Soundcore by Anker, AeroFit Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Snug Fit, Ergonomic Ear Hook, Balanced Sound, IPX7 Waterproof, 42H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.3, App Control, Clear…

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Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $99.99.

  • Unmatched Comfort: AeroFit open-ear headphones utilize a lightweight, and compact design optimized for small ears allowing you to enjoy breathable listening. AeroFit gradually conforms to your ears, offering greater comfort the more you wear them.
  • Enhanced Awareness: Remain aware of your surroundings, such as public transit announcements, and oncoming cars. Stay in touch with the world around you thanks to AeroFit open-ear headphones.
  • Balanced and Clear Sound: AeroFit’s drivers feature composite diaphragms with titanium-coated domes so you can enjoy well-balanced sound with symphonic mids, an expansive soundstage, and crystal-clear highs.
  • Crisp Calls with 4 Mics and AI: AeroFit open-ear headphones feature 4 mics and an AI Noise Reduction Algorithm to offer pristine call quality for everyday conversations.
  • IPX7 Waterproof with SweatGuard: AeroFit leads in waterproof and sweatproof performance. Using soundcore’s exclusive SweatGuard tech, nano-coating, and a unique chamber design, it provides total protection for critical components.
Soundcore by Anker, AeroFit Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Snug Fit, Ergonomic Ear Hook, Balanced Sound, IPX7 Waterproof, 42H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.3, App Control, Clear…
Soundcore by Anker, AeroFit Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Snug Fit, Ergonomic Ear Hook, Balanced Sound, IPX7 Waterproof, 42H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.3, App Control, Clear…

Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $99.99.

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Specification: Soundcore by Anker, AeroFit Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Snug Fit, Ergonomic Ear Hook, Balanced Sound, IPX7 Waterproof, 42H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.3, App Control, Clear…

Product Dimensions

2.13 x 1.58 x 0.76 inches

Item Weight

7.4 ounces

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2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 12, 2023





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9 reviews for Soundcore by Anker, AeroFit Open-Ear Headphones, Ultra Comfort, Snug Fit, Ergonomic Ear Hook, Balanced Sound, IPX7 Waterproof, 42H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.3, App Control, Clear…

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Barbara

    I tried out a number of open ear buds, can’t wear anything inside the ear, and settled on these. Due to the shape of one’s ear canal, which differs from one person to another, headphones can sound quite different to folks. As such, I auditioned open ear buds from JBL, JVC, Philips, and Soundcore. None had the former had a right fit, and that’s aside from their sound quality. These not only fit well and quite comfortably, the sound is slightly warm with a laid back presentation. The highs and upper mids won’t tear your ears off. A positive, given the general scope of much of the source material. The Ankers actually project a sense of depth with some inner detail. Not bad for the money and the sheer nature of the product. Too, very easy and robust pairing with all of our devices. These are not an audiophile grade ear buds, but they’re trying. Mainly sins of omission. Easy to live with.

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  2. So Nakagawa

    These are not adjustable and probably won’t fit for everyone. Apart from that, even though they fit me, they wouldn’t hold in recommended position and slide forward even when I’m sitting and just moving my head, which reflects in deopping the volume of what you’re listening to. And, you should be careful when putting them back in the proper position, because you will touch the sensors and change volume or skip the song.
    In addition, the mic quality is just bad, nowhere near any other Soundcore headphones I used, your voice is low and dull, like if you use $10 noname headset.
    I was really looking forward for open design headset, and was waiting for Anker to make one because of past positive experience with the brand.
    P.S.: Quality of the materials is also not up to Anker standards, but I believe that was to reduce the price.

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  3. Mathew5237

    I bought these a year ago so this is a long term review.
    I literally wear these about 17 hours a day and I listen to podcast while I am working and while driving non-stop. They fit me very well (everyone’s body is different) even with my glasses on, are extremely light weight (I forget I’m wearing them) and last my entire 12 hour shift and my 5 hour commute daily without fail (yes….17 hours a day i am listeningto these). The sound is great for podcasts and movies but are not quite as good for music (there is a setting change you can do in the Soundcore app but I haven’t really played with that) so know your use purpose. They have programmable function for the tapping of your finger and patterns to remember, but no exposed buttons to tailor button covers to fall off like others I have had in the past. They can work solo, if you want to wear only one at a time. I have a personal android and also a company android and I have them to linked with both devices simultaneously which is also cool.
    The Bluetooth is fantastic and reaches through multiple walls (5 in my house without issues) and to distances of well over 250 feet if you are outside with clear line of sight to the phone. They don’t really like cinder block walls and steel roll-up warehouse doors but for drywall in your house they are fantastic.
    They will pause the media playing on one device to take a call from the other and deliver audio notifications from both at once. I have done hundreds of hours of calls on them and the audio for you is clear and crisp but I have had some people I was talking to say that background noise cancellation could be better on their end dependingon my environment.
    Bottom line : TLDR = I love them and bought 2 spare sets for the sad day these finally die…and I may buy a 3rd if I see them getting scarcer. I love them that much.

