D-Link 52-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch | 48 PoE+ Ports (370W) + 4 Combo SFP Ports| L2+ |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode | Rackmount | NDAA Compliant | Lifetime…

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  • 48 POE+ GIGABIT PORTS FOR HIGH-SPEED NETWORKING: Delivers power to 48 devices directly over Ethernet, supporting up to 30W per port with a total power budget of 370W for high-demand devices like access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones
  • 4 GIGABIT OPTICAL SFP PORTS: Enables high-speed uplinks and long-distance fiber connectivity, enhancing network flexibility and scalability
  • ADVANCED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AND LAYER 2+ FEATURES: Features bandwidth control, QoS, VLAN support, Port Mirroring, Link Aggregation, Spanning Tree, IGMP Snooping, and static routing to optimize network performance and minimize congestion
  • COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY: Features include Access Control List (ACL), 802.1X / RADIUS, ARP Spoofing Prevention, and D-Link Safeguard Engine
  • SURVEILLANCE MODE WITH ONVIF SUPPORT: Streamlines the deployment and management of IP surveillance networks by automatically detecting ONVIF-compliant devices and optimizing video traffic
  • PD ALIVE FOR ENHANCED RELIABILITY: Equipped with PD Alive to automatically reboot unresponsive PoE devices, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous network availability without manual intervention
  • NDAA COMPLIANT: Meets strict regulatory standards, suitable for government and high-security enterprise projects
  • 35+ YEARS OF RELIABILITY: Supported by D-Link’s Lifetime Warranty, providing long-term confidence in the quality and reliability of your network infrastructure
D-Link 52-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch | 48 PoE+ Ports (370W) + 4 Combo SFP Ports| L2+ |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode | Rackmount | NDAA Compliant | Lifetime…
D-Link 52-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch | 48 PoE+ Ports (370W) + 4 Combo SFP Ports| L2+ |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode | Rackmount | NDAA Compliant | Lifetime…


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Specification: D-Link 52-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch | 48 PoE+ Ports (370W) + 4 Combo SFP Ports| L2+ |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode | Rackmount | NDAA Compliant | Lifetime…

Product Dimensions

17.32 x 16.93 x 1.73 inches

Item Weight

13.65 pounds

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

November 20, 2014


D-Link Systems, Inc.

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10 reviews for D-Link 52-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch | 48 PoE+ Ports (370W) + 4 Combo SFP Ports| L2+ |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode | Rackmount | NDAA Compliant | Lifetime…

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  1. Rick

    If you used D-link business products (AP, etc.), the setup and interface is typical D-Link. Which is a good thing. Using the Web Management, it was a breeze to setup. For me, setup time was about 10-15 minutes. PoE worked perfectly, I set the DGS-1210-28P up with several DAP-2553s. This unit let me know I had a a problem with one of my CATs, and it was easy to trace where using the Web Management line diagnostic tools.

    Just a bonus, but I used my LG phone to test the AP’s and decided to make some changes to the QoS… I didn’t want walk back to the switch so I logged in with my smart phone and it worked perfectly. I had it running for a couple of weeks now, and it runs solid. Also, I was afraid to buy with only 1 year warranty…Square Trade will accept this item under general electronics even for businesses. So I got a great 28P with 3 year warranty at an incredible price! Very pleased!

    Pros.: No problem. Easy setup. Does exactly what it says. Price amazing.
    Cons.: Non so far. If anything comes up I’ll update this review.
    Value: Excellent.

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  2. DMan

    Livré rapidement, comme d’habitude. Placé derrière une Freebox Révolution pour alimenter en étoile le Freebox player et tous les appareils connectés y compris le point d’accès Wi-Fi D-Link en POE (distant de 10 m) : rien à redire, tout marche nickel et avec peu de chauffe, zéro bruit. Le boîtier d’alimentation chauffe peu, est un peu volumineux mais il est caché. Le paramétrage est assez facile, même pour le Freebox player qui communique avec le serveur en mode VLAN. Je recommande !

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  3. Tintin94

    Straightforward to install. Works very well. Neat package.
    Only problem I had was some of my devices have non-standard POE (two Panasonic cameras still needed their own old POE).

