NEW Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Spatial Audio and World-Class Noise Cancellation, Moonstone Blue – Limited…

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  • SPATIAL AUDIO EARBUDS: Tap into a deeply immersive listening experience that places the audio directly in front of you and makes your music feel more real than ever before
  • WORLD-CLASS NOISE CANCELLATION: CustomTune technology analyzes each ear and adapts sound so the active noise cancelling earbuds offer a premium listening experience that’s custom tailored just for you
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT FOR ALL DAY COMFORT: Swap between nine soft eartips and stability bands to find the perfect fit that feels snug and comfortable for those extra-long listening sessions
  • 3 LISTENING MODES: Focus with world-class noise cancellation in Quiet Mode, hear your surroundings in Aware Mode, and engage in full noise cancellation and Bose Immersive Audio using Immersion Mode
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY: These Bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds give you up to 6 hours of listening time (up to 4 with Immersive Audio), and a 20-minute charge gives you up to 2 hours of additional play time
  • CLEAR CALLS, EASY CONTROLS: Noise-rejecting microphones filter out background noise for clearer calls and the intuitive touch controls let you easily change the volume, skip songs, switch modes, and answer calls
  • LISTEN WITH ONE EARBUD: Answer calls or play your favorite music through both or a single earbud, whatever works best for you.
  • FIND YOUR FIT: Experiment with different eartip and stability band sizes to find your optimal fit, providing a gentle seal and a comfortable, stable experience. Eartip and stability bands can be mixed and matched. XS and XL eartips and stability bands are available and sold separately
NEW Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Spatial Audio and World-Class Noise Cancellation, Moonstone Blue – Limited…
NEW Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Spatial Audio and World-Class Noise Cancellation, Moonstone Blue – Limited…


Additional information

Specification: NEW Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Spatial Audio and World-Class Noise Cancellation, Moonstone Blue – Limited…

Product Dimensions

1.05 x 2.34 x 2.61 inches

Item Weight

20 Grams

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 15, 2024



Charging Time

2 Hours


1.0 Count

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7 reviews for NEW Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Spatial Audio and World-Class Noise Cancellation, Moonstone Blue – Limited…

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  1. LC

    Ich habe vor dem Kauf der Bose QC Ultra Earbuds meine Jabra Elite Active 75t, die Airpods Pro erster Generation, die Bose QC 35 und die Bose NC 700 verwendet.

    Die Bose QC Ultra Earbuds sind meine bisher besten Ohr- bzw. Kopfhörer. Ich lege viel Wert auf Bass und der Bass ist (nach Einstellung des Equalizers) überragend. Musik macht damit doppelt Spaß. Auch sonst ist das Klangbild toll. Der Sitz ist bei meinen Ohren perfekt, man hat beim Sport nicht annähernd die Sorge, die Earbuds könnten herausfallen. Auch drücken die Stöpsel bei mir nicht. Das Noise Cancelling ist das beste, das ich bisher erlebt habe. Nur das Klimpern von Geschirr blocken sie (wie die meisten anderen Ohrhörer) nicht ganz so gut.

    Als negativer Aspekt ist zu sagen, dass das Case etwas hochwertiger sein könnte. Es fühlt sich für mich insgesamt nach billigem Plastik an und ist relativ groß. Ich höre auf der linken Seite außerdem manchmal leises Piepen und Knacken, wenn keine Musik oder kein Podcast läuft. Das ist etwas schade, stört mich aber insgesamt nicht besonders, weil ich die Earbuds zum Musikhören verwende.

    Ich habe als potentielle Neuanschaffungen neben den Bose QC Ultra Earbuds auch die Sony WF-1000XM5 und die Jabra Elite 8 Active ausprobiert. Den Hype um Sony kann ich nicht nachvollziehen. Ich fand sie relativ bassarm und sie saßen nicht gut in meinen Ohren. Die Jabra Earbuds hingegen hätte ich fast behalten, weil sie und ihr Case den insgesamt hochwertigsten Eindruck gemacht haben. Der Sitz im Ohr und der Klang waren ebenfalls super. Allerdings ist der Klang aus meiner Sicht nicht ganz auf dem gleichen Niveau wie bei Bose, weshalb ich mich letztlich für die Ultras entschieden habe.

