Nesco Deluxe Food VS-12 Vacuum Sealer, 130 Watts, Kit Bags & Viewing Lid, Compact, Silver

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Original price was: $139.99.Current price is: $102.08.

  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: 130 watt, 25. 1 InHG double vacuum pump for optimal performance. Ensures maximum air extraction when sealing larger food items
  • VARIABLE SETTINGS: Includes 3 settings – dry, moist and double. Plus, you can choose between normal vacuum pressure, or gentle, to keep soft foods safe
  • EASY-LOCK HANDLE: The easy-lock handle makes one-handed operation smooth and easy
  • DOUBLE HEAT SEAL: Optional doubleheat seal provides added strength and security when sealing liquid-based or moist foods
  • BUILT-IN STORAGE & BAG CUTTER: Conveniently stores any brand of vacuum sealer bags in unit, while the bag cutter helps to create custom bag sizes for your needs
  • VACUUM SEALER BAGS INCLUDED: Two bag rolls are included to get you started, one 8.6” x 9.85’ roll and one 11.8”x 9.85 roll
Nesco Deluxe Food VS-12 Vacuum Sealer, 130 Watts, Kit Bags & Viewing Lid, Compact, Silver
Nesco Deluxe Food VS-12 Vacuum Sealer, 130 Watts, Kit Bags & Viewing Lid, Compact, Silver

Original price was: $139.99.Current price is: $102.08.

Additional information

Specification: Nesco Deluxe Food VS-12 Vacuum Sealer, 130 Watts, Kit Bags & Viewing Lid, Compact, Silver







Product Dimensions

15.75"L x 8"W x 4.5"H

Item Weight

6 pounds

Power Source

Corded Electric

Operation Mode



130 watts





Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 13, 2016

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10 reviews for Nesco Deluxe Food VS-12 Vacuum Sealer, 130 Watts, Kit Bags & Viewing Lid, Compact, Silver

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Elaine Cellupica

    America’s test kitchen rated this number 1 and rightly so. If you use the PULSE VACUUM feature for fresh bread and muffins it DOES NOT crush the bread because you can control the suction. Other people complain about this but it’s user error and not the product. Works great on fresh vegetables too but you have to par-freeze them after blanching for 15 to 20 minutes otherwise the vacuum will pull out too much water and it won’t seal. Freezes meat perfectly as well. My only small complaint is the vacuum is slow and you need to be patient and let it count down to zero before you release. Not a big deal. I highly recommend this vacuum sealer.

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  2. Elaine Cellupica

    Definitely saves money, food and decreases trips to the store. Works, easy, quick, sturdy machine.

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  3. Ben M

    You will require a voltage transformer for this item in the UK costing closer to £40 of which Amazon don’t tell you on there website and also it comes from America which they also don’t tell you .It also has arrived with an American type plug.
    Waste of time and money.I don’t even know if it works because I can’t plug it in and you have to get in touch with the American company not Amazon uk

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  4. Sandra

    Da gusto utilizar un producto confiable y de calidad.

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  5. Terrance Whitehead

    I was looking for a vacuum sealer and I am pleased that I purchased this one. Though a little pricey, this does it’s job very well. The heating element cools rather quickly and the product itself can handle (what I call a marathon in my household) almost continuous use.

    The drip tray is surprisingly easy to clean even though it cannot be removed, this is my first vacuum sealer so I didn’t know there were removable ones. I just use a drop or two of Dawn in the crevices and take a damp dish towel and it’s clean.

    The only drawback to this is that the instructions are a bit confusing at first, but there are good step-by-step instructional videos on YouTube. I plan on using this thing until it dies and then buy another.

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  6. David Nicholson

    I had a Food Saver that was about 20 years old. While it still worked, it was starting to have issues. Did a lot of research and settled on this Nesco vacuum sealer. I put it right to work with about 50 bags of venison sausage, snack sticks, pulled pork, and ribs.

