DASH Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup to Portion Popping Corn Kernels + Melt Butter, 16 Cups – Aqua

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  • QUICK plus EASY: Simply measure and add your popcorn kernels to the high capacity heating chamber, then push the one Touch start button, for Hot and fresh popcorn in minutes. It’s so easy, even your kids can do it.
  • HEALTHIER: The Dash Popcorn Machine uses hot air (no oil or added preservative from a microwave bag) to quickly and efficiently pop 16 cups of hot and fresh popcorn. Perfect for parties, large group gatherings, or a quiet date night in.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The included measuring cup doubles as a butter melting tray on the top of the machine – simply add a tablespoon of butter while your popcorn pops and pour once melted for movie theater-style popcorn.
  • COMPACT: The Dash Popcorn Machine is your must-have for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper/RV traveling. Plus, its sleek design and trendy color options will accent any kitchen space; makes a perfect gift.
  • INCLUDES: The Dash 16 cup Popcorn Machine includes a measuring cup for popcorn kernels and melting butter, recipe book.
DASH Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup to Portion Popping Corn Kernels + Melt Butter, 16 Cups – Aqua
DASH Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup to Portion Popping Corn Kernels + Melt Butter, 16 Cups – Aqua


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Specification: DASH Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup to Portion Popping Corn Kernels + Melt Butter, 16 Cups – Aqua






8 Pints

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5"L x 5"W x 13.5"H

Item Weight

1.76 pounds

Included Components

Product, manual

Is Electric




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Date First Available

February 18, 2019

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10 reviews for DASH Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup to Portion Popping Corn Kernels + Melt Butter, 16 Cups – Aqua

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Michael MacGuinness

    I’ve had a few air poppers and this is the best I’ve tried so far. For the price, you can’t beat it. I do worry that the small tabs on the top which are designed to attach the top to the popper are going to break off easily. I’m puzzled as to why the made these so small and thin – seem fragile. But this popper is fast and pools almost all of the kernels. The on off switch is nice – surprisingly some poppers don’t include a switch.

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  2. Irma Alicia Rodriguez Martinez


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  3. Randy Sweet

    Great hot air popcorn popper. Don’t think it will last a long time. The top is held on my 2 very flimsy plastic tabs that look like they were DESIGNED to break off.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use. Make sure you use a big bowl to collect the popcorn.

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    Con cualquier tipo de maíz las palomitas quedan geniales
    Muy funcional para personas que necesitan consumir poco sodio y pocas grasas

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  6. Cliente de Amazon

    Es buena, tiene la ventaja de que con su taza medidora, puedes hacer suficientes palomitas para 3 ó 4 personas y la misma taza sirve para derretir mantequilla y añadirles sabor (y calorías también jeje).

    Lo que no me gustó es que, al hacer la mitad de su taza medidora, los granos saltan tanto del contenedor (funciona a base de aire muy caliente que envía hacia arriba de un tubo de lo que parece ser aluminio) que muchos terminan por salir del aparato y por lo tanto no logran explotar. Esto lo hace un poco peor cuando quieres regresarlos (uno por uno por el tamaño), ya que están tan calientes, que terminas por quemarte y esto hace que sea un poco frustrante la idea de que no se desperdicien tantos granos.

    En términos generales, estoy muy contento con la máquina de palomitas y sí la recomendaría para su compra.

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  7. Mihai G

    Good product! It’s a bit weird looking and bulky, and when the popcorn seeds pop, some fly out, making quite a bit of mess, but it makes great popcorn! The best we’ve had in years. No need for oil or any grease. Adding butter at the end is optional. With some salt, it’s a pleasure having a healthier snack during a good movie!

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  8. Super Lisa

    I am not a popcorn person. Let’s start there.
    My nieces, however, love popcorn. They always ask me to buy “smart pop” popcorn and I’m always shocked at the price. I thought it would be easier to learn the old way of making popcorn on the stove, and that was a burnt mess…and a burnt pan when I was done.
    On a whim, I was looking at hot air poppers like the one my parents had when we were children (in the 1980s). I chose this because it had a similar look to the air popper of my youth and the price was attractive.
    I don’t eat a lot of popcorn, but when I do eat it I enjoy it. We did a test batch when this arrived, and I FELL IN LOVE with POPCORN again!!! Its great!! Its fun, the kids loved it, and it doesn’t burn the kernels…I feel its pretty mess free and clumsy proof.
    Even though I wasn’t someone that spent money on popcorn or ate it often, I am now enjoying it more because I have this. Cleanup is easy, takes a few minutes, there is no extra oil or grease. I do like plain salt and butter, and I melt my butter in a bowl in the microwave, but you could melt the butter in the measuring cup on top of the machine, too.
    Works quick, and it is nostalgic for me. No complaints!! Worth every penny!

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  9. 🌿 𝔽𝕖𝕣𝕟 🌿

    I ordered the DASH Hot Air Popcorn Popper Maker with Measuring Cup in white. I only ordered it because it was the best price I could find, however, the negative comments are definitely correct. The positives besides the decent cost is that it’s effortless for prep. You have to be careful when you put the plastic top on, because I could see how easy it would be to break some of the tabs. There is a butter container if you want to melt that which I will not test because the reason I ordered this was for a healthy snack so I don’t want butter. You just plug it in, put in your kernels, and press the power button and wait a few minutes. It does make popcorn fairly quickly, and this thing is quite loud. I used to have an air popper, and I don’t remember that one being very loud. Some of my animals do not like this thing at all. It gets the job done but there are several negatives. This thing is crazy and has a mind of its own. This thing can shoot out alot of unpopped kernels. I have to try and gather them so I can put them back in, but they are hot and burn your fingers. Then some other unpopped kernels will come out as it pops and then a dump of them at the end. Then it seems sometimes this thing just goes completely crazy at the end and starts shooting them all over the kitchen. Then you think it’s done and some more will blow up right in your face. It’s absolute chaos, but it doesn’t happen every time it seems. The animals think it’s fabulous when a bunch of stuff falls on the floor, but I have a dog with allergies so he can’t be out when this thing is on. It’s also hard to find unpopped kernels that fly on the floor. However, because a lot of the good quality ones are so much more expensive, you just get what you pay for and I think it would be unreasonable to expect too much from this unit. I use this everyday and several times a day, and it does get the job done. But if I’m going to keep up this daily habit, I might need a higher quality one because this is too much extra work when I care about the unpopped kernels and grand finale kernel shootout at the end. You’ll have to pick your poison to either pay alot more money for a popper that has more maturity or pay much less and deal with chaos.

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  10. Razor

    The fam likes to eat traditional popcorn for movie nights. We had a legit popcorn maker with the marquee sign that was very difficult to clean due to oil being needed. It’s a lovely looking paperweight, so I set out to find one that did not need oil. This fit the bill perfectly and the pros outweigh the cons.

    No oil needed to pop
    Clean up is a quick wipe of “shooter” and turn unit over to empty seeds

    The construction of this means some un-popped seeds will get blown into the bowl but I didn’t have an unusual amount as compared to microwave popcorn or my previous maker.

    The noise was louder than expected but now that I’m used to it, it’s equivalent to a portable vacuum in the noise department.

    All kernels that popped were nice and fluffy and I was able to season to taste without the pre determined amounts as in the microwave.

    FYI – The air coming from the unit is VERY hot during operation

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