Ubiquiti NanoStation locoM2 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor airMax 8dBi CPE

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Original price was: $64.99.Current price is: $60.00.

  • Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS 24KC, 400MHz
  • Memory Information: 32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
  • Networking Interface: 1 X 10/100 BASE-TX (Cat. 5, RJ-45) Ethernet Interface
  • Power Supply: 24V, 0.5A POE
  • 150+ Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 15km+ range”
Ubiquiti NanoStation locoM2 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor airMax 8dBi CPE
Ubiquiti NanoStation locoM2 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor airMax 8dBi CPE

Original price was: $64.99.Current price is: $60.00.

Additional information

Specification: Ubiquiti NanoStation locoM2 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor airMax 8dBi CPE

Brand Name

‎Ubiquiti Networks

Item Weight

‎6.3 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎7.09 x 3.15 x 1.18 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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8 reviews for Ubiquiti NanoStation locoM2 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor airMax 8dBi CPE

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  1. domenico

    Super produit de chez ubiquiti pour réaliser un pont wifi entre 2 bâtiments. Configuration facile

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  2. Fieux

    Un punto de acceso inalámbrico diseñado para brindar una conexión confiable y de alto rendimiento en entornos exteriores. Con su diseño compacto y discreto en color blanco, este dispositivo es ideal para establecer redes inalámbricas en lugares donde se requiere una conexión sólida y estable.

    **Tecnología de Alto Rendimiento**

    El LOCOM2 utiliza tecnología avanzada de antenas y transmisión inalámbrica para proporcionar un rendimiento excepcional en términos de velocidad y alcance. Gracias a su potencia de transmisión y sensibilidad de recepción mejoradas, este punto de acceso puede cubrir áreas extensas y superar obstáculos para brindar una conexión confiable a dispositivos conectados.

    **Diseño Robusto para Exteriores**

    Una de las principales ventajas del LOCOM2 es su diseño robusto y resistente para uso en exteriores. Está construido con materiales duraderos y resistentes a la intemperie, lo que lo protege de las condiciones ambientales adversas, como la lluvia, el polvo y la humedad. Esto garantiza que el punto de acceso funcione de manera óptima en diversas condiciones climáticas, lo que lo hace perfecto para despliegues en áreas al aire libre.

    **Facilidad de Implementación**

    El LOCOM2 se destaca por su sencilla implementación y configuración. Gracias a su diseño compacto y ligero, es fácil de montar en postes o paredes sin complicaciones. Además, su interfaz de usuario intuitiva y amigable facilita la configuración y personalización del punto de acceso según las necesidades específicas de la red.

    **Rendimiento Estable y Seguro**

    Este punto de acceso inalámbrico ofrece un rendimiento estable y seguro para los usuarios conectados. Con soporte para diversas tecnologías de encriptación y autenticación, el LOCOM2 protege la integridad de los datos y la privacidad de los usuarios, lo que lo convierte en una opción confiable para entornos que requieren altos niveles de seguridad.


    En resumen, el Ubiquiti Spain LOCOM2 es un punto de acceso inalámbrico robusto y de alto rendimiento que ofrece una conexión confiable y estable en entornos exteriores. Su diseño resistente, facilidad de implementación y rendimiento seguro hacen que sea una opción ideal para establecer redes inalámbricas en áreas al aire libre. Si buscas un punto de acceso inalámbrico de calidad que brinde una cobertura confiable y eficiente, el LOCOM2 de Ubiquiti Spain es una excelente elección.

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  3. jonatthan71

    There are lots of reviews for these, and I read them all before purchasing, but none really explained in detail exactly how great these things are. I bought two M2’s and an Airgateway AP. I had to pay someone with more technical knowledge than myself to program them, but I installed and aimed them myself. I literally just duct taped these to windows roughly pointed at each other. The distance is about a thousand feet, through very dense forest. Standing on one porch I can barely see a faint glimmer of porch light from the other house, very intermittently. These things punched through the trees so well I have FOUR pages open with Netflix streaming constantly. No buffering. It’s also raining right now. I cannot express how much I recommend this product. Don’t have any doubts about these. It’s so refreshing to see products work even better than advertised. I don’t ever submit favorable reviews for products, but these have my full endorsement. A little more info, units on both ends of the point to point bridge are taped inside the windows. Inside the houses, meaning they are safe from thieves, weather, and vandalism. I will be properly mounting later since I currently have four of six led’s lit up on the receiving end, and if I hold it in a certain position I can get one more “bar” of signal. I’m not sure what difference that will make since I’m already streaming video with only four bars, but naturally I want the strongest connection possible. Another point I’d like to make is that my IT guy brought these to his house and programmed them with my IP address. I just brought them home and plugged them in and they worked perfectly. Meaning that if you can’t figure out how to set them up, it’s possible to pay someone to program them for you without having to come to your house for hours. So you could ship them to a “computer guy” and he could program and then ship them back. Once again, I highly recommend these. I would have given them six stars if possible.

