Tower 300 Black Micro-ATX Case; 2x140mm CT Fan Included; Support Up to 420mm Radiator; Optional Chassis Stand Kit Allows Horizontal Display; CA-1Y4-00S1WN-00; 3 Year Warranty

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  • Octagonal tower chassis supports up to M-ATX motherboad
  • 2 x 140mm CT Fan included
  • Supports up to 120/140mm fan x 3 or 420mm radiator
  • Horizontal display enabled by optional Chassis Stand Kit (Need to purchase seprately)
  • Addional LCD Screen Kit avaialble for purchase
Tower 300 Black Micro-ATX Case; 2x140mm CT Fan Included; Support Up to 420mm Radiator; Optional Chassis Stand Kit Allows Horizontal Display; CA-1Y4-00S1WN-00; 3 Year Warranty
Tower 300 Black Micro-ATX Case; 2x140mm CT Fan Included; Support Up to 420mm Radiator; Optional Chassis Stand Kit Allows Horizontal Display; CA-1Y4-00S1WN-00; 3 Year Warranty


Additional information

Specification: Tower 300 Black Micro-ATX Case; 2x140mm CT Fan Included; Support Up to 420mm Radiator; Optional Chassis Stand Kit Allows Horizontal Display; CA-1Y4-00S1WN-00; 3 Year Warranty




‎Tower 300 Black

Item model number


Item Weight

‎18.3 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎11.5 x 14 x 22.5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎11.5 x 14 x 22.5 inches





Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎January 12, 2024

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8 reviews for Tower 300 Black Micro-ATX Case; 2x140mm CT Fan Included; Support Up to 420mm Radiator; Optional Chassis Stand Kit Allows Horizontal Display; CA-1Y4-00S1WN-00; 3 Year Warranty

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  1. Cheli

    I think the Tower 100 is my favourite looking PC case ever. I love how it has glass on three sides to display your GPU and RAM / MB. However, thermals aren’t great, even with Gamers Nexus updates. I was able to get a 3060 TUF to run within tolerances but a Strix 3060 ti was borderline and a Strix 3070 was thermal throttling (under Furmark / CPU Burner test loads).

    Cable management on the rear is easy enough (keep away from the fan) and has plenty of routing options. I like the top-mounted cable area.

    So far my favourite case. If you like small ITX cases (but not too small) you’ll like this. It has a USB-C as well which triggers my OCD because my MB doesn’t have a connector … might have to upgrade …

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  2. Shane Hoehns

    Este es mi primer gabinete mini ITX, no es tan pequeno como otros pero sin duda es muy agradable a la vista desde cualquier angulo, le queda bien el nombre pues es una torre pequena que cabe sin problema en un escritorio de 140 cm de ancho junto a un monitor ultrawide de 34″ y aun queda espacio.

    Lo Bueno:
    – Ya no me preocupo por donde acomodar mi gabinete y que se vea la ventana del lado izquierdo que es donde la mayoria de los gabinetes tienen el vidrio, pues este se ve bien desde cualquier angulo.
    – Cabe una fuente de poder normal sin problema.
    – Tiene suficiente espacio para dos discos de 2.5 y uno de 3.5.
    – Buena disipacion del calor por arriba aunque podria ser mejor.
    – Filtros de polvo en absolutamente todas las ventilaciones.
    – Se puede desarmar completamente para ajustar todo segun las necesidades.
    Lo malo:
    – Podria tener mejor soporte de ventiladores abajo para mejor disipación de calor.
    – Tiene una pequeña fuga de iluminacion junto al boton de encendido que no se ve tan bien.

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  3. Brad Einarsen

    Le meilleur boitier que j’ai pu trouvé et j’en suis super content, y’as de la place a foison pour passer le cablage et le watercooling, la conception est geniale et permet une tres bonne modulation des composants.

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  4. Shane Hoehns

    After 8 years of using the first computer my husband built all the way back in 2011, we decided it was time to upgrade. When I saw this case on Thermaltake’s website, I knew it was the one I wanted.

