Jabra Elite 8 Active – Best and Most Advanced Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Comfortable Secure Fit, Military Grade Durability, Active Noise Cancellation, Dolby Surround…

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  • US MILITARY GRADE FOR EXTREME DURABILITY Built for elite athletes, these earbuds meet US Military Standard for ruggedized electronics – passing 9 durability tests – and ultra-durable to protect against dust, water & sweat.
  • SPATIAL SOUND POWERED BY DOLBY Instead of experiencing sound directly inside the ears, you’ll feel sound as if it’s outside your head, making listening on earbuds more lifelike. Play a video on your phone or put on your favorite work-out playlist.
  • EASILY SWITCH BETWEEN iOS OR ANDROID SMARTPHONES AND SMARTWATCHES Download your music to your smartwatch, connect your earbuds, and head out for a phone-free run. With Bluetooth Multipoint, you can connect to 2 devices at same time or seamlessly switch between your phone or smartwatch without needing to reconnect.
  • 56-HOUR BATTERY LIFE Boasting up to 56 hours with ANC off (32 hours ANC on) with the earbuds + sleek charging case, and the fast charge feature, these earbuds allow you to never worry about being caught out by low battery again.
  • BLOCK OUT OR HEAR NOISES AROUND YOU – YOUR CHOICE Adaptive Hybrid ANC auto-filters unwanted noise, even in windy environments. Wind-neutralizing HearThrough technology provides improved awareness when running outdoors.
  • CUSTOMIZE FIT & BUILT TO WITHSTAND MAXIMUM MOVEMENT These buds are staying put no matter how much you move. With Jabra ShakeGrip technology, the buds stay secure in your ear all day without the need for ear wings. Choose from different sized eargels for a secure, custom fit.
  • CLEAR CALLS IN ANY ENVIRONMENT 6 microphones distinguish between background noise and speaking voice. In a windy environment, the wind-protecting mesh and noise cancellation algorithm keeps conversations interference-free.
  • HANDS-FREE VOICE ASSISTANT Need to plot your running route on the move? Connect to your preferred Voice Assistant to get directions, find out the weather forecast or take a call without reaching for your phone.
Jabra Elite 8 Active – Best and Most Advanced Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Comfortable Secure Fit, Military Grade Durability, Active Noise Cancellation, Dolby Surround…
Jabra Elite 8 Active – Best and Most Advanced Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Comfortable Secure Fit, Military Grade Durability, Active Noise Cancellation, Dolby Surround…


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Specification: Jabra Elite 8 Active – Best and Most Advanced Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Comfortable Secure Fit, Military Grade Durability, Active Noise Cancellation, Dolby Surround…

Package Dimensions

6.18 x 4.53 x 1.34 inches

Item Weight

145 Grams

Item model number



3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 31, 2023



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8 reviews for Jabra Elite 8 Active – Best and Most Advanced Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Comfortable Secure Fit, Military Grade Durability, Active Noise Cancellation, Dolby Surround…

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  1. noemi

    Nearly perfect earbuds. They sound great with a solid low end and very good clarity across the curve. The ANC works very well, comparable to my Sennheiser over-the-ears. Battery life is amazing.

    The only downside so far is if you want to use Google Assistant. The lack of programming for volume control means you have to choose volume control or the ability to use Google Assistant. Don’t like this at all but I think it’s possible to use your voice to activate ie. Hey Google.

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  2. Ulises Juncal Donis

    Claramente se ven más resistentes que el modelo anterior (Elite Active 75t). El sistema ANC es más efectivo aún.

    Es un placer poder usarlos todo el tiempo, inclusive en la regadera. Permanecen firmes en el oído.

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  3. Guy

    These are by far and away the best earbuds I’ve ever owned.

    #1 They fit flush in the ears and I can sleep on them (for flights)
    #2 The battery life is enough for most trips, and they charge reliably in the carrying case (not all do)
    #3 Passthrough sound isn’t marvelous, but it works
    #4 Noise cancelling isn’t the world’s greatest, but it does well
    #5 Connection is rock solid. I never have a distance issue. They work further than my Bose headset, which is great. Sometimes, only one earbud will connect (you can use one at a time if you want, which is also nice) but simply replacing both in the case, and then pulling them back out again guarantees both will connect, every time (second time, every time 😉
    #6 The carrying case is USB C. They should all be by now, but some cheaper models still aren’t.
    #7 The microphone is outstanding. Small background sounds aren’t heard by parties on the other end of the line, neither are mild chewing sounds from the wearer. In short, they are the best web meeting headset I’ve ever used, and they’re earbuds.
    #8 They can handle multiple connections and seamlessly switch. They do a very good job at this as well.
    #9 You can run with them in and they don’t fall out. I can shake my head violently and they manage to stay in. I would have to really work to shake them out. Fantastic.

