Sonos Roam – Black – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Stream music and more over WiFi, and enjoy easy control with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.
  • Use Bluetooth when you take this waterproof, lightweight, and durable speaker on the go.
  • Experience astonishingly clear and perfectly balanced sound with automatic Trueplay tuning.
  • Get up to 10 hours of continuous play time, and recharge with the included USB-C cable and any 7.5W (5V / 1.5A or 2.1A) or higher USB power adapter, or any Qi wireless charger.
  • Create a multiroom sound system with other Sonos speakers and enjoy music, TV, and more all around your home.
Sonos Roam – Black – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Sonos Roam – Black – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Additional information

Specification: Sonos Roam – Black – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Product Dimensions

2.44 x 2.32 x 6.61 inches

Item Weight

200 Grams

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

March 15, 2021





Input Voltage

5 Volts

Speakers Maximum Output Power

10 Watts

Charging Time

10 Hours

Number Of Items


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10 reviews for Sonos Roam – Black – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

4.2 out of 5
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  1. HeBmNX

    First of all, I would like to say that I have never reviewed any product before. But I am so unhappy with this product that I just had to give it a poor review. I purchased two Sonos roam speakers for my small business. One for the front and one for the back of the store. And I have had nothing but problems. I chose the Sonos roam speakers because I liked the idea of being able to hook up multiple speakers wirelessly. Which seemed like it would be perfect for my store. But I tried everything to get this product to work correctly. I went through every troubleshooting procedure possible on so many different occasions with the Sonos company, that I have lost count. I can get one speaker to work correctly, but I cannot get both speakers to work at the same time with any consistency. While one speaker is working and playing music perfectly fine the other one will play music for a couple of minutes and then it will cut out for anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes and then just come back on for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s the front speaker. Sometimes it’s the back speaker. And every now and then they will both work properly for a period of time and then all of a sudden I’m back on the phone with Sonos trying to figure out the problem. And still it does not work! So, unless you want a lot of frustration, and unless you want to be on the phone with Sonos on a regular basis, I would suggest trying a different product!

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  2. Dr Jacob S.Mathew

    Endlich eine Sonos die man mit dem Fernseher verbinden kann und denn dann mit anderen Sonos Geräten ohne die tv Bar kaufen zu müssen das ab und zu hängt es bisschen hinter an der Konsole aber bei Filmen top hoffe mit ein Update kriegen die das hin und mich würde es interessieren ob Mann die immer am Laden lassen kann

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  3. kristen

    Definitely worth the upgrade from the other Sonos Roam. The microphone on this device allows it to test the room for how its audio is sounding and it automatically adjusts to reduce echo and improve the sound. The results mean that even in small areas, or large, cavernous rooms, the speaker is able to create clear, crisp sound. A must-have for anybody who likes their music on the fly.

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  4. Dr Jacob S.Mathew

    Bought this in conjunction with an Era 100. Like that speaker as well, you cannot just connect via bluetooth out of the box. Speaker must be setup on a WiFi network first and ownership claimed via e-mail. Prevents it from being stolen and allows it to sync with other appliances.
    Sound quality is unbelievable as is the build quality. You get what you pay for and you pay a lot for this little thing.

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  5. J. Sanchez

    I am an owner of two Sonos home speakers: the One and the One SL. These are amazing sounding speakers that are easy to use. While I love these speakers, they are not portable as they must stay plugged into an outlet in order to work. I looked at the Sonos Move but was turned off by the size of the speaker and the high price. Needless to say, when Sonos introduced the Roam, I was intrigued. I got it as a father’s day gift and what follows are my thoughts on the new Sonos Roam.

    My main concern with the Roam was that I noticed it was rather small and how that would effect the sound quality and loudness of the speaker. I was foolish for thinking this however. Sonos is known for having excellent sounding speakers and they would not jeopardize that reputation by putting out a new product that didn’t adhere to their high audio standards. This speaker sounds amazing! Music sounds rich and full of depth. The clarity of the highs is excellent and the bass is surprisingly rich and full. Further to the point, the Sonos app allows you to tailor the sound to your liking, adding more of less treble and/or bass. I cannot overstate how pleased I am with the audio quality of this diminutive speaker.
    As a secondary point under sound, I was also concerned about how loud the speaker could get. Indoors, this little gem can get plenty loud and fill a large space with amazing sound. Outdoors, the Roam does a better than adequate job of projecting great music. I have taken it in my backyard while doing some yard work and it gets loud enough to hear and enjoy the music. However, I don’t think Sonos designed this speaker to pump out the tunes at the pool party or at the beach like the EU Boom 3 or other larger bluetooth speakers. It can function adequately in that role but excels in smaller spaces and in overall sound quality.

