Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Reduce Noise by Up to 98%, 50H Playtime, Hi-Res Sound, Comfortable Fit, App Customization,…

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Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $59.00.

  • Reduce Noise By Up to 98%: Space A40 has an upgraded noise cancelling system to block out a wider range of distracting noises. So wherever you go, you’ll always have the space you need to focus.
  • Automatically Tailored Noise Cancelling: Space A40 detects external noises and automatically selects a suitable level of noise cancelling for your surroundings. Enjoy your personal space whether you’re indoors, outdoors, commuting, or on a flight.
  • 50 Hours of Personal Space: That’s enough playtime to enjoy up to 1,000 songs or 25 movies. The earbuds have a 10-hour single charge playtime, and fast charging gives you 4 hours of listening from a quick 10-minute charge.
  • Highly Detailed Sound: Thanks to soundcore’s pioneering double-layer diaphragm drivers, Space A40 noise cancelling earbuds produce sound with strong bass, clear mids, and bright treble. You can also listen using LDAC mode for Hi-Res Audio Wireless sound.
  • Comfortable, No Matter How Long You Listen: Space A40 noise cancelling wireless earbuds are smaller than all other soundcore ANC earbuds, are as light as a sheet of paper, and have an ergonomic shape so they fit comfortably in your ears.
Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Reduce Noise by Up to 98%, 50H Playtime, Hi-Res Sound, Comfortable Fit, App Customization,…
Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Reduce Noise by Up to 98%, 50H Playtime, Hi-Res Sound, Comfortable Fit, App Customization,…

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $59.00.

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Specification: Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Reduce Noise by Up to 98%, 50H Playtime, Hi-Res Sound, Comfortable Fit, App Customization,…

Product Dimensions

2.67 x 1.74 x 1.12 inches

Item Weight

18.14 g

Item model number



3 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 24, 2022



Charging Time

50 Hours


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8 reviews for Soundcore by Anker Space A40 Auto-Adjustable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Reduce Noise by Up to 98%, 50H Playtime, Hi-Res Sound, Comfortable Fit, App Customization,…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. ianablack

    I’m writing this review while waiting for my second purchase of the Space A40. No, there wasn’t anything wrong with the first purchase. Rather I was so satisfied with the first one – which has become my wife has commandeered – that I didn’t have to reconsider getting a second one.

    I personally think five-star reviews should generally be taken with caution, but here I would like to qualify and detail why the Space A40 deserves five stars overall.

    First, I give the audio quality/noise cancellation four stars, compared to say, the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones (better sound, better noise cancelling) or Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd gen.) (less satisfying sound, better Transparency/Adaptive noise cancelling modes). The important things to keep in mind in these comparisons is that the Sony cost about three times as much, and generally full-sixed over-ear headphones sound better than earbuds. Plus, the XM4 was once Sony’s flagship in the Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones category, so it’s more effective if you want to shut out the world, and envelop yourself in a rich, albeit a little bass-heavy audio environment. In comparison, the Space A40 gives you a balanced, quality sound and lets in a bit more of ambient sounds. As an analogy, the Sony XM4 is like using blackout curtains in a big auditorium, while using the A40 is like you’re in a smaller venue with room-darkening curtains.

    Next, the AirPods Pro. Its strengths are that it works very well with iPhones, iPads, and Macs in general, and if you’re an Apple Music subscriber like me, they work flawlessly with Apple’s Spatial Audio. In terms of noise cancelling, Apple’s very good Transparency mode is now superseded by its new Adaptive mode, which actively moderates the sound environment such that you can hear both music and ambient sounds well enough. But note “enough.” This phrase pretty much sums up the audio performance and noise cancelling abilities of the AirPods. They give you good enough sound but the Space A40 is more subtle, balanced, and present; no point comparing the AirPods to the Sonys. The AirPods cancel noise just about as good as the Space A40; again, don’t compare it to the Sonys. Oh, but the price tag! if you take price into the comparison, then the AirPods would drop out of the race immediately. It is obscenely overpriced. The only reason why I even own the AirPods Pro is that they were free gifts as part of another purchase. Going back to the curtains analogy: the AirPods are super futuristic – and expensive – curtains that automatically filter light going into a small venue but cannot fully darken the room. You pay for the look and the automatic filtering feature.

