Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse + HyperPolling Wireless Dongle: 63g Lightweight – 8K Polling – Optical Switches Gen3-30K Optical Sensor – 6 Programmable Buttons -…

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  • 63G ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN — Enjoy a level of speed and control favored by the world’s top players with one of the lightest ergonomic esports mice ever created
  • ERGONOMIC FORM — Developed in partnership with top esports pros, the iconic shape of the Razer DeathAdder has been further improved to continue its legacy of award-winning handling and comfort
  • HYPERPOLLING WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY — By combining Razer HyperPolling with the ultra-low-latency connection of Razer HyperSpeed, we’ve created the world’s fastest wireless technology that’s 8x faster than standard 1000 Hz wireless mice
  • FOCUS PRO 30K OPTICAL SENSOR — Flawless tracking performance on a wider variety of surfaces including glass—supported by intelligent functions for enhanced aim and control
  • OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCHES GEN-3 — From an improved 90-million click lifecycle with zero double-clicking issues, to a blistering 0.2ms actuation with no debounce delay, the mouse has the reliability and speed built for esports
  • UP TO 90 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE — Smaller, lighter battery that boasts greater power efficiency and can run for up to 90 hours of continuous play — rechargeable via USB Type C
Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse + HyperPolling Wireless Dongle: 63g Lightweight – 8K Polling – Optical Switches Gen3-30K Optical Sensor – 6 Programmable Buttons -…
Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse + HyperPolling Wireless Dongle: 63g Lightweight – 8K Polling – Optical Switches Gen3-30K Optical Sensor – 6 Programmable Buttons -…


Additional information

Specification: Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse + HyperPolling Wireless Dongle: 63g Lightweight – 8K Polling – Optical Switches Gen3-30K Optical Sensor – 6 Programmable Buttons -…




‎DeathAdder V3 Pro + Hyperpolling Wireless Dongle

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎2.22 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎8.35 x 4.61 x 2.91 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎January 30, 2024

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8 reviews for Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse + HyperPolling Wireless Dongle: 63g Lightweight – 8K Polling – Optical Switches Gen3-30K Optical Sensor – 6 Programmable Buttons -…

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  1. Leandro

    Title speaks for itself for me however I will be writing another review down the line, this is first week impressions.


    Just straight up feels great in the had for a palm grip user, the material and the design make it a perfect ergo mouse for my larger hands. The battery has yet to die after 4, 8 hour day uses of gaming fairly consistently. The scroll wheel feels great and there are 0 hiccups on the sensor. The skates feel amazing like a g pro superlight. Comes with grips you want a more tactile feel, however the material on the mouse is perfect for me. The synapse software connected it right away. Comes with charging cable obviously and by the looks of it, it can fit multiple types of usb type c, not having a small entrance for the port to enter like it’s predecessors.


    Price, it’s super expensive right now for a mouse, would not recommend if you’re on a tight budget. The lack of multiple buttons can make it hard for some mmo players. Lacks rgb if you’re into that,


    Great mouse for long periods of time, without having to adjust your hand to the design too much. Clicks are great and movement feel flawless in and out of game, but as stated before, if you’re on a tight budget, I would recommend a logitech g603 for a close comparison, however the material is nowhere near the same. Possibly my favorite mouse to date, and may be for a long long time. Great job Razer

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  2. NT

    Just to start right off the bat. I have large hands and this mouse is for large hands. Large hands meaning big width and long fingers. For example the Logitech g pro wireless I consider ‘small’ for myself. Take that into account.

    Razer is on absolute fire recently with their gaming mice department. I do not know if they got some type of freedom from their old product manager or got their own factory – who knows. All we know is they have been taking feedback and releasing exactly what the community is asking for and the products are FIRE.

    The Razer Deathadder v3 pro talks for itself, the biggest change for those who actually used the Deathadder is the mouse has reduced the flares on the left/right, and moved the hump more center instead of back. It is still ergonomic for sure but feels more similar to ambidextrous now. The best part is you can FULLY extend your ring finger comfortably across the right-side of the mouse. Your pinky has room as well and does not need to touch the mouse pad.

