LG 3.1 ch. Sound Bar with Dolby Audio

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  • LG 3.1 ch. Sound Bar with Dolby Audio
LG 3.1 ch. Sound Bar with Dolby Audio
LG 3.1 ch. Sound Bar with Dolby Audio


Additional information

Specification: LG 3.1 ch. Sound Bar with Dolby Audio

Product Dimensions

3.5 x 33.5 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight

21.6 pounds



Country of Origin



2 AA batteries required.

Date First Available

March 5, 2024

Speakers Maximum Output Power

340 Watts

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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for LG 3.1 ch. Sound Bar with Dolby Audio

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    This soundbar is all I could ask for. Great HDMI integration with my TV, great sound, never had a single problem with it

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  2. Javcove

    La usan en un lugar chico y alguien no muy exigente del audio, cumple

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  3. Eduardo Escorcia

    I got this on a black Friday sale and it’s been amazing. The sound it’s so much better than my oled TV. I don’t really know why people bother saying the sounds it’s “not as good as other hight tier sound bars” like the SQ90Y. Maybe because they’re not in the same categorie or even price range? There’s a product for everyone at every price point and if you’re looking for a good quality sound bar without feeling like you’re breaking the bank. This is definitely the one.

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  4. Kimberlee67

    I got this hoping to hear dialect better. It made all the sounds better, gave an overall improvement and depth to the sound. I can’t say it worked for the dialect as I had hoped, but I am very happy with it. I have it set for the sound bar and the tv sound combined, which I think gives the best sound for hearing speech. I know there are way more pricey sound bars out there that may do more, but for the money I am very satisfied and would recommend this one. Also, a plus, it is pretty easy to set up but the instructions could be more detailed for those of us who didn’t know what an optical cord was, lol 😂

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  5. Malodorous

    I heard there were some issues with this product in other reviews, but mine works well and continues to do so after a few weeks.

    Out of the box the bar and subwoofer paired immediately. I did not even have to follow the instructions – the light was green right away.

    Sound is pretty good quality for a soundbar. I have listened to many and it seems like this price range is where quality levels out. Cheap soundbars have poor sound quality, but more expensive models don’t seem to have better quality – they add features, or more power to go louder. This model sits in the sweet spot between extremes. Just be sure not to pay full MSRP.

    One reason I bought this model specifically is because I could confirm it supports both e-ARC for my future TV, and SPDIF/TOSLINK optical for my current 10+ year old TV. Other models either lacked an optical port or I was unable to confirm that yes, they 100% had one. Using optical, my TV controls the volume of the soundbar. I don’t even need the soundbar remote. TV automatically mutes its internal speakers and outputs to the soundbar along with telling the soundbar what volume level it should use.

    Great product, and I definitely recommend it. Just be careful because according to some reviews it appears there are some lemons out there.

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  6. Cliente de Amazon

    Very disappointed in this speaker. We previously had an LG sound bar that was similar and it broke after 4 years, so we decided to get another. This speaker cuts in and out, even with a new HDMI cable, and a new HDMI 90 degree adapter to ensure the HDMI cable was not being bent at the head too much. We have tried it with different televisions, our laptop, etc and it still cuts in and out. LG told us that we have to hire a service technician to come and fix the speaker, but we live deep in the Rockies and would have to pay the tech travel fees. Overall, a very poor experience!! Do not waste your money on this sound bar.

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  7. Javcove

    El sonido de la barra es muy bueno, estoy impresionado por la calidad del equipo, tanto para ver películas como para escuchar música. En ningún momento distorsiona. El buffer tiene muy buena potencia. El LED indicador de la parte frontal ayuda mucho a saber el tipo de contenido que se está reproduciendo, detecta inmediatamente si el contenido se está reproduciendo con Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, etc. la conexión por Bluetooth funciona muy bien, se prende automáticamente en cuanto te conectas desde el celular por Bluetooth y reproduces música. Terminé devolviéndola no porque no me gustara el equipo; si no porque no me dió confianza que la barra trae el número de serie desprendido en la parte de abajo, pienso que si en unos meses requiero garantía por parte de LG ellos pudieran ponerme trabas por no tener este número de serie en la etiqueta, además de qué traía dos Rayones. Me da la impresión de qué este vendedor me envió un producto usado o de exhibición. Ya la volví a comprar por medio de otro vendedor.

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  8. Victor Miguel Villanueva Becerra

    Buen producto. Cumple su función. Lo recomiendo.

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  9. Tony smith

    Sounds great. Easy to hookup and pair

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  10. AAM

    The LG S65Q 3.1ch High-Res Audio Sound Bar aims to enhance your TV audio experience with its 3.1 channel configuration, DTS Virtual:X technology, and a range of features designed to deliver immersive sound. While it offers some positive aspects, there are areas where it falls short, most notably in its shallow sound quality.

    One of the standout features of the LG S65Q is its 3.1 channel configuration, which includes a center channel speaker and two side-firing speakers, along with a wireless subwoofer. This setup is intended to provide a more immersive audio experience, especially for movie enthusiasts. The inclusion of DTS Virtual:X technology further enhances the soundstage, creating a wider and more enveloping sound field.

    The sound bar’s design is sleek and stylish, easily blending into most home entertainment setups. The slim profile and compact size make it a space-efficient option, ideal for smaller living rooms or bedrooms. The wireless subwoofer adds depth to the bass and helps create a more dynamic audio experience, immersing you in the on-screen action.

    The LG S65Q supports High-Resolution Audio playback, allowing you to enjoy music with higher fidelity and more detail. This is a notable feature for audiophiles or those who appreciate high-quality audio reproduction. Additionally, the inclusion of Meridian audio technology adds credibility to the sound performance, promising enhanced clarity and precision.

    However, where the LG S65Q falls short is in its sound quality. While the sound bar produces decent sound, it lacks the depth and richness that one would expect from a higher-end audio system. The overall sound profile tends to be on the shallow side, with a lack of warmth and nuance. This can lead to a somewhat underwhelming audio experience, especially when compared to other sound bars in its price range.

    The Synergy TV feature is a unique addition, allowing seamless integration with compatible LG TVs. This feature enables you to control both the TV and sound bar with a single remote, simplifying the overall user experience. The HDMI connectivity options provide flexibility in connecting various devices, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio sources.

    In conclusion, the LG S65Q 3.1ch High-Res Audio Sound Bar offers a decent audio performance with some notable features. The 3.1 channel configuration, DTS Virtual:X technology, and sleek design contribute to an immersive audio experience. However, the shallow sound quality is a significant drawback, as it fails to deliver the depth and richness expected from a sound bar in this price range. While it may suffice for casual TV viewing, audio enthusiasts and those seeking a more immersive and nuanced sound experience may want to explore other options.

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