    Wem satter Bass, warmer und präziser Klang sowie ein sicherer Halt wichtig sind, trifft mit den Ultras aus meiner Sicht die beste Wahl.

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  2. Colin Kennedy

    Zeer goed geluid.
    Oortjes zitten goed

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  3. Atlas

    I don’t work in a peaceful environment with timid people, who are respectful of each other and know how to shut up. No.
    I work in a warehouse. Not a good warehouse. A small warehouse. With 30 people in a single room. People who literally SCREAM along with the music playing over the speakers. People who think being the most annoying person possible is funny. What’s worse. It’s 10 hour shifts.
    I’ve had enough. I decided, time for noise canceling headphones!! This review is for someone in the same position as me. That NEEDS, DESPERATELY, some way to shut down the noise around them.

    After much debate, I decided between two choices. The Jlab Epic Lab True Edition (200 USD) and the new Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra headphones. (250 USD)
    I went with these two because
    1) I was very interested how jlabs new signature headphones would compare to the 20$ version they offer. I wondered how much better it could be for 200$, also I was interested in the Knowles corporation equalizer preset. Big audio company.
    2) Bose is the leader of ANC headphones. I’ve never had a pair so I had to see what the fuss was about.
    I got both of these on Amazon knowing I can return the worst pair within 30 days.

    After using these, I want to apologize to my past self for not doing this sooner. I have broken them in over the past week at work, and it’s the only time I have been there I haven’t wanted to walk out within hours or gotten crazy depressed. I realized. I actually like my job.

    Let’s start with jlab
    I’m going to get this out of the way. If you relate to my situation at all. These are not the headphones for you.
    IF you have a good life. A good job. One without people literally screaming in your ear 10 hours. Please get these.
    The audio quality on these are amazing. I was shocked. I honestly teared up when putting my favorite song on for first time. I heard parts of that song I have NEVER heard. You will experience this. The Knowles setting is life changing. These are a daily driver for sure. I am impressed. Comfortable and very water resistant.
    The active noise canceling is actually pretty good. I could barely hear my husband with music on. But my situation….multiple…people…yelling, in union, to Taylor swift.
    The jlabs can not handle it lol. It does get muffled…a bit. Which honestly, is loads better than just white knuckling it. But if you are looking for strictly ANC, don’t get these at 200$. Are they worth 200$ on sound quality alone. Gods yes. Are they worth that…to ME. Ehh..

    Honestly I was not expecting to like these as much. I heard a lot of things about loss of connectivity plus not being water resistant. In my warehouse. I do get water on my hands sometimes so I did not have high hopes. But let me tell you.
    The second I put these on at work, before the music played it did the ANC switch and I was the happiest I have been in months. It instantly took out the warehouse music, the machines, the fans, the background noises and 80% of the talking. I felt like I could breathe for once. The overstimulation gone like *snaps*.
    Then the music started playing. I was watching my coworkers mouths and I broke out in a huge grin that lasted minutes. I could see them talk, but hear them talk I could not. This is the first week in months where I didn’t get depressed after about 30 minutes of that.
    So the ANC is legendary. The sound…is not. I keep looking at my jlabs like… ???
    How do they sound so much better?!
    I think the bose default settings out of box is just too treble heavy. I used the app to set mine +9, +4, -2.
    That is the closest I can get it to sound like jlabs but they still don’t. Why?! I don’t know why. They still do sound good. Like a 8/10. That plus not hearing my coworkers discuss if lobsters have souls, makes this purchase on sale at $250 a steal for me.

    I’m going to be returning the Jlabs and looking for a future sale. I would like to have them in my collection for when I just need some good headbanging. Both headphones are great, but get the one you need for the life you live. Take care!

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  4. Carlos Ramírez

    I set up a return for this product I was so disappointed. But then all its faults disappeared the day after I bought them. I think it was down to an automatic update solving the issues.

    The issues I experienced were a crackling sound every so often and disconnection issues. Also poor noise cancellation. So make sure you check software is up to date before returning.