    The thumb buttons have been raised so your thumb has full extension access as well with zero contact to the thumb buttons. PERFECT. The mouse has great contact with the underside of your knuckle and some small contact with the palm.

    Besides the shape which is generally the most important part in deciding to buy a mouse the rest of the mouse is what I would call ‘flawless’

    Sensor – Perfect tracking, zero sensor malfunction, zero jitter, zero +/- acceleration. (Side note, I have not tested 4000hz mode and while I am sure it is great I will be using it in 1000hz mode for longer battery life. I am older now and do not compete like I used to, 1000hz works perfectly fine for me).

    Coating (White version) – Absolutely wonderful, easy to grip, feels great in hand

    Main clicks – Perfect, split trigger design, amazing actuation force feeling. No complaints

    Side Buttons – Perfect, love the size and placement as well

    Scroll Wheel – It works, doesn’t feel great, doesn’t feel bad, feels good. I use it for jump in-game zero issues

    Weight – Seriously. It’s a large ergo mouse in the 63-64g range.. It’s LIGHT

    Battery life – Haven’t tested it yet but I am sure it’s fine, running it in 1000hz mode.

    USB-C Connectivity – Great. Modern standards. Love it

    Cable – They provided a lightweight usb-c cable for the receiver which is also used to charge the mouse, if you did have to run it in wired it is actually a great cable as well.

    Mouse Feet – Perfect glide zero issues on my end

    Overall for a large hand gaming who was seeking a wireless option. The Razer Deathadder v3 pro is the best thing I have ever graced my hands on. Tested it for several hours and after a quick muscle memory adjustment I was not only aiming fantastically (which I can do on several mice) but I was also comfortable. Comfort being the most important factor for me.

    The large size and lightweight also makes micro-tracking/adjustments even easier to do. I was using the G703 prior and it was do-able but fatigue hit sooner and it felt like a lot of effort sometimes to track something that was spinning around you (this is less an issue in tactical games like Counter-strike and Valorant, and more for fast paced games with a lot of tracking think Quake Live and Overwatch).

    The entire team that developed this product. I really wish I was in your industry – I would be absolutely proud to have released such a top-tier gaming product. The market of large hand competitive gamers were requesting this and it has been delivered. Beat both Logitech and Zowie to market which is incredible. Give yourself a pat on the back. I bought two of these one for daily and one for backup. Razer be proud, I truly feel like this is a, ‘For Gamers, By Gamers’ product.

    Amazing, 10/10 product for me. Love it. If you’re a daily G703 user like I was, your upgrade is here. Zero-regret purchase.

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  3. NT

    Definitely on the pricey side, but overall a fantastic mouse. Having a rechargeable mouse is a major bonus. I used to have one that ran on a AA, which was largely fine but it definitely would start dropping connections as in indication of replacement. This mouse emits an orange light to let you know it needs charging, and you can do so while still playing. Also charges pretty quick, so you don’t need to really leave it on the charger overnight. It is super lightweight (almost to a fault, for some this might actually be a drawback if you like a little substance to your mouse). I do sorta wish it had an off switch instead of button but that’s moreso personal preference. Meshes with my all white set up. I play more mmos and rpgs than fps, but for the games I play I haven’t seen a lapse in connection or mouse lag. Is it worth the 100-150 or whatever price it fluctatutes too? Debatable. Is it a fantastic, no issue, good-to-go out of the box, smooth sailing mouse that you’ll love? Probably.

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  4. Corey

    Este mouse simplemente es bastante cómodo y el cambio de peso entre el viper mini y este se puede llegar a notar al principio, pero una vez cambie a una sensibilidad más alta ingame y me adapte puedo decir que es un muy buen mouse en cuanto a comodidad ya que se acopla perfectamente a la mano, el único contra que le encuentro es que no encuentro por ningún lado el hyperPolling dongle que le falta para que sea 8khz pero de ahí en fuera el mouse en si es muy bueno.

