Soundcore P40i by Anker, Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Adaptive Noise Cancelling to Environments, Heavy Bass, 60H Playtime, 2-in-1 Case and Phone Stand, IPX5, Wireless…

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  • Smart Noise Cancelling: soundcore P40i noise cancelling earbuds feature adaptive ANC that automatically detects ambient noise and utilizes advanced algorithms to achieve effective noise cancellation, ensuring peace and tranquillity on the go.
  • Long, Powerful Battery Life: Enjoy 12 hours of battery life on a single charge with a case that extends it to 60 hours. That’s long enough to last weeks, even a month.
  • Thumping Beats: soundcore P40i wireless earbuds feature 11mm composite drivers for an intensive audio experience, enhanced with BassUp technology for real-time intense bass.
  • Superior Call Quality: soundcore P40i noise cancelling earbuds enhanced by 6 mics and an AI algorithm allow you to enjoy clear communication. Whether on a call or via video chat, your voice is transmitted with clarity and strength.
  • 2-in-1 Charging Case and Phone Stand: soundcore P40i wireless earbuds feature a unique charging case, doubling as a phone stand, allowing you to enjoy shows hands-free. This multi-functional design enhances your video experience when you’re on the go.
Soundcore P40i by Anker, Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Adaptive Noise Cancelling to Environments, Heavy Bass, 60H Playtime, 2-in-1 Case and Phone Stand, IPX5, Wireless…
Soundcore P40i by Anker, Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Adaptive Noise Cancelling to Environments, Heavy Bass, 60H Playtime, 2-in-1 Case and Phone Stand, IPX5, Wireless…


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Specification: Soundcore P40i by Anker, Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Adaptive Noise Cancelling to Environments, Heavy Bass, 60H Playtime, 2-in-1 Case and Phone Stand, IPX5, Wireless…

Product Dimensions

4.25 x 4.25 x 2.17 inches

Item Weight

1.92 ounces

Item model number



3 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

December 26, 2023





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10 reviews for Soundcore P40i by Anker, Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Adaptive Noise Cancelling to Environments, Heavy Bass, 60H Playtime, 2-in-1 Case and Phone Stand, IPX5, Wireless…

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Tom T

    First time earbud user. Took a chance on a new product from a known performer. So far, excellent decision. Build quality is excellent. Easy set up and connection. Music and media sound is outstanding. Callers hear me great. Incoming call volume seems low, but I will play with that. The case is solid and compact. Excellent product for the price range.

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  2. Sean Savery

    The noise cancellation works good but it doesn’t blow me away. That is the only thing less than 5 stars on these! The sound is great and the app works very well. The earbud fit test was helpful and the Hear ID test gave me a nice first pass at a custom EQ.

    I had a small issue with the tips; the biggest size include was still a little small. Customer support was very responsive and quickly sent me some bigger tips. These fit very nicely in my ears and stay snug enough for running with no problem. Also, they are low profile enough that I can wear a hat without much interference with the buds.

    Overall, I highly recommend these ear buds!

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  3. Sean Savery

    In short, this is an excellent pair of earbuds for the price, especially considering the price I paid of $69.99 after a $20 coupon. I think you will be satisfied with the purchase if you are looking for a good value-to-price ratio without spending >$100.

    For those interested, I will compare to another highly rated earbud: Earfun Air Pro 3.

    – The Soundcore P40i have a more refined and tighter sound. The instrument separation is more clear.
    – The bass is more contained and less muddy than the Earfun Air Pro 3.
    – The soundstage sounds wider to me and delivers more of an “airy” space.
    – The Earfun Air Pro 3 sounds more energetic, but I found it to be less tolerable for longer duration listening.
    – Ultimately, the P40i was more enjoyable to listen to. That being said, both earbuds are good – and you would likely enjoy either pair without any comparison available.

    – Both offer very good ANC for the price. I found there to not be a very discernable difference. I tested both in simulated airplane cabin and busy cafe backgrounds, and if I had to give it to one, I would say the Air Pro 3 removed more outside noise, but they provided more of an audible hiss when ANC was on. The P40i might have removed less outside noise, but I did not hear any ANC artifacts.
    – I haven’t compared or tested transparency/ambient performance so can’t comment – both include it.
    – Neither could match the ANC of my Bose QC45; but they made significant improvements to background noise when turned on – I would say they both delivered good overall performance considering price.

