Corsair M75 Wireless RGB Lightweight FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Swappable Side Buttons – iCUE Compatible – PC – Black

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Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $109.99.

  • Ambidextrous Shape with Swappable Side Buttons: The expertly crafted ambidextrous mouse shape grants maximum comfort and control to both right- and left-hand players with swappable side buttons.
  • 89g – Lightweight for Premier FPS Play: Lightweight at 89g, M75 catapults you up the leaderboard with unparalleled speed and precision, minus the wire.
  • Ultra-Precise 26k DPI Optical Sensor: With a native 26,000 DPI, 650 IPS tracking, and up to 50G acceleration, the CORSAIR MARKSMAN optical sensor accurately captures fast-twitch mouse movements, speedy sweeps, and rapid recenters.
  • CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE BUTTONS: CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE delivers zero delay between the left and right click buttons and their switches, so your shots register instantly.
  • Optical Left- and Right-Click Switches: Optical switches eliminate debounce, enabling you to attack with astonishing speed, guaranteed for 100 million clicks.
Corsair M75 Wireless RGB Lightweight FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Swappable Side Buttons – iCUE Compatible – PC – Black
Corsair M75 Wireless RGB Lightweight FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Swappable Side Buttons – iCUE Compatible – PC – Black

Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $109.99.

Additional information

Specification: Corsair M75 Wireless RGB Lightweight FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Swappable Side Buttons – iCUE Compatible – PC – Black

Average Battery Life in hours

‎105 Hours





Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎3.14 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.04 x 2.56 x 0.1 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.04 x 2.56 x 0.1 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎February 29, 2024

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3 reviews for Corsair M75 Wireless RGB Lightweight FPS Gaming Mouse – 26,000 DPI – Swappable Side Buttons – iCUE Compatible – PC – Black

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  1. J F Seattle

    This Corsair M75 wireless mouse is great and is now my main desktop mouse. It’s not a featherweight mouse, at 89 grams, but it still glides well. On/off is accomplished by long pressing one of the two buttons on the bottom of the mouse. The RGB illumination functions as the indicator that the mouse is working when I’ve got the mouse flipped over to press the power button. The DPI button is on the bottom too, so by default it’s not accessible for in-game switches (although you can assign that function to a button on the top). The left/right button switches feel responsive and have a nice click to them and are optical.

    The real star feature of the mouse, for my use, is that it has the “forward/backward” buttons along both sides and they can be configured to all have independent functions. The mouse comes with four button caps that install flush with the plastic shell of the rest of the mouse and four button caps that protrude about 1 mm further. The buttons aren’t as tall in profile as other mice but they’re usable. I love assigning all four buttons to do different things and it’s made the mouse my go-to mouse for a program that I regularly use hotkeys for navigating and refreshing in. It’s also entirely possible to make it function in left or right handed mode with only two of those buttons working. I do find that buttons on the right side are pressable with a slight shift of my pinkie and ring fingers. I’m wondering if I can make those buttons slightly taller and the easiest solution I found was to use a small Philips screwdriver to slightly back out the screw that is the magnetic button attachment. Some texture to the raised buttons might help with confidently knowing my fingers are in the right spot before I press, but the truth is my fingers end up in the right spot even if I am not sure the buttons are there. I did find myself needing to use a pin to remove the button caps from the sides as the magnetic attachment is decently strong. I think a cell phone SIM ejection tool could be included in the box or you’d be wise to have one handy when experimenting with button caps.

    The opening to attach a USB C cable for charging is larger than most and that’s sometimes more convenient than having a matched/specialized cable. The USB A to USB C cable is a nice, durable braided cable that can be used to make the mouse wired (and also charge the internal lithium battery at the same time) but the USB A 2.4 GHz dongle for wireless can’t connect to provided cable. If you want to set this mouse up (without bluetooth) as a wireless mouse and occasionally make the mouse wired to charge the battery, you’ll end up using two USB A plugs that way (or you could use bluetooth if ports are very limited).

    The software has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s decently organized. It took me a while to understand the utility of “hardware key assignment” vs “key assignment (in software)” but if you’re controlling multiple PCs with the same mouse it gives you a way to make custom profiles for each PC or universal/carried by the mouse.

    This is a premium mouse with optical switches and a lot of configurability. I’m really happy having some of the MMO-mouse sort of many-button functionality in a mouse that has a lower learning curve for my fingers. About the only wish I have is perhaps slightly taller buttons with some textured surface, but maybe that will become available or be mod-able with stickers.

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  2. J F Seattle

    There’s a lot of great things to love about this mouse! Let me do a quick list:
    – lightweight and rechargeable
    – Bluetooth and Slipstream connection with the included dongle. Plus the mouse has a dongle storage compartment in the base which every mouse needs
    – high DPI and fast connection
    – ambidextrous so you can move the buttons from left to right (for the lefties like my daughter)
    – RGB (which, we all know, makes everything faster)

    In comparison to my main gaming mouse (Glorious Model 2) over the last 6 months, here’s a few points to consider:
    – The O2 is lighter that the Corsair M75. Part of this is due to the honeycomb structure of the O2.
    – The wheel on the O2 rotates more smoothly. Both have tactile bumps when you scroll (unlike Logitech) that gives you a better feel when you switch weapons and such. The M75 is more tactile than the O2 so you feel the bump more, but the M75 is a little more noisy and has a slightly scratchy feel.
    – As for ergonomics, I like the shape of the O2 buttons more, since they are molded a little bit versus a flat slab. The M75 does have the DPI button on the bottom which does helps from accidental presses but then again, you have to pickup the mouse to swap it if you want.
    – The M75 has the dongle storage slot – this is a big plus for me if you want to throw the mouse in the bag
    – The M75 has longer battery life so you can go longer between charges.
    – The M75 does let you flip the buttons to the other side. The O2, while marketed as “ambidextrous”, really is only that way due to the shape (versus their model D) – a left handed person wouldn’t be able to use the side buttons.

    Overall, the Corsair M75 is a nice mouse and compared to others, there’s a lot to like. However, there are a lot of competitors that can trade blows with the M75 so you should think of what you want in a mouse. Are you left-handed? Do you plan to travel with it? How much do you want to charge the mouse? What are the performance characteristics (DPI, polling rate, etc)?

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  3. GM

    I was using a Logitech MX Master 2 for several years before getting this. It was starting to get a bit long in the tooth and beat up from years of use (just like my original MX Master from over a decade ago), and I decided to give this a go.

    It works wirelessly, or wired. Out of the box, it does do a silly RGB show for you, but it can be turned off with the Corsair software… which… is kind of crap to be honest. I wish it worked with OpenRGB (the only reason I even have OpenRGB is to turn all of that crap off anyway).

    It comes with a very long USB cable, and it charges rather quickly.

    The battery life is somewhat mediocre, from a few days of use (doing work, I haven’t yet had time to “game” with it, but I can tell it will be excellent there as well) it will run the battery down. It’s incredibly sensitive though, I don’t find myself “misclicking” as much as I did with my old Logitech. I do wish that it had the fancy “hyperscroll” that the MX Master 2 had… just flick the scroll wheel and it spins freely, or move it slowly and it clicks like an ordinary scroll wheel. I really do miss that feature, but I’ve found that this mouse is generally easier for me to use.

    It is also by far the lighest weight mouse I’ve ever used. When I first held it I was blown away by it, this thing is so light it feels like you could blow it away.

    The lightness combined with the teflon feet though… this thing just *glides* across the surface. I don’t get the same level of “fatigue” from doing lots of mouse work.

    Overall, I like it, I just wish I could have that magical Logitech scroll wheel…

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