    So where does that leave the Space A40? An eminently sensible choice when you consider everything else. The Soundcore app is very polished and feature-laden and allows you to customize the use and the sound of the A40 to a very large extent, surpassing both Sony and Apple. Add to that the A40’s battery life, a very pocketable case that charges wirelessly as well as via cable with clear indicator lights, and the overall good construction, you’d wonder why anyone would bother looking at anything else.

    Hence, a solid five stars.

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  2. James Morris

    First of all, let me say I’m not an “audiophile”, so what I think may be good could be terrible for someone else, that being said:

    I’ve had these for a few months and they literally just survived a drop from 30+ feet onto solid concrete and still work perfectly fine. So for that alone I would give 5 stars. It’s worth the money.
    The sound quality is very nice. I think everything sounds really good with it. I don’t usually have to have it over 50%, and I would consider that loud.
    They have not died on me at all for full 10 hour work days. Sometimes if I don’t drop them in the case for a few minutes it will pop up with a battery low warning, but still haven’t died on me.
    I charge the case maybe an hour a week and that seems to keep up with the use.
    It took a bit to get used to, but after a bit of a trial period my ears got used to having them in and they’re very comfortable.
    The app is quick and easy to use to set up the controls you want, other than that you don’t really use the app. (Why is this a pro? Cause I don’t like apps for every little thing)
    I use the case as a fidget toy a lot 10\10.

    They do tend to slip from my ears, regardless of what size I use, but that’s pretty normal for me, so I’m not sure I can blame the headphones.
    The noise cancelling doesn’t work with typical warehouse noises. Anything loud will still get through, it’s definitely much more for a general noise (like people talking) that being said, for the general populace it would work. It wasn’t a top priority for me when I bought them.

    The case can be slippery.
    It’s a little hard to tell how much battery is left in the case.

    If you’re like me and just wanted wireless headphones and didn’t know where to start and got intimidated by $300+ headphones, just get these ones. They’re fairly cheap and really good for the price you pay.

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  3. MWMB42

    These are a good value at their regular price. On sale for $55 (on Black Friday 2023), they are a fantastic value. They have excellent features, good sound quality and build, and are decently comfortable and unobtrusive looking. About one month in I still have zero buyer’s remorse.

    They have features like buds twice their regular price, let alone their sale price. Controls work with no fuss. The hear-through feature works great – it’s almost like you’re not wearing them. The active noise cancellation isn’t perfect, but it definitely makes a noticeable difference. USB-C and wireless charging are very nice to have.

    Sound quality is not the best in the world, but it’s pretty good, especially for the price. I’d say it’s a little better than most of the Skullcandy wired earbuds I’ve owned. It’s better with ANC on. Bass is decently strong, especially with ANC on, and sound is clear at just about every frequency.

    They feel nice and are comfortable as long as I twist them into my ears as described in the instruction booklet. They are very light, almost as light as a typical pair of wired earbuds. That said, they do slip out a bit after a while and I have to readjust them about once every half hour. If I ran with them I would probably worry about them falling out, but it’s not much of a problem in normal use and I have not had them fall out on me yet.

    The battery life is some of the best out there for true wireless headphones, even expensive ones. Using them most of the day and charging the case wirelessly once every few nights, they have never even come close to running out.

    They connect instantly when you take them out of the case and pair to new devices almost as quickly. The dual-device paring feature is probably my favorite thing about them. It works awesome with my iPhone and Mac – it can pair to both at once so I can play music from my phone and pause it whenever I need to hear something on my computer without doing anything extra.