    – The P40i case is heavier and feels more substantial and higher quality. It does offer the phone stand functionality, which does work well. There is also a rubber grip material on the base. However, I do like the 3 LED battery indicators on the Air Pro 3. The light bar on the P40i isn’t as intelligible as a battery life indicator. The Air Pro 3 case just feels slightly cheaper.
    – Earbud Design however goes to Air Pro 3. The Air Pro 3 earbuds feel heavier and higher quality. The indented touch sensitive area is easier to locate and use. I also really appreciate the LED indicators on the Air Pro 3 which can show blue/red to indicate different things. The Air Pro 3 also fit better in my ears, although this is purely subjective to each person. I found the silicon eartips on the Air Pro 3 to be better – they are thicker, a bit longer, and created a better seal for me personally. Both are comfortable for long periods of listening, but I enjoyed the feel of the Air Pro 3 more.

    – Soundcore’s app is just better. There are more available modes in ANC, there is the HearID feature which I actually enjoyed, an immersive experience option (I did not find it to improve my listening experience however) and a safe volume feature. Overall, I do like the App design and functionality of Soundcore over Earfun.

    Both of these are great earbuds, but I enjoy the Soundcore P40i more and can recommend them without hesitation – you will be pleased for the price.

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  4. John Q

    I’ve had these BT earbuds for just over a week now and am very impressed with their audio performance – especially noise cancellation. I work remotely and often find myself constantly on phone/video calls in various coffee shops and I have used a solid number of BT earbuds over the past several years. I saw this product, and being familiar with Anker already, I thought it was worth a try. I am constantly impressed with the quality of audio and others I speak to tell me the audio on their end is solid and can’t tell I am in a noisy environment. Battery life is A+++ and a super big call out for the well thought out and designed phone stand! I have always been an Anker fan with their charging products and this is my first jump into audio with them, and give them a solid 5 start rating. WORTH the purchase and SOLID value.

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  5. bebotivo

    Ich habe die Kopfhörer nun erst den ersten Tag in Benutzung und ich bin begeistert. Sie sind recht klein und leicht. Ich finde den Sound sehr gut. Gerade für den Preis absolut top. Zudem kann man über die App von Soundcore diverse Einstellungen der Kopfhörer vornehmen. Zudem kann man dort auch überprüfen lassen, ob die aufgesteckten Silikonaufsätze passend für das eigene Ohr sind.
    Telefonieren klappt damit auch einwandfrei. Ich wurde sehr gut verstanden am anderen Ende der Leitung.
    Das Ladecase der Kopfhörer ist ebenfalls sehr klein und kompakt. Das Case lässt sich auch mittels Induktion aufladen. Auch sehr schön ist, dass man zeitgleich einen Handyhalter mit sich führt.
    Alles in allem super Kopfhörer und ich bin mehr als zufrieden. Klare Kaufempfehlung.

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  6. Dweebus

    je n’étais pas convaincu par cette marque après une mauvaise expérience d’enceinte connectée anker il y a quelques années. Mais forcé de constater qu’il y a eu du progrès.
    Plutôt discret (ce que je recherchais) la reduction de bruit est efficace on se croirait dans une bulle, connection automatiquement à votre appareil dès l’ouverture du boitier (après un premier couplage), recharge du boitier par induction et concernant le son il est plutôt bon autant pour la musique que pour les appels et mes interlocuteur m’entendent très clairement. Pour la musique j’aimerais bien faire des modif dans l’appli mais ces écouteur viennent de sortir et visiblement l’appli ne les prend pas encore en charge, j’espère que cela viendra.
    En conclusion, très bon rapport qualité prix, avec les 30% je les ai eu pour 48€ et ils n’ont pas grand chose à envier aux grandes marques excessivement cher.
    -Petit retour après plus de 3 semaines d’utilisation sans rechargement, 2h par jour en moyenne pour la musique le téléphone et teams au travail et j’arrive enfin a bout de l’autonomie du boitier.

