Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows Gaming PC (104 Keys, Black)

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Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $56.45.

  • GAMING KEYBOARD; 104 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Custom Mechanical Blue Switches designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. Fast mechanical keys with medium resistance, precise actuation, audible click sound, and tactile bump feedback.
  • RGB MECHANICAL KEYBOARD; K551-RGB Redragon Keyboard, RGB LED backlit mechanical gaming keyboard, the RGB Led illuminated keyboard comes with molded keycaps offering crystal clear uniform backlighting and lettering that doesn’t scratch off. Featuring rainbow, RGB colors, 5 different lighting modes, 5 backlight brightness levels, breathing speed, user programmable RGB backlighting.
  • Metal / ABS CONSTRUCTION; The PC Gaming keyboard is constructed of metal alloy and ABS with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switchesthat stand up to tough gaming conditions.
  • BACKLIT ANTI GHOSTING KEYBOARD; ALL 104 mechanical gaming keyboards keys are conflict free (n-Key Rollover) for ultimate Gaming performance.Featuring 12 Multimedia keys, Non-Slip Ergonomic, splash-proof Design. Comes with Full numeric keypad and a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection.
  • PC GAMING KEYBOARD COMPATIBILTY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support
Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows Gaming PC (104 Keys, Black)
Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows Gaming PC (104 Keys, Black)

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $56.45.

Additional information

Specification: Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows Gaming PC (104 Keys, Black)

Product Dimensions

16.54 x 4.33 x 1.38 inches

Item Weight

2.38 pounds



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 25, 2014

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8 reviews for Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired Keyboard with Blue Switches for Windows Gaming PC (104 Keys, Black)

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  1. Chris

    I never thought I would become “one of those guys” with a fancy gaming keyboard and mouse until my old $10 mouse quit working and a friend just raved to me about how amazing mechanical keyboards and high end gaming mice completely changed his perception of gaming. So I bought the mouse, and he was right. It really is like night and day. Then I told myself I spent so much on the mouse, I wouldn’t waste money on a mechanical keyboard. I mean, all you do is use it for typing words and game commands…

    Then I came across this RedDragon mechanical keyboard with great reviews and surprisingly fair priced. Not like brands like Corsair where they double the price just cause of their well known name. I did all the research on what the heck Cherry switches are and the differences and chose this K551 for it’s rbg, simplicity and blue switches.

    Once the package arrived, I opened the box and was immediately impressed with the quality of the keyboard’s construction. Feels very weighty, not cheap at all. I plugged it in, opened a word document I needed to finish and started to type…

    All I can say is WOW!!! these keys feel amazing. I could type with such ease compared to my old plastic one (I do lots of writing as well). At least twice as fast and with a lot less mistakes plus my hands wouldn’t start to cramp up like they used to. I then messed around with the rbg settings (and it has quite a few not to mention all the function keys) and am very pleased with the lighting features. Finally, I started playing some games. Playing with this keyboard is just such a delight. Again with such ease, no hand cramping while pressing commands or typing in game chat for a few hours.

    I am beyond impressed with this RedDragon keyboard. It’s so much better than I could ever have imagined and for the price, it’s unbeatable. If you’re on the fence about this like I was, just do yourself a big favor and buy it. You will not be disappointed, I promise you. It really makes doing everything on my pc now such a joy. RedDragon and Cherry Blue’s, where have you been all my life!!!

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  2. Tubby

    New to Mechanical Keyboard.
    My first choice is actually Logitech G512 (blue switch), due to I am able to try out at retail stores.
    But once i got this, I find that the typing feel is as good and price is probably only 1/3.

    I am probably the type of user who can’t really tell the different between them… This suits me well.

    Now I’m considering buying another 1 for office usage (but I will need to measure the noise level and check if it is allowable in office). Clicky sound might be offending someone in office.

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  3. Logan L.

    I feel that I should be transparent before i give this review, this is the first mechanical keyboard I have ever purchased or used.

    *Disclaimer* I am writing this review about a month after having the keyboard, it will be updated at six months, and a year, to give readers an idea of the longevity of the keyboard.