    It appears to be pretty heavy duty, but a little bulky compared to my FoodSaver. I like the stainless accent. It has great suction and the lid seal works well to prevent air from creeping back in, especially when using the pulse feature. After vacuuming and sealing you can hear air rush in when the lid releases. Love the fact it includes a pulse vacuum for when you are vacuum sealing liquids or softer items to prevent leakage or crushing. The double seal is the best feature. With my old FoodSaver I found myself sealing twice on each end to create a double seal to reduce chances of leakage, but with this one you just seal once to get the double seal. When reviewing various sealers I was a little concerned that the depth of the suction tray was too far back and would require using longer bags wasting roll material, however, the front edge is slanted so pictures are somewhat deceptive and it didn’t take much extra length to reach. I often buy 50′ bulk rolls that won’t fit in the roll storage compartment (same thing with almost all sealers). However you can put the roll behind the sealer and feed it through the gap between the lid and under the cutter (saves from having to transfer material to another roll to make it smaller so it will fit).

    Now to things that weren’t as good, although mostly minor: when you close and lock the lid there is a delay before you can push a button; it is fairly slow in making a seal; it includes 3 seal options, 2 of which are single and the last is double seal but each time you turn it on it defaults to a single seal and you have to push the button twice to select double seal (I suspect most will use the double seal so would be nice to have it as default); you have to push the buttons just right to get them to work, just because you hear the click doesn’t mean it worked; the lift up cutter arm blends in making it hard to see when it is up and I often forget to put it back down when trying to close the lid; the drip tray isn’t removable to wash but it is easily accessible to wipe out; while it came with a 8″ and 11″ bag roll, the 11″ roll had wrinkles throughout the roll (would note with the double seal it didn’t appear to cause issues). the sealer sits up a little higher which can require longer bags, but this can be remedied by putting something in front that is a similar height to lay the bag on; it doesn’t have a cancel button in case there is an issue and you want to stop it; you have to wait a little while between each seal to allow the heat strip to cool off (others I’ve used you could do several seals before you had to let it cool off; I found that if I label each bag as it completes it was just enough delay to then seal another bag so I wasn’t wasting time).

    While it could be improved I still believe it is a good sealer and would recommend it to others looking for a quality sealer with great suction and a true double seal.

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  7. EduardoSGV

    With the price of groceries these days it’s really expensive feeding a family of 5. After realizing how much more costly it is to buy meat that’s been broken down and packaged we started to buy whole chickens or bone in skin on breasts as well as whole pork loins.

    Basically on Saturday/Sunday I breakdown whatever large cuts or chicken I found at a decent price, come up with some basic marinades and special dinners and then vacuum seal them and freeze for use. This means at any given time we have lots of options for what to have for dinner without really having to make a meal plan.

    The nesco vacuum sealer is fantastic. There is a learning curve on bag placement, vacuum sealing with marinades and so on but after the first couple uses I got the hang of it. Its pretty quiet and does a great job, I only ever use the double seal function and typically only use it on auto vac/seal.

    The drip tray is not removable which makes it a little harder to clean but it’s honestly not a big deal at all for me. Once you get a hang of how much liquid you can put in the bag and what length to cut the bag you’ll find you don’t get any liquid suctioned into the tray (also helps to fold the open end of the bag over itself a minimum of 3” so you have a clean section where it will go into the sealer.

    I wish it came with the vacuum container hose but I’ve seen the hoses come with sets of containers.

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  8. Troizana

    just purchased and used this and I am well satisfied with it. Its nice and quiet, good size, seals well. I like how it has bag storage and a built in cutter. I also like how it has a feature to vacuum and seal delicate items with manual control. I tried the delicate feature and it crushed the buns. The manual did fine. It has a place for a hose to do jars with but I dont have the accessory. So far so good!

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  9. I love my Kindle

    The old Foodsaver vacuumed it’s last bag and I bought this as a replacement. It has a few nicer options like the pulse vacuum so you can stop anytime you want and just seal the bag, useful for delicate things. The drip tray is not removeable for cleaning but so far it’s been empty every time. I also like the double seal option. This feels very solidly built.

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  10. Ben M

    We use ours all the time.

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