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  4. Islam Elkhayat

    Comfort: I mainly use this for work, and I can wear them all day without getting pain.
    Fit: As many other review said, it doesn’t securely sit on my ear. Using them while sitting or walking is not a problem. While running, questionable. Not really good for strength training like push-ups, sit-up etc.
    Sound: I own 3 over-ear headsets, and I think FitAero is the best sound but not by much. This means cheaper options are still better deal.

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  5. Bronson

    A little bit of background: I work as an automotive mechanic, and I like being able to listen to my music while working (and also while working out at the gym). Unfortunately, my ears are always very “oily”, meaning that traditional earbuds just simply slip out no matter what I try. I actually returned a pair of Anker earbuds at one point for this very reason. The audio quality was great, but they couldn’t stay in. These earbuds certainly do not have that problem! Not only do I not have to worry about my earbuds falling off at random points, but the sound quality is 95% as good as what you would get with regular earbuds that fit inside your ear. What’s more, depending on the volume you have set, you can still pay attention to ambient noise (like someone calling your name). And the best part? The battery life! While I am certainly happy that I don’t have to worry about these earbuds falling out due to my (unfortunate) oily skin, the thing that blew me away the most is how long these suckers last on a single charge! I fully charged the case once I got it about a month ago. Since then I have spent probably 40-50 hours listening to music (no phone calls or anything where the mic was used, just FYI), and they are still running! It wasn’t until today that the case finally hit 1 out of 3 “lights” (meaning it still hadt 1/3 batter left) that I decided to take them home to charge them up. So yes, it’s great that they fit, the audio quality is still amazing, AND I can still hear ambient noise. But by far the thing I am most amazed about is the battery life! I don’t know of any other products that could go nearly this long without needing to be charged. I’m sure I could have gotten another week or two before they completely died on me if I kept at it! In closing, this product absolutely has my stamp of approval!!!

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  6. T

    I saw many people complaining about the fit and it only fits small ears so I knew this one would work perfectly for me!
    The fit and comfort is great, the sound quality is great though not loud enough during running outside.
    The soundcore app is the best and the ability to switch between paired devices from the app is a very smart.
    The equalizer is not that great though and you have to keep switching sound effect based on what you are listening to, for music the soundcore signature effect is the best but for YouTube، podcast or audiobooks I have to switch to volume boost otherwise it will be very heard to hear it while running outside.
    The case is pocketable and the battery life is exceptional.
    Overall it’s 5 stars for me

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  7. Jonathan Hicks

    Overall, I really like these and the price is really nice for what you get. I do hope in the future some type of noise canceling can be added to open-ear earbuds. I don’t write reviews at all but thought these deserved it and hope someone finds this useful.

    Extra Info:

    I have always had an issue with earbuds hurting my ears after a couple of hours of use. I have tried many different earbuds from Apple, Sony, Beat, and a few others and always had this issue. There could have been ear tips that might have helped but I didn’t try because I used headphones instead. Plus, the battery life of many of them is not great for my needs because I use them all day long.

    However, I heard about open-ear earbuds and wanted to give them a try. These are the first ones I tried and have really liked them so far. I have used these every day for 10+ hours a day since I got them over a month ago. I did have to massage the band a bit but they don’t hurt my ears at all. My ears are on the medium to small size and fit nicely. When I workout they don’t fall out, I have even done handstands and they stay in.

    Personally, the sound was not a making it or break it for me because comfort is more important, but I found the sound to be quite good for open-ear. It will not sound as good as in-ear earbuds or over-the-ear headphones but they work great for what I need. Plus, they sound better than a lot of crappy headphones I have used.

    Again, hope this helps but everyone is different especially when it comes to earbuds and headphone products.

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  8. Oscar

    The earbuds exceeded my expectations with the good sound quality, great fit, and amazing convenience.

    They offer a great sound quality for the price point. You can listen to everything clearly while also having access to the background.

    The headphones fit easily into the ear. What’s even better is that you don’t have to put them into your ears, making them extremely comfortable.

    You can carry them around wherever you go, connect them to multiple devices, they’re waterproof — in essence extremely convenient.

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  9. Oscar

    Bei mir ist der Lautsprecher nicht direkt über dem Ohrkanal und dadurch kommt die sehr gute Tonqualität nicht im Ohr an. Ist sehr schade, dass man den Bügel nicht anpassen kann. Musste ich leider zurückschicken.

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