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  4. Cliente de Amazon

    Comprata per estendere la rete wifi di casa per comandare da remoto il cancello automatico bft che dista circa 300 metri.
    Ero dubbioso se riusciva a coprire la distanza, nel caso ero disposto a comprarne un altra e fare il ponte, non ci sono ostacoli tra l’antenna e il cancello, con mia soddisfazione funziona tutto perfettamente con una solo antenna.
    Facile la configurazione con i video presenti in rete.

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  5. Eric

    Then this is the way to go. If you already have a Ubiquiti Dream machine this can even function without a wired connection. I have it set up in a test environment where I am shooting towards a workshop (and another of these devices) which has security cameras and the connection on my house side is connected to my house wifi6 AP through wireless.

    I believe this requires a UDM or UDM-Pro, and would absolutely be better if it was plugged in to ethernet, but it functions. This would make it possible to set up a wireless dewline of sorts, but if you’re looking for high capacity wireless links you’re absolutely doing it wrong.

    Bottom line:

    It’s cheap, effective, long range and easy to set up. Cons are It’s FA (yep 100 meg even plugged in) and the top end wifi standard it supports is N. Yeah 802.11n so don’t go expecting you’re going to get high def video at ultra high fps. 1080p at 30 frames from a single device will stress it if you’re using wireless backhaul.

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  6. Pete Smith

    Ubiquiti products are great because they are extremely reliable (without resetting periodically AP), extremely powerful (some of the most powerful radios that can be purchased with output power up to the maximum allowed by the law of 1000 mW (1 watt) at least in the US, and are highly programmable. However, traditionally they have been designed for professional networking, and missing some features specific brands most consumers often have (D-Link, Linksys , Buffalo, Netgear, etc.), such as the ability to create multiple SSID (the name announced by the access point) and a setup procedure … button to name two. But if you have the know-how to manually set an IP address of your computer is a candidate for these fine products. Having said this, the trick is to choose the model right for your needs Ubiquiti. for example NanoStation LOCO M2 is great, but what is not disclosed in the specifications of the Amazon is the coverage area. The built in antenna is not a (360 degree coverage) omni. Rather, it is an antenna of 60 degrees (vertically and horizontally. That is roughly equivalent to one slice of fat apple pie Mom coverage. If you need to cover an area so this unit will trigger a signal . hundred feet And the Nanostation is weather resistant, so it can be mounted outside for better reach NOTE: .. Amazon is terrible about allowing external links in a review but if you go to the website ubnt com you can see a pictogram of the coverage area If you need a different coverage area (either more or less broad), consider Picostation M2-HP (see my general critique of Picostation online here: Ubiquiti Networks 802.11bg 2.4GHz PICO2 ). This model has the same power, but has a detachable omni-directional antenna can use. omni antenna or attach any suits your needs. Picostation the downside is that it only has one antenna (MIMO 1×1), so speed maxes out at 150mb / s. The Nanostation maxes out at 300 mb / s to thank two internal antennas (. MIMO 2×2) If you need the highest speed and external antennas have to look at another brand. tip configuration: Unless large numbers of other Ubiquiti devices with an “M” in the model number, turn “airmax” configuration is connected, and also set the width of the channel in the wireless settings for “20MHz “. This will give the best compatibility, especially if the Nanostation (or Picostation) is used as an access point for laptops and handheld devices to connect.

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  7. Ubiquiti nanostation loco me é muito otimo ta bem funcionando

    Eu gostei muito esse produto, eu usar com ponto
    de acesso como rotiador.

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  8. Ubiquiti nanostation loco me é muito otimo ta bem funcionando

    La marca Ubiquiti es muy buena y el Loco M2 es un producto que cumple muy bien su función

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