DJI Mic 2 (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), All-in-one Wireless Microphone, Intelligent Noise Cancelling, 32-bit Float Internal Recording, 250m (820 ft.) Range, Microphone for…

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  • Crystal-Clear Audio Makes You Sound Like a Pro – This wireless microphone delivers high-quality audio with brighter, clearer, and more enjoyable vocal recording, making it ideal for interviews, vlogs, and much more.
  • Ready When You Are – The transmitters and receiver are pre-linked and ready to go, letting you easily save time and improve efficiency. Features USB-C and Lightning adapters for more scenarios.
  • No More Worrying About Lost Audio – This wireless lavalier microphone’s transmitters can each be used as standalone recorders with up to 14 hours of internal recording [4]. And 32-bit float ensures clear audio even if audio levels spike.
  • Less Noise, Better Vocals – Intelligent noise cancelling makes vocals more clear, even when conducting interviews or shooting videos in locations with erratic and unpredictable sounds.
  • Extended Range, Expanded Possibilities – Experience stable wireless audio recording within a 250-meter range (FCC) [6], allowing you to shoot and record more flexibly in more scenarios.
  • Up to 18 Hours of Operation – Say goodbye to battery anxiety. Whether you’re livestreaming or making videos in remote locations with fewer charging options, this Bluetooth microphone has got your back.
  • Includes a receiver, two transmitters (Shadow Black), a charging case, and more for up to 18 hours of use and videos with multiple speakers or stereo sound requirements.
DJI Mic 2 (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), All-in-one Wireless Microphone, Intelligent Noise Cancelling, 32-bit Float Internal Recording, 250m (820 ft.) Range, Microphone for…
DJI Mic 2 (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), All-in-one Wireless Microphone, Intelligent Noise Cancelling, 32-bit Float Internal Recording, 250m (820 ft.) Range, Microphone for…


Additional information

Specification: DJI Mic 2 (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), All-in-one Wireless Microphone, Intelligent Noise Cancelling, 32-bit Float Internal Recording, 250m (820 ft.) Range, Microphone for…

Product Dimensions

4.53 x 1.57 x 5.12 inches

Item Weight

8.4 ounces

Item model number



3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 17, 2024



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10 reviews for DJI Mic 2 (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), All-in-one Wireless Microphone, Intelligent Noise Cancelling, 32-bit Float Internal Recording, 250m (820 ft.) Range, Microphone for…

4.6 out of 5
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  1. El indagador

    Excelente sonido de grabación, la pila dura bastante, excelente calidad y el material de construcción es premium

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  2. oscar flores

    The media could not be loaded.

     A Compact and Advanced Audio Recording Device”

    I recently acquired the DJI Mic 2 after extensive research and reviews. While I’m pleased with the purchase, I’ve noticed that I primarily use my phone for recordings, leading me to reconsider the necessity of the receiver. The DJI Mic 2 is notable for its user-friendly interface and exceptional audio quality, suitable for both dialogue and sound effects. It works flawlessly with my Camera & Android smartphone
    Compatible with Apple products as well


    Outstanding audio quality.
    Includes practical accessories like a carrying case and deadcat wind cover.
    Sturdy build quality.
    Intuitive and straightforward interface.
    Enables internal recording for standalone transmitter use.
    Compact, lightweight, and portable.
    Excellent battery life.

    A key feature of the DJI Mic 2 is its ability to connect directly via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for a receiver.

    This is a standout feature that’s currently unmatched by other leading brands. However, if you predominantly use your phone for recordings, this product might be unnecessary, as the Bluetooth connectivity offers a convenient alternative.

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  3. Jesús A.C

    Micrófono extraordinario

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  4. Dr Julian

    As an audiophile who needed something “quick and reliable”, I’ve been through various wireless mic options, and none fit the bill, until the DJI Mic 2 came along…

    The Good:

    Bluetooth! Yes, the mics can be “standalone” connected to your bluetooth device. This is utterly brilliant. Is it perfect? No. Is it perfect for the run & gun scenario, filming something for social media? You bet. This includes connectivity to the iPhone’s bluetooth, as it can be connected to the DJI Oslo’s, the Insta 360 X3, etc. This feature puts DJI above the competition – at least for me.

    32-bit float: In the ever competitive race with Rode, DJI has now caught up and introduced 32-bit float recording. Is this important for you? That solely depends on your use-case scenarios and whether you’ll be in a reasonably controlled space and/or if the “wearer” understands that sceaming into a microphone will make the sound unusable. 32-bit float is not 100% fail-proof, but it may be the deciding factor between unusable, clipped audio, and audio you can recover in post editing.

    Size: The size of the DJI, when compared to its appropriate competition, is FAR more desirable. It’s small and compact, relatively inconspicuous, except…did we really have to emboss the DJI logo in brilliant white? C’mon now. That’s a bit much. Although, it’s a solvable issue.

    The Receiver: The features of the receiving unit, with its jog-dial and touchscreen, is definitely advantageous over the competition, and the included connectors for lightning or USB-C devices, neatly stored inside the transport case, are a great touch. The cold-shoe is now integrated into the receiver and very sturdy. It can be mounted in any direction, giving you visual access to the very legible display. Best yet, the receiver has a small and removable tab, allowing you to connect the supplied dongles. Smart design and well integrated.