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  4. Tim

    I was looking for a Power Over Ethernet switch and this one matched my requirements. Unfortunately, I received the Non POE switch. I contacted the seller and he sent out the correct POE switch. Also, the picture above has 10 ports plus 2 SFP ports. The one I received has 8 ports plus 2 SFP ports. The seller did provide a credit. My advice to Jason’s Deals : Work on your supply chain and quality control.

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  5. Mr. G

    Switch came with a European power plug and an Asian power plug. Went to set up and could not plug in because it didn’t have a U.S plug. Sweet, no where does it say this is not a U.S. version.

    Update: They overnighted me the correct plug, so far it’s been as advertised

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  6. Doug L

    O.k. this has got to be one of my best finds on Amazon. I got this refurbished at an amazing price. Hardware version umis F1 which is the latest version for this switch. Setup and configuration was super super easy! Love. It.

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  7. Vidman

    Was purchased to support PoE video surveillance system. The set up was very easy and all units are working well. The only thing I would suggest is that their well-advised comment to ground the system could have been broadened to include the “how” of grounding the unit. After a few minutes of Googling, I came on a good solution. Take a standard 110v plug, connect a 10 gauge (or so) wire to the ground and connect this wire to the grounding screw on the device’s chassis and plug it into a standard receptacle. The unit has performed well and I have expanded the number of PoE units over time.

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  8. Richard

    D-Link Systems 10-Port Gigabit Web Smart PoE Switch including 2 Gigabit SFP Ports (DGS-1210-10P)

    I have been using the D-Link 1210 switch for almost 3 months now. The switch is the middle module of a 3 switch network. It is trunked via the fiber ports & LACP to switch 3 and a single copper trunk to switch 1.
    The switch is never turned off and has been working perfectly. No port errors or problems with the switch. The switch initially came configured as a stand-a-lone but with some searching can be configured to detect & be connected to other switches using link aggregation.

    Drawbacks are a minimal set of monitoring functions and a configuration system that is not intuitive.

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  9. Rick

    Since 2011 I have been using two D-ink DGS-1024 unmanaged switches, along with another brand of 16 port POE switch to power my POE devices. They have worked perfectly, during this time I never had any problems with them, never had to power-cycle them, etc. Recently the other switch I was using for my POE devices had an issue, so I purchased two of these DGS-1210-28P POE switches to replace everything. They have been running with no problems since June 2, 2016, with no issues.

    I like the fact that every port has POE capability. I have had no issues with POE devices properly connecting to the switches.

    I have included two photos. Please note that the device above the switches is a Samsung phone system.

    Update 5 May 2018 — Switches are still working great, been in service almost two years. Just upgraded firmware to 4.10.004 with no issues. I have the C1 hardware version

    Update 17 February 2020 — I am still using these switches, been in service almost four years. I note the firmware available on the D-Link web site, version 4,10.051 has a date of 2019, although I am still using version 4.10.004.

    Since I have had these switches I have never once had to reset them. They currently are showing uptime of over 489 days since their last reboot (they are powered via a UPS).

    This switch will do a lot of L2 functions, supports Radius, SNMP, etc., which I have not used; however I have used the link aggregation function to aggregate two gig ethernet ports to my Synology server, and I have also tested Spanning Tree Protocol, and it works perfectly.

    I did this test with my two switches to demonstrate how STP works for a friend who is using several of these switches in a commercial application where the switches are separated by considerable distance and connected via Ethernet radio links. In my case, I simply activated STP on my switches which are normally each connected via Ethernet to router, and then connected an extra Ethernet cable between the two switches. In the event any one cable was disconnected, the Ethernet packets would use the alternate links and everything stayed connected.

    In my friend’s case, he was able to set up two switches at separate locations, each of which were connected via a Ubiquiti Ethernet radio link to a router at a third location, with a third radio Ethernet connection between the two switches. In this case, if any one radio link fails, the traffic will continue running through the other available links, and it works flawlessly.

    Firmware upgrade is easy and can be done from a web browser or using TFTP, and the switch also has a command line interface if so desired. The switch also has a number of security capabilities which I have not needed to use since the switches are in a residential situation and sit behind a firewall.

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  10. PT808

    Reviewed and left a 3 star because I was having issues. Turns out the issue was my fault and it’s been rock solid. Good buy. Does run a little hot when in a closed media cabinet so I put a 80mm fan pointed into the vent holes on the side and it runs at about 90 now.

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