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  5. Carmine Angelo Pengue Pineda

    This is specifically regarding the bundled DeathAdder V3 Pro & Hyperpolling dongle.
    After running into an issue with mine (the LED on the mouse stopped working), I attempted to update the firmware as the support page mentioned LED issues being fixed in the latest firmware.

    To my surprise and disappointment, this bundle has its own SKU and is considered by Razer as a completely different product – and as such it is not currently supported.

    A few things to support my claim:
    1) the firmware updater does not recognize the mouse and dongle bundle (it is trying to find two separate devices, whereas my bundle is considered to be a single device);
    2) the new Synapse beta 4 from Razer does not see this bundle at all (it is seen by Synapse 3 as a single device).

    For peace of mind, I would pay a bit more and purchase the mouse and the Hyperpolling dongle separately, rather than this (currently) unsupported bundle. That is, if you really want hyperpolling.

    As for the mouse itself, as a previous DeathAdder v2 user, it has definitely slimmed down, for better or for worse. It does have a very nice texture out of the box. Shining is always a concern, but it is too soon to tell how much this particular unit is prone to shining.

    All the buttons feel great with little pre or post travel.
    The scroll wheel is probably the worst physical feature of the mouse, as it can rattle as you scroll up or down. I could try to fix it, but for being a new mouse, this is disappointing. There are also reports of wheel failures.

    And then of course, Razer still enforces its “beloved” Synapse software, when other mouse makers have been leaning towards on-mouse or browser configurations.

    Overall, the mouse feels good in hand and should suit a variety of grips, but, as is usually the case with Razer, there are caveats to consider. I would just avoid this bundle if at all possible.

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  6. vrzzle

    The battery life in this mouse is actually crazy. When I got it yesterday, it was at around 8 percent. I played for about 3 hours and checked; it was at 3 percent. I then easily just plugged it in with the USB c cable it came with and it charged while I played. After about 1 hour of playing, I checked it again and it was at 54 percent.

    The material quality is amazing. It feels a bit chalky but it’s great for grip. Although the mouse came with grip tape inside of the box, the normal material is fine. It grips my fingers well and for the Minecraft nerds is probably good for drag clicking. I tried drag clicking on the mouse and got it to work except I don’t know how to do it any faster. The grip tape the mouse comes with is pretty soft, grippy and perfect. It doesn’t irritate your fingers and is very smooth. The mouse comes with grip tape for all sides of it from the top to the sides.

    Ergonomics are great. I bought this mouse because most youtubers and amazon reviews on here recommended it for people with big hands. As a person with pretty large hands, i’ve been unknowingly using small mice such as the Razer Viper Mini Ultimate and Finalmouse Capetown which are both pretty small. Compared to the capetown, my most recent mouse, i’ve felt that it really gets my entire hand on it and feels more comfortable than tightly gripping a small mouse. The left and right sides are pretty big and don’t let your big fingers touch the mousepad. For people with big hands, I recommend buying this mouse.

    The mouse is a great combination of lightweight, big, and its perfect for large hands. The dpi settings on the bottom are cool and you can edit the settings you want in Razer Synapse, the software. The mouse goes up to 30,000 dpi which is pretty useless for me except setting it to 30,000 and trolling in Valorant.

    After even one day of gaming, i’d say that this mouse is already a fit for me. I need to take a while to get used to it and i’ll edit this review in about 3 months. Since I come from small mice, I feel like i’d just have to get used to this real quick.

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  7. Yedda Campos

    Usei vários anos da minha vida aquele velho mouse de pilha desses mais simples, meu primeiro mouse “caro” foi o Razer Viper com fio, fiquei quase 3 anos com ele, troquei por este, agora, e não me arrependo, eu já gostava do Viper mas esse aqui é um absurdo de mouse, sinto ser bem mais leve que o Viper, parece até o peso do Viper Mini da minha esposa. Realmente tô encantado com esse mouse, único porém é o preço mesmo, mas ainda sim aqui na Amazon tá sendo o lugar mais barato para adquirir um. Recomendo totalmente para quem tiver condições.

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  8. Consola

    Excelente produto, rápido no manuseio, específico para jogos.

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