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  4. Roy See

    Very decent earbuds for the price quality. The noise cancellation is a little bit noisy but does the job. These earbuds are good for side sleepers. The current market doesn’t have relatively cheap options. These are the best you can get at this price. The sound quality is good in the low end but not that representative in the high end. For sleeping and listening music the best bang for your bucks.

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  5. Micael Gerosa

    The only downside, if I must come with, is that what is played in earbuds is audible by others. However this is not something that bothers me and such minor issue doesn’t impact my rating.

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  6. Johnnie B

    The now dated Sony’s served well for years. Sound quality was and still remains tops notch. I’ve mostly used these in short durations until I changed jobs that require a lot of travel. One of the big drawbacks is the bulk and relying solely on the ear insert to secure them on. Man, my ears hurt after about an hour of use. Needed something that provided more comfort. These Soundcores are much smaller, lighter and uses the ear bowl to support some of its weight. Much better for long-term use. Even the charging case is much smaller providing added portability.

    Sound quality does fall short. The Sony has a bigger Soundstage, deeper and cleaner bass. Makes the Soundcore sound slightly muffled compared to it. Still very satisfying for the average listener however, audiophiles would notice the difference. Then again, these shouldn’t be considered by audiophiles. But for us “bang for the buck”ers, it’s a home run.
    ANC is also not as good as the Sony but 90 percent close.
    The sound quality and ANC does not detract a star. I knew going in that the Sony were superior in that regard but I am surprised how close this Soundcore got at 1/6 the price. The most recent Sony XM5 addresses my comfort issue but don’t want to shell out near 300 bucks again.
    Other reviews had complaints about ear securement but I took the foam inserts from the Sony and using them on these so no issues here.
    The one star retract is the tap controls and lack of voice guidance. It would be helpful to know what I just did with the tap controls especially with ANC control. The delayed response to disconnecting from phone after you put these in the case is also annoying. Sony response was immediate. Nothing very significant but minor nuisances I didn’t have to deal with on the Sony.
    IMO things:
    The piano mode was my favorite of the pre-sets but lacked bass. I took the piano profile and tried to replicate in custom mode with the low bass up max. Sounds pretty good.
    If you’re considering Sony buds but may be leaning to the XM4 to save a few bucks, don’t. There was a big jump in design change between XM4 and 5. I tried both and while the 4 is better than my 3, the 5 is fantastic with a much smaller profile without any sound compromises.

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  7. Johnnie B

    Reemplazando a unos Airpod gen 2. El sonido es muy bueno, menos agudos, medios en buena proporción y con mucho bass, pero no demasiado. El ANC funciona de muy bien comparado a los Airpod que no tienen (obvio duh) El unico detalle que no sabía que necesitaba es el Auto-pause ( osea que te lo quitas y se pausa la música, te lo pones y se reanuda) no tienen!, Si no lo pausas manualmente sigue la música. Funcionan muy bien con el Iphone

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  8. ianablack

    A qualidade deste fone é excelente. Testei ele na estrada e além do áudio fantástico, não conseguia ouvir praticamente nada do motor do carro e do barulho da rodovia. A interface do app para celular é muito boa e simples. Fácil de configurar e usar. A bateria tem durado muito. Fiquei mais de um mês sem carregar e a bateria do estojo sempre preenchia a bateria do fone para 100%. O preço não é dos mais favoráveis, mas a qualidade vale o preço sim. Ah, outra coisa importante: se você costuma jogar muito ou assistir a vídeos, este fone tem uma das menores taxa de lag do mercado. Além do modo jogo, que reduz o lag ainda mais, o modo normal já deixa o lag praticamente imperceptível. Esta foi a principal razão de eu ter comprado este fone, o atraso mínimo, que eu não consigo notar. E o isolamento de ruído dele ganhou excelentes avaliações como uma das melhores do mercado.

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