    I did an extreme amount of research on this keyboard via Amazon Reviews and YouTube videos. This keyboard was even featured on an episode of Linus Tech Tips where he gave the keyboard favorable reviews as well. If this is your first mechanical keyboard please be advised that it is a different experience typing on a mechanical keyboard rather than a regular keyboard. Keystrokes require a bit more force and depending on the switches you have, resonate with a very audible click. I find the click very satisfying, but if the click is too loud for you you can always buy rings to dampen the click.

    The RGB element of this keyboard is great. It isn’t amazing by any means, but it gets the job done. All the settings can be changed on the keyboard with a combination of the ‘FN’ key, and whatever else is marked. The back lighting has many different effects, all of which are pretty cool and unique. This keyboard won’t sink up with your games and change layouts based on what’s happening in-game, but for $50, could you really expect it to? To get a better idea of the effects the keyboard offers, just look up any review of the keyboard on YouTube and it should give you a good idea of what the keyboard looks and sounds like.

    The media keys are also marked on the F1-F12 keys, and can be used with the ‘FN’ key as well. My chief complaint is that I have had problems with the ‘FN’ key on my keyboard, but I rarely use it, so it isn’t much of a bother for me.

    This keyboard is using third-party switches that are “Cherry Equivalent.” My experience with the keys so far is very positive. The keyboard is built really well and is heavier than expected, but I see no issue with a keyboard being heavy, it’s just sitting on my desktop anyway. It also comes with a FREE keycap puller, which is cool because some keyboards that cost double this don’t come with one.

    The ONLY other complaint I have is the company took forever to ship the keyboard, it arrived like 4 days after the time I was given after ordering it, but it arrived in great shape in nice packaging. I’ve read that the customer service is really good, personally I hope i never have to request an exchange, but if I do, my interaction with the company will be posted here as well.

    This is a great keyboard overall, and i would venture to say that it is the best keyboard you can buy for $50 US dollars. It definitely peaked my interest in other Redragon products.

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  4. Ram Kumar Singh

    I’m a touch typer, and I don’t use this keyboard for gaming, but if you’re also a touch typer, then this is the keyboard for you. According to me, this is a really good keyboard for typing, I noticed that I do work really fast on this, I can easily type 120wpm on this thing. And this is just tooooo too good. The special thing about this is its lights, I love the RGB lighting in the back, it’s all around the keyboard behind EACH and EVERY key! But, there is something even more special, you can code them all to show a specific color, so you can download the software “OpenRGB”, and that software can lead you to a awesome looking better keyboard!

    1 Thing that is sure about this keyboard is that it’s just too good, the style is awesome, and the feel for typing is great.

    Now, I will state the pro’s and cons of this keyboard.

    Great RGB
    Very good for typing
    Great Sound
    Coded RGB (you need the software though)
    Just plain GREAT
    Great welcoming (when plugged in USB port)

    Heavy (well I don’t think this matters because you’re not even supposed to hold a keyboard in your hands right?)
    You need to download a specific (this doesn’t have virus or malware) software, it’s called OpenRGB so that you can code your keys. The software is Free, and great. Doesn’t take too much space either.

    So basically, this keyboard is GREAT

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  5. alooloo

    Perfect for my 13 year old son. He uses it for his xbox and laptop and it’s perfect. Wasn’t too expensive but is exactly what he wanted. Was looking at more expensive ones but this was great so glad I didn’t spend hundreds!!! Noisey keys but that’s what he wanted. If your after no sound when using don’t buy this one. But it is really good and the kids like the tapping as they play games apparently. Would be annoying for a lot of typing or in an office. Great for kids though.