    The speaker works seamlessly with my other two Sonos speakers via WiFi using the Sonos app. The ability to move the speaker all over the house is a major plus. I can configure the Roam to play alone or with either one or both of my other speakers. I love that versatility. The buttons have some straight forward uses and also are multi-functional, which can take some getting used to. For example, I have issues sometimes with the power button and how long to push it. Five seconds to turn it off, a quick push to put it in sleep mode to save power. Same with the play/pause button: once to pause music, twice to advance to the next song, three times to go back to previous song, press and hold for a second to put the speaker in bluetooth pairing mode, and press and hold and listen for a sound in order to be able to swap your music from the Roam to the closest Sonos speaker or vice versa. It has taken some getting used to initially but I’m getting the hang of it.

    The battery life is good but I wish it were better. I get about 8 hours of play time per charge. Charging is another small issue. Sonos includes a USB-C (plugs into speaker) to USB-A (plugs into charger) charging cable with the speaker, but they do not include a charging adapter to plug into the wall. Luckily, I have an Apple iPad USB-C to USB-C cable with a large 20w charging adapter that charges the Roam very quickly. I highly recommend the larger charging adapter to greatly reduce charging time. As a side note, the speaker can function fully while being charged.

    Airplay and bluetooth connectivity are straightforward and work well. I have not had any issues connecting the speaker via bluetooth to my phone, laptop and various other devices around my home.

    The speaker works in either a horizontal or vertical position with some claiming there is a difference in the sound. That is a matter of preference as I like both positions for different reasons. Horizontally, the speaker is designed to project the sound up and it seems to use the surface the speaker is sitting on to amplify the sound. Vertically it sounds great and it is much easier to access the control buttons on top. Ultimately, I love the design of the Roam because it is small, clean and elegant looking.

    In my opinion, the Sonos Roam is an excellent speaker because of its portability, convenience of use within my existing Sonos system, and its superb audio performance.

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  6. Miguel Gracia

    I really like the sonos ecosystem they are not the loudest but the fidelity and specially the software and the integration with amazon and Spotify are the best feature (well apple music too)

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  7. Shaunese

    A qualidade do som é boa mas, infelizmente, com uma semana de (pouco) uso o botão de liga/desliga não funciona mais. Decepcionante, especialmente pelo valor pago pelo aparelho.

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  8. Janice Teneyck

    Very nice, clear sound and great size for portability or putting on a small shel. My only complaint is that I can’t find anywhere which shows the battery level and when the battery is out it will just turn off, no warning. The first time it happened we were convinced it was glitching.

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  9. J. Sanchez

    I really like this speaker, it is unique in the market because it is small, portable, wireless (can connect to your wifi ) and Bluetooth capable. I love to use it at home as desktop airplay speaker. One thing I experienced one time is when the speaker reached ~40% battery the airplay connection started to failed, sound was cutting really bad and I was not able to play continuously. not even I turned off/on. Once I connected to the power the problem was fixed so I am not sure if that was a glitch or something real. A second thing I don’t like is that currently you have to open the SONOS app to check the battery level while airplaying it , I wish you can do the same from the airplay menu maybe that is an apple problem. Difficult to write about sound quality, I can only tell how it sounds compare to a apple homepod mini (similar sound quality less loud) , Bose Micro soundlink (Sonos has much better sound quality and louder) Bose Mini soundlink (Sonos has better sound quality, less bass, less loud) JBL clip 4 (sonos has ultra much better quality ). Overall I think this is the best small/micro sound system in the market, don’t buy JBL clip 4 or Bose micro soundlink those are trash compare to this one.

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  10. Jarbas Antunes

    Saw the speaker when l was touring UK – was floored by the quality of sound it was producing from that small body. Most tones emanating very clear and crisp, especially with the bass sounding quite refined. l couldn’t buy it as they had run out of stock and thus returned home to buy it here. After placing the order l read a whole lot of reviews mentioning how difficult the setup was. In fact my experience was totally different – it was very easy and took a few minutes to do the same. l have just started using it and would like to see how it works in the long run and also while moving around with it as l travel. Right now it is working perfectly fine. Shall update later as l keep using the speaker

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