    I am now so impressed with these, the sound quality is perfect and the immersive audio adds another level. Comfy to wear for long periods and never come loose (in my ears)

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  5. Julie

    everything about theses earbuds is amazing. the only complaint i have is about the poor quality of the case. the anc is otherworldly and the sound quality is top notch. very comfortable and snug in the ears aswell. i would definetly recommend these however, buy a case add-on with lid lock.

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  6. Julie

    La verdad que cuando los saqué de la caja de Amazon y vi el empaque pensé que eran piratas, pero bastó solo con ponérmelos y usarlos para saber que si eran Bose. El audio es bueno pero a secas, no siento que sean los mejores audífonos que haya desarrollado la marca. El estuche de carga si se siente medio corriente pero cumple con su función y es de buen tamaño

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  7. Atlas

    For the last 3 months, I wanted to find a pair of wireless earbuds that were, at the very least, comfortable.

    My previous pair of wireless earbuds, Sony’s WFSP800N were, by far, the most comfortable wireless earbuds I have ever experienced. That being said, they’re going on four years old. They disconnected randomly from my phone, they often remained on when I put them in their charging case, and on a few occasions, just my sweat would be enough to trigger the touch sensors and either skip or pause whatever song I was listening to.

    So, I set out to try just about every major brand that *wasn’t* Sony this time around.
    I tried the top of the line in the $200 price range from Jabra, Beats, and Sennheiser.
    Jabra was by far the one I wanted to succeed the most. I picked up the Jabra Elite 8. The sound was good. Noise cancelling was automatic and easy to cycle. And the fact that the materials were military grade and built to withstand just about anything really sold me. Unfortunately, prolonged wear hurt my right ear. I returned them a few days later and tried the Beats Fit Pro. I thought that the wings would provide stabilization and comfort. I was wrong. I didn’t even get a chance to really try them out. My ears were in agonizing pain due to the rigidity of the wings. I returned them the same day I bought them. I had high hopes for Sennheiser, and though they sounded amazing, they hurt in the same way that Jabra did.

    Cue Bose to come in. The thing that set them apart from the competition were the comfort wings. They come in three different sizes. I tried using the medium wings first, but prolonged use still caused pain in just my right ear, even though my left was fine. The small wings though fit perfectly in both, and have not created any issues of discomfort or pain. They’re actually on par comfort wise with the Sony earbuds I got almost 4 years ago.

    Now, the sound was night and day to anything I have ever tried before. The sheer depth of everything was immaculate, and with the app you can adjust the different tones accordingly. But the features that won out was the noise cancelling “quiet” mode, the sound heightening “immersion” mode, and the all around “aware” mode.
    These are the best noise cancelling earbuds I have ever experienced with the quiet mode. The immersion mode let’s you listen to music in all levels around you as if you’re sitting in the middle of an orchestra. The aware mode transfers sound from the outside to you as if you aren’t wearing headphones at all.

    All three modes are miles above the other competing products I have bought. But the Aware mode is absolutely amazing as any other version of this sounds Tinny or Electronic. This was the first time I have ever forgotten I was even wearing headphones. The music may not have been playing, but the background noise was so clear that I just didn’t need to take the headphones out and put them away. This actually made it easy to listen to music at a low volume and still be able to keep up with concentrating on conversations or work place activities and lectures.

    The case uses the USB C charging cable, and you get a full charge if it’s completely dead in about 2 hours. That being said, I probably get about 6 to 8 hours with consecutive use of the earbuds on a single charge. With the charging case, I can probably go 20 to 25 hours without needing to recharge. But what I love is that not only will the earbuds audibly tell you when they are low after they’ve been sitting in the case, the case itself has a light indicator to tell you when the charging battery is drained.

    Overall, is this worth $300? Considering it blew every other $200 competitor, including my original earbuds out of the water (which I paid $250 for when they were released near 4 years ago), I would say that TO ME, they are worth the money. I’m not comparing them to current Sonys on the market, nor have I ever tried the Quiet Comfort 2s. If you feel that it isn’t big enough of a jump, then cool. But to me, comparing them to all of the earbuds that caused me pain, I do feel like this is a case of “Getting Your Money’s Worth.”

    I sincerely like these, and I am happy I spent the money for the sake of impressive comfort and impressive sound quality.


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