    The Transmitters (mics): Sleek and small. Unfortunately, from the original DJI mic to the Mic 2, DJI desired to become “transparent” and apply the DJI logo in, recessed, font. Well done for the DJI engineering team, but you need to talk with the design and brand team, and have a little jousting battle. I’m rooting for you, engineers. For those who do not want to advertise for DJI, after plopping $349 into their bank account, a bit of gaffer tape will resolve the issue, and improve the looks of the unit. I have not yet tested whether that affects the range, but in case it does, a black marker will neatly cover up the white font.
    The transmitters do have an option to connect a wired lavalier mic, however, it cannot be screwed in. To me, that’s a non-issue. Unfortunately, the lav mics are a separate purchase, and not all lav mics perform the same. Thus, some testing will be required.

    The dead-cat/windmuff: DJI was really thinking on their design-feet, and the dead-cat now has an “appendage” which allows it to “mate” with the microphone, creating a solid bond. None of the twist-and-turn action as in prior designs or with the competition. Just go deep into your juvenile fun-cave and bring those two lovebirds together. Voila. Solved.
    One small contention, though: why is the dead-cat not in the same color as the transmitter (black) but off-gray?! Makes zero sense to me, and no, there’s no way that I have found to change the color. Maybe this will be an aftermarket solution.

    The transport case: metal housing, a single USB-C connector (more in a sec), a singular carrying pouch with accessories. It’s all well designed and appears to be quite durable. The case recharges both transmitters and the receiver, although I have not yet run into a situation where I’m out of battery on any of the units. Your mileage may vary, and the recharging power is not as strong as Rode’s Wireless Pro. Also, you cannot place the mics into the transport case when the dead-cat is mounted, which was possible on the Rode Wireless Pro. However, opposing to Rode, you have one neat carrying case, and the dead-cats live in there. It’s a minor issue.

    The “meh”:
    The sound quality lacks a bit in saturation and “fullness”, when compared to the Rode Wireless Pro. However, this can be fixed in post editing by EQ’ing to your liking. At the same time, this usually only stands out in a side-by-side comparison. Thus, if the listener doesn’t have their ear tuned to comparatives, I suspect that no one would decry the slight lack of bass.
    Will the metal transport case be affected by moisture, or extreme cold? Only time will tell, and chances that anyone is using the DJI Mic 2 on harsh environments, for long enough, is likely questionable to begin with.

    The ugly:
    Nothing. At least not yet.

    Is it pro grade?
    No, it is not. It’s upper-level, high-end, YouTube production worthy. Would I recommend this for a feature documentary movie, intended to enter film festivals? Nope. But, I’d say the same for the Rode Wireless Pro. That’s not the use-case for any of these solutions. Can you make do in a pinch and then post-process to compliance? Yes, but it’s still not a “Hollywood” solution for a full film. Then again, there aren’t many of us who do that, so with that being said….

    Would I recommend and buy the DJI Mic 2 again? Yes. Absolutely.

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  5. Michael J.

    I had this for 48 hours. The first shoot was great. Easy setup and the mics have great audio quality. On day two, one mic lost its connection. After doing everything in the service manual, I called the support line. There’s no option for microphones so I tried the online chat only to be told they can’t help, fill out this form and wait. I asked for a different number or the correct option for microphones and was given the same information. There’s no support here. Funnily enough, my first choice for microphones was Rode. I called their support to ask some questions about the product. They answered fast and took care of all my questions. I let the price point of DJI make my decision and I regret it. Everything has problems but support is what matters. You won’t get it here. I’ll never buy another DJI product.

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  6. HandheldReviews

    DJI Mic 2 is a versatile wireless microphone system that exceeds expectations in ease of use and audio quality. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring content creator, DJI Mic 2 is a reliable and efficient tool that enhances the audio experience in videography.

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  7. Untethered

    Excellent product, a lot of technology that makes our work easier and gives us the security of good quality material (voice recording), but the design of the transmitter shoe does not hold well with the Smallrig could shoe, it is loose and falls off, You have to buy a Neewer could shoe to solve the problem.

    Here’s the one I bought
    NEEWER Cold Shoe Mount Adapter Compatible with DJI Hollyland Rode Wireless Lavalier Microphone Receiver, Anti Drop Mic Accessories with Retractable Pins, Metal Camera Cage Mount Adapter, UA030

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  8. Jose Jimenez Calvo

    Son micrófonos muy buenos, siento que la calidad de audio de la primera versión esta mejor que esta, supongo que con una actualización se arreglara eso.

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  9. HandheldReviews

    I’ve been doing videography for over 15 years and I picked up the DJI Mic 2 after owning several Rode lavalier mics and dealing with complicated setups and having to sync the audio every time. I love how easy this is to use, and the interface is clean and straightforward and gets you where you need without needing to navigate through 50 different menu items. Audio quality is excellent – I didn’t think something this small could record audio so well and it’s good enough to use as not only a dialogue mic but for sound effect recording as well. Worked great with my Sony FX30 camera, Android smartphone, and MacBook Pro.

    – audio quality is excellent
    – comes with a carrying case and deadcat
    – build quality is great
    – clean, easy to use interface
    – internal recording lets you use the transmitter standalone
    – small and compact, very light
    – great battery life

    – touch controls can be a bit finnicky if you have large fingers
    – no way to mute yourself from the transmitter (might be fixed in a firmware update)

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  10. David

    I really like this mike! It has an amazing sound quality (I use it for my remote videos and my zoom meetings). There are a couple of ways of using it: as a remote blue-toothed, as a recording mike (it has internal storage) or as a remote using its receiver connected to a camera or other device. Each way works great.
    The missing star on ease of use is because it was a little challenging to find the docs that explain all of the features, but once found, the set up is not too complicated.

    I recommend this for remotes and for simple meetings. The superior sound quality and incredible noise cancellation makes it a great value for the money.

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