    They don’t score a 10 from me for music, as the tones are not deep and rich, but for calls, web meetings and exercising, they are ‘perfect’ for me.

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  4. Greg

    Buena compra , muy buena calidad de producto apenas en dos semana de uso , sigo en revison para comentar pero por ahora los recomiendo.

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  5. Jonathan Ferland-Valois

    Me gustó la función eliminación de ruidos

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  6. Abraham Cohn

    After trying a few sets of cheaper earbuds with the earloop for fitness use, I was very dissatisfied with the flat/muted sound quality, as well as their enormous cases, and decided to evaluate a couple of the top ranked items.
    #1 Fitness Earbuds ranked by CNET: Beats Fit Pro
    #1 Fitness Earbuds ranked by SoundGuys: Jabra Elite 8 Active
    I evaluated many aspects that were of importance to me, and ultimately chose the Jabra Elite 8 Active. Your choice may depend on what factors are most important to you.
    Below is the analysis, showing the winner for each category:
    Charging Pod
    Beats: Larger than necessary, charging pod seems flimsy, requires 2 hands to open lid. Charging light is only white. When charging is complete, if you open the lid there is no indication level of the case charge level as empty or anything else.
    Jabra: Nice compact charging pod, fits easily in pocket. Feels really high quality and solid. Lid can be flipped open with one hand. LED indicator is Green/Yellow/Red for charge level of both case and buds, and purple when it is doing a firmware update.
    Winner: Jabra – big win
    In ear comfort
    Beats: Easy to place in ear, very comfortable and no concern about them falling out. After some time wearing them, the wing tip did cause some pressure on my ear with minor irritation. When wearing a thick winter hat, putting it on caused the buttons to be pressed, for example pausing the music – this is annoying.
    Jabra: Very comfortable, although it takes a bit to get used to the in ear canal pressure. Amazing that they don’t fall out. At first I was concerned they would, but even after active manuevers and facial gestures like big grin, it did not loosen them. After some time got used to the fact that they really aren’t going to fall out. More slim in ear and does not press a button when putting on a winter hat.
    Winner: Jabra – small win. Although the Beats are slightly more comfortable, the slim fit and ability to work better with a hat makes Jabra win out.
    Beats: Great sound, punchy bass, clear sound. After a while, the bass is a bit too much for me, but it is a personal preference. I wanted something a bit less bass overwhelming.
    Jabra: Great sound, a bit more balanced – not overpowering bass. Also, the Sound+ app has a built-in EQ with customizable presets, so you can boost bass a bit more, and overall get a very solid sound!
    Winner: Jabra – big win – with more balanced sound and EQ capability built-in to app with customizable settings.
    Control customizability
    Beats: App allows some limited customization, but it requires left and right ear to have the same control. For example, double tap is next track, triple tap is previous track. You have to pick whether you want voice assistant or ANC adjustment, you cannot have both controls available.
    Jabra: Amazing customization, you can have different controls in left and right side, for example, right double tap is next track and left double tap for previous track, but it is fully adjustable. On Android, if you use the built-in voice assistant, you can have BOTH voice assistant and volume controls AND the ANC adjustment. Unfortunately, if you set to Google Assistant, which functions different and better than using the Android default assistant (even if that is set to Google), then you cannot also have volume controls, but you still get ANC button control.
    Winner: Jabra – big win with much greater customization ability and more flexibility.
    Control button feel
    Beats: Physical button, fully silent, you cannot hear it at all when pressing. At first this seemed a good thing, but after a while you wish for some more recognizable confirmation that the button was pressed.
    Jabra: A physical button with a small mechanical click that is heard, but not loud enough that it is annoying. Earbuds that have a virtual button that you have to thump the earbud have a much louder sound that is annoying. These buds have a pleasant faint audible click.
    Both are much better than buds with a touch surface and not a mechanical button, because my experience is touching those types of ear buds hard enough to detect a press causes a louder thump sound in your ear, and the press is less reliable than a mechanical click.
    Winner: Jabra – big win for small audible click sound, and also a button that is not accidentally pressed as easily.
    Beats: Presumably if you have a Beats Fit Pro you are using Apple Music, and then you can use the EQ in Apple Music. This EQ is horrible – the sound is much quieter, none of the presets sound as good as EQ off, and there is no customizable EQ that you can save. Thumbs down. Tested on Android.
    Jabra: As mentioned above, the EQ built into the Sound+ app is very nice and allows custom presets. It sounds great.
    Winner: Jabra – big win for good built-in EQ
    Firmware updates via Android phone