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  7. Casey Brett

    I can’t say enough good things about these earbuds. By far the best sub $100 earbuds I’ve tested, and easily beats out several $150+ models like the pixel buds pro or the MW07s.

    Get the soundcore app from sure!!

    Sound quality is out of this world good. The bass is truly deep and ear shaking. I love hip hop and these buds deliver better bass than any I’ve tried. Highs are clean and crisp as well. And there is SO much adjustability as far as the equalizer goes. If you know what you’re doing, you’re in for a treat! If you have no idea how to adjust that stuff don’t worry! There is a fantastic guided equalizer process that includes a hearing test to make sure you can hear all the frequencies! I’m just blown away by these things.

    ANC is very solid and even has lots of adjustability for your environment.

    Touch controls work well, fit is good, comes with 4 other ear tips. I have strangely shaped ears and have always had trouble keeping buds in them, but so far these seem to have a very good weight ratio.

    If these are under $100 buy them!!!!

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  8. Blondie26!

    I chose these because they were flagged as a smart buy by a leading consumer magazine. Good sound, great battery life. Noise cancellation is not strong but that is what I wanted for earbuds that I would wear outside where I need to be more aware of my surroundings. The Bluetooth range is amazing. I could leave my iPhone in one corner of the house (2000 sq ft) and use the earbuds throughout the entire home including the basement and second floor. Connects to multiple devices.

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  9. Casey Brett

    Unsurprisingly, Anker has done it again. These Bluetooth earbuds are absolutely incredible. I own over 30 Anker/Soundcore products and I swear by them. Amongst these products are two (well used) pairs of Soundcore Life P3’s. I love them because of the sound quality, volume level, size, and battery life. While browsing anker’s products, I happened upon these Soundcore Life P40i Bluetooth earbuds and I was immediately interested. Knowing the great quality of all of my previously purchased Anker products and, considering these P40i’s were on sale, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Boy was I correct. These earbuds are amazing. Unlike other brands of earbuds I’ve tried, these things get loud; not loud to the point that you’ll hurt your ears or be unable to withstand it, but loud enough that you won’t be wishing you could turn them up more. The smart noise cancellation feature is really neat. I’m in construction so the noise levels vary greatly from day to day. The smart noise cancellation keeps up by changing the type of ANC. It’s really cool. Another feature I like and one that differs from the Life P3’s is the small little nub located on the earbuds’ “touch-control” zone. It’s very convenient. In addition, there’s an audible beep when you successfully tap for touch control which has absolutely zero delay. This is great to me because it confirms whether or not you actually touched the earbud. I posted a few side by side photos of these Soundcore P40i’s and one pair of my Soundcore Life P3’s because I wanted to know the size difference in the earbuds and the case and couldn’t find any reviews mentioning it or information elsewhere mentioning it. In case anyone is interested, the P40i’s case is a little bit smaller and the earbuds’ themselves are slightly shorter. It’s great because the P40i’s are EVEN MORE compact. The battery life of these is the best; bar none. 10h per earbud per charge. I have yet to hear the “battery low” alert. The addition of the phone stand clip within the case is ingenious and a new feature that I love. I watch lots of movies and tv shows on my phone. Now, rather than holding my phone, I can put it in the P40i’s case in front of me. It’s a small feature but works wonders for my use. Lastly, the sound quality of these earbuds is insane. There are enough preset EQ options to make everybody happy but it doesn’t stop there. You can go through the soundcore app to do a hearing test and create an EQ catered to your specific level of hearing. In addition, once you’ve completed the hearing IQ, you can tweak your custom EQ setting even further by adding a preset EQ on top of it, or manually altering it yourself. I’d by 10 pairs of these if I could. For anyone out there that’s even considering these earbuds as an option, just buy them already. You will NOT be disappointed. That’s a guarantee. Great job Anker/Soundcore!

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  10. D. Anderson

    These are my first earbuds. I use them primarily at work where there are large machines nearby that but out a fair amount of background noise. These do noise cancelation very well. The app is very easy to use. They hold a charge all day long. The only item they could do better would be the instructions that come with the unit. Hats off to Soundcore for a very nice earbud that does not cost a ton. Well done.

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