    The claw machine/popcorn machine look is super cute, and it’s size is perfect for my desk space. I love the compact, vertical cube-like setup and the tempered glass panels are very sturdy and easy to remove. The whole case is easy to disassemble. There are quite a few pieces to take off when it comes to the building portion which is kind of tedious, though it’s easy to figure out which pieces go where when reassembling. For it being a mini-ITX case, there was plenty of room with all of the panels taken off and turning on different sides to put in all of the components, and cord management was not difficult at all. The case has several places to easily tuck and tie down your cords, and for a first time builder, I didn’t have any issues. You can fit a full size graphics card, and you can mount an extra fan on the bottom for more airflow.

    Here are my specs:
    ASRock A520M-ITX/AC Motherboard
    Ryzen 5 3600 Processor
    Samsung (MZ-V7E1T0BW) 970 EVO SSD 1TB – M.2 NVMe
    Corsair RMX Series RM650x Power Supply, 650 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified
    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz (in white)
    Enermax Aquafusion 120 White Addressable RGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
    Thermaltake Pure Duo 120mm Radiator Fans
    EVGA Geforce GTX 970 (we already owned this graphics card)

    Previously, there was some controversy that there was not enough airflow in this case, however, we have been monitoring temps and they are all just fine. From what I recall, the airflow problems have been fixed. There are a ton of dust filters all over this thing, as well. YouTube builds were limited, but one did say that up to a 140mm fan could be mounted on the grate covering the power supply, so as mentioned, I did add a 120mm fan for a total of 4 fans (there is one on the back panel you don’t see).

    I love this case, and all of my white RGB components looks so clean and beautiful! If you want a one of a kind PC, the Tower 100 will not disappoint!

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  5. Cheli

    Personnellement, je suis toujours super ravie de ce boîtier acheté en début d’année 2020.

    Les + :
    – Boitier pratique & élégant :
    En blanc et avec ses panneaux en verre, il a de l’allure et permet d’accéder aisément partout sans le moindre tournevis. L’alimentation et les câbles sont cachés à l’arrière. Pour le montage et pour ranger proprement les fils, il est extrêment pratique !
    – Entretien facile :
    Ses grilles magnétiques stoppent bien la poussière et sont aussi faciles que rapides à nettoyer.
    Les trois panneaux en verre se retirent vite (avec des vis à main), ce qui simplifie les opérations de maintenance et de nettoyage.
    – Qualité :
    Tout est toujours impeccable après quasi 3 ans d’utilisation. Le matériel est solide et de qualité.
    Depuis le début, j’ai eu à remplacer qu’une pièce : un des ventilateurs. Celui-ci devait avoir un léger défaut de soudure et le nettoyage sans souffleur a fini de l’endommager.

    Les – :
    – Sa taille et son poids : Pour l’entretien, je vous conseille vivement de remplacer ses 4 pieds plastiques par 4 roulettes.
    Je regrette toutefois que les roulettes ne soient pas dans le modèle de base (ou au moins proposées en option) car c’est un peu galère de trouver les bonnes références et tellement plus pratique avec des roulettes !
    – Les branchements (ports USB, vidéos, audio etc…) sont en haut et non sur le côté. Ils prennent donc davantage la poussière. Je vous recommande donc des caches anti-poussière ou un souffleur.
    – Son prix : il était moins cher en 2020 qu’aujourd’hui, en novembre 2022…

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  6. Darren

    This really is the perfect size for a desktop PC. I have this sitting on my desk and the small form factor is perfect. It’s very easy to build in as every panel can be removed. The cable management is great too; there’s lots of space in the back compared to most cases. There’s also a lot of space for PSU cables so you don’t have to cram them like other cases. The unique orientation of this case also means the cables going to the motherboard are neatly out of sight. I find myself just staring at my PC now because of how unique and nice the case is.

    Thermal performance is definitely not this case’s strength. I’d actually say it’s a weakness that you have to be willing to accept. However, if aesthetics and size are a priority for you, the thermal performance is okay. I’m running an i7-12700kf with a RTX 3070 and it definitely gets hot. Thankfully, it never throttles so while it does get hot, it never gets dangerously hot. Just be aware that you’re getting this case for the looks and uniqueness, not thermal performance. It’s also quite noisy. Particularly, the PSU cover case fan is pretty noisy because of the metal reverberation.