    Beats: When I got the buds, they needed a firmware update. It took about 5 minutes with a progress bar to download to the buds case. It then notified me that the update would continue in the background and I could use the buds. It took almost 24 hours until they finally updated, and meanwhile the app showed this pending message and didn’t allow access to any of the app functionality. Very annoying and unclear if something was wrong or if it would ever finish updating.
    Jabra: When I got the buds, they needed a firmware update. This process was seamless and took about a couple minutes total. It downloaded first to the buds case from the app. The case then flashed purple to show it was updating, and with the buds in the case it then completed the update in less than a couple minutes. I was shocked after the terrible experience with the Beats Fit Pro.
    Winner: Jabra – major win for clear status and fast update
    Beats; When the buds were ‘stuck’ updating, I chatted with Apple support, and after wasting more than an hour of my life, they told me that my brand new buds were out of warranty, I would have to go to a service center and pay for a diagnostic to figure out the problem. No clue or experience with this issue, even though I pointed the tech to an Apple moderated discussion thread with 192 “me too” responses for this exact issue of pending update on the firmware. Their response was this was a customer forum and they don’t handle issues there. Ridiculous to not be aware in your support system of that many complaints on your own discussion threads. I was livid angry by the time I ended the support call. I told the support staff I would make sure to share my experience and advise other users not to buy these earbuds, and that I would be promptly returning mine.
    Jabra: After disabling the Google Assistant in order to activate volume controls, I tried to activate the assistant again and it wouldn’t turn back on, so I contacted support. There was a form to fill out and they got back to me by e-mail the next morning, with a set of solution steps. Actually their solution did not cover the solution needed to fix this (I found it online – you need to uninstall the Google app updates, then reinstall, and then the Google assistant can be linked to the buds again. However, I responded to them with a different issue about the assistant functionality, and they quickly replied with a phone number to call to better assist me. I did not end up calling. So although they did not solve my actual issue, it was a far less annoying experience.
    Winner: Jabra – big win as Apple failed miserably by denying the complaints of 192 users on their discussion forum and telling me my brand new buds were not covered by warranty.
    Ruggedness / water proofing
    Beats: IPX4 – this is a miserable rating. Not dust proof, and lightly splash resistant. Will not resist significant sweat, and case is not wet proof either, do not put wet buds in it. Not sure how a set of fitness earbuds can survive at IPX4.
    Jabra: Buds are IP68 – dust proof and water proof to 1 m for 30 minutes. Case is IP54 – dust and splash protection. I’ve tried them in the shower and the work absolutely fine.
    Winner: Jabra – big win, actually waterproof
    Beats: Excellent ANC, and easy to turn on or switch to transparent mode with a single button press
    Jabra: Good ANC, and single button press to switch to hear through mode. This mode is very good, but barely detectable tinny sound vs. Beats that sound amazing in transparent mode
    Winner: Beats – minor win for slightly better sound quality in transparent/hear through mode. Both are excellent.
    Beats: You need to manually select the ANC mode for calls. Sounds great, and it does seem to provide the side tone which means you can hear your own voice (not muffled) to me this is a deal breaker for headphones that do not sound clear like this because I cannot talk well when my own voice sounds muffled. However, the call quality hearing others is excellent.
    Jabra: These automatically switch to ANC on during calls, but the Sound+ app lets you customize the volume level of the side tone that is heard. So even though ANC is on, you hear your own voice clearly which is excellent.
    Winner: Beats – minor win for stellar sound quality during calls. Jabra sound is still quite acceptable.
    Beats: Requires to know your location all the time even when not using the app. Has a widget to show battery level and select ANC
    Jabra: “widget” is within the App, and you can customize what widgets you want to see there such as EQ, ANC, battery level, etc. Requires to know your location all the time even when not using the app (in order to find the buds if they are lost). Sometimes the app has trouble connecting to the buds which means you can’t adjust the EQ. To solve this, I found putting the buds back in the case and then putting them back on solves it.
    Winner: Toss up – more widget functionality in Jabra, but some issues connecting, solved by putting buds back in case then taking them out again. Found that doing a force stop on the app when this happens solves it, and the problem hasn’t happened recently.
    Overall, I chose the Jabra Elite 8 Active over the Beats Fit Pro because primarily the following factors: more compact and better feeling case, more balanced sound and much better EQ with custom presets, support system that did not make me irate, better waterproofing rating. Both sets of buds comfortably stayed in my ears and worked well for phone calls. Price was not a major factor, but additionally the Jabra buds were significantly cheaper.

