superlight and 305. The way it tapers toward the front feels really good to me, almost feels like an ergo which is my preference. It behaves as you would expect a mouse to function, so no knocks or extra praise to performance. The optical switches feel pretty good, maybe a little spongy, but they felt fine to me. I always like the inclusion of optical switches because they tend to be better about not developing double clicking over time.

    On to the cons. I think it’s strange that this doesn’t include a USB dongle attachment. That thing that you plug the dongle into, then plug your charging cable into to let sit closer to the mouse. I only list that because most other mice include that, and it prevents you from having to either take up 2 USB ports, or constantly swap the dongle for the charging cable. Less than perfect build quality. My copy has an ever so slight creak on the sides. Not very noticeable in gameplay, but I’m aware of it. There’s a slight wobble on left and right click. This last one’s a little bit of a personal gripe, but one I really don’t like on wireless mice, wake up time. After using a Superlight and Pulsar mice, anything slower than an instant wake up feels bad to me. There’s a good 2 or 3 seconds before the mouse wakes up, and it just feels bad. If this doesn’t bother you, then ignore this, but it’s there if you care.

    The gaming mouse market has very stiff competition. This mouse is alright, especially if you can get it for around $80. Corsair still need to work on the general quality of their mice in my opinion. The keyboards seem fine, but the mice still feel a little cheaper than their competition. Before you buy any mouse, don’t be afraid to look at names outside of the big ones (logitech, corsair, steelseries, etc…). There are so many dedicated gaming mice companies now that offer really high quality mice for the same or sometimes lower prices.

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  6. Wh33tbread

    This mouse surprised me with how lightweight it was and how intuitive in response. Battery life takes a little hit due to weight but I’m okay with the trade off given how easy it is to work with.

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