    However, I got this case specifically because of the unique orientation and form factor. This really is such a beautiful case to look at and admire your hard work. If you’re going to save money to build a new computer, might as well get a case that’s as unique and different as this one!

    Bonus: A plus with this case that I feel doesn’t get mentioned a lot is if you want to put your PC to the left of your desk, this is the perfect case for that. I have it on my left and the fact that there is a window on all 3 sides of the case means it doesn’t matter how it’s placed.

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  7. FuzzyLogician

    This case is an overkill for most people but it does fit right in if you have server rack enclosures with glass doors. It does have upgrade options/space even if you don’t want to go down the water cooling path. I do not regret buying it at all, I just hated paying for it, but I’d do it again if I needed another large case I do it again. YOU DO get your money’s worth and mine has ZERO ISSUES in quality design (**less the seemingly out of place plastic top/cover).

    Case has lots of room, easy to fit things in, is easily accessible front sides and rear.
    Take your time with the cable management and do it properly it WILL look awesome.
    I’m not one for many circus / carnival lights, I like LCDs and status lights with purpose more than light shows but this case does and will showcase a graphics card/items and chipset lighting. I really didn’t pay attention to or see much of it my other cases. The tempered glass is beautiful and it arrived in shockingly pristine condition.

    Glass feels like quality glass and is rounded, the retainers knobs are made really well and have rubber bushings to protect glass. ** HAND TIGHTEN ONLY enough to secure the glass and you will have long lasting bushings and never have to worry about cracking your glass due to overzealous tightening

    I’m getting away from mechanical drives bit by bit as I can afford it but there is lots of space for 3.5 drives / caddies. Even with a video card and a Ryzen 5800 with big honking heat pipe and fan case dampens sound quite well making it quieter than my Cisco 48 port switch. If you need to stuff some card supports in there for these RTX 3/4/7/8 series bricks you have room to work with so it won’t rip your PCIE slots out when using those cards (IF ONE CAN AFFORD THEM ,wait for the extortionists to exit the scalping play ground, especially when the cards cost more than or come close to an entire build. )

    Cable management is very gracious and easy to manage, if you go overboard you have places you can either zip-tie or bread-wrapper wire twist things down

    My only cons:
    ** I don’t like the fact that the top cover is plastic. You have to watch your wiring routing and anchorage locations else you may have some pinch point in your cabling, especially routing it out the back/rear of the case, don’t let the “handle well” deceive you into thinking it’s and open path/exit for wires.
    Take care to watch what you are doing, you’ll get long lasting case and wires if you respect it and know about that point, I caught it before real damage happened. – I want to save overs a potential worse experience bu calling that out.

    The pegs on the top /lid are plastic too, make sure not to block paths and holes with your wires you’ll be lined up for wire retention peg/cover damage without immediate realization – I got lucky.

    I’m not a fan of angled USB connectors on front, would like something more recessed or flush, while convenient , I’ve seen too many disasters with snapped-off USB A ports. I’m cautious making sure it has good clearance and away from things.

    Side perk / tip – go do recommendation 🙂

    ► For tile / hardwood flooring….
    An addition that I did fairly quickly was adding casters to the case.
    I sized the holes and depth in case went to Lowe’s and bought casters to make moving the large beast around for work or relocation with ease. Casters only raised top of case to about 34″, 4 inches higher than desk so it makes excellent left-side table of a sort for documents I’m working with. – Don’t stack anything more than a few pounds on top of case, heat rises and the case does breath nicely but also remember it’s plastic and subject to warping with heat and pressure even with the good construction molded frame on it.
    ☼ For carpet floors vs casters – think 4″ carpet slider triangles for carpet use , they will move big furniture

    ♦ House keeping after thoughts…. I’d be proactive and get a nice computer keyboard duster and start work every now and dusting the top of the case so you won’t have to work hard later and get into the tiny 1/4″ vents in top.

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  8. Léo

    Es espaciosa.
    Se puede desmontar por completo.
    Y no es excesivamente cara.

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