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  7. Abraham Cohn

    Absolutely perfect for it’s intended use! In fact, the best I’ve ever found. But…

    I’ve been a Jabra fan for a few years. First, Elite 75T and then 85T. No earbud is awesome at everything but 85T was the best overall pic for features important to me. One big exception, exercise.

    I’ve been on a hunt for the best budget earbuds for when active and after a long journey, all roads brought me back home to Jabra. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I wouldn’t use all day long. I was simply looking for something that would stay well in my ears, have a good sound and loud volume. But then the Cyber Monday happened so I couldn’t resist going slightly over budget. And I’m so freaking glad!

    Elite 8 Actives go in ear with ease and just stay in! They don’t feel big or tight in the ear yet they seal super well and require a nice pull to come out. I don’t know precisely how Jabra accomplished this but I don’t care, all I know is that it’s flawless for me! The volume goes up quite high as long as Spacial Audio is not on. I am not an audiophile but I find the sound of these fantastic! I use the Energize EQ setting as my favorite for 90% of what I listen to. Call quality has been great for callers on the other end. ANC is pretty good.

    So why 4 stars instead of 5…
    Mostly due to the app downgrade. With a newer product, one could hope that you would get what used to be, plus some upgrades. But instead, now it’s less…

    1. With 85Ts, the Sound+ app has the MySound feature. It’s where both ears can get tested individually for which frequencies they may or not be able to hear. And the app adjusts them for each ear accordingly. Incredible feature for some of us who may have slight hearing issues with one or both ears. Blows my mind that Jabra would take that away on both 8 Active and Elite 10. It made such a huge difference for me.

    2. When on a call, I am no longer able to toggle between ANC/Hearthrough/Off modes by pressing the button on the left earbud. Not sure why Jabra would assume that I would automatically want ANC when on a call ugh… Just can’t fathom why that decision was made for both Elite 8 Active and Elite 10.

    3. No more Sound modes. Unlike 85T, the app does not offer 3 fully customizable modes for Elite 8 Active and Elite10. It’s a bummer.

    All this being said… Elite 8 Actives deliver exactly as described and promoted by Jabra. My complaints are strictly based on what I was previously accustomed to and should not be relevant to anyone considering a Jabra product for the first time. If you are looking for a solid set of comfortable earbuds that stay well in ears, offer awesome sound, battery life and call quality as well as pretty good ANC, I’m quite confident that you will love the Jabra Elite 8 Active especially if you’re someone who is very active. Oh and of course, actual buttons rather than fidgety, hypersensitive touch controls? Yeah, it’s awesome…. Enjoy!

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  8. Vlad Stefanovic

    This is my first pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and I’m flabbergasted by the technology. I can’t believe that in such a tiny package, there’s enough room to fit all the components. My mind is kinda blown. Think about it. One earbud contains audio drivers, multiple mics, a battery, and an SoC with Bluetooth and a DAC. It’s insane that so much stuff can fit in there.

    The sound is great, and the feature set is excellent as well. ANC works great. The behavior of the buds is programmable in the app, which is really clear and easy to use. The sound can also be adjusted from the app. The HearThrough function works surprisingly well, too. Battery life is great. The buds are physically comfortable, and feel secure in my ears.

    Overall a great pair of wireless earbuds, and I’m surprised by how nice and well put together the features are.

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