Marshall Mode EQ Wired in-Ear Headphones – Black and Brass

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Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $60.65.

  • Big Sound Small Package
  • Product Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ears
  • Microphone and remote
  • EQ Switch
Marshall Mode EQ Wired in-Ear Headphones – Black and Brass
Marshall Mode EQ Wired in-Ear Headphones – Black and Brass

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $60.65.

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Specification: Marshall Mode EQ Wired in-Ear Headphones – Black and Brass

Product Dimensions

7.28 x 3.82 x 2.05 inches

Item Weight

0.04 Pounds

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 31, 2014


Zound Industries

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1.0 Count

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10 reviews for Marshall Mode EQ Wired in-Ear Headphones – Black and Brass

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  1. Tural Muradbeyli

    These headphones give a good and clear sound. I especially like the fact that the middle is also good and remains clean even with complex compositions. In many headphones, low and high frequencies are turned up, and the middle remains deaf and quiet. Here, too, are well low and high frequencies, but there is no dip in the mids. However, I do not recommend using the bass boost switch, the sound becomes worse.

    There are also other advantages of these headphones: good passive noise isolation, the wires do not tangle, the wires are thick and durable, and the L-Plug.

    These headphones are the second best among all the headphones that I have had. I list them by rating:

    1. Bowers & Wilkins PI3 – the best sounding. It is clean and warm. The sound is as clear as the Marshall Mode EQ, but even warmer. Unfortunately, these earbuds no longer work.
    2. Marshall Mode EQ – good clear sound, but lacks the warmth of Bowers & Wilkins PI3. At the moment, these are my best headphones for listening to music. I listen to music on these headphones.
    3. Samsung EO-IA500 (wife’s headphones) is also a good clear sound, close to Marshall Mode EQ, but when compared with Marshall Mode EQ, it feels like the middle is not clean enough, especially in complex compositions where there are a lot of instruments.
    4. OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 – I used them for online meetings. These headphones stopped working.
    5. Several other headphones that don’t even compare to these.

    I listen to music on Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro using the Spotify service, where the highest (Very high) sound quality is selected in the options both in WiFi and cellular streaming.

    If someone wants to use these headphones for online meetings, I can advise. I sometimes used, although usually for online meetings I use Soundcore Anker Life U2 or Bose QuietComfort 25. Here the microphone works well, and no problems arise.

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  2. Daniel Cobos Rodríguez

    He tenido varios auriculares in-ear bastante mas caros y de supuesta mejor calidad que estos, pero estos siendo mas baratos, son excelentes. Tengo auriculares de diadema pero buscaba auriculares in-ear de calidad sin irme mucho de precio (ya tengo auriculares de diadema mejores y bastante mas caros que estos) y estos en cuanto a sonido son inmejorables. El modo EQ funciona muy bien y es muy simple de activar, con un simple botón en los mismos auriculares, aunque me gusta mas el balance original que tienen.

    El cable, pese a ser de goma y ser bastante flexible (aportando comodidad, no molesta ni da sensación de tirantez en ningún momento) parece que si no haces el burro aguanta sin problema. Mención aparte merece el conector jack de 3.5mm, el cual es en forma de L y es metálico/dorado, con un muelle que protege el cable de posibles cortes internos evitando que se doble.

    La única contra es la ergonomía y comodidad, la forma de los auriculares no es del todo “orgánica” y no se adapta bien a la forma del oido, por lo que tras unas horas con ellos puestos puede generar algo de dolor. Sería el gran punto a mejorar de estos auriculares.

    Para mi los mejores auriculares in-ear por este rango de precios sin lugar a dudas. Y como dicen, cuidado con las falsificaciones.

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  3. Alex Voutinopoulos

    Jättenöjd med ljudet!!!

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  4. Hugo Lastra

    It took the product two months to start giving too much noise during song playback. Too expensive for the time that it lasts.

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  5. La mochila es muy amplia y con varios compartimentos el material es impermeable para las lluvias sin duda buena compra

    Gran sonido, son prácticos para guardar, el diseño engancha bien en el oido y no se resbalan, el sonido te aisla bastante de los sonidos externos, vale mucho la pena ✨

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  6. Michael

    Ordered these as a quick replacement for some Grain Audio earbuds I had accidentally broken. First off, I listen to music and audiobooks for 8 hours per day at work, so I definitely value longevity and sound quality. That said, I appreciate the spring-coiled L-curve jack plug that these buds have. Generally when my headphones die, it’s either internal wiring in a bud or at the connection that breaks, so something unique that helps take away one of those problems is appreciated. Design-wise, I like the general ergonomics of the buds themselves – and right out of the package, they fitted snug and were not uncomfortable. Cord length (honestly, I don’t have a tape measure to give an exact length…. 4ft?) was adequate, and the material of the cord seems durable and is somewhat firm/stiff compared to the average non-studio set of headphones (which is nice aesthetically, since when not stretched out, the cord doesn’t tend to coil on itself annoyingly, even if twisted up a bit). A stethoscope effect is there, but is about the average you’d expect for in-ear buds. The controller/shirt clip is well placed and sturdySo overall, I appreciate the quality for the price.

    The sound quality has really grown on me. I listen to heavier stuff, so unless I’m listening to an audiobook – the bass boost is generally always on. After breaking these in for a couple of weeks, I had the urge to just turn my music player up to 11 and headbang to some sludgy metal to see what these Marshalls could do. I was not disappointed. Listening to some old Isis, Meshuggah, Nile, etc… with the Poweramp app on my android’s EQ turned to rock and the earbuds’ bass-boost on, the Marshalls were quite impressively rattling my ears off. Given a good EQ setting on whatever device you’re listening on, the bass on these bad boys soar. I was hearing certain notes and bass undertones I didn’t know some songs had – all while keeping the mid/high ranges generally true. Even with as heavy of a bass as I like, there wasn’t any distortion or drowning out of other frequencies. Overall, I feel like I’m getting as good of a Marshall amp experience as I can get in a pair of in-ear headphones – which is all I can ask for.

    Probably best pound-for-pound in-ear phones I’ve ever owned. Would buy again.

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  7. Ana S.

    The most amazing headphones i’ve ever had!!!!

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  8. Nobody

    I have two choices (living in a condo), take the audio out of the back of the TV, and adjust the volume with an inline controller, or run the output through a receiver/amplifier and then through the headphone jack. The problem with that is the amplifier through amplifier feed introduces a low, but audible hum in the quietest passages.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had a very difficult time finding earphones that produced enough volume out of the direct TV feed, even with the volume control all the way up. On some video files yes, others, no (I watch everything through downloads). Plus, my other three earphones, from good to very high quality (and price) sound rather tinny that way. I had a paid of Kenwoods (no longer made), but the plastic wires became brittle and cracked.

    On a hunch, I bought these, and miracle of miracles, they happen to work perfectly. The sound is rich and full, and the earphones produce gobs of sound from the feed. Maybe it’s the impedance, these are 39, the other three that don’t work are all 16. The impedance of the Kenwood’s is unknown, there’s no reference to them anymore online.

    So, maybe if you have a similar situation, check these out. The price is right.

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  9. Gina & Joanna

    Honestly I prefer symphonized headphones, these are not bad at all, just symphonized is more affordable [I go through headphones like they grow on tree or something] I think they handle bass exceptionally well it was just the price tag for me.

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  10. Ewa

    Great product, sound is really quality. Cable and case very good.
    Comfortable and fit perfectly. Fast delivery. Highly recommend.

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