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  6. Tubby

    SURPRISE MF says the keyboard when you open it cause this one screams quality!
    I have been using the Corsair k95 rgb with cherry mx red for about 18months, and i had some issues with the leds, its gone for an exchange, now i thoughg lets try these cheap options by the time it returns, n see whats the diff bet a 16k and a 4k keyboard offering supposedly, the same features. so heres my list of whats there and what u r missing on by not buying an expensive alternative:
    1. The mechanical BLUE switches are really good with nice feedback, they are not cherry but are good quality none the less.
    2. The build quality is good, yes it is. 4k for such a build is great. Metalplate board with plastic sorrounding is same as a CM storm mechanical board.
    3. RGB Elements are great, inbuilt themes are nyc and you can download the siftware as well to customize.
    4.Macros are somewhat available u can customize from the software availble from the website mentioned in the manual.
    Now what u r missing out by not buying a more expensive mech keyboard;
    1. the keys are a bit wavy at times, can woble( u will not observe this unless u have worked with a corsair keyboard, even razor has same issues with keys)
    2.No dedicated media keys, u need to press fuction n then f1 f2 and so on for media playback.
    3. The lack of proper software support, u can customize but u cant save the profiles on the keyboard, so u have to keep the software open for the customization to show on the keyboard and if u close the soft or restart the changes are also gone.

    I can pinpoint more but honestly this is one really nyc piece of hardware and you wont regret it SPECIALLY IF U R MOVING FROM A MEMBRANE ONE.

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  7. Juan Pablo Martínez

    Es un teclado con una excelente calidad y a un costo muy accesible, el envío es gratis y ¡sólo tardó 2 días en llegar!, lo recomiendo mucho.

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  8. No Signal

    Impressed. Wifes Rosewill RGB keyboard quit after a little over a year, did my research in the $50-$75 range and landed on this. Very impressed with what this company has been doing, very competitive and very impressive products for the price.

    I needed true mechanical switches, solid (non-plastic) build construction, RGB to match her aesthetic and a full numpad for crunching spreadsheets. This fit the bill at a demonstrably unbeatable price for our requirements.

    No cherry switches, instead they are Outemu blues, but having tried them I actually prefer these and may switch to Outemus when my CM quickfire board eventually dies. Seemingly lighter than Cherry blues, and a little more tactile and clicky, they also seem to respond much faster in reset travel but that could be our perception given it’s a brand new board. Both of our typing feels noticeably improved in quick tests, her coming from brown switches and myself from cherry blues.

    Drip/spill-resistant is the claim, but we hope to never have that tested. A comforting note though which would make the price point all the more stunning.

    Default lighting effects are *very* interesting mimicking big names and throwing in some unique presets (one of which we have reserved for Winter Holidays as it resembles twinkling Christmas lights), and there is a way to cycle-lock a specific shade but we have yet to figure that out as documentation is very crude and doesnt cover most of what’s actually possible in customization, and reviews don’t help as it seems the controls for adjusting things changes every so often in what I assume are revisions of the same board(s).

    Sleek and simple design, much simpler to clean than the (now insanely overpriced??) Rosewill RGB80 board that just died, conveniently just having passed warranty.

    Be warned, this does not have a detachable usb, but if you do your product research you’ll be well aware of this beforehand. A minor compromise to help provide a quality option at a very budget price.

    I had originally planned on simply using this to tide us over until we could invest in a more premium option (looking at you, ducky), but we both agreed that so long as the durability factor is present (yet to be seen), this may have just become our go-to peripheral company when we’re on a budget.

    Almost no deck flex, solid construction, swappable switches in case they quit on you and a bonus keycap puller which is pretty standard I suppose.

    Glad I gave these guys a try, only concern now is how long this thing will run before something inevitably goes wrong. If this lasts longer than the Rosewill keyboard it replaced, it will be money well-spent.

    As far as I can tell so far, it’s truly a stellar product for the price. I would nornally give 4/5 for what it is, but at about $60 I have to adjust accordingly because overall quality alone already beats out boards I’ve owned for nearly 2.5x the cost. If the board lasts, I consider this a serious show of competition in the keyboard world. If you can have a true mechanical with rgb and good construction like this for $60, I personally feel competing companies have to be absolutely insane to be charging $100+ for membrane boards in this day & age.

    You’ve got another fan here, Red Dragon – I just hope it’s also built to last! Keep up the good work!

    I will update this review accordingly if & when I experience a hiccup or board failure of some sort.

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